tagRomanceA Bad Idea Ch. 02

A Bad Idea Ch. 02


The earliest rays of sunlight creep through the window. He stirs slightly, his morning erection aching and pressing insistently against the curves of her ass. His eyelids never so much as flutter as his hips begin lazily and irregularly, yet insistently, grinding against her. Her breathing shifts as she's coaxed out of her sleep by his humping. "Mmmm..." She groans sleepily.

"Mmm, sorry." He mumbles, eyes still closed as he stills his hips.

"It's okay." She whispers thickly and rolls her hips enticingly. A lazily happy hum of appreciation is his only audible response. His hand rests heavily on her hip and his light humping resumes, his heavy hand holding her close as she slowly rolls her ass against him. His erection progressively swells and soon her pussy begins to leave a glistening sheen on his swollen head as it trails along her folds.

Gradually their movements become more coordinated as their arousal begins to cut through the content fog of sleep. His thrusting grows ever more insistent, his grip tighter, his member heavier while her sex grows wetter, her breath quicker and her own rolling hips more needy. Her hand reaches down between her thighs to grip him, leaning forward and arching her back she guides him into her slick passage with a sultry groan from them both as his naked cock slides home into her hot, welcoming centre.

"You want morning sex?" He asks, tongue still heavy with sleep but eyes very much open now.

"I'm trying new things." She responds with a slight gasp as she feels him flex inside her, then arches her back again and pushes back on him, pressing his thick sex deeper. They both hum their appreciation and his grip tightens on her hip. He rolls his hips, stroking his length through her soft canal a few times before reluctantly extracting himself. She whimpers and looks back over her shoulder as he rolls to the edge of the bed and reaches for the box of condoms. Clumsily tearing one free and rolling it over his length, he nestles in behind her again.

His arm reaches around the swell of her hip, his hand slipping between her damp thighs and then guiding his swollen slab between her hot folds. They moan together as he slides into her, his fingers trail up through her velvety curtains and coax her sensitive nub. She jerks and twitches under his deft fingers, her passage quivering around him. She arches her back through her spasms, pushing him deeper and drawing a quick gasp from herself and a low moan from him. His other hand, arm snaked under her neck, reaches down and cups one of her soft globes in an almost ungentle grip, massaging her in his hand, his rough palm scraping her tightening nipple in a terribly wonderful way. His arms flex, pulling her more firmly against his body, pressing her soft, small body hard along the length of him, his heavy leg pinning her down.

"You're so small. You can't get away." He whispers in her ear. She trembles in his grasp and her juices drip along their legs. She bites her lip and rolls her hips. He thrusts forward hard to meet her with a groan.

Suddenly she grabs at his hands, trying to pull them away and bucks her hips away from him. His grip tightens roughly on her breast and his other hand grips her hip tightly, pulling her back hard on his cock. She bucks again, trying to scramble for the edge of the bed. In one quick, fluid motion, he traps her legs between his and rolls on top of her, crushing her between him and the bed and driving his cock hard into her juicy little cunt.

"You can't get away from me." He growls into her ear. Her pussy clenches around him at his words and he groans, a quick hard thrust from him draws an echo from her. He wraps her arms around her, crossing her arms across her chest, and then crushes her beneath him. The weight of her breasts crushing into her, with the added torment of her arms pressed into her chest and her own arousal leaves her gasping for breath as he bears down on her, squeezing her tight between his thick legs and strong arms. Her struggling breaths turn to sultry moans as each fast, hard thrust drags heavily across her g-spot. Her juices soak the bed beneath them and soak his pistoning cock as he greedily pounds into her, all the while crushing her tight.

"Don't stop. Don't stop!" she pants.

His thrusting grows even faster. His arms encircle her and squeeze her ever tighter. With a muted scream into the pillow she shudders beneath him as her orgasm crashes over her. Her juices soak his balls as he drives himself to the hilt, a violent "Fuck!" the only warning before his muscles convulse around her and he begins to empty himself. They remain locked there for long seconds as they ride their waves of ecstasy together. His grip a crushing band around her, her nails digging into his forearms as she clutches him.

