tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Bad Date Ch. 01

A Bad Date Ch. 01


After another party with friends, Paul went home. It was going to be a calm evening because his younger brother Mike would be away. Paul was drunk enough and he just wanted to get to bed as soon as possible.

Entering the apartment, the man saw his brother still getting dressed. In fact, Mike was almost dressed except for his polished shoes. He wanted to look like Mr. Right in the eyes of his new girlfriend. Although she didn't know that she wasn't his one and only.

Mike and Paul were brothers and they shared that apartment. Mike was 26, Paul was 30 and they both had much in common: the men were real bad-asses. They drank, used drugs, fucked anything that could walk. All in all, they lived it up.

Seeing him, Paul began to tease his young brother in his usual manner, "Hey, are you gonna fuck that stupid bitch again?"

"Yeah mate, we'll go out somewhere when her baby-sitter comes," Mike said. "Can you believe that she's so into me that she thinks she's my only one?"

Laughing, his brother asked, "Have you already banged her babysitter or she's too young for it?"

The brothers went on joking on this topic for a while and then Mike left his brother alone. He knew that Paul was so drunk that he would fall asleep soon while Mike would be having fun with the girlfriend. The young brother surely was in a mood for an adventurous night.

Mike was annoyed that he had to drive so long but during that time he could plan out the whole evening.

When he finally reached her place, he simply entered the apartment and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Hello, baby! Ready to party?" Mike playfully asked.

"Yeah," she replied. "The babysitter is late-- as usual. This college girl can never get away from her boyfriend in time."

"Don't worry, she just can't get enough of him. Remember your college time!" Mike said and they both smiled. "Sweetie, I'm going to the bathroom now."

The man took off his shoes and put his wallet and his cell phone on a hall drawer unit. He needed to pee badly so he hurried to the bathroom.

His girlfriend stood alone in the hall and was dreaming about another wonderful date night as she heard his cell phone buzzing. The young mother didn't want to be suspicious but curiosity overwhelmed her. She was sure Mike would never know that she'd checked the SMS-text in his cell.

As soon as the woman saw it, she was shocked how filthy it was. What kind of a female friend could send that? She made up her mind to check other texts and they too were written in a similar style although each belonged to different persons. The woman was smart enough to understand that her darling had been cheating on her.

In a bull's rage she furiously rushed to the bathroom and began screaming on the top of her lungs, "Get the fuck out of there, you lying bastard!"

Her screams were pouring out in an endless stream of foul language and Mike was confused. He didn't understand what could happen at such a short period of time. The man finished off and left the bathroom.

"What's going on, my darling?" he said in a naïve manner.

"You fucking cheat on me!" she kept on screaming.

The woman yelled at him so loud that she forgot that her little baby was sleeping in a nearby room. She had never been cheated on before and she couldn't believe that the man she loved so much could do it to her.

Mike understood that he was caught red-handed and his woman wasn't the one who he could reason with. It was the end of their affair and he wouldn't be able to get laid tonight. Just as he was thinking of his next step, there was the door bell.

"Oh, here's the baby-sitter!" the woman exclaimed and went to open the door. "Hi, Clair."

Mike was glad that the woman had finally shut up. Her screams were freaking him out.

"Hi!" the babysitter replied when the door was opened.

"Sorry, my dear. I have no need for your services tonight, because of my cheating piece of shit!" Then the woman motioned to Mike and yelled at him, "Get the fuck out of here, you dick-for-brains!"

The man knew that it was stupid to explain anything in this situation. "Anyway, that bitch wasn't the only pussy in the world," he thought. He could find another one easily. Mike just put on his shoes, then grabbed his wallet and the cell phone on the way out. He left that freaked-out bitch, slamming the door behind himself.

"Hi Clair!" he met the babysitter by the door. "I'm sorry you had to witness it!"

"Yeah..." the teenager replied. "You know, I lost some money because of your little... misunderstanding and I think you should..."

"I got you, babe!" Mike understood where she was getting at. "I'll pay you!"

"Thanks. Can you drive me home?" the college girl asked softly.

"Sure. No problem. How could I refuse you, sweetie?" Mike replied in his playful tone.

While they were on their way to his car, Clair almost whispered to him, "Since you have failed your date tonight, I could... I could... give you... some relief if you want. A hand-job?"

