I pulled in to the apartments parking garage and took a space close to the door leading in to the complex. I looked at my watch realizing that I was earlier then I'd told Hannah I'd be, however I knew she wouldn't mind. Hell, I spend so many nights at her place that it's probably out of the ordinary when I'm not there.

Arriving at apartment 1412 I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door. Just as I withdrew the key from the lock the door swung open and there she stood, 5'5", long straight chestnut hair with matching eyes that always seemed as if they were staring in to my soul.

"Hey Jack!" She said enthusiastically as she stepped her petite body to the side so I could enter.

I gave her a good once over, not budging from the threshold. She was dressed in skinny jeans, tucked in to shin high black boots. She wore a deep scoop neck tee shirt that gave her ample cleavage despite having a very modest sized breast. She wore her hair down, and smelled like vanilla. I didn't stand a chance.

"Hey you." I said, finally stepping in to the apartment.

I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her close for a kiss. She was surprisingly resistant, but not upset my my advance. Just before our lips met, she turned her head quickly so that I ended up giving her a peck on the cheek, her hands had shot up and were placed firmly on my chest. She pushed me away giggling.

"Jack! Pay attention!" she said light heartedly. I stared at her, confused, when another woman walked out of the bedroom.

"Boy you really can't tell, can you." the new woman said, also amused.

I threw my hands up in the air as if to say 'I didn't do it!' Looking hard at the girl I had been holding, while still not obvious, I understood.

"Hailey?" I asked stupidly. I had tried to make out with my girlfriend's identical twin sister.

I took a big step back, feeling the heat in my cheeks. Mortified and embarrassed I apologized to Both women. In retrospect, I should have known by her greeting. Hannah rarely uses my name in lieu of pet names, sweetie being the most common.

"That's ok, sweetie." Hannah said, hugging me tightly. I must have looked horrified.

"You two have fun today!" Hailey sang from the door way, waving to us as she exited.

Now I heard it. The subtle difference in their voices, both soft and warm with a hint of gravel, but every so slightly different pitches. I held Hannah at arms length and looked her over. My eyes brightened as the thought materialized.

"I know THAT look." she said playfully suspicious. "We don't have time for that now, you promised to take me to a movie. Now come on." She took my hand and started lead me out of the apartment.

The movie was terrible, not because it was a chick flick, but because it was just a bad movie. I read the books at her request, and honestly didn't mind hem as much as I said I did. This however, was a waste of $20. She waked in to her apartment with me closely behind.

"You're staying tonight, right?" she asked, though she was actually telling me.

"Of course." I replied, "I have a project I want you to help me with."

This got her attention. "Oh?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Oh yes." I teased, "Very important."

"Well, it's going to have to wait until after I shower." she said, intentionally flipping her hair as she turned and disappeared in to her bedroom.

I sat in the living room until I heard the water turn on, then waited another five minutes. Once my self imposed time was up I got up and entered her bedroom on, then stripped off all my clothing. I tried to sneak quietly in to the bathroom, but the woman has the hearing of a bat.

"There you are." she said just as I was about to open the curtain.

I stepped in from the back of the shower to find her standing partially under the water, wet hair, and covered in lather. I opened my mouth to tell her how fucking hot she looked but was interrupted by her pressing her slick body against mind. She kissed me deeply, rubbing her breasts and stomach up and down my torso. I slipped a hand down to crotch, slipping a finger in between her lips.

She gasped and returned the favor, grabbing my erect cock in her hand and sliding it back and forth. My fingers ran the length of her pussy, before I felt around for her clit. Finding the hard little mound I pressed in to it gently, moving my fingers in quick circular motions. Her eyes first widened, then closed. Her arms snaked around my neck as she pressed her hips down in to my hands. As I continued to work her clit she became very vocal, moaning so loud I could imagine the neighbors hearing her.

"Oh god, oh god. Oh god yes, yes right there!" she exclaimed, letting me know she was close.

I felt her body tighten, her arms squeezing me like a vice, and then, she bit in to my neck to muffle an orgasmic scream. She shuttered, hard, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her to stop her from falling.

She drew a deep breath and looked at me, trying to focus. "Wow." she said in an exhale.

