tagExhibitionist & Voyeur9 Stone Cum Queen Rides the Train

9 Stone Cum Queen Rides the Train


(This is my fourth story for Literotica)


Here I am.

I'm riding the Circle Line tube train round and round. I have been round London three times already. I stay in the same seat. I drink Cherry Coke. Different men sit opposite me. Men come and go. They look up my skirt. I encourage them. I swing my legs high when I cross my legs. I am in no doubt that they can see my panties.

I weigh 9 stone, that's the perfect weight for a girl my height. A doctor told me. He told me whilst he fingered me in his surgery.

I have written three stories for Literotica. In the first three I wanked, teased and ate cum. I kept my clothes on and denied my cunt.

This story will be simple. I will ride the circle line round and round. I will tease every man that sits opposite. Then I will choose a cock at random.

I will take this man down a back street and let him fuck me however he pleases. I will be his fuck doll.

I am wearing six-inch stiletto heeled shoes. They are absurd. they are ridiculous. If you are thinking, "How can she walk in those shoes?" well let me tell you, I can't. When I walk on these heels, my calves pop out, my legs wobble and my ass swings from side to side.

I didn't buy these shoes to walk in. I bought these shoes to get fucked in. They are expensive fuck shoes. I bought them in a shop where a cute sales girl was wearing the same shoes in shocking pink. She said to me, "You get used to them after a while. They become easier to walk in."

I said to her, "I don't want these shoes to walk in. I want these shoes for fucking."

The sales assistant was short and skinny. She had a cute pink uniform dress on. She had tiny tits and tight high ass.

She said, "Oh!"

I said, "Do you like to fuck in your pink six inch heels? Can you hook your legs up over your boyfriend's shoulders? Can you get your heels high in the air, make your pussy tight for your man."

She was stunned. "Yes...yes...I mean I like to dress up. I...I like to feel sexy. High heels make me feel sexy."

I leaned forward. She could see down my cleavage. She could see my magnificent tits. I whispered in her ear, "I would like to lick your boyfriends cum off of your pink stilettos. I would like to lick your tiny sticky tits clean." She was open mouthed. I said, "Now where do I pay for these."

I want you to be in no doubt as to what these shoes look like.

They are elegant.

They are shiny and black.

They have rounded, closed toes.

They are simple, classic and sexy.

I am wearing them with black opaque socks that end just above my knee. The socks are smooth. I like to run my hands up and down them.

I have long, powerful, toned legs. I am wearing a short black tennis style skirt. It is short, but has pleats that make it kick out. This means that everyone can see the glorious expanse of white thigh between my knee socks and my short, short skirt.

Have you seen this look before? It's rare but you do see it. You're walking down the street and you see a girl wearing knee socks and a short skirt. It's like some pastiche of a schoolgirl's outfit but not quite. The woman is older and sexier than that. You are taken back by the confidence of women who dress like this.

Let me tell you something. When we girls walk out in knee socks and short skirts we know exactly what we're doing. We know what that strip of bare white thigh is doing to you.

The knee sock and short skirt on their own would be enough to get me fucked. The six-inch heels turn me into some kind of ridiculous fuck fantasy.

The tight white t-shirt completes this outrageous outfit.

The t-shirt is plain white and small, that is all.

I am 27 and have 30 D size tits. That's plenty. That's a handful. I can just about get away without wearing a bra. Just about.

Some girls see me and probably say, "That girl should wear a bra."

Their boyfriends say, "I think she looks fine."

The t-shirt is white, crisp and tight. It is stretched over my big tits. Not giant, just big.

I wear a single string of white pearls around my neck. The pearls are a metaphor. You know what a metaphor is right?

I have jet-black hair cut into a bob. It is high at the back. I wear black mascara and bright red lipstick.

In my second story for Literotica I left my red lipstick smeared on the cocks of three strangers in a nightclub toilet. Every time I took a load of spunk down my mouth I made sure I re-applied my lipstick before taking another dick in my mouth.

I will always spend a long time describing what I am wearing in my stories. It is important to me you understand how what I wear relates to how I feel.

It's important to me that you understand. Let me put it another way. The way I am dressed in this story is like a fantasy, but that isn't to say I look like a porn girl.

You know when you find that piece of porn and the girl is dressed how you like? When she is dressed in your favourite kind of stockings and your favourite type of corset?