They both go limp together. Panting. He slowly rolls on his side, arms never releasing her, but his embrace becoming gentle as he nestles her against himself and she snuggles in closer. Sweat glistens on them and their breath is shallow and quick. His slowly shrinking member pops free as she turns in his arms and rests her forehead against his collar bone, nestling in close. His arms hold her close and his heavy leg drapes over her intimately, pulling them close.

"You're right, that's a good way to start the day." She purrs. He chuckles and runs his hands through her hair and along her back.

"Told you."

They lie entwined for a few more minutes, his hands lazily rubbing her back, her fingers roaming his chest. Kissing the top of her head he gives her a squeeze before rolling away, gently pulling his arm out from under her head. She pouts in the most adorable way, making him smile as he looks down at her from beside the bed. He rolls the condom off in one practiced motion and drops it in the trash. She wiggles to the edge of the bed sitting up and eagerly takes his softening cock in her mouth, his shrunken state making it easy for her to take him all, pressing her nose against his pelvis.

She sucks and strokes with her tongue without backing away. Gradually he lengthens in her mouth, growing longer and harder. Her little nose continues to rest against his pelvis as he expands, slowly growing into the back of her throat. She continues to clean him, her one hand coming up to cup his balls and roll them gently. His cock swells to cut off her breathing and with a slight gag she backs away slightly, continuing to stroke him with her tongue until his cock's continued growth makes her gag again and she has to pull back a little more to resume her game. All the while he stands there transfixed, loving this game and loving to watch the way she handles him.

Once she has coaxed him to his full length again she makes a show of getting every imaginary drop of cum off of his engorged member, before sitting back and smiling up at him with mock innocence. He rolls his eyes with a fond smile and leans down to kiss her.

"Come on, you. Help me make breakfast." His thumb trails her cheek and she leans into it gently before he makes his way to the door. Strutting through the little house he finds the kitchen quickly and starts to rummage in her fridge. Not as hot blooded as him, she tosses on one of his old t-shirts before wandering into the kitchen to get a view of his bare ass sticking out of the fridge as he raids her food. She tip-toes over and slaps his ass hard, grabbing it firmly.

He jerks up and rounds on her indignantly. "You little!" He curses, a grin splitting his face before the words have properly left. He leans in for a kiss and she jumps as the cold container of orange juice finds the bare skin of her leg beneath his oversized shirt. He chuckles wickedly and kisses her again. She laughs too and cups his ass again. He sets the juice down and grips hers too, pulling her firmly against him, trapping his burning cock between them and letting her feel the heat and size of it pressed hard against her belly. That grin is still wicked as he turns back to the fridge and pulls out the carton of eggs, a pack of bacon, a block of cheese, some peppers and the butter.

Casually dropping it all on the island in the centre of the kitchen he starts rummaging through her cupboards, picking through her spices and the like. She joins him, pulling out pans and bowls for the meal prep, while he discovers where all of the place setting is and she pulls out all the cutlery. Soon bacon sizzles on the stove top and the two of them are chopping up peppers, garlic, onion and tomato to add to the scrambled eggs. The two of them dance to the music coming from his phone and sing along, cuddling each other and kissing and grinding and caressing. As he mixes all the ingredients in with the eggs and then adds the concoction to the skillet she grates an unhealthy smattering of cheese over the omelet. He watches the bacon while she begins prepping the toast and setting out their dishes.

The breakfast of champions slides onto their plates and she leads him over to the window seat to snuggle into the multitude of pillows piled into it. "Of course you found a place with a window seat." He's grinning from ear to ear at her. "And of course your throw pillows."

"Some things you just can't compromise on." She says as she wiggles into her comfy spot and he lounges out across from her. They sit there enjoying their breakfast, looking out at the small fenced in yard behind the house, watching birds flit from branch to branch and frisky squirrels chase each other about.

"Do you need to do anything today?" he asks.

"Just a little running around. Groceries and the like."

"Want some company?"

"I'd like that."