The man was stunned when he heard it and just said, "I agree, Clair."

"It'll cost you 40 dollars," she said.

"Whoa!" Mike exclaimed. "We've got a teen whore here!"

"I'm not a whore!" the college girl got angry. "I have a nice boyfriend and we love each other very much. I don't think that simple masturbation is a big deal. It's just a hand-job, not a blowjob or sex. Plus, I need raise some money for parties."

"Ok, sweetie. Can you give it to me at my place? It'd be more comfortable there," he asked.

"Yep," the girl simply said.

Grinning, Mike thought about many ways he and his brother might play with this girl. He knew that it would be a hot night.

Of course, Clair assumed that he lived alone, otherwise she would never have agreed to go to his place, because the college girl heard about many cases of rape. Thus, Clair only gave hand-jobs in cars but Mike was another thing: she often saw him and she was sure that he would be her protector if necessary.

Once they got in and the engine was started, Mike looked at her closer. She was a typical girl of about 19, not too tall but pretty slim. Her loose blonde hair framed her petite face and her curves made men turn their heads. Her clothes were light: every-day sneakers, a tight top and a cut-off skirt. The pink top was so tight that it was obvious that she wore nothing under it. Also it wasn't long and showed her pierced belly-button which her boyfriend loved very much. The skirt rode low and her pink thong's strings could also be seen.

After they were on their way, Mike's hand slowly slipped from the gear knob down her slim leg and squeezed it tightly. Clair tried to remove his hand gently because she knew where it would lead.

"Mike, I only give a hand-job. That's all!" the girl said to him.

"Baby, it's no big deal just playing with your body! I'll pay you more and you know that I can afford it!" he said without removing his hand.

Mike could feel the girl hesitate but he was sure that the easy money would overtake her. And he was right, because Clair let his hand rest on her body. Little had she known that Mike wasn't going to pay her a penny. He felt like a film director who had been talking some young talent into a hardcore action for a bright future.

Her soft skin felt good under his palm and he liked to squeeze her soft flesh tightly. Mike could feel the college girl melting in his hands. When he glanced at her face, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open a little. It went without saying that Clair was having the time of her life. His glance slid down and stopped at her inviting tits.

His hand slowly started wandering along her gorgeous body. The higher it raised, the tenser Clair's body became. Mike liked the way the girl reacted and his hand finally laid on her heaving teen breast. The material was so thin that he felt the heat of her body. His hand instinctively squeezed her firm tit, making Clair let out a loud moan of pleasure.

The sensations were awesome but Mike was afraid that he had crossed the line and ruined the fun. But his fears were idle, the girl was in the mood for much more than that and she didn't try to stop him. Mike understood that the college girl wouldn't be a pain in the ass.

His touches were driving Clair crazy and she couldn't resist the temptation. The girl knew that she would never get laid by the older man but her pussy was already soaking wet and she could do nothing. As she tried to beat her lust, the college girl could feel Mike's hand sliding under the thin material of her pink top. She had to stop it before it got out of control. Instead, the baby-sitter grabbed his hand and pressed it tightly against her lust-filled flesh.

Mike adored the feeling of the teen perky breast under his palm and he could clearly see that Clair was enjoying it very much but he had to do much work to bring the girl to the point of no return. His fingers started to play with her sensuous nipple in no time. The girl moaned without concealing her emotions as he pulled at the hard nipple. She simply gave in to her emotions and it struck the man.

Clair raised her legs and rested them on the facia panel. She spread her thighs and moved the crotch of the pink thong aside, revealing her clean-shaven pussy. Her finger was deep in her wet pussy in a moment.

As Mike drove, he watched the girl fingering her pussy so fiercely that slurping sounds and her loud moans were in the air. Mike enjoyed it and couldn't resist the temptation of placing his hand on her smooth pubic mound.

His hand left Clair's breast and began its way down her body. It went without saying that the girl felt it even though she played with her love-box. Clair knew where his hand was moving to and she shivered in anticipation of caressing her intimate place by somebody except of her boyfriend. To tell the truth, the college girl had absolutely forgotten her boyfriend at that moment.

