tagIncest/Taboo80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 06

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 06


Endowed 80 year old Neighbor and newlywed bride Part 6 The Conclusion

After our hot fun in the Jacuzzi, Mr. Stephens took me to the most upscale boutique, where he had already made arrangements for me to get fitted for my diamond ring.

That night Mr. Stephens took me out to the most expensive country club in Beverly Hills. He wanted to celebrate me being his new bride and showing me off to his associates. I was dressed in a sinful white see-through mini dress and black high heel pumps. I had on a pair of nude thigh high stockings that had a seam that went up the back. The front of the dress was cut in a wide V-down to my navel and the back was open to the middle of my ass. In the limo all we did was kiss and sip champagne as he kept telling me how turned on he was to me. My multi- million dollar diamond ring lit up the inside of the limo as we drove to the country club.

At the club we went to a very private and very intimate area where we kissed and touched each other without any concern for the other guests at the club, because of the secluded area we were in. He had the waiter bring us the most expensive bottle of champagne and I felt sexier than I'd felt in my entire life being with him.

When I came into the club I felt the hunger in the eyes of all the men as they took in my sinfully short and tight mini dress and the line that went up the backs of my thigh high stockings that brought their attention to my swaying ass. They all said their hellos to Mr. Stephens and I could tell that they all held him in the highest regard. I also learned that this was one of the many private clubs he owned.

"They all want you Sara," he said as we kissed. "They all know how sexy you are," he said as he met my tongues for a deep kiss.

I didn't say it, but I actually knew it and the thought of all those wealthy older men and some of the young girls they were with wanting me really excited me and turned me on.

On the ride home there was a call that came through from the driver and I could hear Mr. Stephens say in a somewhat, but not too concerned voice that he would pass along the information. As he talked to the driver I was rubbing his enormous cock through his pants and could really feel it swelling angrily. I wanted to blow him so bad. When he got off the phone he told me in a somewhat caring way that my husband had committed suicide.

I was surprised and asked him what had happened. He told me that apparently there was a note which read, "I hope you are happy with your new life. I hope my grandfather, my father and your brother were happy too."

After a few seconds the reality hit me that I did not hang up the phone and that he had heard the entire conversation as I was fucking Mr. Stephens and telling him about my life.

"Are you ok baby," Mr. Stephens said as he kissed my lips softly.

"How can you ask me that," I said pretending to pout and be sad, then looked at him with a sly grin and said," How could I not be ok when I'm about to blow and fuck the biggest cock in my life?"

He then grinned and pulled down the mini dress just below my aching nipples and began kissing each one, as I unzipped his pants and took out his enormous 13 inch cock. On the ride to my new home I stroked him off until he blasted a load into my hungry mouth that ended after I swallowed over thirty times.

Within a month after my husband's suicide we were officially married. We fucked every day, for hours at a time. I traveled with him each time he had business and those times were incredible, being part of his powerful empire. We even went to the annual gathering of the exclusive club he belonged too. It was on a resort island and I met all the members. Brad's grandfather was there with Brad's sister Clare. The other members each had two or three teens on their arm. I knew this was the case with Jack before we met and Brad's grandfather before he fucked his granddaughter Clare.

One man at the resort actually had 8 very young girls with him. All were 18 and 19 and although he looked like a very youthful man in his mid-30's he was actually 74. His name was Dave Archer and he and my husband were business associates and seemed to be good friends. When he spoke to Jack I felt his eyes scan me from head to toe.

Even though he had 8 very sexy girls by his side he couldn't keep his eyes off me. At the pool all of us girls were dressed in sinful bikini's and all wore classic pumps. Feeling Dave Archer eyes roam all over my body while he talked to my husband made me so horny. As He talked to my husband I could feel him tearing apart my devilish slingshot bikini with his eyes. It was the same hunger I felt when I met Jack and it excited me in the same way.

Four months later my husband Jack died from a diving accident while we were in Malaysia. When the will was read I could not believe that he had left me the mansion In LA and all of the villa's he owned around the world. He also made me controlling shareholder of all of his companies. I was set for 1000 lives, never mind one. A month after the funeral Brad's father came to visit me, to take care of Brad's personal business, which included the selling of our house. As soon as he entered the door and saw me in my ultra-tight mini dress and high heels, with tan thigh high stockings we were fucking non-stop for the entire week.

