tagLoving WivesA Bad Wife Plays

A Bad Wife Plays

byEnglish Bob©

In the ten years that we have been married, my wife, Sandra has never worked. I am fortunate to have a good position in a top legal firm and easily make enough for both of us to live very comfortably on. This being the case, I was most surprised when, returning from work one evening, Sandra greeted me with the news that she had found herself a job.

"It's working from home, so I won't even have to go out to an office!" she enthused.

I was immediately suspicious. I knew that she spent a lot of her free time on the Internet, and I was well aware of the pitfalls of so-called home-working.

"So, what will you be selling?" I asked with a sigh.

"There's no selling involved, honey. I just have to test out this company's products and then write a report on what I think about them."

I was still very dubious.

"What's the company called?

Sandra hesitated for a moment, looking down at her shoes.

"Come on, Sandra," I pushed a little harder, "What's this company?"

"They're called Toy's 4 Us"

"What, you mean you gotta play with toys. Like Barbie's and games and stuff?"

Again, Sandra looked sheepishly downwards.

"Well, more...adult toys really!" she finally said.

For a moment I stood speechless, staring at my demure looking wife. I've always known that Sandra could be a bit of a slut, but this was still a complete surprise.

"What, you mean vibrators and dildos? That sort of thing?"

Sandra nodded silently.

"Please, darling," she begged me, "say it's alright! I really want to do this. And the extra money will come in handy for me!"

"That's not the only thing that will be coming, I should think!" I laughed a little surprised at my own joke. I was still having a tough time believing all this.

"Well, you're at work all day and...well...sometimes I need a little extra...something. You know? At least I'm not unfaithful to you!"

This was true, of course. I'd always known that Sandra kept a few of her own toys about the house, but I always assumed that she only used the when we were together. A mental picture of my wife sitting naked and plunging a vibrator into her pussy entered my mind. Suddenly, the thought of all this began to make me feel very excited.

"When are they going to send you the first batch of products?" I asked.

"Actually, the first lot arrived this afternoon," Sandra replied, "I was waiting until you got home. You want to see?"

My mouth and throat felt dry as I nodded my agreement. I loosened my tie and sat down in my favourite chair as my wife disappeared out into the kitchen. She returned a moment or two later armed with a cardboard box. It was still sealed so I knew that she had been saving the surprise. Sandra knelt at my feet and began to tear the box open. She was excited - like a kid with a Christmas present. I looked down at her as she ripped the paper off and split the taped seam of the box with a long, painted fingernail. Her gown gaped a little and I could see down the front to swollen, heaving breasts and hard pointed nipples - yes was obviously very excited!

With a cry of triumph, my wife suddenly kneeled up and held a smaller box aloft in her hand. I could see the picture on the front - a large vibrator - the size of the box indicated that the sex toy must have been about eight inches in length and quite thick around. I felt a sudden pang as I wondered if she might not prefer this large fake cock to my own, smaller member.

In a second the box was being ripped open and Sandra was holding up the vibrator. It looked long and sleek with a bulbous, penis-shaped head. She rotated the base and the thing buzzed into life.

"Ohhh...this looks interesting!" She giggled as her fingers slid up and down the plastic shaft emulating a seductive hand-job.

I forced a smile onto my face as I watched her handle the instrument of pleasure. I could feel my cock hardening in my pants as I thought about how her fingers would feel doing the same thing to me.

"I'm going to have to get naked to appreciate "The Power Plunger" properly," she said with a wicked grin. "And by the look of that bulge in the front of your pants, Mike, I don't think you're about to argue, are you?"

She was right. My cock was now at full attention and quite uncomfortable in the confines of my pants. My whole body yearned for her to strip!

And so she did. Standing up from the floor, she let her gown fall open completely to reveal her large bra-less breasts. Her trimmed pussy was covered only by the tiniest pair of briefs. I had seen her naked many times before, of course, but this time seemed completely different - new and fresh, somehow.

"Why don't you see what effect that thing will have on your nipples, baby?" I asked, my voice little more than a croak.

Sandra smiled, still fingering the vibrating toy and brought the tip slowly up to her left breast. Holding the large orb up with one hand, she applied the tip of the toy directly onto the nipple. The effect was astonishing; it was as if an electric shock seemed to shoot through her entire body. I watched her eyes close and her head roll back as she slowly rotated the vib over her nipple, stopping only briefly to wet her fingers and roll the moisture around the tight, swelling bud. The same procedure was repeated on her right breast until my wife was moaning loudly and her breasts were flushed red and heaving.

It was just at that point that I heard the back door opening and our neighbour Jane call out.

"Hello? Anyone in?"

It was to late to answer her, too late to do anything before Jane walked into the lounge. She gasped as she looked at the scene before her. Sandra's face was a deep crimson colour as she knelt on the floor in just panties with her knees well spread. The vibrator was still humming in her hand with a life of its own and a large damp patch had formed in the front of her briefs.

"Oh shit. Sorry!" exclaimed Sandra as her hand went to cover her mouth. "I had no idea...I .... just....errrr! But hey, don't stop on my account! You look like you're really enjoying yourself!"

Jane glanced over at me and winked. I looked at Sandra who simply shrugged. It seemed that she was happy with an audience of two!

Jane took a seat on the floor at my feet. I was a little nervous about her close proximity; I had a huge hard-on currently struggling for release and I was sure she'd be able to see the bulge through my pants. I didn't know how she'd react.

I need not have concerned myself.

