tagBDSMA Bad Day

A Bad Day


It was one of those days when nothing had gone right, and Murphy was working double time.

My entire day was one disaster after another, people wanting my attention, phone calls, irate customers, equipment breaking, and not a moment to myself to think.

i was finally able to escape work and as i was walking to the car it started to rain, not petite little movie rain drops but the cats and dogs kind, and me with no umbrella, figures. On the way home i got stuck in an hour long traffic jam and my cell phone battery died so there was no way to call. i end up walking in the door and hour and 45 minutes late, soaked to the skin, tired, and most of all, worried that You'll be upset with me. As i drop my bag in the hallway and take off my shoes i see You sitting on the couch waiting, watching me, an intense look on Your face and i know something is on Your mind.

i immediately sink to my knees and crawl over to You, that look in Your eyes unmistakable. "i'm sorry i'm late Sir, my day was awful, work was a mess and it took me forever to get out of there, i got caught in the rain, then my phone died and i couldn't call, and i got stuck in traffic," i start, gasping for breath, my eyes welling up with all the pent up emotion of the day.}

"Shhhh baby girl," You say, Your fingers laying gently over my lips. "No apologies tonight, it's obvious you've had a rough day, you look like you've been through the ringer. Just take a deep breath, everything is ok now that ou're home. Let Daddy take care of you."

i nod and look up into Your eyes, thanking You silently for understanding, for knowing me so well and most of all for seeing me so clearly. i scoot closer and lay my head in your lap, nuzzling my cheek against your thighs, letting the tears fall and all the stress of the day fall away with them. i sigh, knowing that no matter what happens outside, here, at home with you, i am safe, loved and don't have to be anything but what i am......your little girl.

i feel your hand on my head, brushing the hair out of my face and the tears from my eyes as you lean down to kiss me. "Your soaking wet sweetheart, lets get you out of these wet clothes and dried off."}

You stand and take my hand lifting me off the floor and putting your arms around me to envelop me in one of your all consuming bear hugs. i sink into the hug and feel you gently kiss the top of my head before you whisk me up into your arms

and head for the stairs. i lay my head on your chest and sigh again, putting my arms around your neck closing my eyes, trying to relax. You take me into the bedroom and sit me down on the bed, kissing me softly. i start to unbutton my

shirt but feel your hands on mine stopping me. You take my hands and place them beside me on the bed, looking deep into my eyes. "No baby girl, not tonight," you whisper "let me. You just sit here and wait while I run your bath for you,"

You see me nod in understanding and smiling you turn towards the bathroom. }

i sit on the bed, eyes closed, breathing deep in an attempt to let the last bits of my day float away. i can hear the water running and moan softly, unconsciously at the thought of a nice hot bath, heaven......}

i suddenly start awake feeling your hand on my shoulder. i open my eyes and see you staring down at me, small smile in your eyes, "You drifted off little girl, are you ready for your bath?"}

"mmmmm, yes Daddy," i moan softly.}

You reach down for my hand and lead me into the bathroom, i gasp as i see that you've filled the room with small candles and the bath is almost full to overflowing with bubbles. my eyes tear up as i turn to look at you, to thank you. i open my mouth to speak and once again feel your fingers against my lips. "Shhh baby girl, no more words, just put yourself in Daddy's hands and everything will be ok."

i shiver, knowing that no truer words have

ever been spoken. Nodding my head i step closer, eyes falling to the floor in silent acquiescence to your will. i stand in the middle of the bathroom and let You undress me slowly. You quickly unbutton my top and pull it off over my

head. Dropping it on the floor you move on to my pants making quick work of those as well, holding me steady while i step out of them. Kissing my neck you reach around to unhook my bra, a deep sigh escaping me as my breasts are free.