Don't you just know that they aren't her clothes? You know they have been chosen for her, or she has chosen them from a rail on the set of the porn shoot.

When you see me walking down your street, you know that these clothes are mine. You will know that I love to dress this way. You will see the fit and quality of my sexy clothes and know that I was born to be this way.

You haven't met someone like me before.

I am wearing simple white cotton panties. They are normal in every respect.

I am sitting on the Circle Line.

I got on at Liverpool Street.

The train pulls into Moorgate. A girl sits opposite me. The girls dress sexy in the city. They dress in their business suits. They don't know what they do to boys and girls like me.

I sip from my bottle of diet coke.

This girl is slightly overweight. Her big fat tits stretch her cotton blouse. Her skirt is just a little short. She has tan tights and black shoes with a three-inch heel.

Her hair is tied back in a severe way. She has a normal face, but I would fuck her. I want her to sit on my face. I bet she has a hairy pussy. She would squeeze my head between her big thighs.

I bet I could make this sexy fat bitch howl like a dog.

I try and make eye contact but she is in another world.

She gets off at King's Cross.

At Great Portland Street a couple get on and sit in front of me.

She is tall and scrawny with corkscrew hair. She has small but nice tits. Her legs are thin, long and tanned. She wears a denim skirt and cowboy boots. Her boyfriend is ordinary and called Dave or something.

They are laughing.

They stop laughing as I keep crossing and uncrossing my legs. He knows I'm doing this on purpose. She knows I'm doing it on purpose.

He tries to concentrate on his girlfriend. He strokes her leg to show he loves her but every few minutes I swing one leg over the other and he cannot take his eye off my crotch.

He sees my panties.

He simply cannot take his eyes of the gap between my long white legs.

He tries but he can't.

She sees him looking at my legs. She sees him looking at my panties. He knows she sees him looking at my panties.

I stare at him. He looks up at me.

My eyes say, "I could steal you away. You would give up everything with this girl just for the chance to shoot your load in between these luscious red lips."

My eyes say, "I wouldn't flinch."

My eyes say, "I would swallow."

They get off at Edgware Road in silence. They will have a row later. Later then that he will wank himself off dreaming of giving me a hard ass fuck against a brick wall. He thinks it's what I deserve.

Maybe I do.

At Paddington an older man gets on. He is in his late fifties. He is more than a little overweight. He is bald.

Do you think I mind? I don't mind at all. I see the good in everything.

I have fucked old men.

I have fucked bald men.

I have fucked fat men.

I fucked the head chef when I worked in a kitchen. He was in his sixties and had a big beer belly. He had one of the biggest dicks I'd seen though. When work was over he bent me over the salad table and impaled me with his big thick club. He nearly split my cunt in half and when he finished he filled my ass crack up with thick gloopy cum.

When I was twenty-five I worked in an office and sucked off my fat, old, bald boss who was in his mid fifties. I made him sit in his chair. I got on my knees in my sexy little secretary outfit. I took his cock in my hand.

I said, "I bet you never thought you'd get to stick your cock in the mouth of a twenty five year old did you? You'll never get anything like this from your fat old wife."

He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my gob. He fucked my face furiously. He was so angry and horny. It must have been weeks since he had come, he absolutely filled my mouth up with his cream until I choked and had to spit some out.

I sit and sip cherry coke in front of the old man. I keep my knees close together. My skirt is high. My heels are high.

I am pretending that the coke bottle is a cock. I tongue the rim. I suck it as though it were a cock.

I make it obvious so he is in no doubt.

I lean forward. My tits are swollen and heavy. He leans in to hear what I have to say.

I say, "Yes I am."

He says, "You are what?"

I say, "I am pretending this cock bottle is your cock. I bet you have a thick, lumbering old man's cock. I am dreaming of your cock in my mouth."

He says nothing but as he listens he looks down at the white skin between my knee-highs and my little black skirt.

"I will not fuck you but would you do me a favour. When you get home will you go through your wife's drawer and find your favourite pair of panties and put them in your pocket. When you are having dinner tonight excuse yourself, say you have to go to the toilet. When you are in the toilet, wrap her panties around your cock and think of me. Think of my neat shaven cunt and soft round titties. Make yourself cum in your wife's panties whilst thinking about spraying my pretty young face. Then go back to your wife as if nothing happened, with her cum soaked panties in your pocket."

