tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA 70's Show and Tell and more

A 70's Show and Tell and more

byBob Waters©

All characters in this story are of legal age.

"What happened?!" Tina asked insistently on the phone.

"I SAID I am NOT going to talk about this on the phone," Cheryl said. "My mother could pick up the extension."

"OK, get over here RIGHT after dinner," Tina commanded.

Cheryl hung up with a deep sigh. She wasn't sure she was ready to talk about it with Tina yet. Hell, if Tina hadn't gotten all Tina and left in a huff she wouldn't HAVE to explain anything.

She told her mother she was going to Tina's after dinner and drove over. She greeted Tina's dad, her mom worked second shift at the hospital, and went up to Tina's room with her.

Tina closed the door and shoved her lightly on the arm saying, "Spill."

"Spill what?" Cheryl said, stalling.

"SPILL!" Tina insisted. "All of it! What happened!"

Cheryl flopped on Tina's bed and told. All of it. The boys stripping, what they looked like. Her stripping. And that. The masturbation. Them cumming, her cumming, no touching but watching. The awkwardness after, getting dressed, leaving. Feeling decidedly weird.

"Oh my God! I can't believe you did that!" Tina breathed.

"So what, like you don't want to hang out with me now?" Cheryl asked.

"What? What are you crazy? Why?" Tina said, confused.

"Well you made such a big stink at the party, I thought you were like disgusted with me or something."

"No! No way, I was just kind of, I don't know, scared," Tina said. "It was all like too much, that movie, Billy, you and he wanted to see you naked, it just freaked me out."

"You like Billy!" Cheryl said, it slowly dawning on her.

"Well yeah, and he wanted to see YOU naked," she said.

"Duh! He's a BOY Tina, he wanted to see ANYONE naked," Cheryl said.

"Yeah well now he's seen you and you've like done stuff with him so I might as well forget about it," she said welling up a little.

"OK, FIRST, I didn't do anything with HIM. There were four people there and we never touched. AND you could have stayed and done it with us."

"I wish I had but I don't think I would have had the guts. Besides, with you there no one would be looking at me," Tina said. "You're so tall and blonde and perfect."

"Tina, get real," Cheryl said. "I'm a bony marony and you've got all these curves. I've got no boobies! Not like you," she said, pulling her shirt out in front and making a face.

Tina laughed. The petite brunette did indeed have boobies to spare and the two friends often joked about how Cheryl got all the height and Tina got all the boobage. The plain fact was that both girls were very attractive.

"Oh my God, I wish I had stayed," Tina said, sighing. "That sounds SOOO hot, tell me what his thing looked like again?"

"It was about this big," Cheryl held her hands out, "and really, really hard." She giggled. "But that's not the wildest thing! Timmy's at least as big as the guy in the movie was!"

"No way!" Tina shrieked. "And did you see them like cum?"

"Oh yeah!" Cheryl said. "All over the place."

She omitted the small fact that when Billy had let go, he made sure some of it had landed on Cheryl. She didn't think Tina needed to know that.

"I wish I could have seen them do that. What were you doing when they came?" She asked.

"Well, actually I was cumming too," Cheryl said blushing.

"No way!" Tina shrieked again. "You were rubbing it in front of them?"

"Yeah," Cheryl said.

"Oh I wish I could have seen you do that," Tina said.

"Really?" Cheryl asked.

"Yeah, why do you sound so surprised?"

"Well 'cause you were like all 'yech' and everything when the two girls were doing stuff in the movie and I thought you figured it was gross or something," Cheryl said.

"I was embarrassed," Tina said. "The guys were looking at us. Billy was looking at us and you could see what he was thinking and I didn't want him, I don't know, asking questions, asking us to do stuff. If we had ever done stuff and you know, we like used to kiss when we were little. And I didn't want to tell him that."

Cheryl laughed. "I'm sure he would have. Hell, he talked me out of my clothes and if you were there..."

"Exactly. So I acted like it was all gross," Tina said.

"So you didn't think it was gross?" Cheryl asked.

"No," Tina said slowly. "Well, I don't know if I'd want to lick a hoo ha but no it wasn't gross."

"Oh good, I thought I was weird or something 'cause I didn't think it was gross either," Cheryl giggled.

"Did you really rub it in front of them?" Tina asked.

"Yeah and it was totally hot," Cheryl said.

"Do you think you'd do it again?" she asked.

