tagSci-Fi & FantasyA and E Ch. 00

A and E Ch. 00


It is year 2607, and Earth celebrates its 503rd anniversary of the Elder's invasion. It was five hundred and two years ago that the fate of man was sealed with the defeat of the Legacy Galactic Fleet at Mars. The Fleet served as the last barrier between the Elders and Earth. The space war lasted for a year; man was not prepared to fight a battle for such a long period in space. News reached the world on the destruction of the Fleet, and struck panic to many. Some attempted to escape, but all those whom attempted were intercepted and destroyed once they left the Earth's atmosphere.

The invasion was swift and strategic. The United Armies did not stand a chance against the overwhelming power of the Elders. Within 24 hours, the United Armies were annihilated, and the world's major cities lay in ruins. Across the world, governments were no longer in control, as anarchy and chaos spread across the land.

The following day, Harvesters, machines built by the Elders, collected the living, while the dead continued to rot in the streets. No one ever knew what happened to those who were captured by the Elders, but could only imagine their cruel and horrible torture. The next five years were devoted to rooting out and destroying the Last Resistance. This was perhaps the last documented major struggle between the Elders and the humans.

Following the destruction of the Last Resistance came the Period of Peace. Alas, the radioactive technologies employed by the Elders had taken their toll and devastated the human population. It is rumored that approximately five million humans survived until this point. The Elder Armies left Earth, leaving behind several Outposts on Earth to study it and its organisms. The last of the humans have fled across the "wilderness", staying as far away from these outposts as they could.

As the Elders studied and found out more about the human species, they began to grow more curious about human intelligence and human minds. Elders soon noticed that it was hard for humans to leave behind their technologies that had allowed them to survive and flourish for so long. Elder Drones found groups of humans scavenging the ruins for their technologies and food. Those who wandered back to the ruins were never heard from again. As the human population slowly diminished, the Elders found it harder to find new "test" subjects and began to develop "zoos" for humans in attempt to breed them.

With the human population dwindling, humans began their path to de-evolution. Lacking the technologies that they once had, humans had to adapt and "relearn" skills that would otherwise be second nature if it was not for their dependency on technology. The remaining human population was devastated by plague and new diseases that arose from a radiation-changed environment.

Mutated animals and "monsters" threatened the surviving humans. Humans no longer had the tools to fight or to cook. If that was not bad enough, reproduction for humans had taken a turn for the worse. Females were either unable to give birth, or gave birth to premature babies who would die shortly after birth. In rare situations, females would give birth, but it was soon evident that all the newborn babies were also female. The male population withered as the males died from old age. The ruins soon withered away into dust and rubble, leaving no reminiscent trace of the once great human civilizations. In despair, all humans disappeared deeper into the mist, hiding in the jungles and mountains where no other organism wandered.

Centuries have passed. Humans were on the path to extinction with the total population of the world falling to an approximate two and a half million. The ratio of females to males has changed drastically with the female population numerically overwhelming the male population. It was not long before the Elders located the humans after following them to the far reaches of the world. As humans fought to regain a foothold on this planet, the Elders continued their secretive observation of them, making sure that humans would not thrive once again as they did centuries ago. The Elders were relatively ensured of this with every human born after the Period of Peace being female. Little did the Elders know that this was about to change.

Within a den dug into a forbidding, mountainous landscape, a lone, nude female human began labor without the help of a nurse or her companions in the darkness of the night. Her cries were muffled by the breezy wind outside of the den. Hours pass until finally, a baby boy emerged from his mother's womb while the exhausted mother passes out from the labor. Cries from the newborn baby awaken the mother, and she quickly picked up the child, holding it close to her.

The newborn baby settled down for a bit before soon falling asleep in his mother's arms. The female held tightly to her child; her tender skin covered with beads of sweat from the labor. Tired, yet content, she smiles as she watches her sleeping child. A sweat trail rolls to the center of her chest. Her nipples were moist from the light secretion of nutrient-rich colostrum intended to see the baby through that time before she felt her breasts swell with milk to nurture her child through the coming months. Little does she know that she gave birth to the first baby boy since the beginning of the Period of Peace...