He is speechless. This is a power I have. It renders men utterly useless and unable to speak.

He leans back stunned and gets off at Gloucester Road.

I give him a wink as he leaves.

A spotty youth and his friend get on at Victoria. They must be nineteen, maybe twenty. They wear tracksuits. One is in white, the other in blue. They wear baseball caps. They are completely unattractive to me but that doesn't matter.

I like fucking older men. I like fucking young men too.

All the heels, stockings and lingerie that I like to wear are wasted on young guys. Young guys know nothing of tease. With them it's all about tits, ass and cunt.

Here's what I like to do with young men. I like to see how quickly I can make them come. If I get them into a room, I like to see how quickly I can make them shoot their load.

Sometimes I can make them shoot into my cunt in mere minutes. They have barely got their trousers down and their small stiff cock is only just inside my pussy and already they are pumping and jizzing away.

It leaves my cunt unsatisfied but later on I can think about the power I wielded over that young cock. The fact that I can make men come so quick just makes me horny again.

This is what I say when I want men to come for me. I look them in the eye and say, "It's ok honey, just let go."

I say it in a soft comforting tone. They always come when I say this.

The two tracksuits sit with their legs wide apart. These types of men always do. They are laughing. They are laughing at me. They are laughing out of fear. They aren't laughing for long.

I cross my legs. They see my clean white panties. They see the long stretch of gorgeous white thigh that leads to my snatch. I make them understand.

My long legs and my gorgeous tits tell them to shut up. My tits say, "You are entering new territory. You have never seen a woman like this before. You are not in charge."

These two idiots are staring with their mouths open. I do not lean forward. I beckon them with my little finger. They lean forward.

"Now listen virgins. I want you to rub your cocks through your tracksuit bottoms. I don't care who sees. If you two sit there and rub your cocks whilst I keep showing you my panties I will give you ten pounds each. You can spend it on Grand Theft Auto or whatever you dumb chavs do with your money."

Three seats down the train carriage there is a woman in her thirties with short blonde hair. I think she has been there for a while. I think she knows what I am doing.

"Now sit back and stroke yourselves."

The stupid nineteen year olds sit back. They are terrified. I'm not. I rule.

White tracksuit starts to rub himself first. He uses his palm and pushes down on his shaft. I can see it though his tracksuit. It is long and thin.

Blue tracksuit looks at his friend and doesn't know what to do.

Whitey elbows him and says, "Come on man! Ten quid!"

Bluey starts to stroke his cock. It's hard to see how big his is at this point. It's probably small. They look like small cocked morons to me.

I stretch my long legs out in front of me. My heels touch the bottom of whitey's seat. His legs are open either side of mine. I arch my back away from my seat and push my glorious tits out. The t-shirt is tight and my hard nipples poke out.

I bring my legs back with my knees close together. I kick one high heeled leg out and cross it over the other. As I do so, I make my leg go wide and high, so that the two idiots can see my white cotton panties.

My white cotton panties are a little damp. Did that require saying?

I cross my legs tight and high, so that the idiots can see the expanse of white thigh as it curves back to my ass.

Whitey has a good rhythm. He has lost his inhibitions. His cock is long and thin and is quite clear to see now under his tracksuit bottoms.

Bluey is pretending to enjoy himself. He is too scared he wants to leave.

The woman with the short blonde hair is looking at us. Her face looks disgusted. She looks fine herself. She is just wearing jeans, t-shirt and trainers but she has fantastic big tits and she looks like she isn't wearing a bra either.

I take the cherry coke bottle to my lips.

I say, "Pretend this coke bottle is your cock." I say it loudly so the big titted blonde woman hears.

I take the coke bottle into mouth and pretend that it is a nineteen year olds cock. I give the bottle head like a proper cum queen.

Listen to me.

I know how to suck cock.

Send your wife to me.

Send your girlfriend to me.

I will teach them.

Long and slow. Up and down. Round and round.

Think about my long legs. Think about my stupid high heels. Think about my sexy black knee socks.

Whitey is as hard as he can be.

I cross my legs.

Whitey is as hard as he can be.

I cross my legs again.

Bluey is getting hard.

I cross my legs again. Every time they see my damp panties.

The blonde woman is disgusted but transfixed.