He leans in for a quick kiss, pulling back with a smile. "Why don't we clean up and get that out of our way early? We could pick up something nice for dinner tonight." He gathers their plates and they wash and dry the dishes together with only a little splashing. While she's drying the last plate he steps in behind her, his cock hardening between her ass cheeks beneath her shirt as he presses firmly against her, trapping her against the counter. His hands roam up her tummy and lift her breasts, lightly teasing her nipples through that old shirt. His head dips and he trails feather light kisses along the arch of her neck. The plate clatters as her hands tremble on the countertop. His cock lengthens, their angle such that he grows down her ass, the hardening member teasing insistently between her cheeks and aching toward her sex as his hips crush her. Her hands cover his on her tits and she turns her head to kiss him deeply, arching her back to press her ass firmly into him. He growls lightly, flexing hard against her, pulling back on her chest and crushing her to his while nipping her lip lightly.

"Come on, you." He growls before backing away, his cock springing up to slap his pelvis. She smiles after him with dark eyes and gives her lip a little bite. He strolls away cockily, knowing what he's done to her. Her hands still tremble slightly as she puts the plate away and follows him to the bedroom.

Dressing takes longer than it should, with wandering hands trying to "help" at every turn, but before long the two have dressed and make their way out of the house. She leads him hand in hand to her car.

"I see you finally got your Jeep." He grins what looks like a proud smile.

"I told you I would." She strokes the hood of the vehicle in an almost sensual manner, giving him smoky eyes as she steps to the driver's side. With a light chuckle he opens the passenger side and slides into the little blue Jeep.

The mid-morning sun breaks through the light cloud cover as they venture through town. Their first stop is the bank, then groceries, then a little shopping for her apartment. As they settle in their seats and she turns the key he reaches over to cup her mound beneath her skirt. As always, there's nothing beneath and his fingers slip between her folds quickly before he snatches them away to kiss the light moisture off of them.

Clutching the wheel she growls, "That's not fair!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"We're going home and you're going to finish what you just started." She says in a clipped, breathy tone.

"Oh, am I?" His mischievous smile seeming to set off the sparks in his blue eyes.

"Oh, you are," she growls as she jerks the little truck in gear and starts out perhaps a bit quicker than they arrived, "and then I'm going to suck that dick like I'm mad at it!" He can't help but laugh as she hurries through town.

When they pull into the drive, they grab their spoils of the day and she prods him toward the door. "Hurry your ass up!" She growls. "Don't you want some of this?" She skips in front of him, looking over her shoulder and very deliberately grinds her ass on his crotch.

"How can I hurry if you don't get that pretty little ass in the door?" He challenges. She bites her lip excitedly at the look in those darkening eyes. Quickly she throws the door open and they hurry in. As she closes the door behind them she hears the bags hit the floor and his hand scoops under her skirt from behind, his fingers pressing firmly on her mound and slipping between her folds. Surprise makes her jump but he quickly slides a finger inside her and her knees go weak with a sultry moan. Hands and face pressed to the door she arches her back as he kneels behind her changing the angle of his finger inside her. His other hand pushes her skirt up onto the swell of her ass and his lips trail kisses along the supple flesh he's exposed. It doesn't take long for her juices to properly wet his finger and he readily adds a second to her slippery quim. Her answering gasp and buckling knees leaves her trembling and nearly on the floor. He chuckles darkly and she protests lightly before his fingers stroke her firmly and she slides a little lower into his grasp.

A second gasp, this time of shock, as his fingers leave her has her whirl to face him as best she can. Before she can say anything he scoops her up and carries her into the bedroom, depositing her unceremoniously onto the bed. She makes not a sound of complaint as he leans over her and thrusts both fingers back inside her, this time curling them up to push on her g-spot. She groans and rolls her hips, her hands reaching out to clench the covers beside her. Straddling one of her legs he picks up the tempo and she grows more and more restless beneath him, hands clenching, legs attempting to rise and hands grasping at the sheets around her. Quickly his hand grows wet and her juices begin to leak between her cheeks.

He leans in for a hungry kiss, depriving her of much needed oxygen as his fingers work their magic on her. His jeans strain around his tenting girth as she clings to him. He sits back on his heels, this time to her side and her eyes go wide as he slowly adds a third finger.

"OooOoohh." Her voice trembles as three fingers slowly sink deeper and deeper inside her. "Oohh!" She gasps as his fingers curl again, the added girth filling her and press her g-spot as all three fingers sink completely inside her. "Oh! It's been... Oh! It's been a long... time! Oh! Be careful... Oooohh..." Her half-hearted protests abate to erotic coos and groans beneath his skilled attention. Her pussy begins to truly soak him, her juices dripping along his hand and beginning to pool on the sheets and her skirt. Her moans seem to work him into a lather, his jeans strain and he leans in hungrily, watching her writhe and flail beneath his ministrations. She gasps and trembles and the more erratic her responses the more his own anticipation seems to tense.

