tagBDSMA Bad Day at Work

A Bad Day at Work


After putting down my phone I regret what I had just said to her. She is someone that is based greatly on emotion and I didn't want to bring her down by telling her about the awful day, so far, at work. I honestly just want to go home right now, but my last meeting of the day is too important, even though I know it is going to drag out.

Sitting at the long boardroom table, my eyes are focused on the person talking, but my mind is somewhere else. To be honest, I was upset at how I knew I had made her feel from that phone call.

Two hours later, the meeting finally ends and pack some papers into my briefcase and head to the car park. I jump behind the wheel of my car and turn the engine over to begin my trip home. My mind starts thinking immediately of her as the car pulls out of the car park.

I'm not sure what it is, but when I think of her, my first thoughts are usually of a sweet and innocent girl that would do anything to make me happy and over the last year living together she has done just that every day. The sweet and innocent nature is just half of her however, as she is also the sultry and extremely kinky goddess that somehow connects with my dark subconscious and fulfils those desires.

Reaching for the remote control, the garage door starts to lift as I press the centre of the green button, pulling into my driveway. Turning the key to stop the engine inside my double garage, I grasp my leather briefcase and close the car door.

Walking into the main lounge room from the garage, I throw my keys into the intricately carved wooden bowl I brought back from my trip to Columbia a number of years ago, as was my usual custom.

"I'm home, my girl," I say in a positive tone placing my bag next to the side table before walking into the kitchen, looking for her. It was an extremely hot day and all of the fans were in motion as I continue through the house.

Something catches my eye flapping about on the dining table as I walk towards it. A large note being held down by a vase was moving about as I push down the bottom to stop it moving from the breeze of the fan.

I'm sorry you had such a bad day Daddy... I have got you something to try and cheer you up... it's in the bedroom...

She signed it down the bottom with a really big love heart as I smile at how much she did to make me happy. It helped also that she always called me "Daddy". Everyone has a weak spot and that is mine.

I start to wonder what she had got for me as I walk down the long hallway and into the study. I suppose she had a couple of hours to go to the shops and buy me something because she knew as well as I had that my meetings always go longer than I say they will.

Where is she by the way, I think to myself? Walking into the bedroom I find the answer to my question. Lying on the bed completely naked with just a ribbon tied around her waist into a bow that sat in her belly, it became clear that she was my present.

The fan in the bedroom was also on as she lays there motionless as I can see she has fallen asleep. I walk over to her and caress her hair as she starts to stir.

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry, I must have fallen asleep," she murmurs, her eyes blinking a couple of times.

"That's alright Babygirl," I reply sitting on the edge of the bed next to her, "My meeting went later than expected."

"Well you're home now and that's all that matters. Do you want your present to cheer you up?" she asks mischievously with a smile.

"It's alright my girl, you're still tired," I say while caressing her soft cheek.

"Please Daddy, I want you to be happy after your bad day. You can have me any way you want. I am yours to use for your happiness," she says sincerely. She always made me feel better after a bad day, even with just her words.

I stand up and stretch my arms upwards still stiff from sitting down most of the afternoon. Contemplating taking her out for dinner, she could see me thinking as she rolls onto her side and then makes her way to her feet standing in front of me.

With outstretched arms she wraps them around me giving me a hug. "I love you Daddy," she says before releasing me and kissing me on the lips.

I look lovingly into her eyes and say, "I love you too my girl."

She then bends her knees and lowers her body crouching in front of me. Without an answer, she takes things into her own hands to make a decision as she unzips my trousers.

Quickly finding my cock through the hole, she feels into my boxer shorts underneath and pulls it out. Placing it into her mouth, she starts to suck it as my manhood expands in her mouth quite quickly.

"You're amazing Babygirl," I declare with my head rolling back enjoying the sensation of her tongue as she sucks my dick like there was no tomorrow. Moving my head back again, I look down at her hair that has been let out completely, not tied up as was her usual style.

She looks up at me making eye contact with my dick still in her mouth, not stopping the job she had started moments ago. Maintaining eye contact, she slowly lets it slide out of her mouth, with a strand of saliva attaching itself from the head to her tongue.

She smiles as it breaks asking, "What do you want now Daddy?" as she was still on her knees in front of me. I do not answer again contemplating, but this time different things.

Without a reply, she decides to offer some suggestions. "Shall I keep going here Daddy?" she asks leaning in and licking the length of my cock with her tongue. "Do you want to cum in my mouth?" she then inquires, looking up smiling.

