tagBDSM9 Hours Late

9 Hours Late


I've been stood outside the door for nearly 20 minutes now, I don't even know if you're in there, I don't want to know. I was prolonging entering, I don't know why, every minute I stand out here, pacing, shaking, waiting, I'm just making it worse, but I just can't bear to go in there. I had been invited to go out with friends I had made during my vacation with you. You had graciously given me permission, giving up some of our precious time together. You told me to be home by 11pm at the latest, this seemed fair to me, I was certain that I would have had enough by that time anyway.

But here I am, stood outside the door to our hotel room, your hotel room that you are being sweet enough to let me stay in. Last time I checked, in the clock in reception when I arrived back, it was 8am. I was a whole 9 hours late. I'm not scared of you, I could never be scared of you, you care for me, you just want me to learn, to better myself. I know that I will be punished, I don't know how yet, I never know how, you have so many methods, I am sure you still have some that you haven't used on me, you preferred it like that, keeping me on my toes, rarely using the same punishment twice. I hadn't yet given you the need to repeat your punishments, I was the most obedient you had ever had, or so you told me, I would do anything to please you –within my limits.

Your punishments ranged hugely, you used some of the more traditional physical punishments such as spanking on me, though you would sometimes spank me in play too just to remind me who's boss, not that I truly needed it, I believe you just liked to watch my tight, plump ass turning red and the sound that echoed around the room each time your hand came down. You knew my pain threshold, it was low, you knew when to stop simply by the involuntary whimpering or the way I would flinch and twitch. You were attentive like that, taking in my every sound, my every move, to ensure that what you did bought me the pleasure I desired and you loved to see, but also to make sure that I was okay with everything you were doing, because as you had learnt, I would not complain during our play sessions, I rarely used the safe word, because my desire to please you was more powerful than the urges to tell you to stop if I was unhappy.


I had learnt the hard way to ask you to stop; you wanted me to tell you when I was unhappy because you got no pleasure from seeing your Dear upset. After a particularly challenging play session for me where you had pushed nearly every soft limit I had given you, you tried anal with me, you restrained me to the point where I was unable to move at all, you strung me from the ceiling and you were constantly whipping or spanking or causing my some sort of pain to 'work on my pain threshold' which I knew you had wanted to increase for some while now, you had edged me and edged me again and again, never letting me have the release I begged for. It was that night that I learnt my lesson, after the session was finished you rubbed the cooling lotion on all of the welts, as you always did; you let me bathe you and dress you before taking me out for dinner. I sat in silence through most of dinner, responding only to questions asked directly to me. I didn't think you noticed as you had invited a couple of your friends to come with us so you were preoccupied with other conversation.

We didn't arrive back home until late that night, early morning really, because your friends had insisted on taking us out into the city for some drinking. I stayed sober as always, I don't like alcohol, you liked that I didn't drink because it meant that I could always carry out the actions you asked of me without worrying about me stumbling because of the effect the alcohol was having on me. When we arrived back at the room you decided that we should just go straight to bed, I took of my clothing quickly before dropping to my knees and crawling after you to the bedroom, kneeling by the foot of the bed as you undressed and got yourself ready to sleep. You climbed into bed and settled yourself into a comfortable position before indicating for me to do the same. I lay how I knew you wanted me, my head on your chest, my body pressed against yours and with your arm around me. I lay like this for some time, until you had been asleep for an hour or so. That was when it happened, unable to hold the emotion in anymore I started to cry, quietly at first but slowly the sobs got stronger, I untangled myself and walked out of the bedroom, going to curl up on the couch so that I didn't wake you. I pressed my face into the couch cushions and sobbed, all of the emotion draining from my body, I cried and cried all night until I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning you came out to find me, it was clear that I had been crying, my eyes were red and puffy, my cheeks were flushed and still slightly damp. You didn't have to ask what was wrong, why I was upset, you knew straight away. I stood up quickly and stepped into your arms pressing my face against your chest as another wave of sobs erupted out of me. You didn't bother to wait until I was finished crying again because you knew that I would just restart it as soon as you punished me. You took your boxer shorts off and sat down on the couch legs spread, you told me to sit between your legs and keep my mouth closed. You pressed the very tip of your cock against my lips, I love your cock, the taste and feel of it inside my mouth was enough to make me beg for permission to cum. You switched on the television and told me that I would sit there, with my lips on your cock until you told me otherwise. The next few hours were pure torture for me, unable to move, unable to pleasure you. I understood the message clearly, you had caused me to become unhappy last night so now I would have to withhold from pleasing you.

