tagReviews & Essays99 Things That Make Me Wet

99 Things That Make Me Wet


1. The blues. Something about that hot, steady rhythm just makes me want to take my clothes off…

2. Goth girls. Streaked purple and black hair, tattoos, a sexy little tramp stamp on the lower back, navel rings, tongue studs… nipple rings… ripped fishnets and high heels, dark clothes and dark moods. Makes me want to peel it all off and find the soft spots underneath, the sweetness at the center… mmmm.

3. Feeling a hard cock pressing against me from behind, that insistent, early morning hardon, asking for more. It always makes me want to give him exactly what he wants.

4. Wearing something low-cut and just slightly see-through and watching mens' eyes light up when they dip into my cleavage. Seeing their excitement and knowing they're trying to hide it is such a turn on.

5. The sound of a motorcycle coming for me, swinging my leg over the side and wrapping my arms around him as we take off, feeling the hot rumble of it between my thighs as we ride.

6. Writing a really hot story and knowing there are hundreds of men out there getting off on it, imagining hundreds of hard cocks in pumping hands, reading my words and ready to come…

7. Long, hot showers. It doesn't matter if I'm alone or not, although it's always fun with someone else. Hot water like hands all over me, not to mention the fun I can have with a shower massage.

8. Men wearing just jeans. Seeing that dark line of hair, that delicious treasure trail running down from his navel and disappearing beneath the waistband… oh my god… makes me want to follow it ever so slowly with my tongue…

9. Wearing sexy lingerie. Just for him. Telling him about it. And then slipping into the bathroom to take off my panties so I can put them into his pocket at dinner.

10. The feel of a man's hands on the small of my back, pulling me toward him, or pressing me into the bed, his fingers digging into my flesh, kneading and insistent.

11. Whisper soft kisses on my neck, right under my ear. It makes my nipples immediately hard. I could melt into a little puddle right there.

12. Fast cars, fast motorcycles, fast airplanes, fast horses, and a slightly dangerous man riding them. Yes, it's true, I'm a sucker for the cliché.

13. The feel of velvet. I love velvet dresses, velvet curtains, velvet corsets. One of these days, I want to give him a handjob wearing gloves and watch him shoot all that white, hot cum all over black velvet.

14. The smell of sweat on his skin after he comes in from chopping wood, his cheeks red, his hands cold. He loves to warm them up by sliding them under my shirt, which makes my nipples instantly hard… yum!

15. Long, hot tongue kisses—the kind that grow more and more passionate and simulate sex itself, tongues plunging, breath coming faster, bodies writhing together.

16. Watching him shave or tie a tie. Those utterly masculine acts make me crazy with lust.

17. The sweet, juicy taste of fruit… especially something that's fleshy and ripe and drips down my chin… mangoes, oranges, peaches… mmm!

18. Listening to or watching other people having sex. I'm such a huge voyeur, and I'd almost rather watch than actually do it—almost.

19. Long, slow massages with lots of slick oil. Flesh on flesh, the press of hands, and the aching promise of more.

20. Knowing he's watching me. I love putting on a show for him, rubbing my hands over my body, touching myself, showing him, inch by inch, a slow tease.

21. Someone speaking a foreign language. I'm like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called Wanda, I absolutely melt into a puddle when I hear a foreign language being spoken.

22. Baby oil. I love the smell of baby oil, the feel of it against my skin, pooling it in my hands and spreading it over his smooth expanse of flesh. I especially love a baby oil and cock combination – the slick tug in my hand.

23. Playing with anything orally and letting him watch. I love watching his eyes when I lick the tip of and then suck a whole popsicle into my mouth. Turning a lollipop around and around on my tongue makes him positively wolfish.

24. The feel of a hard cock… any time, anywhere, especially, though, when it's naughty and I shouldn't be feeling it. Like at Thanksgiving dinner, while I'm bent over basting a turkey and he's pressing against me from behind.

25. Slow dancing – the kind where I can rub myself up against him, feel his thigh between mine, his hands groping my behind, searching under my skirt.

26. The smell of chewing gum. It reminds me of when I was young and my girlfriends and I would take our gum out to practice French kissing.

27. Bellydancing. Watching it or doing it. The sensual sway of the hips, the jingle of the coins on a hip scarf, it all makes me melt with lust.

28. Being blindfolded. Deprive me of sight and then use my other senses to drive me crazy – feathers tickling my tummy, a crop slapping against my ass, ice over my nipples, the hard, wet end of a cock against my lips… yesss!

29. Sex with the light on. I love looking into his eyes, seeing them roam over my body, watching the flex of his muscles as he fucks me, harder, baby, harder…

30. My hard nipples rubbing against my shirt when I don't wear a bra. I love seeing his eyes light up when he notices them. I love watching others mens' eyes light up, too, and wondering if they're getting hard looking at my nipples poking through my shirt.

31. The smell of alcohol on his breath. He doesn't drink very often, and I know we're going to have sex that night, the boundaries blurred and relaxed…

32. Getting a long, slow foot massage. It's the eye contact that does it, the press of fingers into tender flesh, the heat of hand on foot, ankle, sliding up to calf and thigh…

33. When he bites me – from little nibbles to a hard bite against my shoulder or my thigh in the heat of the moment. I love looking at the bite marks later, touching them, and remembering.

