A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 27


"I'm going to come very soon, Lynn." I managed with great effort. Her unchanged rhythm made it clear I'd be releasing down her throat, I fought the urge to ram myself into her as that realization hit home. My hips had been making short pumping stokes towards their source of pleasure. The roughly inch of distance my penis would stroke, gradually became closer to 2" in spite of my good intentions. Apparently it was gradual enough that I didn't throw Lynn off. God, I was feeling her lips kiss my sac as she took me in all the way.

A shattering orgasm was mounting inside me, building longer and higher than usual. Almost peaking, I'd somehow control it a tad longer, making the tension rise ever higher. Reaching a mindless bestial state, I stared at Jim's cock as gobs of sperm shot out until Beth's hand cupped his knob to catch it. Moments later, Beth came, her body language was unmistakable. Showing a blissful expression, her chest rose and fell like a marathon runner's. Her hips screwed onto Jim's fingers, her legs flopped as far apart as the jeans around her ankles would allow.

It took nearly ten seconds, featuring four sharp inhales, from the instant I knew I was coming, until the first contraction that finally sent a long jet of sperm flying into my lover's body. Then the contractions came bang, bang, bang, bang, bang... As lost as I was in my orgasm, I was simultaneously focused on the myriad of magical feelings I derived from the still encased breast in my hand. I loved that breast with all my heart, so to it's owner. "Oooooohhh, Lynn." I sighed.

Collapsed against the car door, I peeked around the lot a last time before closing my eyes, allowing myself to drift along a stream of bliss. Lynn continued deep-throating me, but very, very, slowly. She swallowed every drop, every post-orgasmic dribble I produced. Keeping me in her mouth until I went completely soft; even then Lynn's tongue rolled me around in her mouth. The longer Lynn nursed on my flaccid penis, the more I knew I could never allow this woman to disappear from my life.

I felt prepared to hold onto Lynn's breast until dawn, she was giving no indications of releasing my cock. However, Beth and Jim had pulled their jeans up minutes earlier; they were ready to depart; Beth loudly declaring she wanted to get home, and get naked. It was so cute how she said, that I felt Lynn laughing with my cock still in her mouth. We all knew, as hormones receded and logical brain functions gradually returned, that Kathy would be over for the empty mugs any time now.

Lynn slid over, curling up as if she'd been sleeping. I pulled my pants up, then reached across to put the lights on. Kathy was at the car, Johnny-on-the-spot. Lynn 'woke up' as Jim paid for the mugs and gave her a tip. We really were getting pretty tired at that point, so we headed back to their farm.

Once we were away from town, I began unbuttoning Lynn's blouse, then fondling her breasts through her bra. It was made of some type of soft stretchy material that made touching her feel almost as if she had nothing on. Finding the experience very sensual, I just kept massaging her right through the material.

Jim and Beth were soon busy petting and necking in back. I leaned close to Lynn's ear. After kissing her neck a few times I softly said, "I AM going to screw your sister's brains out tonight. I understand the logic of us being a foursome of 'pals'. But I want you to know I absolutely adore you lady. If I don't get inside your body soon..."

We were traveling back roads, which in our area meant they were totally deserted as opposed to almost totally deserted. Lynn was driving slowly; her right hand let go of the wheel. She managed to undo my belt, my snap, my zipper, then slip inside my shorts with impressive speed. I never let go of her breasts.

As we got closer to home, and there were no more turns until their driveway, I lowered her left cup, then carefully maneuvered so I didn't break the hold she had on my penis, but could suck her areola into my mouth.

I think Lynn slowed to 15 MPH, none of us cared. As we pulled into the drive, I sat up, then moved her cup back into position. I don't know why, it was a reflex action. Lynn pulled up to the front door, turned to ask Jim and Beth if they'd mind going on in because she wanted to talk to me a few minutes before we came in. They didn't seem to mind, and were already headed into the house as we drove over to the Barn Red equipment shed she used for a garage.

I was trying to figure out if I'd done something wrong, I was pretty worried, wondering what she wanted to talk to me about. Lynn pulled into the shed and killed the engine; it was pitch black. Night sounds surrounded us, otherwise Lynn would surely have heard my pounding heart. Moving close to Lynn, I put my arms around her, then kissed her like I might never get the chance again. Lynn kissed me back, my toes curled from the passion I thought I felt.

Coming up for air, I took her face between my hands. I stared into a face I couldn't see. "I love you, Lynn."

Lynn pulled me to her, she kissed me tenderly; I felt the affection in her lips. She took off my shirt. I removed her blouse. We undid and removed each other's pants together. I managed to unhook her bra on the fourth attempt; she stroked my hair and waited patiently for my fingers to learn their craft. She lowered my briefs. I lowered her panties, sliding my hands across her cheeks and legs as I did.

I climbed into the back seat, then pulled Lynn to me. We sat upright, touching and exploring everywhere we could, at length. Finally I put her hand on my penis.

"Get me ready for you." I whispered.

The hunger I felt in her kisses when I asked sent a thrill through me. Her hand led mine between her opened legs; she guided my fingertips through her slit, then directly inside her. Joyfully, I understood she wanted to be ready for me to enter her as well.

We concentrated on our kissing, the foreplay was just a pleasant adjunct. Finally our mutual stimulation, combined with our early foreplay at the A&W, brought us to a fever pitch. I could no longer kiss Lynn and still get enough air. I needed to be inside of her! I needed to make love to her! I needed to express my love for her.