"Well, go on then!" our neighbour laughed as she settled herself down, "just carry on where you left off!"

Sandra shrugged again and did just that. This time she used the vibrator all over her breasts and into her ample cleavage; simulating a slow titty-fuck. This is one of my favourite positions and I felt my cock twitch wildly as I watched.

"It says here that the vib has several speeds," said Jane reading casually from the box she had picked up, "can it go faster?"

Jane's question was answered with a long, low moan from my wife as she demonstrated the faster speed and played the head of the toy against first one nipple and then the other.

"Oh God," gasped Sandra as she increased the speed yet again, "I think I'm gonna cummmmm!!!"

I jumped slightly as Jane clutched hold of my knee and gripped me in her excitement. Sandra's face was a picture of pure ecstasy as the orgasm shook her body. Her legs trembled, her head lolled from one side to the other and her toes curled. The waves seemed to keep washing over her and both Jane and I could clearly see her hard nipples throb visibly as she climaxed.

"Ohhh..that looks like fun!" breathed Jane. Her hand remained on my knee. "I bet it would feel fucking great on your clit!"

"I'm just about to find out," my wife gasped as she sat down and leaned back. "Help me?"

It was obvious that Sandra wanted assistance with her panties and both Jane and I were more than willing to help. I supported my wife's back while out neighbour rolled the flimsy briefs down her legs, giggling all the time about how hot and sexy all this was.

Back in position, now completely nude and with her legs spread wide facing her audience, Sandra slowly began to run the tip of the vibrating toy from her tits, down over her tight stomach and towards her trimmed pussy.

"Why don't you help Mike out, Jane?" she asked with a sigh, "he looks like he's getting nearly as hot and horny as me!"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Jane exclaimed. "How about it, Mike? I'll paly with your cock if you'll play with my tits!"

As they say in Mafia circles, it was an offer I couldn't refuse! Hurriedly, I unzipped my pants and hauled out my rock hard cock just as Jane pulled her sweater over her head and off. She wasn't wearing a bra and her smallish tits bounced sexily in front of my eyes. Jane's nipples were neither as long, nor her breasts as large as my wife's, but a lovely set none the less. I gasped as her cool fingers encircled my shaft and I let my fingers dance playfully over her nipples feeling them tighten under my touch.

Sandra moaned suddenly, causing both Jane and I to look up and remember what we were watching. It seemed we had both become voyeurs and were loving every second.

Again, Sandra moaned. This time the noise was due to the fact that she had just inserted about three inches of the toy deep into her cunt! I held my breath as Jane's fingers gripped my shaft tightly and I gently squeezed a nipple.

"Mmmmm...that's nice," Jane sighed, "a little harder, Mike, squeeze it harder!"

I liked the fact that Jane was open enough to tell me what she liked. I wanted to touch her pussy as well, but, as yet, that hadn't been discussed and I didn't want to foul the whole thing up by making a stupid move.

Jane masturbated me slowly as we both watched my wife alternately play the vibrator over her clit and then thrust it deep into her hot pussy. She was moaning and breathing deeply now as the animated toy brought her to peak after peak of pleasure. For myself, I knew I was also close to cumming and I wondered how Jane would react when I shot my load over her hand.

"Can you put it in your ass?" Said Jane suddenly. I felt her tits tense up in my hands as she asked the question.

"Oh God, yes!" cried my wife. Her orgasms seemed almost continuous as she slid the toy up and down her soaked slit.

Sandra leaned back so that she was almost lying down and spread her long legs as wide as she could. Her feet arched sexily and her toes went up onto points as her buttocks rose from the floor. I gasped as she began to stab to fake cock against the tight hole at her back door. I was so close to cumming I didn't think I could hold back much longer.

All three of us gasped loudly as Sandra pushed the plastic toy into her ass. Somehow she managed to wedge the base of it against her foot to stop it moving and then began to raise and lower her hips pushing it in and out of her anus.

That was enough. As Jane jerked me I could feel my cock swell and the cum start to boil up from my balls.

"Don't want to waste any of this, do we?" Jane giggled as she guided me towards her open and waiting mouth.

As soon as her warm, wet lips closed around my cock head, I started to shoot. I came and came, alternating my voyeuristic gaze between her cum stained face and my wife's bucking hips; Sandra's fingers were now in her pussy as her ass fucked the vibrator; pushing the thing up at least six inches into her body.

My mind clouded with a descending red mist as my balls kept spewing their contents into Jane's greedy mouth. She sucked and sucked, swallowing as much as she could and gently massaging my balls to ensure that she had drained every last drop. It seemed an age before I eventually stopped, but when I did it was with a lusty, satisfied grin on my face!

Jane didn't leave for several more hours that evening. It was obvious that we couldn't have stopped there; Jane was almost gagging to get her hands on the new vibrator and so we switched positions so that Sandra and I could watch her fuck her pussy and ass over and over enjoying just as many satisfying orgasms as my wife had.

After that, the evening turned into a bit of an orgy! I fucked both Sandra and Jane in many different positions and they enjoyed their first (so they said) bisexual experience together.

Our neighbour is now almost a permanent fixture at our house and it is not unusual for me to be greeted at the door by two beautiful, naked women. Sandra still works for the company that make the sex aids and regularly receives a consignment of new toys for us to play with. Of course, Jane is now on the pay-roll too, and sometimes there's almost a cat-fight over who's going to try out a new butt-plug or dildo or vibrator first - But they always seem to manage to share in the end and play like good - or bad - little girls!

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