80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 05


"During the ride to the prom we even kissed a little every time he told me how sexy I was. He even bought a bottle of champaign, and as he toasted my sexy appearance we would kiss then sip our champaign. I was totally letting myself go to him. I had put aside the fact that he was Brad's father and was feeling guilt-free. All I could think about was that I was with Brad's handsome father who dated lots of young teens and who I also knew had a real big cock."

"As we lightly kissed he ran his hand up my crossed, stocking covered leg as he told me I looked stunning, and that he had thought about me a lot while I dated his son."

"During the prom, every time I would talk to a teacher all the girls were after him and a lot of the younger teachers, because he's so handsome. I even saw a bunch of them whisper in his ear and give him their phone numbers when they thought I wasn't looking. I could tell that they were all jealous of me, especially the ones that worked as interns in his bank that I knew went out with him."

During slow dances we would kiss a little and he had me so worked up. After the prom we kissed heatedly in the limo as we sipped our champaign. As he kissed me he told me that he always thought I was sexy and that he wanted to fuck me. I went crazy when he said the word 'fuck' it was the first time I have ever heard him talk like that."

"Our hands were all over each other. When I ran my hand over his cock I nearly died. He was huge just like the salesgirl said"

"He was so much bigger than Brad and bigger even than my brother. I was in shock, and as he kissed my neck and ran his hands across my tiny tits he told me he wanted to fuck me, and that he had wanted to fuck me ever since Brad brought me home.

"I was so turned by his skills at kissing and his confidence and especially the curiosity of him having a real big cock, so much bigger than Brad's that I knew I had to fuck him, and at that point any guilt I had about him went right out the window."

"Even though we could have gone back to his house he took me to a very expensive hotel and we fucked all night. Thats when I realized how big he actually was. I nearly died when I saw it. It was about 12 inches long and really wide around, and had all these wild veins running all over the length of his shaft. He was easily 5 times bigger than Brad, and a little bigger than my brother. He fucked me like his father, hard and fast, and made me cum a million times that night."

"A few weeks later Brad had to go to New York to discuss business with his grandfather, and I spent the night at his house and his father and I fucked all night again."

"So you do like older men Sara," he said as he resumed his fast, and hard pace, fucking his huge cock deep into my smoking pussy.

"Oh god yes," I groaned as he pounded me senseless with no signs of letting up until he was through with me.

"Older men with huge cocks," I added as I clenched my teeth.

"Oh god, I love your great big coc. The way it's making me cum baby," I groaned as he plowed into my deepest part in my cunt. "It's driving me crazy baby," I groaned as I came over his entire shaft.

At that point I thought I was going to pass out from how hard my 80 year old neighbor was fucking into me. I looked back and saw this glazed look in his eyes and I knew that he was just getting started. For the next two hours he fucked crazily, as his skilled hands ran up and down my sheer thigh high stockings then up to my flat chest and over my tiny swollen nipples. His unrelenting cock fucking into me as he pinched and pulled on my eraser-like nipples caused me to cum again and again.

Mr. Stephens was fucking me crazily as I heard him utter to himself like a man possessed,

"So fucking sexy...Skinny freckled body...that flat boyish chest and those little nipples...Tiny fucking nipples...A gorgeous ass...Stockings and high heels, driving me fucking wild...A pussy so tight and deep that it can handle and take every inch of my great big cock without any struggle...Fuck you are driving this big swollen cock crazy Sara...Absolutely crazy."

This thought seemed to make him angrier and fuck into me even harder! I cannot begin to explain how sexy it felt to know that I could turn on such a huge cock. Mr. Stephens could have any girl he wanted; in fact has had hundreds, not only because of his wealth and power but because of his legendary size. He can get any girl he wants anytime all on his terms and here he was going crazy for me. I felt so powerful knowing that his huge cock couldn't get enough of me and that I was the best fuck he'd ever had. As I kept cumming all over his enormous cock, it felt so sexy to be driving him and that monster cock crazy for me.

Suddenly he pulled me away from the sofa and grabbed my thin thighs and lifted me off the ground effortlessly as he continued hammering that giant cock into my clinging pussy as he held me suspended with my back to his. I could not believe the wild spasms that were shooting through my overstuffed pussy as he held me suspended in air while that giant cock bore a new passage into me!

