A Bachelor Party


This is one of those stories that just popped into my head after looking at a friend's pictures of a bachelor party he had recently been to. I would welcome any feed back to this story.

What started out to be a normal bachelor party couldn't have turned out to be any less normal than the one I attended last year. I was a friend of a friend so I can't say that I knew the groom or all of the guys there, but I'm an easy going guy and as the beer started to flow of course we all became fast friends.

The word at the party was that there were some strippers coming over later and we were all waiting very impatiently while we consumed mass quantities of alcohol. As the night wore on all of the 11 guys there became quite inebriated. About three hours after the strippers were supposed to arrive, there was finally a knock at the door. The best man stumbled to the door and threw it wide open. There in front of him was not the one stripper he had requested but two. One was a fabulous looking blonde who, in her spike heeled pumps, towered over the rather short best man. The other was a very pretty brunette who was almost as tall as the blonde. Both women were dressed in black leather mini skirts and bright red halter tops. The blonde was the slightly more buxom of the two but both ladies were showing a lot of cleavage.

They walked into the room without being asked and were followed in by another tall blonde woman who was dressed a little more conservatively in black leather pants and a matching vest, sporting some cleavage of her own.

The first blonde said, "My name is Angel. This is Jen and the woman in the pants is Payton. Jen and I are here to put on a show for you, and Payton is here to see that things don't get too out of hand."

"I only asked for one stripper to come over." said the best man.

"Don't worry, the price is the same." said Angel, "We were running a little late so we decided to give you something special. Now which one is the groom to be?"

"That's Jack right there." said the best man pointing to a grinning red headed guy slouching on the couch.

With that, both ladies glided over to Jack, each took an arm and pulled him to his feet. He was a little wobbly but Payton was right there with a chair from the kitchen for him to sit on. After he collapsed into the chair Payton moved over to the side of the room and wound up standing right beside my chair. I turned to look at her and for a brief second I thought it looked like she had a slight bulge in the front of her leather pants, but before I could get my alcohol soaked eyes to focus, things began to happen around Jack and my attention was drawn back to the center of the room.

Angel had put a CD in the player and some sexy music was flowing from the speakers which started Jen dancing around the chair holding Jack. She was very sexy as she ran her hands over her body and moved with the music. She would occasionally thrust her hips forward in a sexy way that gave me a chubby in my pants and had all the guys clapping and hollering. Angel joined her and they began to rub each others bodies as they gyrated to the music. This, of course, got an even more excited responses from the guys in the room. The girls kissed and slowly began stripping each others clothes off, only stopping occasionally to rub on Jack who by the tent growing in his pants was finding their show quite exciting.

Jen was down to her panties and Angel still had on her skirt. Jen straddled Jack and began rubbing her crotch against the tent in Jack's pants making Jack moan with the pain of confinement as well as his lust for Jen. He wasn't the only one in the room whose pants were getting a bit tight. All eyes were on Jen as she stepped back in front of Jack and slid her panties off only to move right back into position over the tent in Jack's crotch. After a minute or so she stood up from rubbing against him and everyone in the room could see his pants were very wet. We were all so focused on Jen that no one saw Angel slip out of her mini skirt but when she came around from behind Jack's chair there was no way anyone could ignore her any longer. Because standing straight out in front of her was a big cock in a harness. The black leather straps of the harness pulled tightly across her hips and the cock swayed and moved just like a real one as she came to stand behind Jen.

I thought to myself that it was the most realistic strap-on dildo I had ever seen. Angel asked Jack, "Do you want to see me fuck her?" All Jack could do was nod his head as his mouth hung open. Angel slipped her cock between Jen's legs, rubbing it back and forth as Jack watched the head of her cock pop out below Jen's neatly trimmed pussy. Angel's cock was shiny with Jen's juices as Jen leaned forward and Angel slowly and steadily slid her cock into Jen. Jen was moaning as she reached out and took Jack's right hand and placed it on her left breast. Angel was holding on to Jen's hips and pumping with a slow steady pace. Jack couldn't hold out any longer. With his free hand he began fumbling with his zipper until he released his own cock and started to stroke it furiously. Jen looked him in the eye and said,

"Would you like to fuck me?"