After he left I called my brother and had him flown out in my private jet. After that day in the kitchen when he caught me dressed in just my high heels and thong and we got lost in each other, I just couldn't stop thinking about what almost happened between us, and how close we came to fucking, before I froze-up.

When I invited him to come to LA I admitted to him that I wished we had fucked that day. He told me he had wanted to fuck me for so long and went crazy when his cock was right at the entrance of my pussy. I told him I never stopped thinking about that day, and wanted to fuck him so bad. He told me he couldn't wait to see me, and fuck me.

I went crazy thinking that my brother and I were finally going to fuck. It was an excitement that consumed my every thought right up to the second he entered my house.

When the butler brought my brother out by the pool I was wearing a transparent, white slingshot bikini and a pair of brown high heel pumps. His eyes burned right though my almost non-existent material with the same hunger he had for me a year earlier. I had made arrangements with my butler and the staff that they could have two weeks off with pay while my brother was in town, and as soon as the butter brought him out to the pool he left.

I looked at him and said playfully," So where did we leave off baby."

Coming to me I grinned slyly, as I saw the same hunger in his eyes the day he caught me nude with just my pumps on in the kitchen. I also saw a huge bulge that made a long imprint in his pants that instantly had me groaning.

As soon as my brother reached me we kissed heatedly for ten minutes as if we were sex-starved lover. As we kissed he ran his hands all over me, and I messaged his huge, bulging cock, which was straining angrily in his pants.

Our kiss had us groaning like mad. With my brother's tongue twisting against mine, my body actually trembled and came. It was so hot and so taboo, that my body was tingling and so on-fire. After I came he sucked each of my tiny nipples in a way that kept me cumming and in a heightened, sex-crazed state.

"I've got to fuck you bad sis," was what he kept saying over and over, or "I can't wait to fuck you sis," as he played with my ass and licked my hard, tiny nipples through the tiny strip of material covering my tits.

"You're so fucking hot sis," he groaned as I messaged his huge bulge. "I've wanted to fuck you for such a long time," he groaned as I messaged his great, big cock through his pants.

"Umm, but you have mom,, and so many girls I teased, "And, I was so plain, and mom has an amazing body, with guys all over her, with those big tits and long nipples," I groaned.

"Yeah, but you don't know how bad I wanted to fuck your pussy," he groaned.

"I craved your pussy sis. I saw my big cock going in and out of your pussy every day. Even when I was fucking mom or other girls I imagined fucking you," he growled. He added in a hot voice that made me groan as he sucked my tits, "These tiny tits and this real flat chest, and that wild ass of yours had me always hard sis," he groaned as he sucked my hard, tiny nipples.

"I wanted your pussy since I was 12," he groaned as I kept rubbing his huge, hard on through his pants.

"Oh fuck yeah baby. I've thought about this great big cock of yours thousands of times since that day in the kitchen," I groaned as his fingers slid way up into my soaking pussy.

"Oh god," I groaned, as I felt my brothers fingers explore my already soaking pussy.

"I wanted to fuck it so bad that day," I moaned as his fingers fucked way up into me. "I remember how turned on I was as I pumped your huge cock. I remember comparing you to Brad and couldn't believe how huge you were," I groaned as we kissed hotly.

After I came I squatted on my pumps and removed his huge, fat cock from his straining pants.

Although my brother wasn't as big as Brad's grandfather and father or nearly as big as Jack, he was still huge by most women's standards. My brothers cock was 11 inches long and as hard as steel. As soon as my tongue touched his big cockhead, my pussy shuddered and came, as my groans let him know I was in a deep orgasm.

"Oh fuck, you're so big," I groaned as I pursed my lips and kissed his big cockhead. "Oh god, I remember that day as I licked your cock thinking how huge you were...So much bigger than Brad," I moaned as I kissed it all over.

"Oh god, you're so hot sis," he groaned as I kept kissing his huge cock.

