tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA 70's Show and Tell

A 70's Show and Tell

byBob Waters©

All characters in this story are of legal age.

"That's so fake, no chick looks like that," Billy said again so superiorly.

Cheryl was really starting to get annoyed with him. He really thought he was shit hot right now. Parents away and the small circle of them smoking weed and drinking Southern Comfort watching a porno on his dad's brand new Betamax. Billy had been bragging about the stupid machine since his father brought it home from a trade show and now that he had found his father's 'stash' of porn and was hosting a party he was insufferable.

"Gas, grass or ass, no one rides for free," he kept saying when he invited them – which made no sense because Billy didn't have a license so gas would be useless. Non-sequiturs really irritated Cheryl, Billy irritated Cheryl but Billy hung with her other friends, was rich, popular and had invited her so she went.

She brought the Comfort. She never had a problem buying booze as long as the clerk was a guy. She just smiled and paid. No one ever asked her for an ID. Timmy brought the pot, he always did, Bobby brought the pipe and Tina brought nothing but a bad attitude as usual.

They smoked some weed, ate some chips and were drinking the Comforts mixed with Coke when Billy pulled out the porno. It was the first time she had ever seen one. She'd seen the posters at the Paris Cinema on the edge of downtown and had been tempted but there was no way she was going into one of those places. What if someone saw her? Now here it was in Billy's rec room. She was pretty excited to see it actually. Her belly tingled pleasantly. Well maybe that was the booze, or maybe not.

It started out with a woman calling a plumber to fix her sink. Well he didn't spend much time on the sink and she had never met a plumber with hair that good, at least the guy that fixed her mother's sink didn't. Hell, he didn't even have hair.

The guy in the film was huge. Cheryl was fascinated with the sheer size of his cock and more than a little scared. Are they all like that? she wondered.

Cheryl had to admit she liked the sex. She sat next to Tina, not ready to sit with one of the boys but Bobby sat on the other side of her on the couch. It was pretty weird watching people do it sitting next to a boy but it was kind of nice too. Bobby was breathing hard. She glanced at his crotch and saw he had a real bulge. She guessed he was hard. She was sure tingling. To her relief it didn't look anywhere near as big as the guy in the movie's.

The sex was hot, dirty and nasty. Pretty much just like she imagined from the scenes in her books. The ones that she hid from her mother.

The next scene had the woman from the kitchen off to visit a friend. Turned out they were really good friends. Tina was making disgusted noises and telling Billy to turn it off, that it was gross. Cheryl made sure she made faces along with Tina but she didn't find it gross. Actually she found it kind of hot. Really hot. Almost as hot as watching the girl and the guy do it. It made her a little uncomfortable that she liked it.

The third scene caused the controversy. The woman in it was the secretary of the kitchen woman's husband. It appeared her job description included dicktation. She was blonde and when her panties came off it proved that she was a natural blonde on top of it. That's what set Billy off.

"FAKE," he pronounced again. "Fake, fake, fake. She dyes that. Pubes aren't that color."

Cheryl was pretty buzzed and had had enough.

"Oh really? How do you know Mr. Smartypants?" she said.

Bobby snorted.

"How do I know?" Billy said. "Cause I've seen plenty of real ones and I've never seen any that color."

"Yah right," Cheryl thought.

"I have too!" Billy said getting angry.

Cheryl realized that she had said that out loud. I must be really fucked up, she thought snickering. The snicker made Billy even angrier.

"What do you know about it anyway?" he said.

"I know you're full of shit because there are pubes that color. Mine are," Cheryl said before she even realized.

"Whoaaaaaaaaa," Timmy said giggling from the armchair and taking a hit off the pipe.

"Oh you're full of shit," Billy said. "You're making that up."

"Am not," the pretty blonde said back.

"You are too, you just don't want to lose an argument," he said hotly.

"Billy Muntsler you have painted yourself into a corner," Cheryl said equally angry.

"Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. Prove it," he shot back.

"I will not!" Cheryl said.

"That's cause you're lying. Prove it! Prove it!" he taunted.

Before she even realized fully what she was doing she said, "OK!" and unbuttoned the top of her Levi's. Pulling the bottom of her peasant blouse up slightly with one hand, she pushed the top of her jeans and her cotton bikini panties down just far enough so the top of her blonde bush peeked over the waistband.

"See!?" she said before quickly pulling them back up and buttoning them.

Bobby was making choking sounds next to her, Timmy was convulsed in giggles and Billy just looked dumbfounded.

"Cheryl!!" Tina shrieked. "What are you doing!"

Cheryl blushed scarlet but stared at Billy defiantly.

"There. Now what do you have to say?" she challenged.

"I didn't see anything. It was too fast," Billy said after a moment.

"Now who's the liar?" Cheryl said.

"Uh yeah," Timmy joined in. "We didn't see anything, you'll have to do it again!"

"Oh you guys are all full of shit," Cheryl said starting to laugh.

"No really," Billy said. "If we didn't see it we really can't say you won."

"Bobby saw, he can tell you," Cheryl said laughing.

Bobby opened his mouth to speak but Timmy cut him off, "Bobby didn't see nothing."

