tagLoving WivesA & J Adventure

A & J Adventure


My wife Alison sat astride of me, her long brown hair lay gently across her bare shoulders. We were just relaxing after an afternoon of sex, sex that was always very good with such a beautiful woman. I had been Ali's only partner; she enjoyed sex very much, sometimes too much if there could ever be such a statement! We had discussed fantasies between ourselves but to be frank, I never thought we would ever carry them out, although secretly I did. 'Have you ever wanted to be naked in front of other couples Ali?' I said. She looked at me with that sly, sexy smile. 'You know I have!' she responded 'But I don't know if I would ever do it'.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent lazing around the house, Ali was just wearing an old tee shirt of mine and nothing else, and the occasional glimpse of her pussy was keeping me interested all day. Ali came up to me and asked me 'where we could go later that evening?' I responded jokingly, 'We could always go for a sauna, whirlpool and steam bath if you want?' I waited a second or so then said 'Of course you're not allowed to wear clothes there you know'. She bit her lip and asked me 'where about I was thinking of going?' 'London, there's a place in London we could go. We could be there in an hour or so maybe stay over the night'. She suddenly pulled off her tee shirt and stood there completely naked, her firm young breast standing up pert, the afternoon sun glowing across her pussy. 'You want other people to see me like this eh? Come on then let's go, but I need few drinks first!'

An hour or so later we were sat in pub in north London looking out on the road beyond. 'That's the club over there, you still sure you want to go?' 'Well I gave the guy opposite me on the train a couple of flashes of my pussy on the way down' I looked puzzled, 'what d'ya mean!' She was sat slightly to one side of me an slowly opened her legs, she wasn't wearing any underwear and her trimmed pussy was there for all to see if she wanted to, I just stiffened in my pants there and then. A bottle of wine later we entered the club, it was nice, clean and well laid out. Several couples of all ages were walking round in towels, half naked or naked. We just felt at ease straight away. We both changed and entered the lounge area wearing our towels.

We walked around the club, familiarizing ourselves with the surroundings. Two whirlpools, a small swimming pool, saunas and steam bath, even 'relaxation' rooms upstairs. We approached the large whirlpool which could seat at least 20 people, several couples, mainly between the ages of 25 - 40 years sat there, talking amongst themselves. 'You ready Ali?' I said, she just nodded and smiled. I watched as she took off her towel and entered the pool naked for the first time in front of others. A couple of people looked as she entered, particularly one couple in there early thirties. The water was warm as we sat there, Ali's breast occasionally rising to the surface.

After a few minutes the pool emptied and we were alone. I put my arm around her and played slowly with her pussy, god she was wet. 'What you been thinking of?' I asked. She smiled sexily, 'Oh nothing really, just that this is so nice and I feel so horny, we'll have to investigate the rooms upstairs later.' Another couple entered the pool, I would guess around mid thirties. She was tanned, with largish breast, which displayed her erect nipples, he was quite well built, tanned and displayed a semi erect penis. They sat down next to us in the pool on Ali's side.

Ali leaned towards me and asked 'if I seen his dick?' I just nodded and smiled. She rested her head on my shoulder with her ass side towards our new neighbours. A couple of minutes later Ali whispered in my ear 'someone's playing with my ass' 'what d'ya mean' I said, 'playing?' Ali replied, 'stroking it'. I was erect, the thought of someone playing with my wife albeit only stroking her naked ass. 'Do you want to leave I said to her' She waited a second or so then replied that she 'was comfortable and found it was turning her on'. I felt relieved, we often spoke about being with another couple and this was our chance.

'Do you want them to play with you tits and pussy' I said quietly so our neighbours wouldn't hear. 'Can they?' she whispered. Ali moved around slightly, her back against the side of the pool, now we could get a better view of who was playing with her. I was surprised when I saw it wasn't the man, it was his partner, the girl with the gorgeous figure. I could she her hand under the water, it was obvious she was playing with Ali's pussy and the look on Ali's face confirmed what I was thinking. Ali lay there, her pussy being played with like a woman knows only knows.

I placed my hand over Ali's pussy, I could feel the other girls hand there, playing with her clit, Ali was trying not to move too much as not to draw attention to herself from others who had since entered the pool. Suddenly I felt a hand on my dick, slowly stroking it, was it Ali? Was it the other girl? I didn't know. I looked over and the girl just smiled. I moved my hand across Ali's body and wormed my way towards the other girl's pussy. There was another hand there, gently stroking her clit, it wasn't his, it was Ali's, I nearly came there and then.

I knew Ali had talked briefly about other girls but I didn't think she'll do it. Ali was in ecstasy! No words were ever exchanged between the two couples, our mutual fondling continued for several minutes until the pool became full again. We just simply smiled, let go of our various hand positions and left the pool.

We spent the next hour or so wondering around naked from pool to sauna to steam bath. We finished our bottle of wine we'd purchased prior to coming to the club and relaxed a while. Laying there on the relaxation beds, Ali suddenly asked if 'do I want to go upstairs to one of the rooms to relieve the pressure which was filling up between us. As we climbed the stairs to the rooms, we could hear muffled voices, we reached the area of the rooms only to find two other couples waiting there for a vacant room.

One of the couples were older, maybe late fifties the other couple were the young couple I saw when Ali first entered the pool. We all greeted each other with small smiles and sat on the stairs waiting for a room. One room emptied and the older couple entered. The younger couple and we were left waiting for a spare room. Our patience began to wane as time passed, the other couple present that we now knew as Martin and Lesley obviously knew this. Lesley stood there holding a bottle of massage oil; she smiled at both Ali and me and said that if room 1 comes free first then you may as well share it with us, as there is plenty of room for 4!

