A Bad Part Of The City

byEnglish Bob©

The pain was instant and intense. It felt as if a baseball bat was being forced into my ass. On seeing Sam's splayed pussy, my cock had hardened even further and I knew that with the briefest of touches I would cum. As John worked his cock, inch by inch into my ever widening anus the pain began to subside. An entirely new sensation overtook me: a warm heat began to build in my loins and spread over my entire lower body. My cock ached painfully needing relief. But the monster in my butt kept ploughing on and on, deeper and deeper. Just when I thought I could take no more of the wonderful length, I saw Sam shake and shudder as the self induced climax wracked her body. I was enjoying the sight when I felt a strong masculine hand reach under me and squeeze my balls. I yelped and John laughed as he jiggled them in his greasy hand.

"Just keep your mind on your cock, man," he said with a grunt, "John's gonna get paid now!"

I felt his hand encircle my stiff member just as I felt him hump into my ass. I couldn't say whether the pain or the pleasure was more intense, all I know is that at that moment, my balls contracted and I shot three long streams of cum onto the threadbare carpet beneath my feet. As I climaxed, John began to fuck me with vigour. It felt almost violent as he pistoned what seemed to be at least a foot long appendage into my abused behind. I gasped as he fucked me, trying to fill my lungs with the stale, stagnant air of the cramped office. The others were watching and laughing as John extracted his payment - Samantha more than most - and I made a mental note to watch her more closely next time she got fucked in the ass.

"Mmmmmmm....oh yes...oh yes...oh yes....." John chanted behind me as he mercilessly reamed me. "Gonna cum up your ass, boy.....Big John wants to cum in your tight little ass!"

Although at first frightened by this attack on my back door, I was now actually quite enjoying the warm sensation of a completely full asshole and was a little reluctant for him to stop fucking me. But I knew that eventually it would end. My ass being so tight and John's cock being so big was bound to have an effect on him sooner or later. As it happens it was sooner. There was no great build up as there had been when Danny was fucking Sam. John just went ahead and climaxed. He hardly even groaned, all I knew about it was a slightly more powerful thrust, A distinctive swelling of his member and then a wonderful warm gush of liquid that seemed to coat my insides. Just to ensure that he had completely emptied the contents of his big, black balls, John pulled my butt cheeks far apart and thrust home one more time. I could almost feel him in my bowels he was so deep and when he did eventually withdraw, I was left with an empty, almost disappointed feeling.

Before we parted company, Samantha sucked off Danny and Paul once more and I was made to do the same to John as, they said, "to settle the account in full!"

The car was running perfectly now, but Samantha had to drive home as my butt was still a bit sore.

"You looked like you actually enjoyed Big John fucking you up the ass!" she said casually as we turned the corner to our home. "Well, as its your fault that I couldn't get to see my friends tonight, I'm going to do you myself with my strap-on!"

"Whatever you say, dear," I replied meekly, "but I didn't know you owned such a thing."

"Our next door neighbours Tom and Linda bought it for me so that us girls can play together. You'll love it - its fourteen inches long and very thick, I can only get about half of it in my ass, but I'm gonna fuck you with it until you scream! After I've widened you up, I think I'll invite Tom and Linda over. I'm sure he will want to try your newly fucked ass for himself now you've been broken in and I'm certain that Linda and I can find something to amuse ourselves! Perhaps your not such a useless wimp after all!"

I smiled to myself as we pulled into the drive. Perhaps my "forgetting" to tell the garage about the fuel pump was not such a bad idea after all!

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