You smile and kiss my lips as you reach for my panties, pulling them down kissing my shoulder, my chest, my belly and my thighs as you kneel down to help me step out of those as well. Standing, you reach for my glasses, and place them gently on the counter behind you. i shiver a little, standing there naked in the middle of the big bathroom, then suddenly i am warm, feeling your arms wrapped around me again, your naked body against mine. Turning to you i smile amazed that i didn't even notice you'd taken your clothes off. You laugh and smile back at the look of surprise on my face, "Ready for your bath little girl?" you ask. }

i nod and place my hand in yours, following you to the tub. Standing at the side i wait for you to get in and then step over the edge into the warm inviting water. i sit down in front of you the heat surrounding me like a cocoon, and lay down on your chest my back to you. i feel your hands running up and down my body and i moan softly, squirming against you.}

Behind me i feel you shift as you reach for the shampoo and a cup. i see you dunk the cup in the water but somehow it still startles me as the hot bathwater cascades down over my hair, and my face, warming the rest of me. "Lean back sweetheart let me wash this awful day away," you whisper, hands already in my hair massaging my head. Your hands feel so good, bringing life back to this tired body, waking me up a little. "But Daddy....." i start, suddenly somewhat uncomfortable at being taken care of this way, all this attention being focused on me instead of the other way around.}

You continue to wash my hair but, speaking in a slightly firmer tone you lean close to my ear, "Little one, I said no words, you're not planning on disobeying Daddy are you now?"

i shake my head definitely not wanting to misbehave and dissapoint you, and try to relax into whatever it is you have planned for me.

"Good girl," you say, "this is something I want to do for you. I know that generally it's you who washes and takes care of me after a long day, but just think of this as a reward for being such a good girl lately." You leave it at that and

finish washing my hair, pouring cupfuls of water over me to rinse the soap out.

i squirm against you as you grab the soap and start running it over my body, giggling as you wash the ticklish parts, gasping and groaning when you get to the sensitive bits and linger a little longer than necessary. After you're done you let me sit quietly in the tub, facing you leaning against the opposite side while you quickly wash yourself up. i love to watch you, my eyes wander over every inch of your naked body, each part of you bringing up a good memory, a mental image

of something wonderful. A moan escapes my lips as you stand up and step out of the tub, drying yourself off and then holding up a big fluffy towel for me. Standing up carefully i rest my hand on your shoulder as i step out of the tub. i step towards you, standing on my tip toes to give you a kiss of thanks. For the second time tonight you wrap me up in a big hug, the towel in your hands. You take time drying me off, making sure not to miss any spots then wrap me back up in the towel and carry me into the bedroom sitting me gently on the edge of the bed looking down at me.}

"We're not done yet little girl, there's still the issue of you being late and not calling. I was worried about you, and that needs to be dealt with. I know you've had a hard day, but I know you, and I know you need this." you say to

me, the look in your eyes firm but loving. "I know just as well as you do that there are consequences for breaking the rules, even if you've had a bad day. We can't let you get away with that, can we?"}

i shake my head, well aware that you're right even if i don't relish the thought after the day i had, but knowing it will bring relief and release in the end.

Going over to the toy chest you pull out a few long lengths of soft cotton rope and a new toy that i haven't seen before, a brand new leather crop. Climbing up onto the bed you tie two of the ropes to the posts on the footboard and the other one is looped through the holes in the middle of the headboard, a very familiar configuration to us both. i start to squirm with anticipation as you pull me to the center of the bed, laying two pillows down for me to rest my hips on. Pushing me down to the bed on my stomach You arrange me in the middle of the bed and firmly secure my hands together with the rope being careful to check that

it's not too tight. Satisfied, you move down to the foot of the bed and secure each of my ankles in the same manner, my ass lifted into the air, legs spread open wide. You leave me there for just a minute, alone, to think about what i've done and then i hear you behind me, standing between my legs at the foot of the bed.