I didn't know if the punishment was hard for you, and I never will, once punishment is over we do not speak of it again. All I know is that at the end of the time you allowed me to suck you, however I wanted, giving me free reign of the pleasure I gave to you, where as usually you would sit with your hand in my hair and guide me. You did not cum in my mouth, you hardly ever did, it was a privilege that had to be earned. You came on my chest and stomach, one of your larger loads. That was the point that I knew I was forgiven.


I'm not scared of the punishment either, though I probably should be, I know that I deserve it, I've betrayed your trust. That was the worst part. You didn't get angry with me, never, you wouldn't yell at me, cuss at me, you would sit me down and make me look in your eyes, they gave it all away, your disappointment clear to me, you would always tell me too, confirming what I knew was true. That was the part that killed me. I couldn't bear to know that I had disappointed you.

I took a deep breath and turned to face the door, reaching out I slipped the key card into the lock and waited for the click. I stepped inside and looked around the lounge area. It was empty. I want to call out, go and look into the bedroom for you, but I knew that I shouldn't. I reach behind me and unzipped my dress. Letting it drop to the floor. I pick it up and fold it, placing it on the chair by the door, I take my high heels off and place them under the chair before removing my bra and panties, laying them on top of the dress. I move to the middle of the lounge, kneeling, facing the door that leads out into the corridor. I still don't know if you're in the suite or not, if you are then you will have heard me come in and would come to find me when you felt ready. If you are out then you would return to the suite to find me waiting for you. I kneel down, my back straight, my right hand clasped around my left wrist behind my back, my knees slightly apart, sitting back on my heels, just the way you taught me during our first face to face session. I lower my eyes to the floor just in front of me and wait, listening, trying to hear any clue as to whether you are already here or not.

It felt like I had been kneeling there for hours, I shuffle slightly re-arranging my position. That's when I hear it, your footsteps entering the room from my right; you had been in the bedroom the whole time. It takes all of my self control not to jump up and hug you, begging for your forgiveness. I bite down on my tongue to stop myself from speaking. You move behind me and press your gentle hands against the curve in my back, making me sit up a little straighter, correcting my posture.

"How long have you been knelt?" Your deep, commanding voice breaks the silence that had been hanging in the air. I cringe a little as your sentence came to an end, the word I was praying to hear was missing. 'Dear' that is what I was, who I was. I was your Dear. Dropping my name was your way of telling me that you are unhappy. I expected it, of course I did. There was just that little glimmer of hope in my heart that you had just extinguished.

I quickly thought, trying to work it out. I glance up at the clock on the wall before returning my eyes to the floor

"40 minutes Sir, give or take." The room falls back into silence as you walk around me, so that you are in front of me now.

"You know that that's too long for you to kneel" You say, referring to my left knee, which I had injured many times. Never with you, you were too careful to let that happen, always checking that it was okay, I know that he couldn't bear to see me in that much pain. I nod slowly.

"Yes sir" I say quietly as I wait for the instruction I know is coming.

You keep me kneeling there for another minute or so before beginning your commands "Sit" I quickly uncurl my legs from underneath me and sit on the floor, my legs out straight in front, spread to shoulder width apart. "Bend your right leg up" I do so quickly as you kneel down between my legs. Your hands quickly run over my left knee, checking for any swelling or sign that I have caused it damage by kneeling so long. "Bend your left leg up" I do so and you compare the two of my knees, obviously satisfied that I am not injured you stand.

"Come" You walk across the room, sitting down in the large armchair. I get up on my hands and knees and crawl after you, sitting back down again between your legs, facing you, my eyes on the floor.

You sit there in silence again, you know that the silence gets me the most, as all of my emotions whir around in my head with nothing to distract me from them. A tear rolls down my cheek as I wait for you to speak to me, I want you to yell, I want you to get angry, but I know you won't. It's not your style. Your hand comes down into my eye line and I brace myself, not sure whether you're going to slap me or not. You don't. Your fingers cup my chin, lifting me head so that I am looking at you. Your eyes are glassy, evident that you are upset and disappointed. More tears start to roll down my cheeks as I suppress the sobs building up inside me.

"I'm sorry sir" I say quietly. But you just shake your head.

"I don't want to hear it, 9 hours you left me here, not even a phone call to tell me you were safe, do you know how worried I have been? Not only did you break my rule, break my trust and disappoint me, you caused me to stay awake all night worry about you and that is just not acceptable." Your voice didn't raise once during your sentence, the same monotonous tone speaking to me, no emotion there at all. My hands start to shake behind my back, I want to cling onto your leg and never let go, I want to scream at you and tell you to get cross with me, but I resist.

You fall back into silence, your eyes locked on mine. I want to look away so badly, drop my eyes to the floor, anything, but I can't, you want me to look at you, understand exactly how hurt you are.

"9 hours." You repeat, I know that you have chosen your punishment.

