tagBDSMA Bad Case of the Tingles

A Bad Case of the Tingles


Karl and Joan finished their dinner and sat back to talk. As they shared the highs and lows of their day, Joan became more and more distracted. She was visibly fidgeting in her chair. Finally, she could take it no longer. "Talking about these mundane things makes me want to tackle you!" Joan ate Karl up with her eyes.

Karl smiled devilishly. He challenged Joan, "So tackle me."

That evening Joan was feeling particularly sexy and bold. She wanted to tease Karl. She wanted to try being provocative--a very unusual desire for her since she was a natural submissive. With Karl being a natural dominant, this was the first relationship Joan had been in that met her submissive needs. She found that the more Karl accepted her sexual submissiveness, the more confident she felt with her sexuality in general. The more confident she felt, the more she enjoyed sex and wanted sex. She became ever more willing, even eager to explore various aspects of her own sexuality.

She wanted to try turning the tables on Karl somewhat. So instead of tackling Karl as commanded, she did the opposite. She sat back and smiled her own devilish little smile.

"How can I tackle you when you're sitting in an armchair?" She asked with a smirk.

Karl raised his eyebrows. He recognized that Joan was not challenging his dominance, but was experimenting with finding herself, sexually. He wanted to encourage her. Instead of punishing her for disobeying, he suggested, "Maybe you'll have to sit in my lap."

"I don't think that's tackling. Fishing, maybe," Joan punned.

"Hmm. What do you want me to do then?" Karl looked at Joan. He could see her practically vibrating with eager sexual energy.

Joan was thrilled with Karl's concession. "I want you on your back, please."

"Come and lay down with me and I'll let you ravage me."

Joan shook her head. She wanted Karl with his hands behind his head, passive, watching. Her eyes promised him it would be worth it.

Karl strode to the bed and laid down. Joan's sexual energy was definitely turning him on, which meant he had to fight his desire to take over. He satisfied himself with the thought that if the role reversal did not work for them, he would.

Seeing him on the bed, as requested, made Joan feel powerful. She was surprised to realize how much she enjoyed it. She wondered how far she could push--both herself and Karl.

She stood near the bed, but out of reach, and removed her blouse, then her bra. The appreciative expression on Karl's face made her feel sexy.

"I thought you were going to tackle me? Come closer."

Joan took a step back. "I've changed my mind."

She grasped the hem of her skirt and inched it up. Joan asked, "Can you see if I've been naughty?"

Karl lowered his eyes immediately to her hem. Joan continued to pull her skirt up. She teased, "Can you tell yet?"

Karl continued to watch Joan as if his eyes were glued to the hem of her skirt. Joan rewarded Karl for his patience when she finally flashed him her naked pussy.

Joan reveled in the powerful sexual feelings her teasing had engendered. She could see that her teasing pleased Karl and that brought on such a strong rush of desire to further please him, that her submissiveness surged to the forefront, even as she continued to control the action. When she felt her submissiveness that strongly, she tended to refer to herself in the third person as pet.

"Has pet been a good girl or a bad girl?"

Karl played along. "No panties? You hussy!"

"Oh, yes, pet has been a very bad girl today!" Joan turned her ass to Karl, wiggling it as she removed her skirt.

Karl groaned, "Yeah, show me!"

"Show you? You want to see how bad pet has been today?" Joan turned back around and approached the bed.

"Yes. Tell me how bad you've been, so I can punish you appropriately." Karl's voice was full of promise.

A shiver of desire shot through Joan, tightening her already hard nipples and sending more of her juices down her thighs. "Well," Joan said, "pet thought of Sir all day. Sir's voice mail this morning was so sexy it inspired pet all day long. It made pet's tits tingle so much pet had to rub them." Joan rubbed her breasts, teasing the nipples.

Karl reached a hand towards Joan. "Mmm. Need help?"

Joan hopped backwards a step and shook her finger at Karl. "We're playing show and tell right now. Keep your hands behind your head, like a good Sir."

Karl was amused. He put his hands back behind his head and said, "Yes, pet."

Joan went on with the story she was weaving. "After awhile, I had to hear the voice again. But when I heard it again, it sent tingles straight to my pussy." She smoothed her hands down her own body, feeling her curves and the silk of her skin.

Karl's eyes followed Joan's hands down her body. "Oh, no! Whatever did you do?"

"I was forced, forced I tell you, to rub my pussy." She matched words to deed and rubbed her pussy lightly.

Karl encouraged, "How wonderful!"

"But the tingles kept moving! I had to chase them all over my pussy!"

"Did you ever catch those pesky tingles?"

"Do you want the whole story or the condensed version?" Joan said in a mock-stern voice at his interruption. She knew he was having a hard time following her lead for once, and it made her that much hotter for him that he was trying so hard for her.

"The whole story by all means!"

Joan put her foot on the bed beside Karl. She completely exposed her pink, wet, swollen pussy to Karl. He could plainly see how excited her playing was making Joan. Joan pointed to her pussy lips. "They tingled here." She rubbed her pussy lips, lightly teasing herself.

Karl felt his cock stiffen as he watched the display.

"Then it really tingled here," Joan went on. She pushed a finger into her dripping wet hole. She fucked herself with her finger, making wet sounds.