I take the coke bottle from my lips. Red lipstick is smeared around the end, just like red lipstick would be smeared around your cock if I were sucking it right now.

I uncross my legs. I lean forward. My swollen tits feel heavy. I reach out towards Whitey's cock. He takes his hand away. I touch the base of his cock through his nylon tracksuit. My long fingernail traces the length of his shaft sideways from base to tip. His cock tugs at the fabric.

I didn't plan to, but I find myself saying, "It's ok honey. Let go."

It's not often I'm surprised, but I'm surprised by what happens next. Whitey comes in his pants. My fingertip can feel his thin cock start to pulse and throb. He can't help himself from pumping his load into his pants. A wet patch starts to form at the end of his cock, half way down his thigh. His face looks embarrassed and humiliated. It should. He is.

I sit back. I take two ten-pound notes from my purse and hand them to the tracksuits.

They get off at Embankment.

Whitey looks foolish and dejected. Bluey is still hard and confused.

The blonde woman moves up the train carriage and sits next to me. She really has got massive tits. She is a big woman but not fat. Her tits must be 34Fs, maybe, more than a handful. You could bury your face in them and you wouldn't breath.

She leans in and says to me, "I know what you are you little slut. I've watched you I know what you are doing."

I say, "Can I bite your nipple?"

She says, "What? WHAT?"

"I know you are very angry with me, but I can't help but notice that your nipples have gone hard. They are poking through the cotton of your t-shirt. I can see you're not wearing a bra. Will you just look at your tits woman! Your nipples are hard and sticking out like cigarette butts. Let me take one in my mouth. Let me bite one. Let me bite through the cotton. Let me bite hard. Let me hurt you, just a little."

She pauses.


"Yes," she replies, "Quick, whilst no-one's looking."

I bend down. I cup one of her gigantic globes in my hand and gently take the hard nipple in my mouth. I bite down hard and long.

My pussy throbs. My breasts heave.

She leans forward and makes a sound like a purring kitten.

Wouldn't you like to walk onto this train right now?

One big tittied woman is biting the absolutely massive tit of a complete stranger.

What type of tits has your wife got? Bite them hard for me. Do it tonight and think of me.

The train pulls into Liverpool Street. We have come full circle.

Blondie Big Tits pulls away and says, "I have to go." She gets off the train. She has red lipstick marks around her nipple on her t-shirt.

A normal ordinary man gets on the train and sits opposite me.

He has ordinary hair.

He has an ordinary build.

He wears trousers and a shirt.

He is neither attractive nor ugly.

He will do.

He's called Dave or something, probably.

I am ready for a fuck.

After three stories and several weeks of teasing, I'm ready for a cock to be stuffed up my cunt.

It goes this way with me. I can only tease for so long. As you get to know me and read my stories you will learn. Tease, tease, tease and then fuck.

This man sees my tits, my bright red lips, my short skirt, my long thighs, my sexy knee socks and my six-inch heels. He takes it all in, so would you.

I lean forward, so does he.

"Look at my heels," I say. "Aren't they ridiculous? I can barely walk in them. Really I can't. When I walk in them I wobble. My ass swings back and forth. Look at my short skirt and my black knee length socks. I've come in fancy dress. I've come dressed as your sexy schoolgirl fantasy, except I'm wearing absurd six inch heels that a schoolgirl could never walk in. I didn't buy these shoes to walk in though. I bought them so that I might get fucked. You don't suppose you might be able to fuck me would you?"

"Of course," he replied. "You know I would."

"The thing is it would have to be right now. It would have to be in the first place we could find. As soon as we found a spot, you would have to fuck me. You can fuck me anyway you please. You don't need to wear a condom. I want you to fill your cum shooting up inside my cunt canal. The main thing is that you have to be quick. You have to fuck me as hard and fast as possible. I want you to pound my cunt and empty your heavy spunk filled balls."

"Ok," he says. He looks shocked, surprised, whatever.

The train pulls into Farringdon.

"Let's go. Follow me. Watch my ass."

I get up. I leave my coke bottle on my seat. Maybe it's still there.

I leave the train. He follows.

I walk up the steps. He follows.

Imagine the sight as he looks up above him.

My ass is big, but tight. Do you understand? It's not fat. It's toned. My Grandmother was black on my mother's side. I'm the whitest girl you've ever seen but I've got a black girl's ass. How do you like that?

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