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A Bad Husband Gets Caught


My sister-in-law and I have always had a good relationship. I've found her very attractive since the day I first met her and I believe that she has always felt the same way. Over the years, there have been numerous occasions where we've flirted with each other, but we have never acted on anything. I am very happily married, and I've never wanted to jeopardize my marriage. My wife has mentioned more than once that she thinks Elise has a thing for me, and she has tried to question me about what I think about Elise, in her own sly way. I always know exactly what she's getting at, and have never fallen for her tricks. Elise and I have never vocalized any type of feelings. Our flirtations have always been physical; smiles, knowing glances, flirtatious touches, etc. I have fantasized about her while masturbating probably hundreds of times, but I never expected anything to happen between us.

For the past three years or so, Elise has been dating an asshole named Ben. Ben is your typical jock, meathead asshole. He's always been friendly to my wife Kim and me, but we've always suspected that he treated Elise like shit. We both have spoken to her about it, trying to feel her out, but she's never given us any information. The two of them have broken up at least three or four times since they'd been going out. One of the breakups occurred after I saw him at a bar with another woman. I immediately told Elise and she freaked and dumped him, but got back together with him soon after. Ben is well aware of how Kim and I feel about him, so we have seen very little of them recently, even though we live only about ten minutes from each other. Since they are sisters, Kim has been much more vocal about our opinions of Ben than I have, but Elise knows how I feel as well.

Last Thursday was an ordinary, boring evening. I was home watching the game, and Kim was out with one of her friends. At about ten, the phone rang. I expected it to be Kim, but it was Elise's name on the caller ID. I waited too long to answer and the machine picked up. I could immediately hear that she was crying, so I picked up the phone. "Jack, don't tell Kim who it is." She said immediately.

"She's not here, Elise. What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked.

"I broke up with Ben." She answered.

"What did that asshole do?" I asked. "If he did anything to you, I'll kill that fucker!"

"No, calm down, it's not like he hit me or something." She said.

"Well, whatever, I'll be right over." I answered.

I threw on some shoes, and darted out the door. I hopped in the car and flew over to her house in record time. I dashed out of the car and into her house. Elise was curled up on the couch when I entered. She had stopped crying, but had a box of tissues next to her. As I walked into the living room she stood up and greeted me with a big hug. "Thanks for coming, Jack." She said.

"Don't worry about it. How are you doing? What happened?" I quizzed her.

"Oh, it's a long story." She sighed.

"Well guess what, I have all night, so let's have it." I told her.

"We had plans to go out tonight, and I was all dressed and ready to go when he called me. He told me that he was sick and couldn't go out tonight. I didn't think anything of it, in fact, I felt bad for him, that son of a bitch. I thought it would be sweet to make him some chicken soup and go and visit him. When I got to his apartment, I could hear music blasting through the door. I still was naïve and didn't question anything. When I got inside I called out for him, but the music was too loud. I headed back to his bedroom figuring he was resting in there. Well, it turns out that he wasn't alone. When I walked into his room, there he was fucking some slut!" She elaborated. Elise's hurt had appeared to become anger as she relayed the story.

"What a schmuck!" I said. "What kind of an asshole would do that to you?"

"I know, I know." She continued. "I should have known. I knew he'd done it before, but I hoped he'd change. What an idiot I am."

"Come on Elise, don't beat yourself up." I consoled her. "It's not your fault the guy's a prick."

As we talked, she cozied herself up next to me and I put my arm around her. She smelled great, and I was enjoying the close proximity.

She continued on about how she'd wasted her time with Ben and that she would die lonely and on and on.

"Elise, shut up!" I said sternly. "You're an amazing girl. You're smart, you're funny, you're sweet, and you're beautiful! What guy wouldn't want you?

"Really? That's so nice of you to say, but you didn't have to exaggerate." She said, smiling.

"I wasn't exaggerating!" I replied. I really wasn't. She is very smart and very funny, and probably the nicest person I'd ever met. Like I said, I've also always found her extremely attractive. She's not a striking beauty, I guess, but I'm very fond of her. She's about 5'9" and 140 lbs. She has short black hair and a fair complexion, and she's got a great set of large breasts and a tight little ass. She always dressed to impress; showing off all of her assets.

"You're just saying that to cheer me up, Jack." She answered.

"No I'm not; I've always thought that you're hot." I said. I didn't realize what I was saying until the words came out of my mouth.

Elise smiled and looked at me with a surprised look on her face. "You think I'm hot?" she asked, again smiling.