Without another word, she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. Now I gasped and arched my back forward as my cock was enveloped in her wet, warm mouth. She put her hands on the wall behind me, and sucked me off voraciously. I moaned, moving my hips back and forth with her mouth, her teeth barely grazing my shaft and her. I closed my eyes and placed a hand on the back of her head, knowing my cues as well she released my cock from her mouth and immediately grabbed it with her hand.

"I want you to cum on my tits." she said breathily. "Cum on my tits."

She squeezed harder, and masturbated me harder. I grunted, hips still moving with her, and at her encouragement tensed up and felt my cock explode. I opened my eyes to watch as three thick squirts shot on to her chest. She pulled my cock to he side so that a majority of my cum splashed on to her tits. She milked a large drop out of me and licked if off the tip before standing back up, white trails running from her chest to her stomach.

She turned and stood under the water, soaped herself up again and rinsed off. Turning, she kissed me lightly, and stepped out of the shower.

I sped through my own clean up, got out and dried off in just enough time to catch her getting dressed. At present she was only wearing red laced panties.

"Wait." I said.

I could feel my cock starting to stir again just at the site of her topless in underwear.

"I'm not done with you yet."

"You're not are you?" she asked without a hint of reservation.

"No." I replied. "You were going to help me with something, remember?"

"And what would that be?"

I grinned and pointed to the bed. "Lie down." I said, "On your stomach."

She lay down on the bed as I had requested, gathering a pillow under her chest to prop her self up with. I climbed in to the bed beside her, brushing her hair from her back so that it fell over her shoulder giving me better access to her neck. I ran my fingertips over the nape of her neck, causing her to shudder. Looking carefully, my eyes scanned the back and sides of her neck looking for anything that might stand out. She giggled softly at my probing, then moaned so softly that you could barely hear it when I started planting little kisses over her neck and shoulders.

Having only found smooth and unblemished skin I slid down the bed until my head hovered around the center of her back. Here I underwent the same task, running my fingers lightly from shoulder to shoulder and then up and down her back. After my first pass, as I had on her neck, I kissed almost every inch of her back.

"Are you going to ask what I'm doing?" I asked her as the only sounds that had escaped her mouth where small moans and whimpers.

"I don't care what you're doing, just keep doing it." she replied.

I made one more pass with my fingertips, scrutinizing her body and finding only perfection. She gasped softly as I slid her lace panties over the curves of her ass and ran my hands along the soft round flesh. I kissed softly, then couldn't resist the urge to gently bite her several times. She pressed her ass in to my face as my teeth closed down on her, leaving faint red half circles on her cheeks.

Pulling her panties back up, I moved further down the bed, half of my body now hanging off the end. With a hand on each leg I slid my fingers down their lengths to the soles of her feet. Unable to resist I drew a finger down the soles of her feet, making her jump a little a the tickle. I kissed the bottom of each foot, then stood at the foot foot of the bed, giving her body one final appraisal.

"Hm." I grunted, both at my lack of evidence and my own swollen cock. The foreplay had defiantly taken its toll on me, however I wasn't quite done yet.

"Roll over?" I asked.

Hannah rolled from her stomach to her back where she propped herself up on her elbows. Her eyes were fixed with a come hither look that I have always found impossible to decline. "Hot yet." I thought to myself,

I crawled back on to the bed and slid up beside her. Her eyes darted down to my cock then back in to my eyes.

"You'd better hurry up, or I can't be responsible for what I do to you." she threatened.

I chuckled and nodded, the kissed her passionately on the mouth. She kissed me back hungrily, then looked genuinely hurt when I pulled back. Had she pouted, my experiment would have been done.

I laid her down flat on the bed, she crossed her arms across her breasts in mock protest. I slid my hands along her arms and hands, then gently caressed each of her cheeks. Gently I separated her hands and placed them by her sides. I kissed her chin, working my way down a collar bone, and over to the next. Not a single mole, beauty mark, or old scar to be found.

Laying on my side, I cupped on breast in my hand and rubbed up and down giving the nipple a lithe squeeze. I did the same with the other, however after the pinch I took the hard little nub in to my mouth and teased it with my tongue. She moaned a little louder this time.