34. Watching good porn and masturbating together. Not even having sex, just touching ourselves while we watch, talking to each other the whole time. "Look at her hot little pussy, baby. Wouldn't you love to fuck that?" and "God, look at his cock. Would you like him to fuck your ass while I fuck your pussy?" Fantasizing together is sooo hot.

35. Hearing what turns him on. I love hearing his fantasies, about two women, three women, about tying me up and fucking me until I beg him to stop – and then fucking me some more. There's nothing better than hearing a man's real desires – nothing else can make me weak at the knees like that.

36. A man who wears a watch. He knows his direction, he's on time, he's going somewhere. I love looking at the dark, curling hairs on his wrist around it. And I love when he takes it off and takes me to bed.

37. The treasure trail. That thick, dark line of hair down from his navel to his cock, like an arrow pointing the way. I love following it with my finger, and then my tongue…

38. Well groomed facial hair. Not the fuzzy Grizzly Adams type, but a well trimmed goatee fills me with lust. The feel of a soft beard over my thighs? Oh heaven!

39. The taste of my pussy on my fingers. Whether it's after sex, or after I play with myself, I love to lick the taste of me off my fingers. I also love the taste of my pussy in his mouth after he licks me – kissing him, sucking on his tongue, trying to get every last drop…

40. The smell of sex. There are nights we have sex for hours, and if I go out to get a drink of water or to pee and come back, the hot, wet smell of our sex hits me the minute I open the bedroom door. It makes me immediately want more!

41. Watching a thick cock slide between my oiled up tits, trying to catch the wet tip with my tongue, and I soooo love watching him come that way, shooting his cum between my cleavage.

42. I love it when he sucks my nipples – when he spends a crazy amount of time on my breasts, playing, kneading, licking, sucking. He can make me come that way, just sucking my nipples, if he spends long enough.

43. Gagging on a cock. I truly love to feel a cock shoving to the back of my throat until I can't take it anymore. I think a girl should be willing to gag on her man's cock once in a while.

44. Being on my hands and knees. It inevitably reminds me of sex, no matter what I'm doing – washing the floor or looking for something under the couch. I always want to arch and raise my hips up, anticipating the thick plunge of a cock…

45. His finger playing with my asshole during sex – just stroking it at first, teasing, then slipping slowly, an inch at a time, deeper, deeper, more… until I'm begging for his cock there.

46. Turning him on when he's at work. I love calling and leaving him dirty messages, whispering what I'm going to do to his hard cock when he gets home. My pussy is so wet right now… I want your cock so bad I can taste it… Don't you wish I was under your desk right now, my mouth wrapped around you, playing with my wet little cunt as I suck you?

47. Those muscles in a woman's thighs flexing while you're licking her. I love putting my hands there and feeling her muscles flutter, her hips shifting as my tongue flicks at her little clit…

48. Navel rings. I love a sweet, sexy belly ring on a taut, flat tummy. I especially love flicking it with my tongue!

49. I love being fingered – hard – especially from behind when I've got his cock in my mouth!

50. I love phone sex. Listening to a man get aroused as I touch myself, hearing his breath coming faster. I love it when he tells me what to do, and listening to him come! Mmm!

51. High heels. I love the way they make me feel, how long they make my legs look, and I especially love wearing them while he's fucking me.

52. The way breasts sway when a woman is on her hands and knees being fucked from behind.

53. A completely bald pussy, smooth and shaved bare for my eager tongue.

54. The lightest of touches over my skin with his fingertips, almost on the verge of tickling, the kind that gives me goosebumps and makes my nipples hard…

55. The wrinkled skin of his balls on my tongue. I love sucking them into my mouth, feeling the skin give, the fat pop as I mouth first one, then the other, stroking him all the while…

56. Sitting on Santa's lap. I know it makes me sound like such a naughty, naughty girl, but the fantasy of giving him a nice big hardon is such a twisted turn on!

57. Naughty religious sex. I know, it's so dirty, so sacrilegious… that's why it's so hot! I love the thought of nuns sucking cock, or priests getting off in the confessional. Mmmm!

58. Tiny, perky barely there titties with hard, sensitive nipples.

59. His tongue licking my hole and slipping down to my ass...

60. The wet sound of our bodies slapping together when I grind down onto his cock and he grabs my hips, making me fuck him harder, faster…

61. Giving him a little peek under my skirt when we're out to dinner, seeing his eyes light up when he realizes I'm not wearing any panties.

62. Being spanked – when I deserve it – and especially when I don't. I love it when he takes me over his knee and yanks up my skirt, smack – oh god – smack – uh! – smack -

63. Long train rides, the kind where the car rocks gently back and forth and you can feel the buzz of the wheels on the rails deep in your pelvis, rocking, rocking, rocking… it reminds me of fucking…

64. When he restrains my wrists in public and other people aren't even aware of what's happening. Or maybe they are? He'll press against me during a slow dance and put both of my hands behind my back, encircling my wrists with his hands and holding them tight.

