We pull away from the kiss and Sarah grasps my nipples tightly with her thumbs and fingers, pulling me across the room.

"Get down on your hands and knees and lick my boots, bitch," she commands, and I crouch down. As I scuffle round her on the floor I arch my back pushing my firm ass high into the air. Sarah has her feet wide apart and her knees slightly bent and is twisting her nipple with one hand, massaging her clitoris through her panties with the other. She's rocking slightly up and down, watching me squirm on the floor. It's a strange sensation to make yourself so humble for someone else's pleasure, but I can see how much I am turning Sarah on and that makes me more horny too. I can't resist slipping my hand between my legs to press my throbbing clitoris and am not surprised to feel myself sopping wet.

Sarah pulls me upwards with the lead and pulls a lever on the sofa-bed that drops the backrest down, making a flat square platform, like a leather bound bed. She pushes me onto it and I wait, on all fours, as she takes a dildo from the make-up bag.

"Get your face down and spread that pussy," Sarah orders. I bring my hands down my front to my crotch and lay my head on the cool leather. My tits are pressed into the surface too, and they slip around slightly with their oil, making my nipples harden more. I arch my back again and pull my tingling labia to the sides exposing my eager, dripping hole.

Sarah takes hold of the back of my neck and brings her face close to mine, the pink, hard plastic vibrator inches from our eyes.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you now, you horny fucking slag?"

"Ah, yes, fuck me, Please," is all I can gasp back in reply.

"Suck this fucking cock first," Sarah says, stuffing the domed end into my mouth. She forces it in and out, breathing hard, sucking air though her teeth, almost making me choke.

"You like that, don't you bitch," she's saying, humiliating me. I moan that I do, between strokes. She takes the dildo out of my mouth, dripping with saliva, and moves around behind me.

"Come on and fuck me then, you fucking bitch!" I shout, desperate for her to fill my hole. I'm grinding my clitoris between my fingers now, it's pulsing electric, and I'm so wet it's dripping onto my wrists. I hear the buzz as she brings the vibrator to life, and gasp as it makes contact with my cunt. She pushes slowly, opening me up, forcing my lips apart. She twists slightly, brings it nearly all the way out making me swoon with a head rush as I feel the orgasm rising already. With each stroke she pushes deeper, getting faster, and I'm pushing my hips back to take the plastic cock in to the hilt. I'm getting frantic with my clit, slapping it around, rubbing, sloshing from side to side.

Sarah grabs my hip with one hand and holds the dildo to her own crotch, as though it's her own penis, plunging it in and out hard and fast, slapping my buttocks hard. I can feel myself almost ready to come, I'm grunting with pleasure, my muscles are twitching, when Sarah pulls out.

"Fuck me!" I cry, "I'm gonna come!" Sarah drops the dildo and puts both hands around my throat, holding me fast, face pressed into the leather.

"I'll tell you when you can fucking come you fucking slut," she hisses into my face, and it's all I can do to hold back the judders and stop my orgasm at the last. Gasping, I manage. Sarah kisses me hard, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth.

"Good girl," she says, and again moves around behind me. Her control over me is thrilling, exhilarating. She can pleasure me, abuse me, make me do anything she wants.

"Let's see if you can take this cock in your little arse hole too," she says. "Do you want it up your arse?" I'm desperate for more stimulation and I tell her yes. Sarah puts both hands on my buttocks and pushes them apart, exposing my pink asshole. It's already slick and glistening with lubricant, and Sarah reaches down with her tongue. She's alternating between my pussy and ass, rimming me, probing my puckered anus with her pointed tongue. With my hands still down between my legs I slip two fingers into my hot cunt, and continue tickling my swollen clit.

Sarah squirts more lubricant on the smooth pink cock, still buzzing fast, and holds its tip against my oyster. I can feel my hole opening slightly as she applies a little pressure with the vibrating, slippery rod.

"I'm not gonna do all the work," she says, "If you want this big fucking cock inside you, you've got to take it."

Eager to please my mistress and desperate to feel the shaft in my ass I push back with my hips and feel myself open, feel it slide inside. I feel the vibrations in my pussy too and work my fingers around inside.

Sarah begins gyrating as before, holding the pink cock like her own, pushing into me relentlessly, pumping slowly but firmly in and out. With my sweat and the lubricant all over my body I'm sliding about on the leather, moaning, gasping for air, Sarah bearing down on me, clawing at my back and buttocks, thrusting deeper and faster.

"Look at you, you fucking slut, taking all seven inches of my cock in your arse hole!"

"Yes, yes!" I shout "Fuck me harder!" The whole of my lower body is throbbing with pleasure, muscles spasming, contracting. My skin's hot, tingling, tender. I can feel an orgasm, bigger than the one I stopped before, welling up inside me. I'm nearly screaming now, gasping for air as Sarah pumps the dildo in and out of my ass and I'm grasping and fucking my throbbing pussy with four fingers...

Again, Sarah stops. She flips me onto my back and pins me down, my arms above my head. My body's convulsing, every inch of my skin twitching, my pelvic floor muscles clenching and opening like a fist, my anus contracting. It takes every morsel of my willpower not to explode in orgasm, but I concentrate on Sarah's deep brown eyes staring into mine, her forehead, beaded with sweat, her shoulders heaving because she's as exhausted as I am.