I took my time with her stomach, her sides, her tiny little belly button. I was far to horny to be frustrated at my lack of any discovery, so I continued on. I slid her legs far enough apart to get my hands between them, and as I teasingly ran a hand up her inner thigh to her crotch, I paused.

She was soaking wet.

I couldn't wait it out anymore, is slid her panties off her body and tossed them aside. She spread her legs wider, and I crawled in between them, my chest on the bed and my face inches from her pussy. I placed a hand on the soft skin between her glistening mound and upper thigh to spread her a little wider. That's when I saw it. Unless you were about to eat this woman out, you'd never ever have seen it. A pair of small chocolate moles dotted the inside if the crook where waist becomes leg. I smiled, hovering for a moment, then pressed my face in between her legs. Like the shower before, I slid my round in between her folds, tasting her from the second I did so.

Her hands instantly found the back of my head and pulled me in tightly. I had ever seen her this desperate for oral sex. She pressed her hips in to my face and ground against me, my tongue dipping in to her hole feverishly. She was groaning, arching her back, and literally fucking my face. I could feel my cock start to ooze pre-cum, making the sheets below my moist. I tried to find red clit again with a hand, but she swatted it away, then grabbed me by the hair again and continued to grind.

Her movements became faster, rougher, her moans and cries to the Devine louder and more frequent until finally she froze, pressed in to me so hard I could feel the trickle of her juices squeeze out of the sides of my lips and down on to her inner thighs and my hands.

She released me, and I propped myself up on my elbows, wiping my mouth off with the backs of my hand. I knelt up and smiled.

Like lightening she sat bolt upright and kissed me deeply, lapping her self up off my lips.

"Lie down." She ordered.

I moved to the place in the bed where she had been and before I could lower myself to the bed, both of her hands pressed against my chest and forced me down.

She straddled my waist, her back to me, and took hold of my cock in her hand. She guided it in to her wet hole and sank down on to me until her ass was flush against my thighs. She loved to watch me fuck her, and clearly this was her intent. She leaned back and set her hands down on my abdomen, resting her weight agains the. Looking down, she moaned, watching my cock squeeze in to and then slip out of her as she gyrated her hips against me. I let her grind at her own pace, making sure I didn't cum too soon, though I could already feel the pent up pressure starting to become then I would be able to control.

Finally I placed my hands on her hips, and began to lift my hips in to her, pushing in deep.

"Oh god yes!" she exclaimed suddenly.

I was helpless to stop now. I began bucking my hips against hers, the warm wetness of her pussy running down my shaft and on to my balls with every slap in. Her grip on my stomach tightened, her eyes never leaving the union of my cock and her slit. I groaned loudly, my fingers sinking in to her hips.

"God Jack! Fuck me! Fuck me, oh god!"

I bucked up in to her faster, harder, until I sat upright and grabbed her around the arms and chest. She let all her weight sink on to me until I was buried in her to the base of my cock and filled her with another several long spurts.

She shuddered in my arms, and after a moment I lowered us both to the bed, my cock slipping out of her while she continued to lay on top of me panting. She rolled off me and propped herself up on her elbow, looking down in to my eyes.

"Wow." she said. "Did you find what you wanted?" she asked impishly.

"I did." I said drawing a deep breath.

"If you ever need to look again, just let me know." she said playfully.

I sat in my own apartment, flipping through the channels without really wanting to watch anything. Hannah had been sent to San Diego for a week to attend a technical conference for the company we both worked for however there was a chance she would be able to come home today. Having nothing planned for the evening, I was content to sit and wait for my phone to ring.

At first I thought the ring came from the television, then realized that it was my phone making the noise. I jumped up out of my arm chair and grabbed the phone off it's base, not even looking at the number before picking it up.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey you!"

"Hannah! Are you back?"

"Yes I am! They let me go early like they said they might. I was going to call you from the airport before I left but had to rush."

"No, no, that's ok. So how was it?"

"Oh, fine. Nothing very exciting. But, there is something missing from the apartment."

All my senses lit up, assuming she had just told me that her place had been robbed." "What? What is it?" I asked hurriedly.

"You silly!" she responded with a giggle.

"I should have seen that one coming." I admitted.