Cheryl was really having a good laugh over it until Tina chimed in with, "You boys are disgusting, Cheryl is going to do no such thing."

Tina always was a little prig, Cheryl thought. Tina's pronouncement that there was no way Cheryl was going to show them again actually made her start thinking about doing it.

"Hey, I did my bit," Cheryl said. "You guys are just trying to get a free look. It's not my fault you weren't paying attention."

"Awe come on Cheryl," Timmy whined. "I was way over here."

"Cheryl, don't even think about showing them!" Tina said.

Cheryl looked sidelong at Tina and then at the boys. She REALLY hated it when someone told her what to do.

"There's no way I'm showing you without seeing something back," Cheryl said.

"Of course!" Billy said quickly. "We'll show you right after!"

"Ha!" Cheryl said, "And the check's in the mail. I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday mister. You first, all of you."

"OK," Billy said quickly and then looked significantly at the other boys who quickly nodded.

Cheryl didn't expect that. "Uh, OK then."

"But it has to be more than a flash," Billy said. "You have to get naked."

"As if!" Cheryl said.

"Chicken," Billy said.

"Fine, you have to get naked too. First," Cheryl said.

"OK, but there're no free rides, Tina you have to too," Timmy said.

"No way!" said Tina.

"Gas, Grass or Ass, no one rides free!" Billy said much to Cheryl's annoyance.

"No way!" said Tina again.

"Then you need to leave," Billy said simply.

"Fine. I'm going and Cheryl is coming with me," Tina said.

"I think I'll stay awhile," Cheryl replied.

Tina glared at Cheryl. "I didn't think you were like that," Tina said.

"She isn't and I better not hear anyone every saying that at school or they're going to be very sorry," Billy said with some force.

Cheryl was surprised and considered that she might have to reassess her opinion of Billy. Slightly.

Tina left in a huff and Cheryl made another Comfort and Coke, her hands shaking a little.

"You're getting to see three of us," Billy said, "but we're only getting to see one of you so you need to keep your clothes off for ten minutes.

Yah. No. He was still a jerk.

"No way. One minute," she said.

"Five minutes," Billy said.

"One minute," she replied.

"How about three minutes," quiet Bobby said from the couch.

The movie was showing two guys doing the blonde girl together. Cheryl was acutely aware of the situation she was in, excited and frightened by it at the same time. She realized it could easily get out of hand.

Because it was Bobby Cheryl said, "OK, three minutes but you guys have to keep your clothes off and you can't touch me. You need to stay over there."

On the screen the blonde was on her hands and knees with one guy doing her from behind and the other guy with his cock in her mouth.

Billy looked at Cheryl and raised an eyebrow.

"Not even in your dreams," she said.

"OK guy's what're we waiting for?" Billy asked standing and shucking out of his teeshirt.

The other two boys quickly stood and peeled out of their clothing, Billy rather quickly, Bobby more reluctant and Timmy quite matter-of-factly. Cheryl was more than a little surprised at how far this had gone so quickly but was enjoying it. The movie had her motor running and now seeing three handsome boys stripping down had her soaked. The guys got down to their shorts and Billy, big surprise, was the first to drop his.

He was quite hard, he cock stood out and Cheryl stared at the first erection she had seen in real life. Timmy quickly followed and she was shocked at how different the two cocks were – Billy's seemed to be as large as anyone would ever want, Cheryl's first reaction was wondering how that would ever fit inside a girl's vagina followed by relief that it wasn't as large as the guy in the movie's but then Timmy's was significantly larger. Almost scary big. Guy in the movie big. Bobby followed up the rear and his was similar in size to Billy's – causing her to surmise, with some degree of relief, that was the average. They might be similar in size but they looked quite differently. Cheryl stared at them, fascinated. The shapes of the tip, the smoothness of Bobby's versus the knobby veiny-ness of Billy's versus the enormous size of Timmy's.

"Get a good look," Billy said.

"Um, yeah," Cheryl stammered, not knowing what else to say.

"Your turn now," he said.

Her heart thumped as she realized it was. She wasn't upset about it though, she was actually looking forward to it. She surprised herself. She had been raised a 'good girl' and here she was really looking forward to showing off for a bunch of boys. She blamed the pot; or at least that's the excuse she hung on to.

"You need to stand up when you do it," Billy said.

"OK," Cheryl replied, "but you guys need to sit down and like I said, no touching."

The boys sat and she got up and moved to the center of the room. She kicked off her sneakers first and tossed her hair back before untying the neck of her peasant blouse. She pulled it up and off over her head and posed a moment with her arms up in the air before tossing the blouse aside. She debated for a second if she should take her bra off next or her jeans and unbuttoned the top of her jeans, pushing them down her long legs and stepping out of them.

"I think this is far enough," she said, enjoying the tease, putting a hand on her hip and cocking it forward, tall and blonde and pretty in white bikini panties and a bra.

"No way!" Billy shot back quickly "You agreed to naked!"

"I don't know..." she continued.

"You're killing us here," Timmy laughed.

