80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 04


"Ok, a brief respite baby," he said in an almost agitated voice.

After my pleading he pulled it out which caused a loud popping noise that echoed in the room. I was shocked to look back and see this huge opening at the entrance of my pussy! We took a break and kissed heatedly, playing with each other as we lay next to each other on the sofa. As we kissed my hands kept pumping his giant, now irritated cock while his played with my throbbing pussy.

After a while he took me by the hand and spun me around and resumed his attack on my stretched-out, 20 year old pussy. We were now standing with me bent over the back of the sofa while he fucked me from behind like a wild man. Each threatening stroke of his huge cock filled the room with loud slapping sounds as the wide base bottomed out deep inside me. I felt his huge ball sac hit the bottom of my pussy with every menacing stroke. The smacking of his huge balls against the bottom of my cunt sent me into orbit as I came all over his massive, 13 inch shaft.

"Oh fuck,'' I groaned as I filled the room with sounds of lust.

He began running his hands up and down my thigh high stockings and began fucking me harder and harder. As his huge cock filled every inch of my flaming pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long deep angry thrust. I crossed one of my high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more.

I could tell by his groans that he enjoyed the new angle and moaned,

"Oh yes baby, that's real nice...That ass looks so fucking sexy as your taking my big cock so deep in that incredible pussy of yours." he snarled as he fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

He kept complimenting me on my sexy ass as it stuck out perfectly from crossing my stocking covered legs while I stood in my high heels. I couldn't stop cumming from this wild position as I finally took every delicious inch of his giant pussy pleaser.

Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out, I came so fucking hard that tears were coming out of my eyes. Mr. Stephens continued to thrust that monster cock way up into me, causing his huge hanging balls to slap the bottom of exposed clit. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions to explode inside of my sex starved pussy.

Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was that I knew I was driving my 80 year old neighbors huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his oversized monster cock disappeared all the way up into my hot, pink pussy. I was so turned on knowing that I was driving a man who fucked hundreds of sexy young teens crazy. I absolutely loved giving Mr. Stephens my pussy.

While he pounded that big angry cock into me he began pinching my tiny nipples. He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled on my little eraser-like nipples through his fingers. As he fucked and played with my turned on nipples he moaned in a low dark voice and told me how sexy they were and how much he loved playing with my little girlish tits and that I had the sexiest pair he's ever seen.

He then thrilled me by saying he has fucked hundreds of different teenage pussy's and none were as sexy, and felt as good wrapped around his big cock as mine did. The feeling of his huge cock stuffing every inch of my tight 20 year old pussy, while he played with my turned on little nipples, while telling me that I had the sexiest pussy he'd ever fucked caused me to cum real hard all over his giant shaft.

As I came I began grinding my turned on ass onto his giant sexy cock, going crazy as I felt it way up inside me.

He was groaning wildly and began saying,

"Oh fuck that's good baby...Oh yes, fuck onto my big cock Sara...Use that wild ass to jack my big horny cock baby."

At one point he said with a sly laugh,

"So baby did you get this kind of fuck from your husband? ...did he stretch your sexy young pussy apart the way this 13 inch cock is doing right now baby?"

That's when I lost it and turned around and snarled,

"Oh fuck, you know your cock is ten times bigger than his tiny cock, and even a lot bigger his grandfathers big dick." I then blurted out in a voice that stunned me," You're even bigger than Brad's father."

"Well, well, the more I fuck you the more I learn about you Sara. I knew when I first met you that there was a lot more to the innocent young wife next door.

...To Be Continued...

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