tagLoving WivesA Bad Influence Ch. 02

A Bad Influence Ch. 02


Note: It will help to please read "A Bad Influence" before you read this story. Readers have requested the wife's point of view of how it all happened. So here goes. Also please continue to send feedback (good and bad) or I'll never learn from my mistakes.

(Suzie's Story)

This story is being written from my prison cell. It is a cautionary tale we could all learn from. The reason I am here is because of my stupidity and my girlfriend Donna. I blame her mostly, but deep down I know it was my fault all along. My name is Susan but everyone calls me Suzie. To describe myself is difficult, but I am about 5'6" tall and have real blond hair. My boobs are good size at about 36DD and I think my face is pretty, well at least I used to think that. In this place the years are adding on each week as I look in the mirror. I'm always been told I have a great body and a nice ass, even by the guards and the inmates. I guess I should start at the beginning though. It all started about 4 months ago.

My husband's name is Ronald. He was good man but he never seemed to pick me over the business that he owned. At least that is what it felt like. He would be very attentive but sometimes was lacking in the bedroom department. Sex was good and he was a loving partner. I just felt that there should be more. I'm sure Ron would remember it differently. He was a handsome man who worked very hard at the office, building his business. When he got home lately, he was tired and I usually went out with my friend Donna to fill in the time. She was bad news from the start, and I think my husband knew it right away. Ron and Tom Thomas (Donna' ex husband) were friends, and the divorce soured him towards Donna. I wish I saw what he was seeing, and maybe I wouldn't be in this mess.

Donna had a habit of bringing out the worst in me. Like the school friend that your parents didn't like, that described Donna to a tee. She would egg me on to do stupid stuff, and even dare me to flirt with strange men in the bar. We normally went to a bar called The Club. Donna liked the owner Paul and would flirt with him and the other bartenders. Donna also had a half sister named Sarah Fielder. Her husband Bill Fielder and Paul were old friends.

I really didn't know the relationship between everyone until it came up one night in the bar. Ron was working out of town and Donna wanted to go to The Club later than we usually did. She said she had a surprise, and wanted to show me. When she picked me up (I normally don't like to drive), she had a small bag in the back seat. I asked what it was, but she told me to wait and see. Knowing Donna, I knew it meant trouble.

We went to Paul's bar and she pulled out a digital video camera from the bag. She said she bought it with Tom's divorce money and wanted to use it. I looked at her funny but she just laughed as she usually does. We started to drink, and Paul never charged Donna or me for anything.

I started to get a little drunk, but I think that is what they all had planned. Donna told be to follow her into the back of the bar. Before she got up, she pushed record and started to go in the back stock room.

I followed Donna in there and went to another room just off that one. It was a lounge for the employees to hang out in. It had a small couch that pulled out into a sleeper bed. As I entered the room, Donna told me to take the camera. Paul pulled out the sofa bed and Donna told me then to sit down and watch. Too say I was surprised, would be an understatement. Donna was getting felt up by Paul and her brother in law Bill of all people. Donna started to undress as the two men helped her with her clothes. It seems this was not their first time together.

Paul left and got some Champaign and started to pour everyone a glass. Donna made a toast to her freedom and told the two men to help me out of my clothes. I should have left, but between the drinks and the sexy scene in front of me, I couldn't move. Donna took the camera out of my hands and started to aim it at me. At the same time, Bill and Paul were taking off my clothes one piece at a time. I again should have resisted, but between Donna' encouragement and the liquid courage I drank all night, I was not going anywhere.

Donna started to tell Paul and Bill to undress me totally. I just let them and didn't do a thing. I think Paul knew I was excited and pulled my panties and shorts off. Next I was pushed back down on the sofa bed. Bill took one side and Paul the other. Each started to suck my already hard nipples. They fondled my breasts and started to roam my body with their hands. I knew I was close to cumming, and just laid back and spread my legs. Paul started to finger my wet pussy, and then started to rub my clit. It didn't take long for my orgasm to reach peak. I closed my eyes and let my body enjoy the ride.