"So big," I groaned as I started to pump his big shaft and lick and kiss his long 11 inch shaft. I began worshiping his huge dick, looking up at him and grinning slyly as I told him how big he was.

"Brother has such a big cock," I groaned over and over as I took him into my mouth and went a quarter ways down his fat shaft before I couldn't swallow any more.

With Jack I could never get more than his giant cockhead into my mouth, and just an inch of Brad's father. it was so sexy being able to swallow a little of my brothers cock, and I was so turned on that it was enough to drive him crazy.

"Oh fuck you give amazing head baby," he groaned as I felt him swell in my mouth, knowing he was about to burst.

"Better than mom," I teased as I took his fat shaft into my mouth, desperate to make him cum.

"Fuck, moms real good, but you're amazing sis," he groaned, then added in a throaty voice that made me groan.

"Fuck, I knew you'd be good, but you're even better than I thought you'd be."

"God, you suck me deeper than mom or anyone else sis," he howled, as his huge cock twitched in my throat.

I loved sucking my brothers great, big cock. There are no words to explain how hot it was to feel his great big cock going down my throat. There were so many times when I actually came from sucking him. I could literally spend hours and hours sucking my brothers great, big cock and he absolutely having me suck it.

The fact that I could take almost half of his 11 inch shaft really turned him on, because I was the first to do it. I owed this to Jack, because of how massive he was. My brother loved to just kick back and watch me suck his huge cock, as he looked at me squatting on my pumps in the mirror. Sucking my brothers huge cock was incredibly intimate.

"I'm on fire baby," I groaned as I worked his huge cock.

"Fuck, you're so good baby," he moaned as I spit on his huge shaft then pumped it as I grinned up at him slyly.

"I've got to watch your great big cock cum baby," I groaned, as I stood and bent at the waist and pumped his long, fat shaft, desperate to watch him shoot.

Suddenly his huge cock began to shoot out burst after burst of long ropes of cum that shot out all over the pool deck. My brothers huge load reminded me of the day I watched Jack cum all over the deck as he played with the two 18 year olds. After he came I led him to the futon where we kissed like sex starved lovers and fucked all afternoon.

My brother was so hot for me he fucked me from behind, missionary and with me riding him, all the while telling me how incredible my pussy felt wrapped around his big cock. As each long, deep stroke went into me, I felt my pussy erupt, in ways that had me moaning and begging him for more and to never stop. My pussy clung to each luscious inch of my brothers big, fat cock as I groaned in a heated lust that I never felt before. He was amazed at how easily I took his big cock, saying I took him deeper than anyone, including our mom.

He went wild as I fucked him back, as hard as he fucked me, meeting his every thrust with my hot ass as I slammed back against him as he bottomed out right to his fat base. When he fucked me from behind, he was on the futon squatting over me as he fucked me like a rabid dog, pounding into my wet pussy as he pinched my tiny nipples. As his big cock fucked into me, I couldn't stop coating it in my cum. As he squatted over me and pounded his huge cock into me I slammed my ass back to meet his every thrust.

"Fuck this is the deepest pussy I ever fucked," he grunted as he plowed his big cock into me, pulling my shoulders back with every angry thrust.

"That's it fuck that sexy ass back sis," he grunted. You're fucking amazing sis," he howled as he fucked into me with lightning speed and freight train like force.

"Fuck that pussy with that great big cock," I snarled as I looked back with and saw the contorted look on his face.

"Let that big cock go as deep as you want baby," I groaned as I came in waves all over his fat shaft.

My brothers huge cock did things to my pussy, making it explode in ways that Jack, Brad's father and grandfather never did. He went wild, fucking into me so hard and so fast as he grunted saying,

"Fuck sis, your pussy's doing things to my big cock that no other pussy ever had," he said as my cunt began to suck on his huge hard-on the way it did all big cocks.

Every time I came, my orgasms lasted over 10 minutes and seemed to flow from one into the next. He fucked me so hard that I actually squirted with so much force it pushed his big cock out of me. My brother was gripping my shoulders so hard as he slammed his great big cock into me and pulled back with so much force that his hand prints almost branded into them.