"I would totally do it again. But not just one on one. That's too risky but I'd totally do it as a group. I'm sure they're going to want to," Cheryl said. "Why? Do you want to too?"

"Yes," Tina said in a small voice. "I want to, but I'm not sure I could go through with it."

"So practice," Cheryl said with a crooked grin. "Do it in front of me."

"Cheryl!" Tina gasped.

"If you can't do it in front of a girl how are you going to do it in front of three boys, one of them Billy?"

"Really? You want me to rub it in front of you?" Tina asked.

"Why not? We taught each other how to kiss," she said laughing.

"I want to look as hot as you did," Tina said. "Show me what you did for them."

Cheryl shrugged, "OK, but what if you father comes up?"

"He's watching the game. He doesn't even know we're here," Tina said.

"OK then," Cheryl said and pulled off her top.

"I did this really kinda slow and seductive, like in the movies," Cheryl said as she shucked off her jeans then bra and panties. "You get naked too."

Tina pulled off her tee shirt, sweats and underwear. Cheryl took a good look as the other girl undressed. She had changed with Tina before but never really checked her out, not really. Cheryl sat on Tina's bed and leaned back against the headboard. Tina sat at the foot and leaned against the footboard. 'We look as different as the guys did,' Cheryl thought comparing Tina's much larger breasts to her own small mounds. Tina's nipples were larger as well with a different color pink to them. Her pubes were dark brown, almost black and thicker than Cheryl's.

Both girls were breathing hard, just looking at each other until Tina said quietly, "So what did you do next?"

"I opened my legs like this," Cheryl said doing so, "and touched it." She ran her finger through her lips, feeling the hot wetness there, coating her finger before sliding it over her clit."

Tina copied her, opening her legs in the same way. Again Cheryl noted the difference in their sexes. The lips were shaped quite differently, Tina's being much fuller, larger, her clit more prominent. Tina's finger slipped through them before rubbing her own clit. 'This is totally hot,' Cheryl thought and wondered why she had never done this with Tina before. Both girls started breathing hard and shortly Cheryl convulsed a little.

"Did you just cum?" Tina asked breathlessly.

"A little," Cheryl panted.

"Oh my God that is so not fair, it takes me forever."

After a few moments of breathy silence Tina asked, "Do you remember when we used to practice kissing?"

"Uh huh," Cheryl answered.

"Wanna practice kissing while we do this?" Tina asked in a small voice.

Cheryl smiled and slid down in the bed and Tina crawled up next to her. They kissed, tentatively at first but quickly with more ardor. It was not the first time they had kissed, as girls sometimes do when growing up, they practiced 'kissing like in the movies'. They told themselves it was so that they would be ready, wouldn't be total novices when they finally got to kiss boys but both girls had enjoyed the game for its own sake.

It had been some time since they last played that particular game. It was quickly obvious that the rules and the stakes had changed. Tina continued to rub herself as they kissed and pressed her body against Cheryl's. The feel of the other girl's hot, naked skin against her own was a very new experience as were the soft/hard breasts pressing into hers. Cheryl was the first to send an exploratory tongue but it was met quickly by Tina's.

Cheryl felt the other girl's hand moving as she rubbed and placed her own hand over Tina's, gently joining the other girl in touching.

"Oh God," Tina sighed feeling Cheryl's finger on her.

Tina moved her hand from herself and onto Cheryl and Cheryl quickly realized it felt just as good when a girl touches you as it does a boy.

"Oh my God," Tina groaned as she came. Cheryl clearly felt the other girl pulse against her hand and the feeling of power it gave her sent her over the edge again. She ground herself against the other girl and bit down on the pillow to keep quiet.

They played together, discovering new sensations, the exquisite tenderness of a nipple, the delicious fullness of fingers, learning what they liked, what worked for them before reluctantly dressing again

"So I think this is something we need to keep to ourselves," Tina said awkwardly as they dressed.

"Yeah," Cheryl agreed. "This was great but I still like boys."

"Me too," said Tina, "but we could do this again if we wanted..."

Cheryl laughed and agreed that it was something she wanted to do again.

Nothing much happened over the next few weeks. Billy tried calling Cheryl a few times and finally cornered her when he saw her to ask her to go out with him. She turned him down. Politely but firmly.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Billy, we're friends. That's really all I want it to be."

"So the other night was just something that friends do?" he said.