A male emerged from his den. The sunlight appearing from the horizon placed an orange glow on his tan skin. Standing on his two legs, he leaned back to stretch before slumping his upper torso forward. This stance became one of the more degenerate adaptations of the surviving humans. He began to make his way down to the valley.

As his feet nimbly navigated down the steep and rough mountain side, the females below who were feasting on the previous days catch of a young buffalo calf, scrutinized his nude form freely. Humans had lost the sense of clothing, and it was no longer necessary to "dress" themselves. The females returned their attention to eating as they knew that the arriving male would most likely harass them for a spot at the "dining table."

As the male made his final descent down the grassy bottom of the mountain side, he smiled at the scent of the morning meal. He slowly approached the dining females, noticing that they paid no heed to his presence. He recognized one of the females from behind; her dirty blonde hair was uniquely curled as it dangled freely down to her waist while her petite shoulders angled inward reflecting her shy nature. She was a few years older than he was, being the second youngest in the pack. He teasingly cupped his hand on her buttocks, slightly grazing his fingers against her outer labia and perineum. This was not a sexual gesture, even though the female was not related to him by blood; she belonged to his pack. The dirty blonde female jumped in surprise, while playfully biting back at his broad shoulders. She moved aside, letting him get access to the prime meat.

Mating amongst the pack was controlled with the consent of the alpha male. It was rare for packs to have a male in them; the majority of human packs consisted of an alpha female in control of the other females. The male was survived by the pack. The pack consisted of a sixty year old male and five females. After the male's mother was shunned from her pack when she was pregnant, she was subsequently adopted by his pack. Presumably, the male never met his father. She died two years after his birth, and he was raised by the four females in the pack. The four females were blood-related with the eldest female being the mother while the three others were sisters. The dirty blonde female was the newest member of the pack.

The sun now rose over their heads, shedding its light on the various growing foliage of spring flowers and shrubs that grew on the mountain side. After the meal, the mother retreated to her den with the youngest of the three sisters. The two other sisters took off to a small tree; their ample breasts bouncing freely as they moved about the rugged terrain. They settled underneath the shade of the tree, and started to clean and braid each others hair. They began gossiping in a crude human language which resulted from the lack of unified human communities.

The topic of their conversation was the male. The sisters, whom were all at least ten years older than he was, became interested in the young male as he went through his period of puberty. The sisters would often sneak glances at the abundance of hair that grew around his flaccid penis. Sometimes the sisters would even dare to give his penis a playful tug when they were behind him. He would respond by tackling them and playfully mounting them from behind, letting his erect member slide along their buttocks and labia, but careful as to not engage in intercourse. They eagerly await to be mated by him, and often place friendly bets amongst themselves on who will be the first to lose their virginity to him.

The human packs were fairly scarce in that particular mountainous region; there were a total of six known packs totaling thirty-seven humans, with one other male-led pack. The territory of the packs stretched for several miles in every direction. The closest pack to theirs was at least 10 miles away. This contributed to the difficulty of mating, in addition to the lack of males. Thus, the birth of the male became a blessing to the pack as the alpha male grew "less fertile" as he aged.

Meanwhile, the male had his sights set on something else - the dirty blonde female in particular. Aside from her appearance, he was mainly attracted to her potential in child bearing; she was at the prime age for increased probability of impregnation. He secretly courted her without the consent of the alpha male. The alpha male had been mating with her since her adoption by the pack. After numerous tries, he had been unsuccessful to impregnate her. Every day around the afternoon, the dirty blonde female and the male would disappear together, running far toward the outskirts of their pack's territory. Initially they played around with each other, engaging in mainly childish activities.

After a while, the male became more interested in her maturity, as she was to his. She was at her sexual peak and prime, and the alpha male knew this also. During the nights when the alpha male mated with the dirty blonde female, the male would listen enviously listened to her moans that echoed across the pack's territory. Although she would enjoy the intercourse, she grew disappointed and began to lose hope on the chances of becoming pregnant with a child.