He was fucking me like a wild animal and his grunts through his clinched teeth about how deep my pussy was had me exploding all over his pulverizing cock with every thrust. I came so hard that Id squirt in waves that only made him fuck me harder. The only way to describe the way we were fucking was like two wild animals that couldn't get enough of each other.

As I was spraying he forced himself back inside my exploding pussy, driving me into a wild orgasm that wouldn't stop. When my brother and I weren't fucking we were locked in the most incredible 69 positions, just pleasing each other over and over for hours at a time. Him eating my pussy while I sucked his huge cock had me on fire.

There was something so intimate about fucking my brother.

My brothers tireless 11 inch cock made me come in ways even I never experienced before. I couldn't explain it, maybe it was the immoral novelty of it, but each time he touched me, or when my tongue met his, or when my tongue met his great, big cock, sparks went so deep into my pussy, and made me tremble. Each time his tongue met my pussy or when his great, big cock just brushed against my pussy lips, I instantly came in a flood.

The lust my brother and I had for each other was insane. My body was on fire like never before. I knew a lot of this had to do with my new confidence from being married to Jack and from the constant fucking him and I did. I now had the type of confidence that each of the hundreds of teens that fucked my late husband had. My brother and his great big cock were driving me crazy.

When we talked about it, he said that it was the same for him. He even admitted that fucking me was even more intense than fucking our mother. This made me feel so sexy, because for years I watched my mother being drooled over by all my brothers and my friends and my father's friends too.

On the third night we went to dinner at one of the clubs my late husband owned, and I invited my sexy Asian friend Doreen to come along, because I had told her so much about my brother, including that hot day in the kitchen. In the limo the three of us kissed and played with each other. My brother couldn't get enough of her and I, as we dressed in the most skin tight mini dresses with thigh high stockings and high heels, specifically to drive him crazy.

I found out a few days later that my brother liked one look on me, and that was nude in just a pair of black high heel pumps. Just a pair of black pumps did it for him. One day I came out by the pool dressed in a sexy black bustier with long straps attached and a pair of black thigh high stockings and black pumps. My brother said I looked real hot and liked the look of me in stockings, but told me to strip and step back into my pumps.

"You look real sexy sis, but I want you to strip."

"Really, already," I asked as I watched him look at my hungrily.

"Yeah sis. Strip, then put your high heels back on."

"Ok baby," I said in a deep throaty voice as I stepped out of my pumps and unclasped the long garter straps then rolled down my stockings.

"That's it sis. Now put your high heels back on. What gets my big cock rock hard is seeing your pale skin in just a pair of high heels," he said heatedly, as he stroked his huge, throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck, you're huge," I said as I watched him pump his huge cock at the sight of me.

"Umm, you know what you like big brother, and I'll give you anything you want," I said hotly as walked towards him with high heels clicking in sounds that filled the air with hot sex to come.

"Oh yeah baby, that's the fucking look," he said as his giant cock twitched at the sight of me.

For the next three hours we fucked like wild animals. All I wanted was to keep my brother turned on and hot to fuck me, so if he wanted me nude in pumps that's exactly how he saw me, every time I was in his sight. Just nude with a pair of pumps on. With my mom he liked her dressed in stockings and heels and garter straps when they fucked, but with me he wanted to see my pale skin, and the black pumps were the only accent I needed.

The three of us fucked for two days straight, even though during those two days my brother and I couldn't get enough of each other. After two days I told Doreen that my brother and I needed to be alone, although she wished she could have stayed longer she understood, because of how hot and intimate the fucking was between him and I.

As soon as Doreen left, my brother and I fucked for two weeks straight. Even during nights when we had fucked all day and were fast asleep we would wake up and fuck each other like wild animals. We couldn't get enough of each other. The fucking was so intense and so intimate.

When he went home to Alabama we talked on the phone and were so horny from all the brother/sister fucking we did. We missed fucking each other so much that I flew him back and we fucked for another two weeks straight.

After he left I received a call from Brad's sister Clare. She told me that her and her grandfather had been together since the day she turned 18. She knew he and I had fucked and she told me that she wanted to come out to LA and visit me because he was away for two weeks on business. I arranged to meet her at the airport when she came in and as soon as we laid eyes on each other we knew we were going to fuck.

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