tagBDSMA Bad Day

A Bad Day


The door slammed behind her as she stomped into the house, and he looked up from the set list he was reviewing in surprise. She was a bartender at a punk rock bar downtown. Some days were worse than others.

"I had the WORST fucking day." She snarled as she stomped into the kitchen, angrily throwing open the door of the refrigerator and snatching a can of Rainier beer, before thinking better of it, and replacing it with a 22oz bottle of Arrogant Bastard ale instead. She was wearing a tight Bad Religion t-shirt, and her short black hair was styled in a fairly tall faux hawk. She tried to act so tough. He knew better.

"What'd you do?" He asked, coming up behind her as she dug through the silverware drawer for a bottle opener. "Pour some irate customer the wrong drink?" He laughed, but it caught in his throat as she spun around, her bright blue eyes reflecting his imminent death. Her glare was less threatening as she had to look up at him, with all the fierceness she could muster with her 5'5". He was 6'3", and built very solidly. Years of moving music equipment had developed broad muscular shoulders, making him almost twice her width, as well close to a foot taller than her.

"Whoa, babe." He touched her shoulder, gently, his voice soft and unobtrusive. "Whoever pissed you off, it wasn't me. Okay? What happened?"

Immediately, all the rage drained out of her face, and she slumped back against the counter. "It was just a stupid off day. I couldn't do anything right. I couldn't find anything. I tried to serve someone a martini with no vermouth... can you imagine? My cook was late and I had to make someone a burger, and I burnt it. I broke a full bottle of fucken Sailor Jerry's and I bet you anything I'm going to get in trouble for it, if I don't get written up, I'll at least have to pay for the loss... I didn't even pour a shot of it. And my SHOES!" Her lower lip started trembling.

"Aww, baby girl, don't cry."

"And, and, when I was clearing off a table, some guy grabbed my ass, and then I didn't know which guy it was, and so I kicked out the whole party, and they got all pissed at me, and they had a tab, and I had to pay it..." She buried her face in her hands, and he pulled her close.

"Shh, it was just a bad day," she took a deep breath, her head pressed against his chest. He was so much bigger than her, and the warm, manly scent of him calmed her. He kissed the top of her head through her hair. "Tomorrow will be better."

"I hope so." She mumbled against his chest, and he laughed. He grabbed her hips and lifted her easily, sitting her on the counter. He raised an eyebrow at her, as tears started rolling down her cheeks and she laughed softly, wiping her eyes. "I... I just get so sick of it, sometimes."

"Sometimes shit days just come with the job, babe. I know you like being a bartender. And it's nice for us that you work there, we end up working together at least a few times most months..."

"I know, I know, it's not like I want to quit... I just wish it was different."

He kissed her lips, tasting the salt of her tears. "It's alright, baby girl. Everyone has shit days. That's why you have me to come home to, to make you feel better."

"Oh?" She laid her head on his broad shoulder, her feet dangling off the counter. "How you plan to do that?" She took a long chug off the large bottle in her hand, obviously thinking he might need a little assistance from the Arrogant Bastard in order to make her feel better.

He wrapped his strong arm around her, so she was cradled against his shoulder. "You think I don't know how to make my girl feel good?" he tweaked her nipple, and she looked up at him, his gentle eyes were gazing into hers, and there was a smile playing about his lips.

She stroked his cheek, rubbing her hand across the rough beard that ornamented his chin. "I know how you make your baby girl feel good." She murmured, smiling at him.

"You want me to make it better, huh, baby?" he asked softly. "You want daddy to make you feel better?" He ran his hand down her side, sliding his fingers up under her shirt.

She pouted a little, playing along. "Yeah, daddy. People were mean to me today, and you weren't there to protect me." She ran her fingertips absently along the large soundboard that was tattooed down his forearm.

"But I'm here now, baby." He kissed her, pulling up her shirt. "and I'm not going to be mean to you at all..." he nipped at her breast, playfully. "not unless you want me to."

She laughed. "You already make me feel... oh..." she trailed off as his lips enveloped her nipple, sucking on it sweetly. "oh... honey..." she found her hands in his hair, and her soft gasps were driving him insane.

He scooped her up in his strong arms, kissing her as he carried her into the other room, depositing her rather unceremoniously on the bed.

She giggled, holding her beer up proudly. "Didn't spill a drop."

He was putting some music on the mp3 player, he knew the music that would soothe her.

She lay back on the pillows, drinking off her beer, grimacing at the heady bite of it.

Suddenly, guitars enveloped her, and she closed her eyes. The melodic grit of Jeremy Enigk's voice also seemed to wrap around her. She smiled softly, pleased that he knew the tones that calmed her soul.

She stretched, reaching her fingers up over her head, and pointing her toes down to the foot of the bed. She felt him climb in bed next to her, and turned immediately into his arms, pressing her face against the breadth of his chest. He stroked her hair. "it's alright, baby girl. Everything's okay now. Daddy's here, and everything's okay now."