Today was no different. The alpha male had not returned from his hunt of game, thus allowing the couple - the dirty blonde female and the male - to sneak away and continue their courtship. The male stalked the dirty blonde female as she strutted up the mountainous incline. The female, knowing that she was being followed by her "suitor," decided to play into the young, pompous male's game. As she made her way to the peak of the hill, she made a random halt. Subsequently, the male stopped his advance to keep his distance and stare at her, scrutinizing her nude form.

Realizing that the young male was staring at her, she stretched her arms, which had obscured the view of her chest, above her head to reveal her petite breasts. The sunlight gleamed off the pale skin of her breasts accentuating the particularly pink nipples that had crowned her orbs. After pretending to stretch, she turned around and bent over on a protruding slab of rock, revealing the neatly groomed hair that grew around her labium. She arched her back and stepped up on several stones to raise her buttocks, allowing the male to view her mound from another angle. She continued to fuel his desire for her, and after allowing the male to see what she had to "offer," she continued ascent to the peak of the hill and down to the valley on the other side with the male in close pursuit.

The couple made their way across the pack's territory, taking short breaks at lakes and ponds to hydrate or to snack on the lush vegetation together. A few hours past and the couple have journeyed several miles toward the outskirt of the pack's territory. The female entered a secluded, coniferous forest followed by the male. The couple journeyed deep into the forest before they reached their final destination.

Several natural springs had formed on the elevated land. The stream of water carved a "staircase" down a granite base. The water then fanned out across a sheet of shale rock before streaming off the edge, creating a water fall. The water is collected in a basin before it fed into another stream that runs through the forest. The basin was shallow; the water came only to waist-high; the clear-viewed bottom of the basin was lined with the pebbles and gravel of many different types of rocks that were carried by the water.

The dirty blonde female entered the basin; her feet rippling the tranquil banks of the basin. She made her way toward the waterfall, as the tips of her dangling hair become soaked by the water. As she walked under the waterfall, the water splashed and tossed onto her petite body. The waterfall enveloped her body, conforming to her subtle curves. She tilted her head back, allowing the cool sensation of the water to rinse her face. Arching her back, the female's breasts come forth from the wall of water; streams formed and ran down parallel to each other on either side and between the cleavage of her symmetrical orbs. Her predominantly pink nipples became erect from the cool stimulus of the water. The fast moving water rippled along her exposed rib cage as she stretched back, while water shed slowly along the back of her shoulders down to the small of her back.

The lustful eyes of the male watched the female as she bathed, before he entered the basin himself. Observing his advance toward her, the female retreated behind the waterfall into a cove hidden by the wall of water. She turned around as her delicate feet navigated the bed of moss that had grown in the cove before lying down on her buttocks. The female propped herself up on her elbows with her pale, silky legs stretched in front of her. She made no attempt to cross her legs, exposing her water soaked mound. The water beaded on her skin, as the cool air dried the water on her.

A trail of water traveled down her forehead, along the stretch of her eyelids and the ridge of her petite nose, and onto her moist and full lips, before finally dripping off her defined chin. The trail of water continued its path down between the cleavage of her breasts, assimilating the moisture that had collected on edges of her round-shaped orbs. The trail of water followed the outlines of her slightly trimmed abdomen, and finally trickled between her exposed labium. Her heart beat rapidly as she waited to receive the male.

Soon the figure of the male emerged from the wall of water. His short curly brown hair maintained its form as he passed through the water. The water quickly beaded on his sun-brazed skin. The water trickled down his forehead as he stood before the female. She relished the view of his work-toughened physique. She watched as a small trail of water made its way down the subtle contours of his abs and eventually down to the mane of hair that had surrounded his penis. As her eyes caught the view of his erecting penis, she blushed while shying away. The coarse soles of the male's feet stepped onto the soft moss bed as he closed the distance between him and the female. The female watched eagerly, wondering what the young male planned to do.