"Well, yeah, of course." I said, stammering.

"You're not so bad yourself!" She told me, in a sexy, suggestive tone.

I smiled and blushed. It was beginning to get uncomfortable. I really wanted her and I had just accidentally told her. Then, she went and told me basically the same thing. 'I'm sorry Elise; I shouldn't have said that, maybe I should get going." I said. I stood up as I finished the sentence.

"Get back here!" she said, reaching out her hand. I took her hand and sat back down next to her. "Why are you apologizing?" she asked me. "You think I've never noticed the way you look at me? The way you check me out every time I'm near you?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to backpedal, albeit poorly.

"Oh please." She answered. "We both know we've been flirting with each other for the last ten years!"

"Elise, I really think I should go." I said. This time, I stood up and walked straight for the door. Elise though did the same. She ran in front of me and stood in front of the door.

"You're not going anywhere!" She snapped. I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine, and then it happened. She leaned up and kissed me directly on the lips. It felt amazing; she has the softest, sweetest lips! I kissed back for a few moments, but then pulled away.

"Elise, I can't do this." I stuttered. "What about Kim? I can't do this to her!"

"She'll never know a thing." She answered. "It's just one time. We need to do this; we need to relieve this tension that's always been between us. It's okay, don't worry about a thing. It'll stay between you and me."

I knew this was wrong. I knew I had to stop, but I wanted her so bad! I'd wanted her for so long, and here was my chance. I wanted to leave, I really did, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't fight the urge. Instead I leaned into her and kissed her. That was it; it was too late to stop now. She kissed right back, her tongue tracing my lips. As we kissed, she pushed me down the hallway to her bedroom. We collapsed together onto the bed. Elise was on top, and as we kissed, my hands found their way down her back to her ass. She was kissing me like I'd never felt. The heat between us was over powering. She broke our kiss, and began kissing my chin and then my neck. As she smothered my neck, she began unbuttoning my shirt. When she was done, she moved down to my chest and my stomach. Her lips and tongue on my stomach was driving me wild. I was afraid that I'd lose it before we even started, so I moved her off of me and onto her back.

Somehow, she still had her sandals on, which I promptly removed. I gave her feet a few seconds of attention, then moved up her body to her lips again. I then followed her cue and began kissing her neck and the top of her chest. She had on a low-cut black and white blouse that allowed me plenty of access to her cleavage. I had to see her breasts though, so I reached down and pulled up her shirt. She leaned up off the bed, allowing me to pull it over her head. I kissed the tops of her breasts, since she still had on a lacy black bra. Even through her bra, I could see that her nipples were standing straight up. I reached down and cupped her breasts as I smothered her neck with kisses. I slowly moved my hands from her breasts, around to the clasp of the bra. I fumbled with it, until she mercifully helped. I tilted my head up from her neck. The bra was still covering her tits. I cupped her breasts again, squeezing the bra into the palms of my hand. I moved my hands away and her huge tits sprang free. They were very large, at least a high C-cup, maybe even a D. She had medium sized light brown nipples. I was surprised to find that her breasts sagged a little. She's only in her early thirties, so I expected them to be more firm, but they still looked great! I buried my head between them and tweaked her nipples with my fingers. Her chest and neck was beet red from her excitement. Since she is so fair skinned, it was very evident. She was incredibly quiet during all this, letting out only a few low moans.

I moved my lips over on top of her right nipple, flicking my tongue over it as I sucked it into my mouth. When I started nibbling it, she let out another moan. I then switched to her other nipple and did the same. As I played with her nips, she placed her hand on top of my head and pushed me lower down her body. I covered her soft, inviting belly and navel with kisses, swirling my tongue in her belly-button. She giggled as I did that. I knew what she wanted though, and I wanted the same thing. I undid the snap at the top of her tight black dress pants, and then moved back down to her feet. I kissed the bottom of them as I took hold of the bottom of her pant-legs. When she moved her feet away from my mouth, I tugged at the pants. They were surprisingly tight, so I focused my attention on removing them. Elise lifted her ass of the bed, allowing the pants to slide down and off her buns. I threw her pants aside and kissed my way up her legs. She now was wearing only a tiny black pair of panties that appeared to be a thong, even though I couldn't see her ass. About the time I reached her knees, she placed her foot on my crotch. "Lose the pants!" She said, seductively. I did as I was told and now had on only a pair of boxers. "That's better!" She answered. Again she placed her foot on my crotch, teasing my dick with her toes. I wasn't ready for that though. I continued up her thighs, savoring each inch of flesh, until I reached her crotch. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. As I kissed around the inside of her thighs, she began to giggle. I looked up at her and smiled, then placed a kiss on her panty-covered pussy. Her panties had a large wet spot right over her pussy. I rolled her over onto her stomach to get a look at her ass. I was right; she was wearing a thong, which showed off her cute little ass. I grabbed onto both cheeks and kissed my way around each. Again, I positioned her onto her back.