"Or do you want to bend me over and fuck me?" she asks. "You could even use my tight ass if you desire Daddy. Whatever I can do to make you happy." Now she's put more options to consider in my head.

While I think about it, she moves her mouth back onto my cock and takes it all in up to my balls. Holding there, I can feel my cock on the back of her throat as she kneels there and doesn't move. I was amazed at the ability of this feat as she doesn't gag at all.

She slowly moves backward again letting my cock slide out as a thick line of saliva follows and runs down her mouth and onto her chin. Some starts to fall onto her amazingly pert breasts, but she catches the rest on her index finger and sucks it back into her mouth.

Moving forward once more she engulfs my dick again, but this time she starts to slide back and forth quickly, her mouth working overtime to satisfy me. Raising her left hand, she takes hold of my shaft and slides her hand in unison with her mouth. The sensation of her fingers following her mouth feels amazing.

The sound of my groaning only spurs her on as she increases the speed and starts to suck my cock with passion. With her hand now descending under my dick to feel my balls, her mouth again takes over completely in stimulating my cock.

She was working feverishly now for some time without taking a break and again I marvel at her ability, but I have become used to her feats after a year living together.

With my hand now on the back of her head, she begins deep throating me, intent on making me happy. Assisting her thrusts into me with my hand guiding her head, the saliva starts to slide out the side of her mouth and onto her body as I look down at her.

"Fuck babygirl, you are amazing with my cock in your mouth," I say with conviction. She doesn't stop to reply, but continues to take my dick into her mouth and throat, thinking only of me.

Right on the edge I have to hold her back, stopping her head with my hand, guiding her mouth off me. "You were about to make me cum my girl," I explain as she draws in a breath, kneeling before me. "I've decided that I want more."

Looking up at me with her puppy dog eyes she smiles. "Anything, Daddy," is all she says as she remains kneeling. Reaching down I offer my hand as she accepts it and pulls herself up from her position.

I take her into an embrace and kiss her passionately with her tongue responding to mine as I want to feel every part of her mouth. My hands then move from her face down to her waist as I explore her body with my touch as I kiss her.

My hand rounds her tight ass cheek as my tongue now wants the outside of her lips and face in addition to the inside of her mouth. We intensely kiss each other, my hands still covering all over her naked body as we do.

Finally as I release her, she takes in a breath as she looks straight into my eyes and into my soul. In a seductive voice she whispers, "How do you want me Daddy?" She places both arms over my shoulders and kisses me softly, her lip sliding slowly away from mine not wanting to let go.

"I need to have you my girl," I reply, "From behind." Without a word she turns around spinning on the spot and bending down slowly, her hands and arms leading the way, to rest on the bed now facing away from me.

Still in that position, she turns her head to see me take off my shirt and pants, followed by my boxer shorts. As I move to her, she spreads her legs further and I can now see all of her shaved pussy, ready for me.

Running two fingers from the bottom of her pussy lips to the very top, I can feel how wet she is, just from sucking my cock. Pleasuring me always turned her on and she never failed to tell me.

"Looks like you're ready my girl," I say, half questioning, and half stating.

"Yes Daddy, sucking your cock made me so wet," she responds. Taking hold of my cock, I move the head to her pussy and did exactly what I had done moments earlier with my finger, but this time with my cock head.

I can sense her anticipation in the way she moves her body slightly towards me wanting to take it all in, but knowing she would have to wait for me to make the move when I am ready.

She didn't have to wait long today as I move my cock back to her pussy after perusing the wetness for a second from my teasing, as I start to enter her from behind.

When I reach the end of my shaft after penetrating her as far as possible, I wait for a moment and enjoy the feeling and also the view I had from where I was standing. My hands clutch onto her ass as I pull back and thrust into her once more and I hear her moan.

"Take me Daddy," she pleads as I stabilise my legs and start to thrust inside her. I always feel that she is completely mine when I consume her body and this time is no exception.

My hands start to slide forward to the small of her back, feeling her skin as I push my cock faster into her, feeling her tight pussy wrap around me.

As the pace quickens, so does her panting and I feel the wetness build more inside her as our bodies collide with each thrust from me standing behind her. She begins to grasp hold of the bed cover, scrunching it in her hands as she starts to moan louder, turning me on even more.