She lay back, staring up at him. It'd been almost a year now, since they met at the bar one night when they were both working. He was running sound for the Supersuckers, and she was pissed that she was stuck behind the bar when she wanted nothing more than to be in the mosh pit.

At the same time, he was captivated by her attitude, her tendency to pogo whenever she had a spare moment, and her attentiveness to the people around her. So many people in her business seemed to hate every time someone asked them for something, and she just seemed happy to be occupied. Her feet spun and stomped in heavy boots, and she appeared to know every word to the songs 'Pretty Fucked Up', and 'Born with a Tail'.

After the show ended, he stayed at the bar well past last call. Even after the equipment was all loaded, and all her work was done, they sat at the bar, talking for hours about shows and music, tattoos and skateboarding. She was almost a decade younger than him, only 25 to his 34, and loved his stories about the early punk scene in the area that she'd missed out on. He realized that a lot of her attraction to him came from the daddy issues she'd developed in childhood, but was unaware that she was drawn in by the gentleness and the intelligence in his eyes, the juxtaposition of him.

And now, all this time later, it still amazed her. She ran her hand up his cheek again, his eyes took her in, and then his mouth captured hers, and she was moaning against his lips.

He toyed with her breasts, rubbing the flat of his palm in circles over her pierced nipples. Making her tremble. Making her make those little moans and gasps against his mouth that he loved.

He reached around her shoulders, lifting her to his mouth, devouring her mouth with his own. And then lower, his breath hot on her neck, his tongue tracing a trail with a destination.

He took off her boots, and rolled down her tights. He lifted her short pleated skirt, and paused for a moment, admiring her black thong. He pulled it up, snug against her pussy lips, and then to the side, as he bent down, turning at the last moment and lathing his tongue against her thigh. She moaned, partially in pleasure, partially in disappointment. He kissed and licked sweetly over her thighs, until she was trembling. "Please, please, Daddy..." She whimpered.

He growled slightly, licking up her bare slit. He breathed deeply. The smell of her was heady, and he found himself mindlessly devouring her pussy. The taste of it, the smell and flavor of her, felt as if they were driving him insane. He was drunk on her pussy, on the feel of her small feet on his broad shoulders, her hands twisting in his hair as she arched her thin hips up to his face.

He moaned, and she yelped, he was rubbing his tongue across her clit, and her body bucked as the vibration rushed through her. "Oh god, yeah." She gasped.

He pulled her tightly to him, and her hands left his hair as he got up on his knees and her shoulders fell back on the mattress. Growling softly now, he licked up and down her labia, sucking them into his mouth, and playing with her with his tongue. He loved the taste of her. He fell on her clit, sucking it hard and wrapping his lips around it.

"Oh, fuck, honey, yeah!" She was arching so hard that the only parts of her body touching the mattress were her shoulders, arms (hands desperately clutching the sheets), and the back of her head. She gave a small scream, as he continued sucking her clit, pausing for just a moment to rub his tongue on it. "Oh... oh shit... oh Daddy... your little girl is gonna come for you... you're gonna make me come."

He growled his approval and shoved 3 fingers at once deep into her tight sopping wet little pussy.

Her scream this time was far louder, and she was coming and coming, god, she was coming, she was gushing around his fingers. She tasted so good.

And his fingers in her pussy kept thrusting, and his mouth kept sucking, and he had to grab ahold of her tightly as her body began to buck and thrash.

Her thighs were pressed against his ears, as he struggled to hold onto her with only one arm.

His fingers curled inside her, knowing every spot to touch in order to send her through one orgasm after another. She was thrashing her head against the pillow, and he ended up with a handful of her tit when he grabbed her, and that triggered another orgasm. He didn't stop when her foot on his shoulder started pushing him away, instead grabbing her ankle in his free hand, and pulling back, his fingers still moving inside her. "Does Daddy know how to make you feel better?" He asked her in a firm, quiet voice.

"Yes, Daddy." She gasped, her head spinning.

"Your Daddy will decide when you can stop coming." He told her in the same, authoritative voice, and she whimpered, trying to relax her legs. "You don't make Daddy stop. If Daddy wants to eat your pussy, you don't push him away. If Daddy wants to make you come for him, you WILL come." His voice got softer. "Trust me, Babygirl. You can take more than you think."

"Yes, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy." She murmured, as he took both small ankles in in his one hand and crossed them, pushing her feet towards her chest, and putting his shoulder into her thigh as he lowered his face back to her spread-open pussy.

He covered her whole pussy with his mouth, sucking her labia into his mouth, moaning and running his tongue over her twitching vulva, up over her clit, which he sucked on firmly, causing her to scream and seize again. Her hands tried to push his head away as the feeling in her lower stomach grew until she thought she couldn't handle another minute, and then she felt teeth, sinking gently into the skin of her hood, as a fourth finger thrust into her pussy and his thumb pressed against the base of her clit.