I pulled my head up from between her legs and looked at her. I took all of her in, stunned by the fact that I was about to eat my sister in law's pussy! I had fantasized about this countless times, and here it was, actually happening! I looked at her face and she smiled. "Do it Jack, eat my pussy! I've waited for this for so long!" She said. Hearing those words from that voice was it! I placed two fingers under the waistband of her panties, and pulled them down. They clung to her moist pussy as I pulled them off. I was surprised to see a large patch of light-brown hair above her pussy. As I said earlier, she has black hair on her head, and I never knew she dyed it. I looked down at her moist pussy, and ran my tongue over it in one long stroke. Her sweet nectar covered my tongue, and I took a deep breath to absorb her faint sweet scent. I was through teasing and buried my face into her valley. I entered her hole with my tongue and licked as deeply as I could. I began rubbing her nub with my right thumb as I ate her. All of a sudden, Elise became very vocal, crying out as I pleasured her. She started out squirming beneath me slightly, then more and more, eventually pushing her hips into my face. She let out a loud cry and her pussy seeped out a small amount of juice over my lips and tongue, obviously from her orgasm. I licked her a little more, enjoying her sweet tasting juice.

When she regained her composure, Elise took a handful of hair and pulled me up her body. We kissed deeply; my tongue entered her mouth, allowing her a taste of her own juices. I was worn out just from eating her pussy, but I was ready for more. Elise reached down and grabbed my cock through my boxers as I moved onto my back. She pushed the waistband of my boxers down under my cock and started stroking me. Elise broke our kiss and headed down to my dick. She pulled my boxers down the rest of the way and tossed them aside. She continued stroking me as she moved her mouth towards me. She flicked her tongue over the tip, which drove me wild. Then, she did it again, and again, and again. She must have done it ten times! She knew I was going insane from the teasing, but she didn't seem to care. She was giggling the whole time. Finally, when she leaned back in for what I expected to be another teasing lick, she completely devoured me in her mouth. She was able fit almost all of my eight inches. The warmth of her mouth felt amazing. As she sucked me, she still continued licking the tip of my length, but since I was engulfed in her mouth, it felt even more amazing! I hoped that she didn't plan on sucking me for long, because I knew I wouldn't last long. Thankfully she must have been well aware. "I better stop before you fill my mouth!" She said. "Besides, I want to feel you inside me!"

She moved onto the bed next to me. We kissed for a few moments before I climbed on top of her. As I moved onto her, I again took a few seconds to try to absorb what was happening. I didn't hesitate long though. Elise grabbed my cock and moved it to her pussy. I eased the head into her, and then looked deeply into her eyes as I plunged into her. She let out a loud cry as I entered her. She was incredibly tight. It was a great feeling fucking her tight pussy, feeling her vaginal muscles pulling me deeper into her. We worked up a rhythm, me slamming into her as she pushed her hips up into me. We were both very vocal as we fucked, moaning and groaning with each thrust. She looked so beautiful; a look of pain and bliss as I fucked her, my sister in law. She began crying out as her pussy quivered around me. She wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me into her. I was on the brink as she came all over me. The warmth of her pussy juice over my cock was too much for me to handle. I cried out, "Here it comes Elise, do you want my come?

"Yes, yes, let me have it, Jack. Come in my pussy!" She answered, ecstatically.

I did as she asked, filling her with wave after wave of come. I collapsed on top of her, my cock growing soft, still inside her. As I rolled off of her, my come began oozing out of her lips. As we our bodies became disentangled, we were interrupted.

"You fucking bastards!" The voice cried out. I knew immediately who it was and looked up to see my wife Kim standing in the doorway. "Next time, erase the fucking message, you idiot!" She screamed. I leapt out of bed and ran after her, completely naked. She was too quick though and was already speeding off when I reached the door.

Elise walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my stomach. We just looked at each other. We'd been caught red-handed. My wife had just caught me fucking her sister. How was I going to fix this?

By the time I got dressed and hurried home, my wife had gone to bed. Our bedroom door was locked.

"Kim, let me in, let's talk about this." I said.