"Get in the bedroom, on the bed, on your stomach, legs spread, hands on the back of your head, you have 10 seconds" I jump up without hesitation and run for the bedroom, throwing myself onto the bed and getting into position. You walk in ten seconds later and place your hands on my calves, pushing my legs a little further apart.

"9 hours... 2 for every hour seems fair... but I prefer to keep it to rounded numbers, so twenty it is, don't scream or yell out, do not move. Count each one out and say 'I'm sorry sir' each time. If you don't count it, you yell out or you move and that one wont count." You let go of my calves and I hear a strangely familiar sound, I can't quite put my finger on what it is though. "Yes sir" I quickly blurt out, confirming my understanding of what you are asking of me.

That is when I realise where I recognised the sound from, I hear it everyday when I dress and undress you, you had removed your belt. Tears spring to my eyes and my entire body tenses, you have never whipped me with your belt before. Your hand gently rubs my ass cheeks, willing for me to relax them before you start. I concentrate hard and force myself to stop tensing my muscles. As soon as they are relaxed a sharp burning sensation runs through my body, the cracking sound telling me that it is the belt causing this. I nearly yell out but bite down on my tongue

"One, I'm sorry sir" This is repeated another 9 times before you stop and rub my cheeks again, causing me to gasp as your fingers trace the deep red welts that have appeared. If I thought that the first ten were bad, I was sorely mistaken. You take a step back from the bed and bring the belt down hard against my ass. I couldn't contain it any more and I press my face into the pillows and scream out. "Doesn't count" I hear you say as you bring the belt down on me hard again. I start to sob but manage to call out "11, I'm sorry sir" You repeat this again and again, until you finally reach 20 that you are happy with my response for.

My ass is burning hot and red, you trace your fingers around the welt marks again, causing me to wince in pain. I feel your fingers running down my thigh, down my calf to my ankles. You loop the bed restraints around my ankles, pulling them tight, you move up my body and repeat the same with my wrists so that I am spread eagle on the bed, my limbs ties to a bed post each. You climb onto the bed between my legs and I feel something cool splash onto my ass, the cooling lotion you use to soothe me, I am thankful that you are using it because I know that you could have easily left me laying there in the most intense pain. You rub it across my ass, and although it stings at first it quickly starts to soothe the welts.

I know you must have felt me relaxing underneath you as you start to work the lotion around my asshole, slipping one, then two fingers inside, lubricating my ass. Before I have the chance to tense up again you pull your fingers out, quickly replacing them with your cock. I grit my teeth as you ease into me, deeper and deeper, my ass stretching around your thick cock. You start to pump in and out, again and again, bringing the tip out and slamming it back in again, your hips hitting against my ass each time. I moan out, I know that was a mistake as soon as I did it, this was still a part of my punishment. Your hand comes down hard on my already sore ass and you ask me if I need to be gagged. I shake my head.

"No sir." You start to pound into me again and again, I bite down on my tongue to prevent myself from moaning again but the attempt fails miserably. You pull your cock out of my ass and stride across the room to your bag, returning seconds later with a ball gag in your hands. I obediently open my mouth and let you pull it in, clipping it shut behind my head. It doesn't need adjusting because it's set for me. I bite down on it as you slam into me again and again your hands gripping my waist holding me in the perfect place. You push into me deep, making me take your full length inside of me. I feel you tensing up, knowing that you're about to cum. You quickly pull out of me and jerk yourself to completion, squirting your load all over my ass and back.

You get off the bed and crouch down by my head, gently turning it to face you. Your eyes are a lot softer now.

"You will never, ever do that to me again" you say strongly, letting me know that you're not messing around. "Nod if you understand" I nod quickly. "If I tell you to be home at 11, you will be home at 11 at the very latest" I nod again "9 hours you kept me awake, laying here waiting, 9 hours is a long time" I nod again, tears spilling down my cheeks, you gently wipe the tears away and remove the ball gag for long enough to give me a drink of water before putting it back in again you turn the clock on the bedside cabinet to face me. "I will see you in 9 hours my dear." You stand and walk out of the room closing the door behind you.

I try to twist, and I start to struggle against the restraints, despairing at the thought of being left here, naked, tied to the bed and gagged, without you for a whole 9 hours. I don't know where you have gone, if you are staying in the suite or not. I stop struggling knowing it won't get me anywhere. Tears start to roll down my cheeks as I stare at the clock, watching the second hand tick around, it seems to be moving so slowly, at least I have the peace of mind that you have now forgiven me now after all, you called me your dear again, the subtle signal that all is well between us again. I lay still, letting the tears drip on top the sheets. I trust that you will return to me, even if I have to wait 9 hours.

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