Mike saw that the baby-sitter froze, awaiting of his hand on her pussy but the man knew that he should warm her up a little bit. So Mike's hand reached her pubis and rested there-- as if teasing her. He liked the sensation of that clean-shaven pussy. Not every teenager shaved her pussy and it proved that still waters ran deep.

Mike noticed that Clair was slowing down, finger-fucking her steamy pussy. Then she finally took it out of the pussy with a slurping sound and the finger was all covered with her juices. Licking her lips, Clair put the finger in her mouth and sucked it slowly. She rolled her eyes up and it was clearly seen that the baby-sitter was relishing the taste of her own pussy juice.

The man was smart enough to understand that it was some sort of invitation to continue where she had stopped. He was experienced with girls and he was sure as hell that she would be pleasured to do anything in such a condition.

Mike's finger gently touched her swollen clit and Clair froze. He knew what to do: his finger began swirling around the swollen clit and he felt the girl shivering. She even stopped sucking her finger and simply gasped. Then his finger slowly wormed inside her slippery hole.

He was surprised how tight her teen pussy was because Clair didn't act like a good girl. Although the baby-sitter said that she had never cheated on her boyfriend, Mike was sure that she was an easy fuck, but now he understood that she hadn't lied.

Her pussy clutched his finger well but he added another and it clutched them both tighter. The sensation of her flesh made his cock stir a bit. Her moans became louder as his cock became harder.

It hadn't taken much time before Clair's hips raised in the air in the rhythm of the finger-fucking he was giving to her. He felt his cum boiling in the balls and the girl was about to cum as well. The man couldn't let it happen before the fun started.

He looked out of the window and saw that they were near his place. Mike slowly brought the car to a halt and watched the girl. She was like a bitch in heat, impaling herself on his fingers. She did it so hard that his fingers plunged to the knuckles.

Unwillingly, Mike slowly slid his fingers out of her hot pussy and Clair, like a zombie, grabbed them and put them in her mouth. The girl had never been excited so much and the whole situation drove her crazy.

Clair sucked his fingers in and used her tongue on them like a real pro hooker. Mike threw his head back in pleasure that her agile tongue was giving to him. Little by little the girl's excitement flew away and she pulled his fingers out of her wet mouth.

"Honey, why didn't you let me cum? I was on the way!" Clair said confusedly.

"Did you forget that you're a faithful girlfriend?" Mike said and blinked at her. "By the way, here we go!" with those words, he nodded in the direction of the car door.

Clair was in a bliss and forgot that they were headed for his place. Smiling, she licked her lips and stepped out. The only thing the college girl felt sorry for was that the man wasn't her boyfriend. If he were, Clair would have fucked him to death.

In his turn, Mike watched the girl stepping out of his car without replacing her thong properly. Its crotch was beside the girl's soaking pussy like some kind of a hint of a possible continuation.

He instinctively rubbed his hard-on and stepped out of the car too. Mike came up to Clair and put his hand around her waist, dragging her body towards his.

The girl was trembling with desires and she couldn't control herself anymore: she enlaced his neck with her shapely hands and kissed him gently on the lips. Clair's wet tongue slid inside his mouth and Mike felt her pussy juice on her tongue.

His hand slid easily under her short skirt and squeezed the ass cheek. It felt good. The man knew that he could fuck her there and the girl wouldn't resist it at all. Her kisses became wetter and wetter and her breaths grew heavier with every passing moment. Mike decided that it was high time for adult games and broke the kiss. They went to his apartment, where they both knew something hot was going to happen.

Entering, Clair was very thirsty and asked for some water. The girl knew that she needed some time to cool her emotions.

The man led her to the kitchen where he gave her a glass of cold water. While she was drinking it, leaning against the kitchen unit, Mike placed himself on a chair at table. He sat and watched her manner of teasing him with sweet words and gestures. Mike wanted to wait a little longer but he didn't know that his brother was awake.

Although his brother Paul had come home intoxicated after drinking with friends, he didn't go to bed. Instead, he watched TV for some time and then went to take a shower.

Clair and Mike entered the apartment while Paul was in the bathroom. He didn't know that he wasn't alone. The man acted as usual: after a stimulating shower, he dried his body with the towel and went naked to his room, as always.