"Well I guess I can't do that," Cheryl said reaching behind her to unhook her bra.

She slipped the straps off her shoulders, holding the cups in place with her arm, drawing it out before letting it fall away. The boys sat forward eagerly, staring at her small tits. She loved the attention and noticed Bobby and Billy's cocks glistened with wetness at the tips. She wondered if they were going to cum but it didn't seem like they were, at least it didn't look like it did in the movie. She wondered if boys got wet like girls did.

It kind of looked like they did. She found that fascinating.

No one had ever looked at her tits before, except the doctor and this was a lot different than that. She felt her nipples get hard, rock hard, hard as the boys' cocks and didn't think it was from the cool air. Standing there in just her panties was a trip. The boys were practically drooling.

"Someone hand me my drink," she asked.

Bobby picked it up from the coffee table and handing it to her, bending over a bit to hide his erection. Not that he could really hide it. It bobbled as he got up.

Cheryl gulped down the remainder of her liquid courage, handed the glass back to Bobby and said, "Thanks. Now sit down and I'll finish the show."

She debated turning around to lower her panties but decided why bother. She put her thumbs in the waist band and pushed them down over her hips in a matter-of-fact way and let them fall to the floor, no coquetry.

"See?" she said. "Blonde. I told you."

"Um, yeah," Billy said in a strangled voice. "You win."

Cheryl laughed and said, "Who is timing this?"

"I will," said Timmy.

"Can you kind of spin around slow?" asked Bobby.

Cheryl was surprised, he was the shy one but maybe he wasn't so shy after all. She was glad. She smiled at him and slowly spun, drinking in their attention.

"You're gorgeous," he breathed.

"Thank you," she said.

"Stand with your legs apart," Billy said.

"You're a pig Billy," Cheryl replied but spread her feet out to shoulder width. She felt her lower lips part and she could see the boys strain forward to get a better look.

"What are you doing?" Cheryl asked slightly shocked. Timmy was stroking himself.

"You said we couldn't touch you but you didn't say anything about touching ourselves," he grinned.

Billy laughed, "Who needs the movie, we should just all put on a show for each other."

"Girls don't do that," Bobby said.

"Fuck they don't!" Billy said back. "They just do it differently, right?" he challenged Cheryl.

Cheryl had been 'doing that' for a very long time. Normally she never would have said anything about it but this naked person was someone other than Normal Cheryl.

"Right," she said.

"So show us and we'll show you," Billy smirked. "I dare you."

Truth be told, Cheryl was having a hard time NOT touching herself but really didn't want to give that pig Billy the satisfaction, so she decided to touch herself for Bobby, not for him.

"OK," she said and sat down on the floor, leaning back against the wall.

She waited until she was sure she had the boys' full attention and slowly spread her legs, bending her knees slightly. She tossed her hair back again and slipped her index finger through her lips, moistening it before starting to lightly stroke her clit.

Their eyes bored into her and she delighted in it. 'This must be how the women in the movies feel,' she thought. Normally she closed her eyes when touching herself but she watched them watching her. Her first orgasm came quickly, surprising her and she yelped as it hit.

"Did you just cum?" Billy asked.

"Yeah but I'm not done," she replied.

The boys came closer, getting on the floor as well and she said, "Not too close."

The stopped a few feet away and she rubbed the sides of herself, letting things cool off a bit, desensitize before going back.

"Put a finger inside," Billy said in almost a whisper.

She didn't usually do that when touching herself but she was putting on a show and so slipped her finger deep. The fullness felt good and she wondered why she didn't do that more.

"Oh fuck man," Timmy moaned.

"Can I do that?" Billy asked.

"No," she said. "You can watch. Stroke yourself."

Billy started stroking quickly followed by Bobby. Timmy had never stopped.

Cheryl spread herself even wider, really showing off for the boys before heading back to her clit. She rubbed lightly, really drawing it out, letting the sensations build. She started rocking her hips and breathing hard.

"Oh," Bobby groaned and shot.

Cheryl jumped at the abruptness of it, the power. Bobby was feet away yet it almost hit her. Watching the milky whiteness spurt then ooze out of his cock sent her over and she came again, groaning.

"Oh yeah, do that again. Make it happen again," Billy crooned. "Put your fingers in you while your rub it, let me see you fuck yourself."

The crudeness excited her all the more and she slipped a finger into herself while she rubbed her clit. The fullness felt good, really good and before she even knew what she was doing she had slipped a second in. It was tight, painful but a good pain and she surprised herself by bearing down hard on her fingers.

"Oh fuck," Timmy groaned, shooting his load, "Damn!"

Cheryl came again, hard. Hardest yet and she threw her head back and yelled, "Fuck!" as it hit.

She felt something hot splash on her leg and opened her eyes to see Billy, much closer to her than before, cumming. He was close enough that his initial spasms actually hit her and as she came down from her orgasmic high she realized he had done that on purpose. Marking her like a dog marks its territory.

She wasn't sure how she felt about that. It was something she'd have to deal with later, after she had some perspective on what just happened because something had indeed happened. She was a different person than the Cheryl of a half hour ago. A line had been crossed.

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