"Frankly, yes," Cheryl said getting annoyed. "For one thing we didn't DO anything and for another thing it was more than just you and I there. We were hanging out. Stuff happened. Enjoy the memory and move on."

"So what if I want MORE stuff to happen?" Billy said.

"Maybe it will and maybe it won't but we're not going out. Billy, just be my friend, OK?"

The weather got warmer, the friends hung out but, in spite of Billy's attempts to force something, nothing unusual happened. The girls did continue their 'practicing' but not every time they saw each other and nothing really more than casually. More out of boredom and the need to scratch an itch.

Summer broke with a vengeance. One hot summer night the group attended a party down at the cove, a secluded spot along the lake. Things broke up kind of early leaving Cheryl, Tina, Billy, Bobby and Timmy as the last holdouts.

"We should go skinny dipping!" Timmy said.

"It sure is hot enough," Cheryl agreed. Although it was well after midnight it was still sweltering.

"Tina will never go for it," Billy said.

Cheryl caught Tina's eye and made a slight head gesture, letting her know it was up to her. This was Tina's opportunity. Cheryl hoped she'd take it.

Tina made a face at Billy and quickly shucked out of her clothing. The bright moonlight made everything look black and white, almost dreamlike as the petite girl plunged into the water.

"Well?" she said surfacing. The water came to her waist, her large breasts glistened in the moonlight.

"You were saying?" Timmy said to Billy, laughing and shucking out of his clothes.

"Saying?" Billy said grinning, "I didn't say anything at all. It was Cheryl."

"Uh huh," Cheryl said grinning as she too shed her clothes.

Very quickly they were all naked and splashing in the lake, careful not to make too much noise. The cove was secluded but why take chances.

Cheryl stood in about shoulder deep water and pulled her long hair back from her face, squeezing the water out of it as Bobby swam up to her, smiling.

"You look beautiful in the moonlight," he said.

She laughed and replied, "Yeah, that's because it's dark and you can't see me."

"Why do you always deflect compliments?" he asked her smiling gently.

"I don't know," she said, being honest. "I guess I don't deserve them."

"That's crazy," Bobby said. "You're one of the nicest, smartest people I know."

As far as Cheryl could recall, it was the first time a boy had complimented her on something other than her looks. Impulsively, she leaned in and kissed him. It started as a peck, but Bobby surprised her by putting his arms around her and pulling her close. She didn't resist, she wasn't at all upset about the development, just surprised. Bobby always struck her as shy, maybe she was wrong about that.

His tongue delicately sought hers. Yep, definitely not shy, she thought, kissing back. Being pressed up against a naked boy was a very novel experience for Cheryl. Totally different from kissing Tina. Of course it wasn't the first time she had ever kissed a guy and she had gone quite a bit further than kissing but it was the first time she had been completely naked while doing it. It certainly added to the experience she though wryly. She was ridiculously turned on and all they were doing was kissing. Bobby thought so too as evidenced by his rock-hard member pressing into her belly. She loved the feeling. Damn, she thought, Bobby really is a good kisser.

"Hey, no fair," Billy said coming up behind them. "If you're going to kiss him you need to kiss me too."

Cheryl was prepared to debate that issue but Bobby pulled away with a rueful smile. She looked across for Tina and saw her in a clinch with Timmy a short distance away. She didn't want to upset Tina given her feelings for Billy but the other girl seemed happily occupied.

Billy quickly stepped in and pulled her to him. He was as hard as Bobby and he tried to maneuver himself so it would slip between her legs.

Cheryl twisted away and firmly said, "No. You can kiss me but that's it."

"OK, OK," Billy said.

Cheryl let him put his arms around her and, with some reluctance at first, let him draw her in. His member poked her in the belly and in spite of herself it aroused her. They kissed and Billy immediately thrust his tongue into her mouth. It both repulsed and excited her at the same time. Being 'forced' was always a favorite fantasy of hers and this was just too much like many of them. She kissed back, allowing herself to enjoy the physical sensations. He was a good kisser too, not as good as Bobby but quite enjoyable. He was a lot more 'hands-y' than Bobby, rubbing her back, lower and lower until he began to caress her bottom. She wanted to tell him to stop but frankly it felt good so she didn't. He cupped the bottom of her cheek and squeezed. She moaned and hated herself for it. Billy pressed his cock into her belly, thrusting, rubbing it against her as his hand quested lower, curving under her bottom, insinuating itself between her legs. She felt his fingertip pressing into her lips and she pushed against his chest.