After helping Lynn lie back on the bench seat, I climbed between her legs, hurriedly placing her hand on my penis so she could guide me to my unseen goal. I was as hard and dripping as I'd ever been; Lynn was as dilated, wet, and ready as she'd ever been. I sank completely into her body with one steady push. We groaned into each other's ears as we both felt what we'd desired so much. I held motionless inside her vagina for a couple minutes as we engaged in frantic kissing of each other's face and neck.

My animal brain finally gained the upper hand. I had to fuck Lynn. I had to fuck Lynn now. I began a slow rhythm, but each stroke became a tiny bit more forceful than the last. Lynn was moaning sensuously, which only fueled my passion. I WAS falling in love with her. I was getting my first taste of sex as a genuine expression of my feelings for Lynn. But those feelings merely served to fan the flames of pure lust driving body now. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke; a little faster, a little harder.

Lynn almost shouted, "Let me get on top."

Lust crazed as I was, the image of her ass riding Jimmy still flooded my mind. I wanted that perfect ass riding my cock; I wanted to be the one shooting up into that perfect, wiggling ass. I was stretched out; Lynn was guiding me inside her within seconds. As fast and hard as I'd been riding her, she was close, and now needed to go faster and harder still. Lynn was on her way to as powerful an orgasm she'd ever experienced; she needed to be turned loose.

To avoid going to school once, I'd tried to fake a fever years ago by holding a match under a thermometer. The red fluid inside shot to the top, the end blew off so quickly I didn't have time to stop. That memory came to me as Lynn rode me faster still.

My penis was inside the most perfect girl God ever put on this planet. Lying there in the dark, I could easily visualize her body, then my penis inside her body. I pictured her vaginal muscles surround and massage my cock, her powerful ass clenching, pumping. I stared into the darkness at the exact point where my sperm was about to erupt and coat her insides. Almost, almost, almost! Ooooooh, it's leaving my balls, it's filling the base of my cock, it pushing my tube wide, it's nearing the tip, the slit is opening wide. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Ooh! Ooh! Ooooooooooh!

Lynn felt my hot sperm splash into her, I knew she did. Lynn CAME. Her head flew back; she let out a series of screams and guttural sounds that might have been heard in the next county. Her hips slammed into me making sharp slapping sounds. I drove my hips up to meet her. My back arched, my butt became knotted. My testicles pumped spastically. My penis was hard as week old bread. My glans was almost painful as it swelled in order to trap my sperm inside her, to literally fight against being removed from within this life forming sanctuary.

Lynn and I were coated with sweat. Her vagina felt like a hand milking me. I pumped inside her as long as I could. I only fell back against the seat when I could no longer push myself up into Lynn. I remained rigid for minutes. Post-coital spasms continued to rack my body. I felt Lynn have two, possibly three mores mild orgasms before I deflated.

"Oh my God, that was incredible." Lynn said as she collapsed onto my chest, stretching out on top of me. I was able to stay inside her body for quite a while before her pussy expelled my limp cock.

Sometime later, after we'd both unwillingly returned to the real world, Lynn and I really had the talk she'd remarked to Jim and Beth. We held each other, kissed, for maybe 20 minutes while we conversed. At some point, as it began to get cool in the car, we got dressed.

One of many things I liked about Lynn was how she spoke with me, not at me. Always careful about my feelings, she'd answer questions openly. If I had a viewpoint, she'd actually listen to it, think about it, take things I said to heart.

For me the hard part regarding Lynn was her being adamant that she wasn't going to marry anyone before she was 22. She was going to finish college and get her degree in Agriculture. She was going to feel free to make love with other men if she felt she wanted to; Lynn suspected her mother wasn't as happy as she should be, and worried it was related to getting married to her first love.

It helped me deal with everything a bit when she said about sex, "I feel like I've just learned to read. I just don't feel it would be fair to me, you, or my husband someday to go through life only having read two or three books."

Lynn asked me to name a girl at school I had a fantasy about. Under duress I admitted about Charlene. "I hope you get to make love to her. She is very pretty and seems really sweet. It would make me happy to find out you were able to enjoy each other's beautiful bodies. And by the way, I've showered with her. She is gorgeous!"

"Come Fall, I'm gone. I'd hate thinking that you're all alone back here. If nothing else, you'll need to practice and maybe learn a few new tricks if you really hope to impress me down the road, young sir." Dark as it was, I felt her smiling at me, could see her eyes crinkling at the corners.

Lynn said other things that made sense that I didn't want to hear. We were so young. First sex could so easily be confused with love. I could meet someone, she could meet someone. A lot could happen.

We were quiet for a couple minutes, holding each other close. Mentally recapping what she'd said, I accepted most everything.

"But Lynn, when I look at you I know in my gut I feel something I don't feel with Beth or Charlene. When I have sex with Beth it's fantastic, but when I have sex with you I feel something... extra. I really think I love you Lynn."

She held me close. "Larry, I feel the same about you. I feel loved by the way you touch me, or hold me, or look at me. But I've also only had sex with my brother, and I'm not very likely to marry him some day. I do love you. I love you very much. But I not going to let myself fall in love with you any time soon. If I do, or if you do, I just know it'll be the end of us. It is just too soon for us. It makes me very happy to have you love me, and I hope you don't stop. Just don't fall hopelessly in love until love has a fighting chance. But I really do love you, you little shit."

We exchanged some of the sweetest kisses imaginable, and I have a good imagination.

"Now let's get in the house so you can go to bed with my sister." Lynn giggled into my ear. I goosed the lusty wench to her hear her shriek, she tickled me to get even.

* * * * *

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