The male knelt beside her knees, as he kept persistent eye contact with the female. His charming brown eyes had made it hard to avoid, as her gray-colored eyes stared into his. His large, coarse hands, still moist from being exposed to the water, were gently placed onto the top of her smooth thighs. His left hand began to slowly caress at her thigh, while his right hand embraced the soft skin of her flanks. He moved closer to her face, feeling her "panicking" breaths as he advanced on her. His virgin lips met with hers, as the couple passionately kissed. His upper lip gently slid between her lips as he eagerly tasted her. As their lips parted, he looked deeper into her eyes. He and the female exchanged warm, sincere smiles.

His hand resumed to her thigh from her flank. He gently spread her legs apart on the soft moss, further exposing her mound. The moist moss tickled at the nude skin between her thighs, as the male lowered his head toward her mound. He breathed in the scentless air around her mound before exhaling warm air onto her labium. Hey eyelids fluttered in pleasure from the warm sensation. His tongue extended from his mouth, reaching down toward her mound, before meeting with her labia.

The female gasped at the arousing sensation; her clitoris slowly engorged as his tongue navigated her mound. His tongue continued to explore the outer folds of her labia, working its way between the folds as the tip of his tongue flicked delicately at her clitoral hood. She watched as the male teased her, while letting out a small moan and settling her back on the moist moss bed. Her hands let go of its grasp on the soft bed of moss and found their way onto the moist curly hair that had crowned his head. She pulled his head closer to her sex, wanting more of the sexual stimulation and pleasure.

His lips worked between her outer folds of her labia, as he suckled gently on her inner folds. With the tip of his tongue meeting her engorged clitoris, he playfully flicked at it. The female was no longer able to control her intuitions as the overwhelming stimulation of her sex fueled her lust for the inevitable intercourse. She arched her back, before letting out a muffled moan; her mouth gaped open as she crossed her legs around the male's head, hooking them together at her ankles.

The male wrapped his arms around her thighs, seating her tender thighs on his biceps. The pleasure pulsed from her sex as he continued to suckle at her labia. His tongue licked delightfully at her perineum before finding the coveted entrance of her vagina. The taste buds on his tongue soaked the "juices" of her vaginal walls as it gently penetrated her vagina. The female pulled at his hair with the sensation being almost unbearable.

Just as she was on the verge of climaxing, his tongue withdrew from her sex. She watched in disappointment as the male withdrew from orally pleasuring her; she wanted him to continue just as bad as she wanted to have intercourse with him. She then realized that the male was now fully erect. The bulbous glans of his penis was supported by an engorged length, and was eagerly awaiting to penetrate her. The female happily assumed her position in front of him, turning over to kneel on her knees while supporting her upper torso with her arms bracing themselves against soft moss. Her breasts affixed firmly to her chest, showing no signs of sagging, as she revealed to her tender backside to him.

She arched her back down as she planted her face, gently resting her left cheek on the moss. The tiny finger-like extensions of the moss bed delicately shaped to her breasts as they rested on the bed; she felt a cool sensation through as the tiny, moist "fingers" rubbed against her areolas. Her vagina became lubricated after the oral session with her moist labium "offering" itself to the male. Her engorged clitoris emerged slightly between the folds of her darkened and slightly swelled labia, awaiting sexual stimulation from the intercourse. Closing her eyes as her heart beat rapidly, she anticipated the male mounting her.

With nature as the only "witness," the male moved toward her on his knees in preparation to mount her. He was a virgin, and this would be his first intercourse since his puberty. Without guidance, he nervously approached the moistened labium with his erect penis. The glans, or "head," of his penis glided between the cheeks of her buttocks down to her perineum, smearing his warm pre-ejaculatory fluid onto her anus. The female wince her eyes in delight as the engorged head of his penis pressed firmly against her sensitive perineum. The muscles of her vagina contracted, anticipating penetration, as his penis parted her labium and moved toward her vaginal opening.

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