"Don't you dare come yet, bitch."

"I know," I manage to breathe and she's kissing me again, licking my face, biting my ears.

"Good girl," she whispers again, and my heart skips a beat to know I've pleased her, though I'm aching to let the orgasm rush through my body.

* * *

We stop for long enough to catch our breath, take a slug of wine. Sarah smiles, out of her character, and checks that I'm OK. We kiss tenderly before starting the role-play again.

We kneel facing each other, playing with each others tits a little, pulling on each others' nipples. I lean down, sucking her big breasts now, biting her ringed nipples. She pushes them into my face, holding my head in both hands, and she's almost slapping my face with her boobs.

"Suck those big tits," she's saying, as my tongue's lolling out over her creamy flesh spreading saliva on her skin and my face.

"Now it's your turn," I say, because I know that's what she wants to hear and I want to set her erogenous nerves on fire like she did to me. I push her gently onto her back and she lies, stocking-clad legs spread wide, hands on her luscious breasts, toying with her swollen nipples. She's still wearing the black satin thong, though it's ringing wet with her juices. I kneel before her and suck at her clitoris through the wet satin, tasting her sweet, musky scent. Lapping at her cunt through the material makes her moan and she's biting at her bottom lip with her eyes closed.

I push the tiny panties aside revealing her smoothly shaved pussy with chubby, protruding labial lips and a single silver ring through her large clitoris. I slide a finger easily into her hot, sodden hole and tickle her hard clit with the tip of my tongue. Pushing two fingers from each hand inside her, I stretch her hole gently making room for my tongue. I probe in and out, pushing as deep as I can, my top lip and nose nudging her clit. She pushes back against me and I feel her vaginal muscles tighten and relax, tighten and relax, in time with my rhythmical tonguing. She's breathing deeply, groaning in time with me, murmuring words of pleasure under her breath, almost in a trance.

"Is that good, baby?" I ask, and it brings her round a little.

"You've done that before haven't you?" she asks rhetorically. "You're a dirty little lesbian slut! Let me taste my pussy."

I pull the panties off over her boots, and slide up her body. We're both slick with sweat and lube, and we kiss again, moaning, getting more frantic, clutching each others' hair, pulling, and I'm pressing my thigh onto her crotch, rubbing her clit with my leg.

"Get the other dildo," she says into my ear, "and give my cunt a proper fucking."

I reach into the bag on the floor and pull out the last item - a large, veined, black dildo. It's flexible and rubbery, but with a stiff core, and must be nearly nine inches in length. As I squirt some of the lube on and slide my hand up and down, Sarah's rubbing and pinching her clit and teasing it with the pink vibrator, still buzzing. As I tun round with the huge rubber dick in two hands, Sarah sits up and slaps me across the face, snarling, "Come and fucking GIVE IT TO ME you filthy little bitch!"

I slap Sarah back across the face and push her back down, force her legs further apart. I spit aggressively on her pussy and rub my saliva around, rapidly slapping her crotch splashing liquid about. I take the massive black dildo - it's as thick as my wrist - spit on the bulbous glans, and start to nudge it against her cunt.

"Open your pussy, bitch!" I demand: she knows that I'm in control now. Sarah reaches her arms down by her sides and pulls at her fleshy buttocks, opening her cunt hole. I push the cock hard, guiding it in with one hand, and it stretches her pussy lips wide, slides in about five inches. I pull back and thrust again, twisting slightly to let the lube disperse, this time inching in further.

"Harder!" she yells, and I put my weight behind, probing in further. Sarah's gyrating her hips, working the penis up inside her. Her big tits are soon bouncing hard back and forth as we find a rhythm together. I press the bottom of the cock with the heel of my hand and soon it's pushing in to nearly eight inches. The thick veins make her distended labia ripple and the stretching motion pulls her pierced clit up and down as I pump.

I pick up the pink vibrator with my free hand, desperate to fill my own cunt. It slides in easily, buzzing frantically, and I grind down on it, pushing against the leather sofa. Kneeling, I rock back an forwards on the pink dildo, moving in time with Sarah's rhythm, and feel an orgasm welling up inside me, aching my hips, throbbing my clitoris.

"Come for me baby," I plead, "I'm gonna come too!"

"Push it in," Sarah begs, "Push it right in!"

I push the giant cock with all my weight, still grinding my own hole onto my dildo. Sarah's spasming pussy takes it in almost to the hilt, and she holds it still up inside her as her body starts to convulse. She's grunting like a tennis player, every muscle contracting, her pussy squeezing harder and harder. Screaming, her legs in the air, Sarah wrenches the cock from her cunt and explodes in orgasmic seizures; her pussy convulses and pumps out a hot jet of sweet, clear fluid that splashes off my stomach and chest; simultaneously I erupt in a climax with the power of the three massive orgasms, let the dildo drop from my spasming hole and collapse on top of Sarah; our orgasms pulse through us as we kiss, fingering our own tender, sensitive holes and we finally sink into each others' arms, moaning.

As we lie together, drenched and sticky with sweat, saliva, lubricant, vaginal fluid, we breath deeply in unison, she's kissing my face and lips, I stroke her back and neck tenderly.

A thought tip-toes through my mind: at least I've got something to write about.

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