"Oh... fuck... oh..." she gasped. Everything went still for a moment, and then she was thrashing, her legs now spreading open further and further for him, and he growled against her, urging her on as he devoured her, feeling her pussy clench and gush around his fingers, until she fell limp under him. He thrummed his fingertips gently inside her, and she twitched and came again. He smiled, and sucked hard on her clit, making her come again, and he saw tears force their way out from behind her squeezed-tight eyelids.

"You're delicious." He whispered, his lips brushing against her clit. "I love the feel of you under my tongue. I love the taste of your pussy." He nipped at her again, and she screamed, twitching in orgasm beneath him. He sucked her clit until she was sobbing, twisting away from him, and then flipped her over, suddenly, roughly, licking her asshole fast and hard as he fucked her pussy with his fingers.

"Please..." She gasped. "Please, Daddy, stop! I can't... I can't come anymore..." He immediately pulled his fingers out of her pussy and slapped her ass hard. He wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her ass to his face and driving his tongue into her tight asshole. She screamed, coming again.

"Do you decide when you stop coming?" He asked her firmly, pulling his face away and slapping her ass hard again, holding her tightly so she couldn't pull away.

"No, Daddy, no." She sobbed, as he spanked her again.

"Who decides when you stop coming?"

"My Daddy! I come for my Daddy." She gasped, and he pulled a couple pillows over to her, placing them under her stomach. He knelt behind her, his shins pinning her calves to the bed, and he pushed her face into the pillow, as he spit on her asshole and shoved two fingers into the tight, hot hole.

She screamed, as he thrust his fingers in and out a couple of times, and then shoved his thick hard cock into her tight asshole.

He spanked her ass hard with each thrust, and his balls were slapping against her over-sensitive, over-stimulated inner labia, which were wet and swollen.

"This is MY pussy." He growled at her. "This is MY asshole. You're my girl, and you will come when I want you too." He thrust deep and hard into her ass, and she was twitching, seizing, sobbing into the bed, as his one hand twisted in her hair, pulling it just enough, and pushing her face against the sheets, and the other hand spanked her ass hard.

"Daddeeee!" She wailed into the mattress, and the sounds of her distress urged him on, making him fuck her harder. "Daddy, please!" He grabbed her hips, yanking her back hard onto his cock, and slamming into her over and over. "Daddy... oh... oh, please fuck me..." She whispered, her face pressed against the sheets, that were wet with her tears and saliva. She came again, shaking, screaming, her ass clenching around his hard cock, her pussy gushing, the juices of her running down her thighs. He came hard in her ass, groaning loudly and thrusting into her hot, clenching hole.

He pulled out of her ass, and lifted her weak, shaking body off the bed.

He laid her back across a black ottoman, that served to keep her ass a good foot and a half off the ground, but was not long enough to support her upper body, so that she was forced to arch back, her shoulders just barely on the floor, her hair splayed against the linoleum. Her toes touched the floor on the other side of the ottoman, and he flipped up her skirt and spread her feet apart, kneeling between them and studying her wet, twitching, swollen red pussy.

She was mumbling rather incoherently, and her thighs were shaking. He slid one finger into her, testing her, and her swollen pussy was tight around his single digit.

"You didn't trust Daddy." He whispered, entranced by her beautiful cunt. "Daddy has to spank you now."

"What?" She gasped. He'd already beat her ass hard while he was fucking her, and it felt red and burning hot against the leather of the ottoman.

He raised his hand high for a moment, and then brought it down, slapping hard and wet against her pussy. She screamed, orgasming again at once, and twitching herself right off the ottoman. He lifted her back onto it, and used her dirty tights on the floor to tie her ankle to wrist on either side of the stocky piece of furniture, before slapping his hand hard against her clit and pussy.

"Fuck... FUCK!" her pussy gushed liquid, and he licked it up, his mouth gentle and sweet after the rough abuse beneath his palm. And then pulled back, giving her twat a sharp smack, before just starting to lay into it, spanking her pussy hard and fast as she screamed, coming and shaking and crying. After he had laid 8 hard blows directly against her wet sore clit, he lowered his hand, and replaced his mouth over her cunt with his soft mouth, gently, soothingly running his tongue over her hot, swollen pussy. "Daddy..." She moaned. "Oh... Daddy..."

He gave her a couple last, gentle licks. She was moaning and trembling as he lay her weak body back on the bed. She twitched a bit, rolling onto her tummy, burying her face in the pillow.

She was trembling, and he easily scooped her into his arms, cradling her against him as she lay her head on his chest.

He stroked her hair, brushing it back from where it was stuck in the wet tears and spit on her shining face. "Are you okay, baby?" He whispered.

She murmured a primarily unintelligible response, shaking against him. For a moment he was worried that perhaps he had finally pushed her too far, but she looked up at him, and the expression on her face was glazed, exhausted, and obviously completely blissful.

"Thank you, Daddy." She whispered.

"You're welcome, baby." He smiled, kissing her hair, her flushed cheeks, her wet lips.

"I told you Daddy'd make it better."

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