i gasp as i feel the first swat of the crop on my ass, soft but shocking none the less. A second follows and then a third and i start to squirm my hips. You're peppering light taps all over my ass, warming me up and i lift my hips a little

trying to get closer to you. You slowly start to increase the intensity and i can hear the crop slap my ass, feel the sting and the warmth rowing. Suddenly you land a hard swat on my damp lips and i cry out, stunned by the heat searing through my pussy. i hear you chuckle at my surprise as you start to crop my slit harder, opening my lips, drawing moisture out of me. You go back up to my

ass and the slaps get louder, i can hear the crop whipping through the air as the handle snaps and my ass feels like it's on fire. i gasp and moan, squirming hard on the pillows, trying to get some relief but not being able to get away. The swats get harder still, each one sending shock waves of pain and pleasure through me. You alternate between my ass and my pussy the room filled with the sounds of the crop and the scent of my arousal. My heart is pounding in my chest and my breath is coming faster, harder, and you know i'm close to my limit. You raise the intensity one more time, wanting to make sure you get your point across, this is a punishment after all. i start to whimper and gasp for air, thrashing in my onds. The tears start to fall from my eyes as you cross the threshold of my tolerance and you know that the lesson has been learned. Slowly the swats become softer, still tapping my ass and my now soaking wet slit, dragging the crop over the

welts and redness. You push the head of the crop between my lips, opening them up that last little bit, tapping my clit to bring me back down to that place where i'm just floating. I gasp and lift my hips to you trying to open my legs up even wider. Even tied securely down to the bed i do my best to entice you, needing you inside me more than anything in the world. i feel the edge of the bed sink and suddenly you are behind me, your hands on my thighs. You lay down on top of me your warm body cool in comparison to the heat

radiating from me. i moan and whimper as you rub yourself against my heated ass, your soft skin like sandpaper against the welts. I hear your breath hard and fast in my ear and i know you have exerted yourself, but i also know that you are incredibly aroused as well. Your hard cock brushes up against my thigh and i moan loudly, turning my head to look up into your eyes silently begging you to take me.

"Mmmmmm," you growl, "is there something you want little girl? Tell daddy what it is."

you press the tip of your cock against the pening of my hot wet pussy i can barely get the words out. "Daddy...pleeease...i need your cock, i need you to fuck me, to take me, to make me yours," i gasp, lifting my hips to try and push

you in further. "You need this cock little girl? Are you sure you're ready? Ready to take care of

Daddy's cock?" you ask, pressing a little closer with each question. "Yesssssssssss god yes please," i moan, "i need you inside me so badly. Please, please, please, i need you Daddy." I hear

You growl again close to my ear. Satisfied with my answer You push yourself all the way into me in one long unending stroke. I shake and whimper as you fill me, stretching me to my limit with almost no warning. You can feel my pussy squeeze your cock tight and this only excites you more, urges you on. Soon you are thrusting in and out of me harshly, using my swollen wet slit to please your

cock. You push me hard into the bed burying yourself so deep. Moaning loudly i suddenly feel you reaching underneath me to play with my clit as you fuck me, holding it between your fingers and stroking it like a tiny cock, making me buck

my hips back into you. i start to shake and i know i'm close, you can feel my pussy start to clench your cock tighter and you growl into my ear, "That's it little girl, cum all over Daddy's cock, you cum on this cock now, right NOW."

i whimper and whine feeling my orgasm building with each thrust of your cock, your words sending me over the edge. Unable to deny you anything i feel myself cumming hard in a rush of ecstacy and blinding light, thrashing under you on the

bed. Just as i start to cum You stretch me even further, the head of your cock swelling as you get ready to cum yourself.

"Again," you growl into my ear, and that's all it takes as another wave of orgasm takes over my body. This time i hear you moan and feel you shooting your hot cum inside me thrusting even deeper than before.

You collapse on top of me, cock still twitching, making me shiver and shake. Kissing the back of my neck, nipping at it just to watch me tremble, you reach up and untie my hands, rubbing my wrists to bring the blood back. Pulling yourself out of me you slowly kiss down my spine, my body convulsing each time your lips make contact. You lean down and untie my ankles, rubbing them as well and then pick me up and wrap your arms around me for the third time tonight, holding me so close, curled up against your body. You kiss me, little kisses all over my face, kissing away the tears, the stress of the day and once again making me your little girl. i look up into your eyes softly thanking you silently. Kissing my cheek you lean in and whisper, "Mmmm, that's my good girl."

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