On his way down there the man heard Mike's voice and couldn't understand what he was saying. Paul headed for him to ask what he wanted and why he returned so early. He didn't have the slightest idea that Mike had a company.

As soon as Paul had entered the kitchen, he saw Clair. It was so unexpected that the man stopped in his tracks. Paul didn't even try to make any motion to cover his nakedness. He simply stood there staring at the girl. Paul liked her appearance very much and she looked just the way Mike described his girlfriend's baby-sitter. Paul also noticed that the girl's eyes slid down his body and stopped at his crotch.

Clair froze in a shock. It didn't occur to her that someone else could be in the apartment and she didn't ask Mike about it. And now, after a long session of teasing and seduction, there was a naked man in front of her.

Her eyes were studying every inch of his muscled body. It was obvious that he spent much time in a gym to keep himself in shape. He was a real sex-appeal: handsome, tall, broad-shouldered. When her eyes lowered below his rippled abs, the girl saw his cock. Hell, the man was extremely well-equipped! Although his cock was limp, it looked massive. Clair stared at it and imagined how big it would be in a hardened condition.

Paul liked her intention and he instinctively put his hand on the cock. He noticed that the girl enjoyed the sight and he began stroking it boldly. Little by little his cock became semi-hard.

Clair watched the way the cock became bigger and she had never seen the size like it. Her throat became dry and tight and she was eager to take it in her mouth. The college girl couldn't control herself anymore.

Grinning, Paul said, "I think I'd better go get dressed."

There was no answer and he left the kitchen. On his way back to his room the man thought about fucking that young slut. He didn't hesitate that she would be an easy fuck.

In his room the man took on his briefs and went back to the kitchen. There was still a silence as it was when he left. Paul couldn't but notice the way Clair's eyes immediately lowered to his crotch level. The briefs clutched his crotch tightly there and the contours of his semi-hard cock were clearly seen.

Like a stud, he just came up to the girl and put his arm around her waist. Her excited body was pressed against his rippled body tightly.

"I'm Paul. What's your name, sexy?" the man asked in a sweet manner.

"I'm Cl..." the girl started but she was interrupted.

When her mouth opened to answer, Paul swiftly pressed his mouth against hers. Clair didn't mind it at all. At first it was like just touching her lips. The man playfully sucked her lower lip in, warming the girl up.

It was too much excitement for Clair and she put her hands around his neck as if asking for a more passionate kiss. Paul's hand slowly moved up her body and rested on the back of her head. The girl looked forward to this moment and his hard tongue finally slid inside her mouth. Clair didn't miss the moment and her tongue began to struggle with his. The college girl was very excited and the situation was driving crazy. Instinctively, Clair's slim body began humping against the older man's almost naked one.

The college girl acted dirty and Paul liked it. He was absolutely sure that a real party was going to take place. He only hoped that Clair was 18, although he and his brother fucked many jailbaits and their age never stopped them.

He spread his legs a bit wider so that their crotches rubbed against each other as the girl's slim body humped his. As soon as he had done it, burning streams of pleasure began filling him. Like in a trance, his hands made their way to her sweet ass and squeezed it firmly.

Mike sat at table and couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Not long ago that college girl tried to convince him that she would never cheat on her loving boyfriend. And now, she was excited as hell, kissing some older man, his brother, without knowing his name!

It wasn't simply another passionate kiss which Clair usually shared with her boyfriend, it looked like there was a burning passion between these two lust-filled partners. Besides, she didn't mind his feeling up her ass.

Paul's hands spread her tight ass cheeks so wide that Mike could see her pussy quite clearly. It was so wet that it slurped every time he did it. Mike was eager to masturbate, enjoying that exciting sight but he didn't want the girl to think that he was a pervert. Giving it a second thought, the man made up his mind to beat the meat because the only thing Clair came to his place was to jerk off his cock for 40 dollars.

Mike unzipped the fly and grabbed his already swollen cock. Watching the hot couple, Mike began to masturbate. The slurping noises of masturbation and wet kisses filled the kitchen.

Clair was driving Paul crazy with her kisses and body moves. His hands slid up her body, lifting the pink top's hem up. The girl didn't protest when it was pulled over her head and her perky tits were revealed. He threw her top away and broke the kiss. He lowered his head down towards her inviting tits.

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