A Bad Influence


I finally fell asleep in the den, and my wife woke me up about 10:30pm. She said her and Donna went out for a few drinks and lost track of time. I told her no problem, and said we should get to bed. I also told her I wished we could fuck, but I knew the doctor warned me otherwise. She said she was tired anyway, but I knew the real reason. I was hoping by the end of the week for some kind of closure.

I forgot all about my car in the repair shop and decided to keep riding the motorcycle. It had a feeling of freedom about it that I no longer found at home. Traffic was light as I arrived at the office the next day. I called my accountant in for a closed door meeting, and he told me everything was just about ready. I told him all the bookkeeping errors had to stand up in court. He informed me that the numbers don't lie, and that he was glad to be on the good side. I thanked him and told him how much a bonus he would get. I think he shit a brick, as he thanked me over and over. I just told him I respect loyalty, and he had proved himself worthy.

Thinking about loyalty, I made my way down to the accounting department. Sarah Fielder looked up and tried to put a smile on her face. I asked her how things were going. "I really appreciated all your hard work" I said. I was smiling to myself as I walked away thinking she'll be working in the prison laundry soon.

The paper work on the accounting would be ready for my lawyer in the morning. I now needed to sort out some loose ends. My paperwork had really piled up, and it felt good to jump into work and get it all caught up.

In the late afternoon, my doctor called and said all the tests came back negative. I started to dance in my office and felt very relieved. The thought of dying from some disease was very scary, especially if it came from my wife. The next call came from Suzie. She said Donna heard that if the business was put in her name, it could have a great tax break and get government contracts for a female owned business. I acted like it was a great idea and I would talk to her about it when I got home. She acted happy and told me she cooked a nice dinner for both of us. I was not about to take any advise from a whore like Donna. I also thought to make sure we both eat the same food, as I wasn't sure she wouldn't put something in it. I really don't know what happened to the Suzie I married.

I got home and Suzie kept telling me all the advantages of putting the business that I built from nothing into her name (fat chance!) I told her to write down some ideas and I would show them to my lawyer next week. She seemed very happy and started the list as soon as I left the room. She must have been trying to butter me up, because she said she wanted to make mad love to me, and I reminded her about my pulled groin. In my mind all I could think of was strangers putting their cocks into my wife's body over and over again and her asking for more. I told her it felt better and I should be ready to have a go this weekend. She hugged me and continued on with her list. We both went to bed together, I felt for the last time.

When I woke up Friday, I had breakfast waiting for me. Suzie was happy and was buzzing around the kitchen. I eat my last meal with her, and gave her a kiss goodbye. She looked at me funny and asked if everything was alright. I told her I never felt better, and she would be hearing from me later. I started up the bike and left my house to drive by the park. Suzie and I used to go there in better times. I just couldn't see where we went wrong. I did work a lot, but I gave her 100% of my attention when I was home. It just wasn't good enough I thought. I wanted to talk, no actually argue with her about her actions lately. My hand would be tipped if I let on though

I kicked the bike into gear and went straight to the bank. I left one dollar in the account, canceled all the credit cards, any put the money in my secret safe in the office. Not even Suzie knew about this one. Finally I called her at home, but got no answer. I hopped on my bike and made a B line to my house. I took all the tapes from the guest room dresser including a new one shot the other night. I watched the first part of the tape, before I arrived at Donna' house. The three guys were sitting naked on the couch side by side. Suzie was going from one to another giving slow, passionate blow jobs. The men called her dirty names and grabbed her hair and ears for better leverage. They fucked her mouth over and over again. Donna got close up shots with the camera of their dicks fucking the mouth that I kiss. Suzie just moaned and smiled when her mouth was not full of cock.

I watched with disgust as she then rode each of their cocks in order. They blew their loads in her pussy, and made her clean them off in order. I didn't care to watch the rest as I had an outside view of the whole affair anyway.

I left the house and saw my lawyer one last time. I told him I needed a break, and that I would be on vacation for a week starting Saturday. He said he had given all the tapes and information to the district attorney, and that warrants were being issued as we speak. He also submitted the divorce paperwork. By late afternoon they would all be in jail, including Suzie. The P.I. reports were not very good. Suzie and Donna were running around town spending my company's money. They got the bank she used, and the attorney said he would have the records subpoenaed.

I was also surprised to find out that Donna' half sister was Sarah Fielder. That is how they were all connected. What a slut, she was even fucking her own brother in law

Finally I thought about Suzie' parents. My own folks were dead, and they took me in as their son. This was going to be a sad call. I waited until after 5:00pm and made the call. I told them that Suzie was now in the city jail with the rest of her friends. I told them the story trying not to get to graphic, but I think her mother could read between the lines. I told them I still cared for them and would be in touch after I got back from vacation. I saved them the trouble of asking, and said we were done, and jail would give her a good wake up call. Her mother started to cry, and I told her I had to go.

Finally I got home (if you could call it that), and packed for a long needed rest. I was going by bike and it felt good to just ride again. Just before I left, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I answered it thinking it had to do with Suzie's case. It was Suzie herself, getting her one call from jail. She was crying and asked me to please help her. I thought about it and said "that ship had sailed". I asked her why she did it to me, but all I got was silence. I hung up and put on my helmet, this was going to be a much needed break.


I only saw Suzie in court. She was charged with the others. Her lawyer tried to say that because she was my wife, she was entitled to the company money. This did not wash with the judge. He said using a false account and then cashing the checks was very illegal. He also said that the company was in my name only, so any money gained was also illegal. She got 3 to 7 years. I was not proud of her or the whole situation, but it was good to have it come to a close. She received nothing in the divorce, and the house was still mine. She couldn't even use any of the money for her legal costs or appeals.

Donna and the other did not fair as well. Since they had been getting illegal checks for the past two months, the judge really gave it to them. Paul Greely got 7-10 years and lost the bar to me after I sued. I sold it and recouped some of the money they spent. Last total, they had all spent about $225.000. Bill Fielder got 10 to 12 for his role in the theft. Sarah got a whopping 20 years in jail for being the inside person.

Finally, it was Donna' turn for court. I made sure I was in the front row for sentencing. The judge gave her 10 to 12 years in prison. As she walked away in a prison jump suit and in chains I pulled out a small recorder with her voice on it. The tape was a loop of her laugh going over and over. She shot me a look that would kill, but I just laughed to myself.

I also sued her for her house and won. I transferred the house title back to Tom Thomas. Donna' ex husband loved that house, and I thought he should have it back. He tried to give me money, but I told him to enjoy it, and buy me a pizza sometime when things settle down.

I meet a great girl I hired at work to replace Sarah Fielder. We are now dating, and life is getting better. The sex tapes were somehow leaked to a website. Since I was not on them, I could care less. I understand they are very popular, and get many hits. So if you ever see them on the net, remember the trouble they caused. I really missed the Suzie I used to know, but not the new Suzie from the tapes. For myself, I ride my bike almost all year round and have started to really enjoy life again.


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by Anonymous

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by Mbgdallas07/27/17

Good story but...

This was a good story. What would have made it great is a confrontation with the wife and an understanding as to why she did what she did. Without this it is just a news story.

This is a great startmore...

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