"Great. I'm going to jump in the shower and I'll see you in 20 minutes." she replied.

"Yes ma'am. Be right there."

I turned the key in to the lock and twisted the dead bolt open. I'd only been away from Hannah for 4 days yet it felt like weeks. Opening the door the flickering firelight of several dozen candles licked at the walls in the otherwise darkened room. Nondescript music floated off the television in the living room adding to the intentional atmosphere. Shutting the door behind me, and re-engaging the deadbolt I slowly made my way to the threshold of the bedroom and was stopped dead in my tracks.

She stood inches from the bed, candlelight bouncing off her delicate skin, dressed in a crimson lace corset. Her small breasts hung perkily in the open, resting just atop the garment. The fabric squeezed her sides down to her hips connected to garter belts, which in turn were clipped on to black fishnet stockings. Her brown hair, normally worn loosely, were tied at the nape of her neck in to two separate pig tails. The girl had gone all out.

I took a step in to the room and asked in a low voice, "Missed me, did you?"

"You have no idea." she answered, closing the distance between us and pulling my body against hers.

She didn't kiss me passionately, she kissed me forcefully as if she had been without my touch forever. There was almost a desperation to it, and I sunk in to it with her completely lost in the moment. Her lips still locked to mine she started unfastening my belt, which I eagerly helped her finish. With my pants undone she slipped a hand down my front and caressed my cock and balls, beckoning me to get hard.

She moaned in to my mouth as I became erect, her fingertips now running up and down the length of my shaft. Pulling her hand out and breaking her kiss, she took hold of my pants and boxers and slipped them down my legs, sinking down to her knees with them. I was suddenly enveloped in her mouth, her tongue lashing around my member and her cheeks sinking in as she pulled away sucking. I dropped a hand to the back of her head and pushed gently, guiding her back down. She continued sucking me off until I made my first low moan, at which she point she slid my cock out of her mouth, wiped her lips with the back of her hand and stood.

"Not in my mouth." she said in a deep throaty voice. "We're trying something new tonight." she said.

I pulled my shirt off over my head, and stripped off the rest of my clothing so that I was standing naked in the candle light. She sat at the edge of the bed, crossing one leg over the other and gave me a long look from top to bottom. The way she was drinking in the sight of me made me slightly self conscious, yet at the same time there was an exhilaration to it.

She beckoned me to her with her finger, crawling on to the bed as I approached. She leaned towards the nightstand and retrieved a bottle I hadn't noticed until now. She handed me the bottle, then rolled over and raised herself up on her hands and knees. Hannah turned her head towards me, grinning mischievously. I looked down at the bottle, reading that it was lubricant, then back up to her. She'd lowered her head and chest down to the bed so that her ass was high in the air, her legs spread enough for me to kneel between them.

"I want you in my ass tonight." she said looking at me over her shoulder.

"Are you... I mean..." I fumbled, clumsily.

"Come on baby, I want you to."

I knelt up on the bed behind her, placing the bottle beside me. I placed my hands on her cheeks and spread them gently, looking at the tight pucker between them.

"What happened in California?" I asked playfully.

"Are you going to talk, or are you going to fuck me in the ass." she asked, ignoring my question.

I grabbed the lube off the bed and flipped it's cap open, from it came a strong smell of strawberries. The liquid was thick and viscous, oozing from the tip and on to a clear blob on my fingertips. I smeared the blob over her tiny asshole, dipping a finger finger in to the tight hole. I squeezed more of the strawberry lubricant on to my fingers and pushed two inside her. She moaned and pushed back against my hands.

"Come on, give it to me." she ordered.

I pressed palmful of the fluid in to my hand, and ran it up and down my swollen member, covering it from base to tip. I pressed the head of my cock against her ass, meeting nothing but resistance.

"Don't be afraid." she whispered, "Just push in nice and slow."

I held on to her hips, pressing my cock forward where easing her gently backwards. The lubricant and pressure finally allowed me to slip the head in, and slowly I penetrated her asshole with my entire length. She gasped loudly, grabbing wads of bed sheet in her hands. I slid halfway out, then pressed back in again. The sensation of such a small and tight place collapsing on me was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

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