Her body somewhat arched now, with her backside in the air and face now against the bed, hands out in front of her. I reach under her body and take hold of her breasts as I thrust my cock deeper into her accommodating pussy.

"Oh Daddy," she exclaims as my pace builds more hearing the wetness each time my dick enters her.

My fingers run over her erect nipples as I lean forward and whisper, "You are such a good girl." Her moaning now even louder than before and more constant, I could sense she was on the edge.

Still leaning forward over her body, with my cock pushing inside I again whisper to her saying, "Cum for me my girl."

Standing back up, I grasp hold of her hips and push faster impaling my cock inside her pussy. She lets go and starts to orgasm, just as I had asked. Her body shakes a little as it normally does when I make her cum.

After a few moments, I stop moving inside her and just hold her hips, my cock still buried deep feeling the wetness inside. "Thank you Daddy," she says to me, her breathing just recovering.

The bed covers were pulled a little closer, still in her hands as I reach under and feel her pussy. Even with my hard cock still inside, I could feel some of her juices that had escaped and were now on her thigh.

"Are you ready to cum Daddy?" she asks still wanting to please me.

"Soon, yes Baby," I reply as I start withdrawing my cock almost all the way, keeping just the head inside her. I can see it glistening from her climax that had just gushed all over it moments earlier.

I consider how I wanted to have her now, holding my wet cock in my hand when she says seductively, "Fuck me Daddy," as she wriggles her backside at me, her body still arched.

I realise how much I need her, right now as I plunge my cock back into her wetness as she gasps. "Thank you Daddy," she says, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard." I did not need any encouragement, but I so loved her talking dirty while we fucked, it was such a huge turn on for me and she knew it.

Holding her hips tighter than before I thrust deeply into her as she moans with pleasure. The fan whirs overhead as the heat in the room is evident while our two bodies again collide with force.

The bed cover was being pulled tighter than last time as I fuck her hard, just how she wanted. The fact of the matter was, right then it's all I wanted as well, looking down at my girl in front of me, legs spread taking my cock from behind.

Feeling her pussy absolutely soaked now, pushes me to the edge. "You are so wet baby," I say building up my speed as I also pull her body towards me with each thrust now.

"I'm so fucking wet for you Daddy. You did this to me," she pauses to take a breath, "and I want you to use me anyway you want."

Her head raises slightly off the bed as I feel her pussy start to contract again. "Fuck me Daddy," she screams in between her moans.

Her hair in a messed up state now, sweat now drawn to both our bodies, we continue to collide with each other. My hands clutch her skin tighter as I slam my body into hers.

"I'm close Daddy. Do you want me to cum?" she asks wanting nothing more than for me to say yes so she could explode once more.

"Good girl," I reply, acknowledging her asking permission. "Yes baby, cum for me. We can cum together," I say now breathing heavy myself. "Cum for Daddy," I say as I yank her body back against me with my hands glued to her hips as it meets my thrusts.

Her screaming was now just drowning out the wet sound that each thrust made when entering her pussy. The bed cover starts to peel back as she pulls it hard, her body shaking with her second orgasm rolling across her.

I lose control and start to cum, propelling hot streams of cum into her already sopping wet pussy and I let out a grunting sound, still pumping my cock into her.

"Fuck Daddy," she yells as I continue to thrust into her, filling her pussy with my cum as her body shakes. I then decide I want to see some of it and I stop thrusting and pull my cock out with my hand and shoot the last remaining streams onto her ass.

"Fuck Daddy," she repeats, apparently all that she can say in the moment. The white jizz covers one side of her ass cheek and runs down to her ass crack and down to her asshole.

Her head then falls back to the bed as her body arches slightly more and I now have full view of her pussy, my cum now starting to drip out, overflowing from the amount spent.

"Is Daddy finished now?" she asks politely, not moving from that position.

"Yes my girl. Thank you," I reply. She stands up and turns, leaning in and kissing me softly as she walks purposely past me saying, "I'm having a shower and getting cleaned up Daddy."

"Alright Baby," I say, sitting on the edge of the bed recovering in a start of pleasure. After cleaning myself and getting changed, I walk into the bathroom where she is still washing herself and enjoying the cool water on a hot afternoon.

"I was thinking of taking you out to dinner my girl. What do you think?" I ask.

"That sounds lovely Daddy," she responds, "What shall I wear?"

Smiling, I take hold of the shower door and open it leaning in. She reciprocates leaning towards me as we kiss. "I'm sure you find something nice to wear my girl."

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