It was as if I was hanging from that monster cock while we fucked. In this position I was useless and he was in total control of the fuck. Actually it was his massive, angry 13 inch cock that controlled all the action. As he continued to pummel me with one long brutal stroke after another, I turned my head to the side and our tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each other's for a few minutes of twisted kissing.

We were sharing a wicked kiss that was long overdue. This was an immoral kiss between a proper 20 year old Sunday school teacher and a powerful 80 year old man who was in amazing physical shape who had a giant cock. As we kissed my pussy was exploding from each powerful thrust of his huge cock as it bottomed out inside me again and again.

After an amazing 30 minutes of non-stop fucking he put me down which caused my knees to almost buckle from the weightless fucking I was just receiving. After we kissed he spun me around to face the sofa again and fisted his enormous shaft and lined it up with my scorching fuck hole again. He then put his foot up on the sofa and angled that huge cock inside me. Before he put it back into my burning pussy I looked back and gasped at seeing the long angry hooked cook as it dripped my fuck juices,

"OHHHHH FUCK," I cried out loudly!

With his foot up on the sofa I looked back at the frightening sight of his huge cock that jutted out from his tight body and waved from side to side arrogantly. I noticed his huge piss slit was opening and closing with a clear fluid running out of in a steady stream.

He then took that angry cock in his fist and brought it to my quivering pussy and began inching it back into me. I began to shudder and said apprehensively,

"Ohhhhhh fuck...Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...soooo fucking bigggg." I nearly passed out and came even harder from this new sensitive fuck position. My sexy 80 year old neighbor found every horny hot spot in my young newlywed pussy and made it cum.

We continued this twisted and depraved nonstop fucking for two hours straight. I must have cum fifty times from the sheer pleasure of his huge, enraged tireless cock. At different points I would pull his massive cock out of my sex starved pussy and go down and squat on my high heel pumps and lick all over his giant shaft, tasting my sexy pussy that coated every inch of his great big cock. I used this time to recover and keep him turned on at the same time.

I would use the tip of my tongue and run it up one side of his massive moaning and mumbling,

"Ummmmmmmmm...soooooo big...sooooo fucking big," all the way to his great big cock head.

Once I reached the top of his pulsing crown I lovingly licked off the clear pre-cum, and then flicked his huge crown with the tip of my tongue. While I looked up at him with a sly school- girl smile on my face showing him my naughty braces I teasingly kissed his huge cock head which made a sexy popping sound. I then went to the other side of his giant shaft running my hot tongue over the almost grotesque maze of veins and repeated this naughty act.

I did this over and over as his dark, penetrating eyes were riveted to me. I loved the sexy eye contact we had had each time I kissed his cock head then flicked my burning tongue wildly at his huge tip while I sinfully smiled at him letting him see my braces and the naughty little girl I really was.

This was my way of silently letting him know how much I worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running my hot tongue all over his huge shaft, I lifted the giant cock against his tight chest and began sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and I meticulously licked and kissed them with my mouth as I moaned in ecstasy.

As I took each of his massive hanging balls into my mouth he was looking down at me taking in the hot sight. The sight of me squatting in my naughty white bustier with the attached garter belt and thigh high stockings and open toed high heel pumps with my ultra-flat chest and tiny nipples with freckles all over my body and being only 20 years old was turning him on like crazy, and I loved every second of it.

He then sat in the sofa as I lovingly blew every inch of his giant cock I began to think about how amazing it was that he could still have such a huge hard on again after all of the fucking we have been doing and that he had already cum so hard from me blowing and pumping him. As I licked all over his huge cock and long, hanging balls I looked up at his amazing physique and thought to myself how Mr. Stephens was an amazing physical specimen!

I was delirious with lust as I licked all over his huge cock and those big swollen hanging balls as my long fingers expanded around his massive shaft to hold it still. My long fingers only wrapped around half of his huge shaft as I licked away at it, savoring my hot fuck juices from my own pussy.

As I worshiped his huge cock I looked up showing my freckled face and my naughty braces and I teased,

"So baby, am I giving you the kind of head you like?"