"No," she murmured against his lips.

"You want it, you're wet," Billy said back.

She wasn't sure she could push him away and she wasn't sure she wanted to when Timmy said from behind them.

"Hey, me too. I want to kiss her."

Cheryl sighed in relief and twisted away from Billy.

"Fair is fair," she said.

Billy looked at him like a dog with a bone for a second and then said, "Yeah, sure."

"Tina was asking about you dude," Timmy said to him.

Billy looked over at Tina who was kissing Bobby. "She looks busy."

"Yeah? So what?" Timmy said.

Billy left and started moving over to the other couple.

"You looked like you needed rescuing," Timmy whispered grinning.

"Yeah, I did," Cheryl chuckled.

"Do I get a reward?" he asked cheekily.

Cheryl laughed, Timmy always amused her.

"Come here and get it," she held her arms out to him.

Timmy pulled her too him and kissed her. Timmy was an OK kisser compared to the other two but Cheryl didn't care. His cock pressed MUCH higher on her than the other two boys' had.

"You have a scary big cock you know," she whispered to him, giggling.

"It's not supposed to scare you," Timmy laughed back. "It's supposed to drive you mad with lust."

"Sorry babe," she said. "Not that you were getting any anyway but that thing of yours scares me."

"You just need to get to know it better," Timmy said kissing her again.

Cheryl surprised herself by saying, "Let me shake hands with it then."

She reached for his member and held it in her hand. Gently running her fingers across it.

"Oh damn," Timmy hissed.

"Sorry to be a tease but that's the extent of your reward," Cheryl said, letting go of it.

"Yeah," Timmy sighed. "S'OK. I could never do anything with you anyway."

"Why?" Cheryl asked, a little insulted.

"What you don't know?" Timmy asked.

"You mean Billy?"

"Fuck Billy, he's a tool," Timmy said with some heat. "I mean Bobby. Dude's crazy about you."

"Bobby?" she said. "He barely talks to me."

"Yeah. He thinks you like Billy."

"Then he isn't too bright," she chuckled.

"Yeah, well then educate him," Timmy winked.

Timmy abruptly reached down and slid his finger through her slit, flicking her clit with a fair amount of skill. Before she could do more than gasp at the electric contact he stepped away from her.

"That was payback for being a tease," he winked. "Now go talk to our boy."

Billy and Tina were in a deep clinch several yards away. From the look of things they were doing more than kissing but Cheryl really couldn't tell what. She was a little concerned for her friend but figured that she was a big girl and knew what she was doing. No accounting for taste.

Bobby stood off to the side by himself and she glided over to him.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," he smiled back.

"How come you didn't come back to me?" she asked, splashing him slightly.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted me to," he said.

"You need a little more self confidence," she replied.

Bobby laughed. "Yeah, I guess I do."

"Bobby Morelli, do NOT make me come over there and rape you," she said mock sternly. "Come here and kiss me."

His confidence issues seemed to melt away as he swiftly closed the distance between them and gathered her to himself. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into hers kissing him hard. He pulled her against him, pressing his rock hard cock into her belly and cupping her bottom.

She wrapped her legs around him Breaking their kiss and whispering in his ear, "I don't want to do it. Not tonight at least but you can do more than kiss me."

Bobby quickly slid his hand lower, finding her cleft, exploring her with his fingers.

"Oh yes," she groaned huskily.

She ground against him as they kissed, rubbing his member with her body.

"If you keep doing that I'm going to cum." Bobby moaned.

"Good," she hissed into his ear and ground harder against him.

"Shit!" he hissed and she felt him spurt hotly against her belly in the cool water.

The combination of his fingers and her excitement at making him cum sent her over the edge as well and she moaned, loudly, not caring who heard her.

"Show off," Tina called giggling.

Bobby and Cheryl broke into laughter as well that almost became hysterical before dying. She clung to him with her arms but unwrapped her legs from him.

"So does this mean we're like..." Bobby began.

"Yes, it means we're 'like,'" Cheryl finished.

She took him by the hand and led him out of the water calling to the others, "It's late, Bobby's going to drive me home."

Timmy winked at her and Billy looked like he was going to object for a second until Tina pulled him in to a kiss.

Cheryl tugged Bobby over to their clothes. "Take me home."

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