tagLoving WivesA Badly Behaved Wife

A Badly Behaved Wife

byEnglish Bob©

Sitting here thinking now, I wonder what possessed us to do what we did. Admittedly, Diane has always been a lot more adventurous than I, but I didn't think that even she would have had the audacity. Diane is my wife of only four years and the story that I'm about to relate took place while we were on a walking holiday a few weeks ago.

I have to be honest and say that two weeks of walking around the countryside, no matter how pretty the scenery, would not have been my first choice of holiday destination. I'm much more of an indoor type, but as I've said, Diane is far more adventurous. She's a lot fitter than me and at nearly six feet, is also much taller. The only thing I was really looking forward to was seeing her long, sexy legs revealed by her tight shorts and walking boots as we hiked.

The holiday started fairly well. A few shortish walks followed by a few beers in a local pub was fine with me. It was on the fourth day that Di suggested we hike out in the morning to a local beauty spot to watch the sun rise over the ocean. At first I was sceptical. An early morning walk would mean less sleeping time and that was the one thing that was keeping me going - Di hadn't even worn her sexy walking shorts yet!

I moaned a bit, but she kept on until I finally agreed and when she appeared from the bedroom freshly changed and wearing those tight demin shorts and walking boots, I began to take more of an interest. The material of the shorts clung to her well rounded but still firm butt like a second skin. The weather that day promised to be hot and sunny and so the only other item of clothing that Di wore (apart from the boots) was a black wrap around top that was tied at the waist. I could see that she hadn't bothered with a bra because the outline of her nipples could clearly be seen through the thin material and her firm breasts bounced and swayed with each step. I could feel my cock getting hard just looking at her and promised myself that I would give her the fuck of a lifetime later that day in bed.

"Mmm, perhaps I'm not suitably dressed!" laughed Di as she saw what effect she was having on me. "Maybe I should go change?"

"God, no! You look great, darling." I replied, suddenly worried that I might lose the sight of those luscious legs altogether. "Lets go now shall we?"

It seemed that my wife's fears regarding her attire were now put to rest and we trooped out of the door of our rented cottage and began the long trek towards the cliffs. For most of the way, Di walked in front of me giving me a wonderful view of her tight, pert ass and fuelling my already aching erection. We had been walking for nearly an hour and a half when we arrived at a small clearing. The sun was beginning to peek over the horizon and the view of the impending sunrise over the water, I believed, would be quite breathtaking.

As we approached the top of the cliff, I was quite tired and in serious need of a cigarette. Pleased to see that someone had enough sense to put a bench up there, I flopped down and pulled out a Marlboro. The match flared in the still morning air and within a second or two I was gratefully exhaling a cloud of blue smoke. Di sat down next to me and put her head on my shoulder. We were faced directly into the sunrise and we both donned our shades to stop the glare off the sea.

It was one of those near perfect moments that seem to come along so seldom. Just when it felt like we were the only two people in the world, I felt a pang of annoyance as a friendly voice came from behind us.

"Hi guys. I hope we're not disturbing you?"

I turned my head to look. Two younger looking lads were standing admiring the view out over the sea. They seemed harmless enough, I thought, so I threw a smile back to them.

"Hi there. No we were just watching the sunrise. Its getting quite hot now, isn't it?" I replied.

"You're right." Said the taller of the two lads, "I think its going to be a scorcher today!"

Half an hour passed as we all exchanged pleasantries. The lads seemed good company and we all smoked cigarettes and chatted amiably. As the time went on, so the sun became hotter and hotter and I kept feeling Di wriggling on the bench next to me. After another few minutes, she had become quite animated and I thought that I should say something.

"Is anything wrong, honey?" I asked breezily, "you don't seem able to keep still!" She looked at me for a moment and at James and Paul, our new friends. Her head moved towards mine and she whispered into my ear.

"My black shirt is soaking up all the sun," she murmured softly enough so that only I could hear, "and without a bra, my nipples are beginning to itch against the fabric!"

I couldn't help it. My laughter burst out in a loud raucous guffaw. James and Paul were both smiling at me and obviously hoping that I was going to share the joke.

"You shit!" shouted Di at me as my laughter quietened. She turned towards our friends. "Okay, okay I'll tell you, Jeez! - my top got hot and is scratching against my tits, okay!" Both lads also started laughing which got me going again as well and before long all four of us were enjoying a good hoot at Di's expense. As the laughter died, Paul spoke first.