He was moaning crazily saying,

"Oh Sara for such a young, seemingly innocent girl you're so naughty...so sexy and so naughty baby."

I then stood and leaned over and kissed him madly as I pumped his huge cock saying,

"Oh baby I need more of that big cock...Lets get back to fucking baby. My pussy misses your great big fat- hooked cock lover...lets fuck!" I then kissed the head of his saliva coated cock and said sexily, "Let's fuck baby,"

I then stood and leaned forward over the back of the sofa and reached back and took his giant shaft in my hand and guided it back inside my flaming pussy. After twenty minutes of gasping and holding my breath while my pussy desperately tried adjusting to his freakish cock, he finally bottomed out.

This was when we really began getting into our wild fuck again. After the stars I was seeing went by we got into our incredible fuck rhythm, as my wet overstuffed pussy slid up and down his torturous huge shaft. I gasped aging and again saying,

"Ohhhh Fucccccck," each time that giant hook in his cock twisted its way into places in my pussy that I never knew existed. As my young pussy lips desperately clung to his huge shaft, sucking on every delicious inch, my 80 year old neighbors hands ran up and down my stockings teasingly then held onto my hips. As his hands teased up and down my sheer nylons then over the edge of the lacy tops I moaned, "Ohhhhhh yesss that feels so sexy baby...Your hands feel soooo good baby...You're hands are driving me crazy."

He was moaning too, and said enthusiastically, "Oh fuck baby, I love the way you look dressed so sexy in those hot stockings and high heels. Such a naughty little girl. Like a naughty school girl who loves fucking her 80 year old neighbors big cock."

With that I turned my head and laughed slyly as we met in a naughty slow tongue flicking kiss, which confirmed to him that he was so right about me being obsessed with his great big cock.

After an hour of this wild, depraved fuck he began to tense up and groaned in a dark almost sinister voice,

"Oh yes baby, I've got to fuck this sexy pussy that's driving my big cock crazy."

I looked back and with a crazed lust on my face I snarled,

"Fill it baby...Fill it with your big hot load...Cum in it baby...Ohhh yesss baby, fill it up with one of your great big pussy filling loads lover."

Suddenly I shuddered and came as I felt burst after burst of the hottest cum explode inside my starved 20 year old pussy. As his giant cock filled every inch of me I began using my ass to fuck harder onto his huge exploding shaft.

I turned and pleaded,"Ohhh come on baby keep fucking baby...Don't lose that great big hard on of yours baby... Oh fuck, my pussy needs more of that great big sexy cock...Keep it fucking inside your newest pussy baby...Oh yeah baby show me what that great big tireless cock of yours can really do to a sexy 20 year old newlywed's pussy baby."

That did it. As he burst inside my pussy it was like a flood gate had opened. He kept fucking me and didn't lose any of that giant hard on. When he came, my pussy exploded like crazy as I felt his giant cock expand and rapidly shoot burst after burst of scorching hot cum inside me.

As his hot cum shot way up into me I was delirious from the feeling of his enormous pulsating cock and from the hot cum that coated my clinching velvet fuck walls of my aching cunt. As his hot cum exploded into me, I wildly fucked back onto his giant cock, moaning every time my ass came back and met his taught body. All I wanted to do was to please every inch of his huge cock and wanted my young pussy to bring it off inside of me.

The feeling of his hot cum exploding inside of me caused me to cum instantly. My pussy was exploding all over his huge cock as we continued to fuck like two sex starved animals in heat. It felt so hot to cum with his great big cock, as it repeatedly pumped off inside of me, splashing buckets of hot cum against the walls of my overstretched tight young pussy mixing his hot load with mine!

Throughout this nasty act we were both moaning from this hot animal like fucking. Amazingly, Mr. Stephens seemed to keep cumming and cumming, without any signs of stopping. He came for what seemed like five minutes. There was so much cum flowing out of my overstuffed pussy that it kept coating his huge hard on allowing him to fuck faster and faster, until he was pounding me like a jack-hammer!

After a few minutes my overstuffed pussy couldn't hold another drop of his hot cum and the remainder began overflow onto the wooded floor in a huge white puddle. I was going crazy as I turned my head to the side and we kissed with just the hot tips of our two sex crazed tongues as he continued to fill the depths of my overstuffed pussy with blast after blast of sizzling cum.