As I opened my eyes, I saw Donna getting a video close up of me on the sofa bed with two men. I started to feel guilty, but the next moment it disappeared. I watched as Donna got on the sofa bed and started to suck both their cocks. She was very good at giving head, and the sight started to get me horny again. I was pulled up with a start, and put on my hands and knees. Paul was the first to do anything. He grabbed a bottle of Champaign and poured it on his cock and pushed it into my mouth. Bill then did the same thing and lined up his cock at my pussy lips. He pushed all the way very fast and hard. I would have screamed, but my mouth was full at the time.

Both of these men started to push very hard and fast. I had never felt anything like this before. No wonder Donna was always saying how good it was to be double teamed. Well the guys started to really hit home. Donna was yelling something, but I wasn't paying attention.

My whole body was in tune with their cocks drilling my body. Paul started to cum first and held my hair. As he put it almost down my throat, he groaned and let loose a huge amount of cum. I had to swallow having no choice. I never liked to do this for my husband, but it felt very naughty, and somehow right. I swallowed as mush as I could, and let the rest run down my chin.

Bill was right behind me pumping away at my pussy. He got on his feet at a funny angle and really started to push all the way in. I had no choice again but to let him assault my pussy over and over. Finally he shouts and buried his squirting cock inside me very deep. I remember them high fiving and calling me some dirty names.

It was now Donna' turn for some fun as she went up to each of their cocks and started to inflate them again. After the men got hard again, Donna rode Bill's cock and let Paul have her ass. I had never seen anyone ever have anal sex. I wouldn't even let Ron do that to me on a good night. So there was Donna in front of my eyes getting double penetration and loving it. She was screaming as they both hammered her body. Soon I was pulled into the group and we switched around in different positions. Finally after about an hour or so, I reach another 4 orgasms (I lost track of how many) and felt spent. I didn't care what they did to me.

I was lying down with everyone else resting and fell asleep. Soon I felt the sofa bed move and someone get on top of me. Donna had turned off the camera so this part was not recorded. My husband later found this tape (I'll explain later in this story) but this part was not on it. Paul was hard again to my surprise, and started to push his semi hard cock into my pussy. I still had several cum deposits from both men earlier, and he slid in easily.

Paul grabbed my ankles and pushed them up by my head. This made me very open to him as I was bent in half. He started to ream my pussy slowly and tenderly building up speed. He then stopped and pulled out. I was disappointed, even though I was spent. Well he pushed my legs back past my ears and started to slowly enter my ass. I started to protest, but Paul just laughed and told me "after tonight, you are going to love getting it in the ass".

He slowly pushed himself into my back door and didn't stop until he was fully buried in my ass. With cum on his cock, he was well lubricated. He started to slide it in and out very slowly letting me get used to the size and feel. This didn't last long because he then started to make long hard thrusts in to my ass. It did hurt at first, but my body started to get used to the pounding. He increased his speed as soon as he saw me starting to get into it. For some reason I started to push back and want more. I thought of my husband for just a second, and remembered me telling him "I would never do anything like anal sex, never!"

Well never say never as they say. Here I was getting my virgin ass fucked very hard and I was actually pushing back like some whore on a porno movie. Paul was in heaven, and really started to go to town on my ass. He would lift his body and push all his weight behind his cock. He would hit bottom and again pull almost all the way out. He continued this pounding my ass and holding my ankles for about 15 minutes until I started to cum. I couldn't believe I was cumming from anal sex. It was the weirdest feeling, but I really did like it.

Paul looked me in the eyes as he buried his cock into my ass for the last time. "I have wanted to do this since you first walked into this bar" said Paul. With that statement he came deep inside me and kissed me with a passion I haven't known for years. I just looked into his eyes for a long time before I rolled him off me, and his cock pulled out of my ass. We both fell asleep right after that, and I was very content.

The next day I was talking to Donna on the phone about the night before. She said Bill and Paul loved being with me last night and wanted a return performance. "That was the last time I am going to do that. You got me drunk, that's the only reason I didn't leave. Ron has been good to me, and I feel really guilty" I said.