"So, why don't you take it off then, Diane?" He said cooly. We all looked round at Paul. A sudden silence had descended over us. I was suddenly aware that both lads now seemed very serious. James was staring directly at my wife's legs and his friend was looking at her smugly.

"Now, come on guys," I started to say, "A joke is one thing, but -"

"Okay!" interrupted Diane "I'm game!"

"Wait a second!" I said again "What the fuck?"

"Oh, come on darling. You know that these two have been ogling my body for the last half hour! Its flattering really and what's the harm in flashing my boobs for them huh?"

I could think of many reasons why my wife should keep her ample charms to herself, but I could also think of a lot more reasons why she shouldn't! The thought of these two guys staring at Di's tits was, frankly, very exciting. I shrugged back my answer in Di's direction - if it was okay with her, I wasn't going to argue. She smiled at me. I think she was enjoying this more than anyone!

In a trice, her black shirt was untied at the waist and she let it slip from her shoulders. I marvelled as the sunlight streamed across her breasts catching the pert, upturn of the slopes. The nipples looked red and a little puffy from the scratching of the material and I watched the buds visibly harden as the two lads and I looked on. Paul and James were also in a state of agitation as the saw my wife's large breasts come into view. I could clearly see the outline of two straining erections beneath their pants and wondered how far Diane would be prepared to take this. For my part, I was quite happy to let this go on as long as possible; our sex life had always been good, but this change in direction had added a whole new and exciting dimension.

Now completely topless, Di paraded around the small clearing where we were now all standing. With hands on hips, she thrust her chest out and let the large orbs swing and bounce in front of each man in turn. When she finally came over to me, I couldn't resist giving one of the hard nipples a quick tweak.

"Ooohhhh!" Diane moaned. I knew this action would provide the desired effect - Di's boobs have always been sensitive and she loves to have them played with. I squeezed again. A louder response this time and she closed her eyes. She stayed in front of me obviously keen for more tit-teasing and I allowed both of my hands to roam freely over her large orbs. I had been so absorbed in my task that I hardly noticed when I was joined by the two lads. Now three pairs of hands were upon my wife's breasts, squeezing and teasing the nipples and massaging the tight flesh. Di seemed in heaven and hardly noticed the increased touching that was going on. Her head was back - her long black hair falling along her spine and her eyes were still closed. She was moaning louder and louder with each new touch of her tits.

"Jeez! I'm as hard as a rock!" cried James. His friend agreed and they both looked at me. "Any chance of seeing any more, man?"

There seemed little point in asking Diane for her opinion, so I simply nodded my head eagerly and quickly unbuckled the belt holding up my wife's shorts. There was no resistance whatsoever from Di, and, once undone, I had no problem sliding the brief garment down her legs and off. As well as a bra, panties were obviously optional rather than mandatory as well and as the shorts fell to the ground, we all got a great look at Di's shaved mound. The lads were going almost crazy with lust now and needed no further permission from me. My wife was bodily picked up and laid on the soft grass on her back. James made the first move and practically dove his head between her legs. As soon as he extended his long, pink tongue and touched Di's clit, she seemed to explode into orgasm. Her voice could probably have been heard for miles around if it hadn't been abruptly cut off by Paul pushing his now released erection between her lips and into her mouth. Even in the throes of orgasm, Diane knew exactly how to please her new lover.

Her lips closed over the thick mushroom shaped head of Paul's throbbing cock and drew him deeply into her mouth. A slight adjustment to the angle of her head and, inch by wonderful inch, the large weapon slid into her throat. Paul gasped as he felt her throat muscles do their work. His face looked flushed and it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to last long like this. I was right in my estimation of his stamina. A few more contractions from Diane's throat and I could see her windpipe bulge with the swell of his ejaculating cock. Without a trace of gag, Di pumped the young man's weapon, ensuring that she had milked him of all his seed. As he withdrew, I was treated to the wonderful sight of my wife's face covered in another man's semen - it was nothing short of spectacular!