In response Jack practically leapt from the chair. Angel stepped away from Jen, allowing Jack access to Jen's soft back side and for a brief second you could see both Angel's cock and Jack's side by side. It was amazing how much bigger Angel's was than Jack's, but then of course Angel's was a strap-on, right? Jack was inside Jen's pussy and pounding away at her with complete abandon. All the guys in the room were cheering Jack on and a few of them had their own cocks in hand hoping for a chance to try Jen out for themselves. Once again no one was paying a lot of attention to Angel. She unstrapped the harness, letting it fall to the floor, but her cock remained exactly where it was and now you could see her tight balls hanging below it. Strap-on hell! That was her cock!

If the cock was hard before, it was even harder and bigger now. The head was purple, swollen, and still shiny from Jen's pussy juices. It had been standing straight out in front of Angel, but now it was pointing up a little. Angel had a rather determined look on her face.

Jack was starting to pump a little slower, and on one stroke he stayed all the way in which was what Angel had been waiting for. She stepped up behind him, spread his ass cheeks and shoved her huge cock all the way into Jack's unsuspecting rectum. Jack let out a howl but couldn't move. He was skewered on Angel's big cock and held in place by Jen's firm butt. All the guys in the room went quiet and the only sounds were the moans coming from Jack and the music from the stereo. Angel grabbed Jack's hair and pulled his head back so she could talk into his ear. She said,

"Jack, I have a message from Karen, your wife to be. She says that since you can't keep your cock to yourself, the wedding is off. If you'd turned Jen's offer down you wouldn't have my big dick buried in you right now. Karen and I have been friends for a long time now and while she wanted to marry you, she wasn't sure she could trust you. She was afraid that if you had the opportunity you wouldn't be able to restrain yourself. So when your best man here contacted my new entertainment company for a stripper we sat down and concocted this little test for you. Which, by the way, you failed miserably. Karen also told me that if you were to fail she wanted me to fuck you real well in front of all your friends so they would know what a pussy you are. Oh, and by the way, I think it's only fair to warn you that some guys who I've fucked can't even get a hard on anymore."

Angel began by slowly pull her cock back out of Jack until she got to the head and then she rammed it back in again. Jack let out another howl. Angel repeated this move until Jack quit howling and was only making grunting noises. Angel said to Jen,

"I've got him now. You can go find someone else to play with." Jen stood up and stepped away from a now very limp Jack. She looked around the room. I held my breath and tired to catch her eye in hopes that she might choose me, but she made a beeline for this big guy sitting in a chair in the corner with his cock in his hand. I looked back to the center of the room and Angel was standing up with Jack still in front of her. Instead of being bent over Jack was also standing up so that Angel's big boobs were pressed against his back while she continued to pump her thick cock in and out of his ass. Angel was taller than Jack so she had to squat down a little to get the angle right to keep humping him. This made her spread her long legs and put them along the outside of Jack's legs. The sight was incredible!

Here was this beautiful, long legged, big breasted blonde woman, standing in the middle of the room, fucking Jack in the ass with her huge cock! I looked down in my own lap realizing that I found it very exciting myself. All the guys in the room were starting to cheer on Angel. That was when Angel changed positions. This time she pushed Jack down on the floor and got him into the doggy position. We could all easily watch her cock as she pulled it out and thrust it back into Jack's now quite willing ass. Jack was no longer moaning and whimpering in pain. He was eagerly meeting each of Angel's thrusts with his own.

I watched mesmerized as the long shaft of Angel's cock slid repeatedly through Jack's tightly stretched ass hole. I was dying to pull out my own cock and stroke it as I watched them on the floor, but since my cock is rather small and slim I didn't want anyone to see it. I couldn't help rubbing it through my pants though.

Angel wouldn't have had to pull completely out of Jack while she had him roll over onto his back but the effect it had on jack to watch her big cock coming toward him was a sight to see. He stared open mouthed at Angel's big bone as she looked down at him and said,

"Now I'm going to make you feel like Karen could've felt on your wedding night."