She pants as his unrelenting fingers slowly withdraw, but her eyes fasten on him in a panic as she feels him prod her again. "No wait! No, it's been too long! There's no way I can do that anymore! No wait. Wait!... Wait!... Oh, fffuucckk!" The last comes out a sharp sob as he slowly forces four fingers into her sopping wet snatch. "Oh fuck... Oh fuck... No, wait baby. Please! Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh no wait. Wait! Baby!... Ooooooohhh..."His fingers sink deeper and deeper, filling her completely, disregarding her pleas.

He leans in with a nearly sinister gleam in his eyes. She stares up at him, her own coffee-caramel's open wide with a mix of fear and overwhelming pleasure. "You're going to take it all. You're going to take it all, because I'm going to give it all to you, and you can't stop me." Her eyes squeeze tightly shut and her whole body trembles from the gravel in his threat. His fingers curl and she flails out with a gasp. His fingers curl and stroke her heavily, his thumb pressed to her clit, his other hand firmly planted on the bed above her shoulder preventing her from getting away. Steadily he grows faster and faster. She cries out and moans and pants and trembles beneath him. Her pussy juices splash out deliciously, soaking his arm, soaking the bed.

"I cant! It's too much! It's too much! Baby, please! Baby, please! It's too much! It's too much!!" She pants beneath him and soaks the pair of them even more. "It's too much! Oh, gawd. Baby. Please! Baby... Please!... Oh... Oh!... OOOooohhhhh Fffuuuuucckkk!!" She cries out violently, she wraps her arms around him leaning over her, clinging to him like a raft in a tempest as she is ripped out into a storming sea of pleasure that crashes through her and has her paralyzed beneath him. His fingers continue to coax her on, with every thrust and curl of his fingers another splash of her juices soak his arm and the bed and she cries out, clinging to him all the tighter.

Without warning he pulls his fingers free and rubs quick circles on her swollen clit. She jerks beneath those fingers, the trembles racking her whole body, her grip never slacking around his shoulders. His circles grow slower and slower on her clit, coaxing her down, drawing her back to shore. Brief trembles pass through her as she slowly comes down from her impossible high. His hand leaves her tender lady parts and gently nestles in the hollow of her hip. Her arms give out and drop to her sides on the bed, gasping from her orgasm her fluttering eyes peer off into empty space. He kisses her cheek and she moans with what can likely be called exhaustion. Her lazy eyes look up at him and a silly smile splits her lips.

"That wasn't fare. I can't do that anymore. I'm going to be sore for days." She tries to pout at him but can't stop the lazy smile that takes over.

"That wasn't an option. You were going to do it. And you were going to like it." He gives a pointed look at the soaked bed then looks back at her with his Cheshire grin.

She bites her lip with a faint tremble and smiles back up at him. "I don't think I'm very mad any more. You might have to wait for that blowjob." She chuckles weakly and he rolls his eyes, if anything his grin growing wider. "Though, I guess while you're using me like this; I could do that thing on my side you used to like." She almost seems to purr. The blue of his eyes grow stormy with lust again. "If you want." She adds almost offhandedly. He kisses her brow and quickly stands beside the bed, fumbling slightly in his hurry to get out of his clothes.

Rejoining her on the bed he lies on his side, waist level with her head. With some help from him she rolls onto her side and he slides his leg under her head, his calf running down her back. Using his thigh as a pillow she nestles on her side and opens her mouth in invitation. His cock is already leaking as he guides it past her lips, she smiles up at him, then closes her eyes almost lazily, with her jaws parted around his swollen girth. He can't help the ever growing arousal. Gently he drapes his heavy leg over her other shoulder, her head nestled between his thighs and his calves pressing firmly against her back. Trapping her. His cock twitches in her mouth and he can feel himself leaking. He can also feel her tongue lap up those beads. He rolls his hips with a few experimental thrusts, basking in the feel of her mouth, reveling in the control. Her hands lie along the top of his ass, into the small of his back, encouraging him.

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