"Mmmm. That looks like a very sensitive spot." Karl asked, "Just one little voice made all those tingles?"

"Oh, yes. It's a very powerful voice." Joan removed her finger from her pussy and pointed to her clit. "Then it tingled here."

Karl was beginning to ache to take a more active part in Joan's story. He offered, "Maybe my tongue can catch those pesky tingles."

Joan pouted, "But you weren't there then!"

Karl shook his head. "Torture! What did you do?"

"I couldn't escape the tingles. I thought they were being bad, so I spanked them. Bad tingles, bad!" Joan spanked her pussy several times with her hand.

Karl inhaled sharply. His cock began to throb with his arousal and need for Joan.

Joan continued, "And still they didn't go away! So I thought I needed to fuck them away. Now, where's my dildo?" Joan looked around theatrically. "If only I could find a dildo to show you what I did next."

"Hmm. Yes, quite a quandary."

"There's never a dildo around when you need one!"

"Perhaps you can use this," Karl offered his rock-hard cock. Joan eyed it hungrily.

"Why, Sir! You've found my dildo!"

"Please help yourself."

"Sir, is so generous." Joan touched her finger to her lips coyly and batted her eyelashes at Karl.

"Yes. It's true."

"I always need to lube my dildo first. Let me show you how I did that." Joan climbed on the bed on her knees, next to Karl.

"I'm also humble. And gracious."

"I've noticed that about you, Sir. Now pay attention, please. Lubing the dildo is very important."

Joan leaned over Karl's cock and took it in her mouth. Karl inhaled deeply with the sensation of her warm mouth surrounding his sensitive glans. He had to restrain himself from touching her head, though he wanted, at least, to comb his fingers through her hair, letting her know how much he loved the feeling of her mouth.

"Yes, pet. I'm a big fan of lubing."

Joan slid her mouth up and down Karl's cock several times, going all the way to the back of her throat. When she could not take any more and had to have him inside her, she stopped and said,"Now pet is ready to insert the dildo."

"Mmm, may I touch you? Or must I keep my hands behind head?"

Joan straddled Karl and reached down to his cock. "Dildos don't touch, Sir."

"Oh, right, right."

She lowered herself as she guided Karl's cock into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned at the glorious, full feeling of his cock seated all the way inside her. "Oh, god!" she moaned.

"Mmm. I can begin to understand the tingles," Karl said softly as he felt Joan's velvety channel surround his engorged cock. Her earlier lubrication combined with her natural arousal made the entry feel amazing, sending jitters through Karl's core as he felt her settle down on his shaft.

Joan began a slow up and down motion on Karl's cock. "I don't think my dildo feels as good as yours does, though."

"Well, you can use mine whenever you want."

"Once again Sir is unfailingly generous. I really tried to fuck the tingles away with my dildo, but I couldn't help think of the voice again."

"Oh, no! Not the voice again?"

Joan began to move faster on Karl's cock, her breasts bouncing with the motion. Karl was fascinated.

"Oh, yes. It made me think if Sir were here he could touch me and that would be so much better than being all alone."

Karl groaned with relief. Finally, he could touch her! "You're right. Sir would touch you here."

He took her breasts in his hands, weighing them, kneading them, pulling on the nipples. He had enjoyed her power play, but it was time for him to take control back. She had him so worked up he needed to fuck her hard. He squeezed her breasts as he bounced his hips up to meet her descending hips.

"Oh, Sir!" Joan's breath caught as she gratefully ceded her power back to Karl. That had been amazingly sexy and fun, but she needed Karl to fuck her as ifhe owned her. When he fucked her like that, it made her feel, with each powerful stroke, that he was telling her no other woman would do.

Karl moved his hands from Joan's breasts to her hips. He dug his fingers in and fucked her down on him as he fucked up into her. "Ride my cock!"

"Oh,oh, yes! This is just what I imagined would happen if Sir were here!"

Karl grabbed her ass then spanked it. He growled, "Yes, fuck me pet!"

Joan cried out, "It's too much! Oh, god, don't stop!" Her hips pumped up and down as fast and hard as she could make them.

Karl felt his imminent orgasm. He urged, "Come, pet! Come for me!"

Joan's cunt clenched; her back arched. She came, crying out wordlessly.

The action of Joan's cunt on Karl's cock sent him over the edge. He tensed, his mouth open, as his cum jetted deep into Joan, again and again.

Joan fell limply across Karl, both of them panting and sweaty.

Karl wrapped his arms around Joan. He stroked her back affectionately. He said, "Such a clever pet to find a way to soothe the tingles."

Joan smiled the dreamy smile of the well-fucked. "Thank you, Sir," she murmured.

"Sir is pleased with his pet." Karl stroked Joan's cheek. "Although there will be an accounting for your misbehavior," he promised. He felt a shiver go through Joan's body. He combed her hair behind her ear. He kissed her softly. "Lie beside me and put your head on my chest."

Joan moved to lie beside Karl on her side, her head on his chest. She felt his cum dripping down her leg. She played lightly with the hair on his chest. She reveled in the affection she felt from Karl as he curled his arm around her and swept his hand soothingly up and down her side.

When Joan felt the hand on her slowing down, she whispered, "Sir needs to sleep."

Karl gave a small nod. "G'night, my loving pet."

"G'night, my loving Sir."

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