65. Sliding my finger into his ass when I've got his cock buried to the hilt in my mouth and sinking it deep… just before he's going to come. Yeah, baby, come in my mouth, I want to taste your hot cum!

66. Sex in the summer with the windows open, imagining the neighbors listening. Are they getting off on it? Are they shocked? Oh yeah baby, fuck me hard! Give me that big cock! Oh yessss make me come!

67. When he leaves me dirty messages on my phone and I happen to be getting them in front of someone, listening to him tell me how he's going to bend me over and lick my pussy from behind, and finger me until I come, and then fuck me so hard I can't breathe… while my sister is watching my face turn red and my heart is racing and my pussy is aching as I listen to him…

68. Undressing for him, slowly, teasing him with glimpses of skin, saving the good parts until last, until he's so hot for me, so hard he can't keep his hands off himself and I'm dying to climb onto that hard cock.

69. The delightful feel of his whiskers tickling the inside of my thighs while he's licking my sweet little pussy until I come all over his face.

70. Slipping my wet panties into his pocket before we go to dinner, seeing the look on his face when he realizes what they are – and that means I'm not wearing them.

71. That flash of skin on a woman's belly between her jeans and shirt when she's reaching for something. Makes me want to feather it with kisses…

72. When he teases me and makes me wait… and wait… and wait to come… oh baby, please… I can't stand it… god, please… I want it… oh I want it… make me come… make me come… oh please, god make me come!

73. His hand on the small of my back during conversation, sliding down and squeezing my ass. Oooh!

74. Slow, long, hot, wet thrusting… tongue kisses.

75. Putting a video in and masturbating just before he comes home so he'll "accidentally" catch me playing with my wet little pussy.

76. Hot tub jets. I love straddling and riding them, that hot wet pulse between my legs competing with my own, driving me on,

77. Sliding off my high heel and giving his cock a nice long rub under the table at dinner with my bare foot, feeling him get harder, and harder, and harder…

78. Telling Daddy I've been naughty and need a spanking while sitting on his lap and feeling him get hard.

79. When I'm riding him and he reaches up and presses my breasts together...

80. When he rubs the tip of his cock alllllll the way up and down my slit, again and again, such a wet, delicious tease

81. When he sucks my earlobe in public and whispers that he wishes it was my little clit he was sucking on

82. Playing with my pussy in front of him while he stands over me jerking off and watching and the sweet wet sound me fingering my hot little pussy fills the room.

83. Watching him get close to coming when he's inside me, seeing him slow way down, and then watching the agonized look on his face when I squeeze his cock with my pussy.

84. Fingering myself in a public restroom, not washing my hands, and letting him lick them when I get back to the table

85. The feel of a woman's breasts rubbing against mine, the softness of our skin together as we kiss and touch each other

86. The thought of being fucked by two men at once, one of them fucking my pussy, the other shoving his cock into my mouth, oh god, yes make me take both of those cocks at once

87. Wearing a tank top, no bra, and short shorts in the middle of winter when I'm cleaning and knowing he's watching

88. When he rolls me over in the middle of the night, spreads my legs and just takes me. I love being still half asleep and feeling a hard cock sliding into my pussy, letting my body awaken to the sensation and be carried away by his fucking me...

89. When he tells me to take his cock, swallow it, gag on it, and feeds it to me again and again until he floods my mouth with his cum.

90. Playing with anything sticky – rubbing it all over my mouth and my fingers… sweet honey, melted chocolate, or his sticky, hot cum…

91. Dirty dancing – the music pounding, our bodies writhing together, hips bumping, crotches rubbing, the hot exhilaration – like having sex with our clothes on.

92. The feel of another woman's pussy rubbing against mine, our soft wetness meshing together, as we try to make our little clits kiss…

93. The thought of being surrounded by cocks - in my mouth, my pussy, my hand, my ass… being filled and fucked and taken by cocks.

94. Watching him work out, seeing him sweat, his muscles strain and bulge, god it reminds me how much I love sex!

95. When we videotape ourselves having sex and then play it back later, so we can watch our own personal porn movie.

96. Role playing the secretary and the boss. Bend over and take your punishment Ms. Kitt. Oh, Mr. Smith, please, I won't do it again – oh! The typos weren't my fault I – oh! I'm sorry I mis-filed the monthly report but – oh! Mr. Smith, is that… what are you doing? Oh god that feels so gooooood!

97. Sitting on the bus or the subway and making eye contact with an attractive man across the aisle. Openly staring and imagining having sex with him and wondering if he can tell what I'm thinking.

98. Playing kitty-girl for him. Meow… purrrrr… rub rub… batting at his hard cock like it was a kitty toy… meow… licking at it with my wet kitty tongue…

99. Men who take risks – who jump out of airplanes, who surf with sharks, who tell the truth and give themselves completely to following their purpose.


If you enjoyed this, please check out my other work here on Lit and elsewhere. If you want to know more about me, check out my profile. And thanks for reading!


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