'What the fuck is there to talk about?" She asked angrily. "I'll see you in the morning, maybe."

I knew I was in deep shit, so I figured I'd just settle in on the couch downstairs and hope that maybe she'd calm down after a night's sleep, but I doubted it.

The next morning, my wife didn't even mention what had happened. She went about her day acting as if nothing had changed, but then when it came time for bed, she headed upstairs and locked the door. This went on for three days. I didn't know what to do. I decided that I'd just let it lie, hoping that at some point things would get better. I was afraid that if I said anything, she would explode.

The next Monday, I was late coming home from work. A lot of things had gone wrong, and I was stuck cleaning up the mess. Even though we hadn't been speaking much lately, Kim was calling me constantly. She must have called four times to find out when I was coming home. I thought for sure that she was ready to discuss everything, and she was just anxious for me to get home. Finally, at around 10pm, I was ready to head home. I gave Kim a call, like she'd ask, and let her know I'd be home in about ten minutes. When I got home, Kim was nowhere to be found. I figured she must have gone to bed, so I headed upstairs. As I ascended the steps, I heard a strange voice; a man's voice. Immediately, it hit me. She had been calling me so often because she wanted me to walk in on her with another guy. I have to admit, even though I'd totally screwed her over, I was a little upset with this. As far as I knew, my wife had only been with two other men before me, and none since we've been together, so I knew it took a lot to lead her to this. Even though I was pissed, I figured the best thing for me to do was to take my medicine and walk in on them. I continued down the hall until I got to the entrance to our bedroom. The door was wide open, and I quietly walked in. I was stunned by what I saw. My wife was lying on the bed, sandwiched between my best friend Bob, and his wife Anne! I was beyond pissed now. Not just at Kim, but also at Bob. How could that fucker be involved in this? After considering it though, I understood. He was a guy, and my wife was a beautiful woman, why would he pass up easy sex with her? I was also shocked to see Kim kissing Anne. Kim had never been with a woman before! As pissed as I was, I was also intrigued by the scene before me. As Kim broke her kiss with Anne, she made eye contact with me. She looked directly at me, but acted as if she didn't see me. She just turned her head towards Bob and kissed him. What I wanted to do was leave, but I just couldn't. I had to watch this. I had always had a thing for Anne, and I wanted to watch her with my wife. My first opportunity, I slid into the closet sneakily so I wouldn't be spotted.

I was mesmerized watching my beautiful wife with this other couple. Kim is about 5'3 and 130 pounds. She has short blonde, curly hair and a large, inviting ass and average B-cup breasts. Anne on the other hand, is about 5'7", slender, with about the same size tits, and long, flowing blonde hair. Bob is average height, about 5'10" and well-built, but not overly muscular, just fit.

Kim was being very passive in all this. She was just lying on the bed as Bob and Anne took care of her. Up to this point, they had only been kissing, but things soon progressed. As Anne and Kim kissed, Bob moved to the foot of the bed. He removed my wife's shoes and socks, and then began massaging her feet. In the meantime, Anne had begun unbuttoning Kim's shirt. By the time she removed it, Bob had moved back up to join them. He reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my wife's jeans as Anne moved to her feet and pulled them off. Kim now was wearing only a floral blue bra and panty set. Anne began kissing Kim's legs as Bob removed her bra and started playing with her tits. Kim had a huge smile on her face, obviously enjoying herself. As Bob continued with her tits, Anne had moved between my wife's legs and was rubbing her pussy through the panties. After a minute or so of teasing, Anne removed Kim's panties, exposing her hairy pussy. Kim has never been one to shave, and I've always enjoyed her full bush. I was fascinated as Anne began eating Kim's pussy. As Anne ate her pussy, Kim pulled Bob's cock out of his pants and had begun jerking him off, inches from her face. When Bob was at full length, Kim accepted him into her mouth. On some level, I was really enjoying watching this. I had never imagined my wife letting another woman eat her pussy, let alone sucking on another man's cock. Kim was squirming all over the bed as Anne played with her pussy, and I could hear all kinds of muffled moans. I could see Anne's face glistening with Kim's juices as she licked her way around her pussy. I was a little surprised when Bob moaned out that he was going to come. I would have though he'd want to fuck my wife, but I guess he couldn't hold out, as I could see his come leaking out of Kim's mouth. Kim had never been willing to swallow my come, but she licked his cock clean, savoring each drop. Bob rolled off of my wife and lay on the bed, watching his wife and my wife. Anne moved back up towards my wife and kissed her, sharing her husband's come with my wife.

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