"You liked it didn't you?" Donna asked.

"You came more than you ever have didn't you?" Donna asked.

"Has Ron ever brought you to that level of excitement?" Donna asked

I didn't answer but Donna knew what my answers would be. "What ever you do, don't show anyone that tape. In fact I want to keep it safe myself." I said. Donna agreed and told me she would bring it by tomorrow night when we were to go out.

One thing I should have noticed was that Donna was drinking more heavily after her divorce and expected me to keep up with her. I was never a big drinker, and usually had a wine or beer but that was it. Donna drank hard liquor and also wanted me to always join her.

When I did drink, I seemed to loose control easily, and have a non-caring attitude. Donna' attitude of Ron also came out when we would get drunk. She would bad mouth him all night about not being an exciting lover, and caring more for his precious business rather than me. I actually started to think she was right sometime, until I sobered up the next morning. But the more she said these things, the more I started to doubt Ron and his love for me.

Donna had a big house, lots of money, and could have wild sex anytime she wanted. I guess I felt jealous of her freedom, and she started to put this idea in my head of us both being single. She said Ron had a lot of money, and it could all be mine. I respected Ron and his hard work, but I did feel that he controlled the purse strings too much. Donna knew she was getting to me and would constantly bring up my partner's failings every chance she got. The next night would be another departure into lust land.

"Get ready for a swinging evening tonight." Donna said as soon as I opened the door to pick me up the next night.

"Ron is expecting me back about 10:00am to watch are favorite show" I said. I could tell she was laughing under her breath.

"We'll see?" Donna replied. I knew she was up to something again. Thinking back I should have stayed home, but unknown adventures with my best friend was calling. As I sat in her car going over to her house, she was reviewing the fun and wild sex we had the night before. By the time we got to Donna' house, I was really excited. Donna always knew how to push my buttons.

The house was empty, and I started to relax. We went into her big beautiful kitchen, and she started to mix some ingredients into the blender. I heard the blender motor start and knew I should have left. About a half hour later, I was feeling no pain. Donna started to get on her soap box and tear Ron apart. Again I started to think she was making sense. Ron did control all the money and paid all the bills. I did get an allowance, but he would get mad if I spent it all in one place. I knew he was a saver, and I was a spender.

Well some of the crap Donna was filling my head with started to sink in. I was confused sometimes and sure other times about Ron's love and our relationship. I also knew deep down how much I loved being a sexual play thing for the two men the other night. I didn't want to admit that to Donna, but I think she already knew.

The door bell rang, and Donna went to answer. I heard voices and in walked two very handsome men that were well built. "This is Jim and Dale from the gym I work out at" said Donna as she introduced them. "I invited them over for a little fun and conversation" Donna added. Both men laughed as if they were all in on an inside joke. Donna smiled and told me to relax.

Donna told me privately to go to her master bedroom in about 15 minutes. I later found out she was doing cocaine with the two guys before I got upstairs. I didn't like any type of hard drugs, so Donna kept me away from that scene. I once told her about a half year earlier when she pulled some out in front of me that our friendship would end if she continued. She told me she quit, and I was dumb enough to believe her.

Well I waited for only 10 minutes and started to climb the stairs. I could hear Donna moaning from her bedroom, and I peaked around the corner of her door. She was naked and so were the two men. Their bodies were unbelievable, and they were in awesome shape. Their cocks were also very big, and they both looked like they could use them. One of the men was eating Donna' pussy, and the other getting an expert blowjob. I just watched until I started to put my hand into my shorts and rub my clit. The two men switched places and continued on Donna' body.

I started to close my eyes and breath very heavy. All of a sudden I opened my eyes to see one of the men picking me up like a feather, and bringing me to the bed. Both men stripped me naked and started to do to me what Donna was just experiencing. They started slow, but I was super horny at the moment. Lust and sex was the only thing in my mind. I remember thinking about my husband Ron for a split second, but started to think his work can keep him happy right now, I'm busy!