The more he came the crazier we kissed. After he finally finished cumming he began pulling out of me as my over-stretched pussy clung to his cock in a desperate attempt to keep it from exiting my sex starved pussy. His cock popped out which made a loud popping sound from my empty pussy. We then turned and began kissing wildly as his hands freely roamed over my nylons then my flat chest and over my tiny bud- like nipples.

We kissed obscenely for almost half an hour as my hands continued pumping his surprisingly huge inexhaustible cock. His mouth was also busy sucking my minuscule nipples which had me on the edge of another sinful orgasm. As we kissed I could feel his huge cock throbbing in my out stretched hands and I was going crazy to suck it.

I then held his huge 13 inch shaft and continued pumping it as I lead him to the chair. Even though the chair was a few feet away we stopped four times to hungrily kiss each other.

As we walked my hands were sexily pumping his enormous cock while his hands were running up and down the back of my stockings then over my firm sexy ass which caused me to groan hotly,

"Ummmm, that feels sooooo nice baby...ummmm sooooo sexy."

We stopped and immediately began enjoying our immoral kiss. The naughty way we were kissing was a reminder that we needed more from each other; much, much more! Time seemed to stand still and it seemed to take forever to get to the lounge chair only a few feet away!

My hands kept pumping his giant cock as we stood moaning, and as the tips of our tongues flicked crazily across each other's. We took a few more steps then turned to kiss again. This was a naughty scene between two people that needed to fuck and please each other. This wasn't about feelings or emotions; this was about one thing only; pure animal lust and heat.

This depraved scene came from seeing an innocent looking 20 year old girl who had the skinniest 102 pound body covered in freckles with the flattest almost boyish chest and smallest pair of tits with the tiniest nipples. She was dressed sinfully in a pair of sexy tan thigh high stockings attached to a lacy garter belt and a pair of naughty open toed brown high heeled pumps.

The pigtails and the braces she wore made her look even younger than she was. Although she was 20 her pigtails and braces gave her the look of a middle-schoolgirl. To make this the most immoral picture to all church going parishioners the innocent 20 year old was kissing a man 60 years her senior, and while lost in this sinful kiss she was lustfully pumping his enormous cock as if she was making love to it!

We stood in front of the lounge chair and continued kissing with our mouths wide open and our tongues flicking wildly across each other. It was so sexy to stand in my stockings garter belt and high heel pumps as we kissed. I felt like I was the ultimate young teen fantasy. Skinny, freckled and so innocent looking with the flattest chest and the tinniest pair of almost non-existent tits! As our tongues flicked wildly across each other's my freckled hands were sexily stroking his huge hard on until I bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his great big cock head.

After our hot, illicit kiss we were both turned on and needed to fuck again. I broke off our kiss and waked away from him seductively knowing that his eyes were all over my skinny freckled body. The naughty sounds of my size 9 high heel pumps clicked loudly as my sexy ass rose up and down as I slowly walked to the lounge chair knowing that I had his complete attention.

As he was moaning about how naughty and sexy I looked I said in a devilish way,

"Oh baby lie back so I can ride the fuck out of your great big sexy cock."

Once he sat back on the lounge chair his huge cock thumped menacingly across his muscled chest until it settled and rose up his stomach to his pectoral muscles! His 13 inch cock looked so freakishly huge on his tight defined frame. When his huge cock came to rest against his chest, I moaned out loud saying,"Ohhhhh fuck!"

The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, making it look almost grotesque. The huge hook made it look even more frightening!

His cock was pulsing violently as if to say, 'Come and suck it NOW!' I was so horny to fuck his huge cock again, but I had to play with it first. I needed to make love to his huge cock again and it was my way of showing him how bad I needed to please him.

I kneeled on the chair and began kissing him while I pumped his huge cock, as it towered furiously up his chest. As I pumped it lovingly I moaned with lust and then began spitting all over his huge cock saying,

"Oh baby, your cock is so fucking huge...Sooo fucking huge... I'm gonna get it nice and wet while I jack it in my hands, then I'm gonna put it back into my horny pussy and ride the fuck out of it and drive you go crazy lover!"

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