As she moved between his legs he willingly spread them for her and raised his ass up to accept her. She was so hard that she didn't have to touch her cock. She just aimed it with her hips as she held his legs with her hands and reentered his waiting hole. Angel slid completely into Jack and it was obvious her mood had changed. Where before she had been rough and punishing, now she was soft and loving.

She began to make love to Jack. She kissed him eagerly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth in time to the thrusting of her cock in his ass. Angel moved her hands all over Jack's body, caressing him, as Jack did the same to her. When she removed her mouth from his Jack started kissing any part of her body he could get his mouth on. Angel lifted up off of Jack's chest and pulled his mouth to her breasts to suck on her hard nipples. As Jack eagerly applied himself to her breasts Angel's thrusting became faster. It was obvious that she was going to be coming soon.

I was watching intently rubbing my crotch, when I suddenly felt a hand on my head. I looked up and locked eyes with Payton. Now I knew the bulge in her pants had been for real! She had her vest unbuttoned and her big cock was standing straight out from her leather pants. By the look in her eyes it was clear she was going to use it on me. She quickly stepped in front of me, straddling me as I sat in the chair. She put her other hand on my head and pulled it forward as she thrust her cock toward my mouth. Payton squeezed my jaw muscles with her thumbs forcing my mouth open as she guided her fat cock into it. I was stunned at how fast and easily she had gotten into my mouth.

Payton didn't waste any time as she hunched forward and began to pump her cock in and out of my mouth. As she pumped I could feel her warm breasts bumping the top of my head with each of her thrusts. I could still hear the rising crescendo of Angel's impending orgasm through Payton's fingers as she relentlessly humped my face. I heard Angel say,

"I'm getting ready to come Jack! Do you want me to come inside of you? Do you want to have my baby Jack? Do you want me to shoot a huge load of come into you so you can have my baby?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought 'That can't be true. Can it?' The image of Jack pregnant flashed through my mind and if I hadn't had Payton's big dick in my mouth I would have laughed out loud. I heard Angel's voice again saying,

"You'll have to speak up so the whole room can hear you Jack." I then heard Jack reply,

"Yes Angel! I want to have your baby! Please come inside me so I can have your baby!" I heard Payton gasp when Jack made his confession to Angel. Then Payton stood up so she could look in my eyes as she fucked my mouth. I looked up over Payton's firm belly, past her round breasts to the two beautiful brown eyes that were commanding me to take all of her. Out in the center of the room Angel let out a loud moan and there could be no doubt that she was filling Jack with her come. I looked into Payton's eyes with what I am sure was fear. She gave me a sly smile, raised one eye brow and pushed her big dick down my throat. The next thing I knew she was exploding, pumping her cum into my throat. She closed her eyes, let out a low moan, and squeezed my head with her hands as she was coming. I was gaging and could feel my throat constricting around her cock which seemed to make her come harder. When she finished, Payton stepped away from me and I threw up into a trash can that was luckily close by. She just stood there watching me with her big dick still shiny from my wet mouth.

I wiped my mouth and looked over to the center of the room where Angel was getting up from between Jacks legs. Jack was laying on the floor in a state of delirium. Angel put her hands on her hips and to everyone's amazement her cock was still absolutely ridged. Angel asked the room,

"Who's next?" I looked over to Payton. She still had that sly smile on her lips as she said,

"I have this one ready for you Angel." Angel turned and looked directly at me, sizing me up. It even felt like her cock was sizing me up. With out another word Angel walked over, took me by the hand, and lead me to the center of the room. I looked back to Payton who already had another guy by the head in the same position she had just had me in. Angel grabbed a handful of hair and pointed my face toward her stiff cock.

"Here is the one you need to be paying attention to now. So get those pants off so I can get inside you!" I started to fumble with my pants until I finally got them undone and slid them to the floor. She took one look at my small penis, then stepped up close to me so it would be easy for every one in the room to compare her big cock to my small one. She said,

"Wow, look how much bigger my cock is than yours." She then commanded me, "Take your cock in your hand." I did as I was told. Then she said, "Now take mine in your other hand." I did. "So tell me," she said, "do you find it embarrassing that a beautiful woman like me has a bigger dick than you?" I could only nod yes as tears started to well up in my eyes. Angel stepped away from me pulling her dick out of my hand and I was left standing there just holding on to my own small cock.