I looked across at Ali who just gave me a smile; I knew she would like it. We exchanged small talk between us all for a few minutes when suddenly room ones door opened and a rather sweaty older couple emerged. All 4 of us entered the room; there was a large mattress to the side of the room. Martin positioned Lesley to one side of the mattress; he slowly removed her towel and asked her to lie on her back. Both Ali and myself moved to the other side of the mattress where I took Ali's towel off her. Both Ali and Lesley lay on the mattress naked side by side.

Martin passed me the massage oil and I proceeded to massage Ali's back and ass while Martin did the same to Lesley. I noticed that Martin began to get hard, it he was slightly large than me, about 8 inches. As I moved across Ali's back towards her ass, she lifted herself up slightly so that I could gently stroke her pussy. Ali and Lesley's bodies got closer and closer, their forearms resting against each other. Martin would often massage Lesley's arms and touch Ali's arms at the same time.

Lesley began to glide her hand across the side of Ali's body, it was clear Ali was enjoying her communal massage. Martin instructed Lesley to lie on her side facing Ali while he massaged her side. Ali moved to the same position without being asked. Both girls were now facing each other. Lesley moved her hand to Ali's breast and began to fondle it gently, Ali responded by taking Lesley's breast in her hand. Both Martin and myself ceased our massaging and watched the girls play with each other, Lesley's hand now on Ali's pussy. Martin suggested we carry on with the massage, but this time we swap partners. I gave Ali a quick reassuring look she looked nervous but smiled and gave a small nod in agreement. Martin moved over to Ali, his erect dick just inched away from Ali's face as he massaged her.

His hands gently smoothed oil into her back. Both Lesley and myself decided to watch rather than massage each other, we sat very close to each other on the bed, Lesley draped across me as I could feel the softness of her breast gently pressed against my side. Martin moved down towards Ali's ass and slowly rub her cheeks, occasionally rubbing deep into her cheeks and obviously just catching her pussy. Martin continued to massage Ali's legs until Ali said she would like to return the favour. She pushed Martin onto his back, his erect cock displayed to all. Ali spread her legs either side of Martin and rested her pussy just below his groin. She massaged his chest with firm strokes slowly moving down towards his stomach. Easing her ass down his legs a little further her hands moved down his stomach, occasionally she just caught Martins cock with her forearm, on purpose, I presumed.

Suddenly I felt Lesley's hand on my cock, gently wanking it, she was obviously turned on by what she was seeing. I retuned the favour by taking her tit in my hand, gently squeezing and tugging at her nipple. Ali saw what was happening between me and Lesley decided she was going to lift to sexual tension that little bit further. Ali moved her hand down to Martins fully erect dick and wrapped her lips around it slowly at first then moving her head up and down with more rhythm.

She continued to suck his cock for a couple of minutes then moved up to resume her massaging but this time she placed herself so her pussy rested on top of Martins dick, I could see her slowly moving her by now, wet pussy against his dick. She suddenly let out a small gasp, I realised that Martins dick was now inside her and he was pumping my wife, I couldn't take anymore, I needed a pussy for myself. Lesley obviously felt the same; she moved me on to my back and pressed her pussy against my face. My tongue explored her pussy, as I licked harder and harder I could feel her tense up as her orgasm swelled up inside her. Just as Lesley was about to come I moved round and placed my hard dick into her pussy, it was warm and wet, she let out an intense gasp and her body tensed as she came. I looked over towards my wife; she was grinding her hips hard on to Martins cock.

Lesley was wanking me and moved her hand over towards Ali's tits and started to massage them, Ali suddenly stopped fucking Martin and moved her mouth down to his dick and started to give him head. Ali looked towards me with a satisfied and naughty smile on her face. She reached out and started to wank me them placed her mouth over my cock. Martin still wanted head and tried to get his dick into Ali's mouth as well. I was surprised at how erotic it felt to have another cock touch mine, the first time I had ever felt another dick touch me. Ali proceeded to give us both head aching for both of us to come. Ali's pussy was getting attention from Lesley's tongue now, Ali was moaning louder as she neared orgasm.

Suddenly I felt a mouth around my dick, it was Ali, it was Martin, I was shocked, but at the same time so turned on, it was a combination of eroticism and freight at the same time, but I was enjoying it. Ali looked at Martin and smiled at me, she urged me to take his cock in my hand. I reached down and started to wank him, slow at first then harder and harder, I could feel him come.

What I did next surprised me so much, as I felt Martin coming, I moved my head down to his cock and took it my mouth, I pulled Ali's head down with me, I wanted him to come over both of us, first me, then Ali, we took it turns to wank him and give him head, I could feel him coming, first a drop of pre-cum then suddenly his hot spunk hit my face then Ali's, we both carried on wanking him, he shot his spunk over us both. I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked him dry, I had his come in my mouth and turned to Ali and kissed her placing Martins cum in her mouth, she swallowed it and smiled.

Lesley now was sucking my cock and urging me to come, I had both Lesley and Martin sucking my cock and Ali's pussy in my mouth, Ali was fingering herself as licked hard, I could feel her coming, Ali let out a low moan as she came, I could taste her as she frigged her clit harder and harder until she burst into orgasm. Lesley wanted one last fuck before the night was over.

She lay on her back and pulled Martin off my dick, I entered her warm pussy again, pumping slowly at first the faster and faster, I could feel myself coming, I pulled out and wanked myself until I came over her tits and belly. Ali started to lick my dick clean then moved over to Lesley's belly and breasts and slowly licked my cum off her body. This was a fantastic night, so many new experiences, one we would never forget and one, which we were going to repeat again.

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