Well you can see that Donna was having an effect on me. I was having sex with two total strangers (I even forgot their names) but didn't care. Their cocks were all that interested me. I told them to lay down on the bed next to each other. They gave me a funny look but obeyed. I kneeled between both of them and started to suck their cocks back and forth. They started to call me names and told me how to please their hard members.

I listened to their requests and did it all. I started to deep throat each of them in turn. Finally Donna said it was time to saddle up. We both took a cock and got on top of them. We slowly slid onto them at the same time. Donna said she could make her guy cum first, but I told her I was better. So we both started to race to see which guy would cum first.

The two guys must have thought Christmas came early. Donna and I were on a mission. Finally my guy started to cum. I got off him and started to suck him with my mouth. About 30 seconds later he blew a huge load into my mouth and I swallowed it all. I didn't even drop any. Donna' guy was right behind, and she got off him to imitate my actions. This is when I did something that surprised me. I reached out with Donna and we both gave the guy head together. He was yelling out something we couldn't understand. All I knew was that he came all over our faces.

Both men needed to rest for a while, but were soon brought back to life after Donna sucked them hard again. Donna told the men to take care of me first. They put me on all fours and inserted their cocks in my pussy and mouth. The other guy getting head from me moved and went under me. He replaced the guy in my pussy leaving my ass open for assault. His cock was still wet from my pussy juices, and he pushed it in slowly. I started to relax and it didn't hurt as much as it did the first time.

Both men started to fuck me from the top and the bottom. They kept this up for over 20 minutes. The first time they came made them last longer this time. With a hard shove, the guy in my ass came inside me, and I could feel his cum leave his cock and go into my ass. The guy on the bottom must have been set off by the first guy, because he grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed his cock all the way up my pussy as far as it would go. He held it there for about 10 seconds and let loose huge load of cum in my pussy. It started to run down my legs and from my ass. I was exhausted and let the men do what they wanted after that, and they did. They seemed to fuck me all night and leave Donna alone. I think this was her plan.

Well I better get back to the real story because writing this is making me very hot and horny.

After about a week, things started to settle down again. Donna had not planned any more parties, but did want a favor. She told me of her half sister Sarah Fielder and told me she needed a job. She worked at one of the big corporations in the accounting dept. She just got her CPA and was doing great. The company that she worked for was bought out by a larger corporation. They were going to use their own accountants, so Sarah would lose her job in a week. Donna suggested I try to get her into Ron's company.

"What ever you do, don't tell Ron she is my sister" said Donna. "I know Ron does not like me after I broke with Tom, but she is really talented, and her resume speaks for itself" Donna also added.

I told her I would see what I could do. The next day I told Ron of an old friend that might need a job. I gave her a good recommendation, and told him she had a great history and resume. He seemed impressed by the company she worked for and all her credentials.

He hired her before she was let go from her current job. I thought I was doing Donna a favor, but I found out later she was lying to me yet again. Sarah working for my husband would prove to be my big mistake. Hind sight is always 20-20.

Donna thanked me for getting Sarah a job by throwing me a party at her house. She told me not to tell or invite Ron. She told me "This is not the type of party to bring your husband to". I was excited and made an excuse for that Saturday so I could go to her party.

Well Sat. arrived and Donna picked me up early, so I could join the party early. Ron gave her a nasty look and we both said goodbye. Donna told him we were going to a girls shower about 30 minute away, and I might stay the night at her house or there. She told him she didn't want to drive drunk with both of us in the car. I felt guilty about lying to him, but the thought of sex with strange men excited me more. We arrived to find her house party in full swing.

The first thing Donna did was give me a drink (actually several). She disappeared somewhere and I walked around her house and introduced myself to many people I had never seen before.

She later came back while I was talking to Jim and Dale from her gym. These were the two guys I had fucked several weeks before. I could tell they were fucking me with their eyes. I was also remembering their marksmanship. Donna' reappearance stopped me from going to some room with them again and letting them fuck my brains out. This is when she introduced me to a guy called Evan Ross. She said he was a magician and did other tricks.

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