When I looked back to Angel, she was sitting on the chair that Jack had started out in and her big cock was pointing up between her partially spread legs. Angel said,

"Maybe it also excites you that I'm so much bigger than you. Tell you what, I'm going to make you forget all about your small cock by having you concentrate on my big one." She then patted her long thighs and said with a smile, " Why don't you have a seat on my lap so we can get something long and straight between us?"

I walked over to her and she reached up and turned me around so I could sit with my back to her. With her hands on my hips she pulled me down until the tip of her huge cock was against my small sphincter muscle. She pulled hard trying to press herself into me but it wasn't working very well because her cock wasn't wet any more. Angel said,

"My but you are a tight one aren't you. Jen will you come over here and make me a little more slippery so I don't hurt this guy too much?" Jen got up off of the big guy she had been straddling and quickly came over and gently lowered herself onto Angel's big cock. Jen rode up and down a for about a minute before Angel said,

"That's all you get Jen." and pushed her off of her cock. After Jen got up I could tell that Angel wasn't as big and hard as she had been. Angel looked at me and said, "I much prefer to be in a guys tight ass than a girls pussy, but don't worry, I'll get real big for you again in a few seconds. Now why don't you turn around and have that seat I offered you before." I turned back around and started to slowly sit down on Angel's lap. She placed her hands on my hips and guided my butt hole back to the head of her cock. Angel said,

"I think we should take advantage of my slightly smaller size at the moment." And with that she thrust her hips forward and shoved most of her big cock into my surprised ass. I couldn't help crying out because it hurt so much. Angel settled back down onto the chair pulling me down with her. I was impaled on her pole of a cock and true to her word I could feel Angel's cock growing and stretching me even further. She let out a low moan and said,

"My God, you are so tight I'm going to have to think of baseball stats to keep from coming too soon! Now let's see if we can get the rest of me inside you." Angel pulled me the rest of the way down on to her then became very still. In a low voice she said to herself,

"God he is tight! I'm going to come right now if I don't slow down." Angel didn't think I heard her so I caught her off guard when I replied,

"I want to have your baby Angel"

"What did you say?" She asked in disbelief.

"I want to have your baby. Please come inside of me!" I begged. Angel pushed me up off of her lap, turned me around and had me straddle her.

"Now, say it again, loud enough for everyone to hear you."

"I want to have your baby Angel. I want you to come inside of me." I announced to the room.

Then without being told to I reached down between her legs, grasped her large cock, lined it up with my hole and pushed myself down on to her. Even though she had just been inside of me it still hurt like hell to have her there again. I worked myself down on to her and she spread her legs to allow me to get all of her big cock into me. I started to move up and down on her, enjoying the feeling of the shaft of her cock as it slid through my tight rectum. She took her hands from my hips and put them behind her head. Then she leaned back and scooted her butt to the edge of the chair so that she was in a reclining position. I placed a hand on each breast as I started to ride up and down on her. I squeezed her breasts gently and played with the nipples as she looked into my eyes with a small smile on her face. After a few minutes of that I leaned down and began to suck on her nipples as I ran my hands along her sides and down to her small waist.

I looked down between her breasts and saw her long hard cock disappearing into me as I thrust again and again down on to her. And as she predicted I didn't even look at my own penis, only hers. She continued to lay back and allow me to do all the work as I serviced her beautiful body. I was in heaven. I didn't want this to ever stop. I kept running my hands over her wonderful body, feeling so lucky to be filled with her big cock while I caressed, licked and sucked at her beautiful breasts. She was starting to breathe harder and I could tell she was getting ready to come. I sat up to look into her eyes again. As she returned my gaze through half closed eyes she began to move her hips to meet my now quicker thrusts. I felt an orgasm of my own building up and I didn't know if I could hold out and wait for her or not. I put my arms around her neck, then leaned down and pressed my mouth to hers. She quickly opened her mouth so she could push her hot tongue deep into my mine in time with the thrusts of her huge penis.

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