While all this was going on, James, not to be out-done by his friend, had released his own monster of a cock and had positioned himself between my wife's spreadeagled legs. I watched, fascinated as he slowly massaged his cock in his fist. James was huge. At least eleven inches of solid, inflamed meat, I guessed. Fortunately for Di, her earlier orgasm had lubricated her well, otherwise I think she would have had trouble taking him inside her. James hauled her legs up and over his shoulders as he prepared to penetrate her. I heard Di scream out in a mixture of pain and lust as the first three inches went into her wet cunt. James grunted and withdrew slightly only to plough back in again a little further. Another cry from my wife; this time definitely more lust than pain as her pussy began to widen and accept the invading monster. This action of withdrawal and deeper penetration lasted for a further few minutes until James was fully inside her. Diane's moans turned into deep, guttural grunts as the younger man began to fuck her properly. In and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, James thrust his huge appendage. Di was screaming out orgasm after orgasm as she was taken hard and fast.

James was building up quite a head of steam now and from my position I could clearly see his cock as it thrust in and out of my wife's now very open cunt. Paul and I encouraged the young man with our words, telling him to fuck her harder and faster. James responded as I had expected. A few more deep thrusts and he pulled clear of Di and let loose a huge stream of cum over her belly and tits. There was cum everywhere now. Diane's belly and mound were covered in the sticky fluid as were her heaving boobs. There was cum on her face and hair from Paul's earlier efforts and I could even see the liquid glisten on her lips in the hot sunshine. The was no other word for it - she looked like a total fucking slut!

As the two lads sat back on the bench and tried to recover their breath, it was obvious that my wife was still in the mood for more. This I was more than happy with. I was the only person that had not cum yet and I was determined to rectify that situation as soon as possible! Di looked up at me with that "fuck-me" smile that she has always been so good at. She turned over onto all fours, her pretty ass sticking up high in the air.

"I think it must be your turn now, honey," she said girlishly, "I've got a hole left for you that hasn't been used yet!"

My jaw dropped slightly. I'd fucked her in the ass only a few times in the years that we had been together and had adored it on every occasion. Diane, however, had never seemed to be that enthused about anal sex, but here she was almost begging me to do her back door. Who was I to disappoint a lady!

My cock was out in a second as I positioned myself behind my wife while Paul and James watched. They both seemed more than happy to view my impending assault on Di's asshole and voiced their opinions.

"Yeah! Go on, man, do her in the ass. She looks like she's ready for it now!"

I had to agree. I parted my wife's buttocks with my hands and slipped a finger into her wet, juicy cunt for lubrication. She squealed as my fingers spread the liquid up and over her tight ring, probing and poking the tiny hole, working first one then two digits inside and twisting them slowly.

"Oh yes," she cried, "I'm so ready for this! Do it now Chris! Take me. Take me in the ass!"

Without further delay I removed my wet fingers and placed my hard cock against the slippery hole. I lunged forward. The hole was tight. Really tight. I thrust again and felt the ring widen and give. With a "pop" I was suddenly inside. The sensations were quite amazing and I had to hold my breath for a brief moment to stop from spurting there and then. I cursed as I realised that I'd left it too late. I could feel the old familiar tingle in my balls and knew that there was no chance of halting now. Shit!, I thought. Oh well, if I'm gonna cum I'd better make the most of it. My trembling hands gripped Di's buttocks and pulled them open. I dove in thrusting my hips forward and driving my cock into her ass. She squealed again as I began to bang her butt as fast as I could, my semen rising all the time. I could feel myself erupting inside her but kept slamming my tool in and out as hard as I could until I was empty. I relaxed slightly as my tool flopped out of her ass and trickled the last remnants of my emission over her butt cheeks.

When I finally looked up, James and Paul were just finishing a masturbation session as they watched. I was just in time to see Paul's dick twitch in his fist and release his second load over his young, athletic chest. His friend was only seconds behind him and splashed his fluid onto the ground between his legs. The two looked at each other and smiled. As they began to tuck away their cocks and rearrange their clothes, I had the distinct feeling that they were very close friends indeed!

With a kiss each for Diane and a warm word of thanks for me, the two young men disappeared back into the woods as quickly as the had appeared. I helped Di to her feet, her long legs seemed weak and trembled, hardly able to support her.

"You looked like you enjoyed that!" I said with a grin, "I had no idea I was married to such a badly behaved woman!"

"Maybe there's a few things you don't know about me," she replied with a mysterious look, "Now, if only we could find another woman..."

- The End -

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