tagIncest/TabooA Baker's Dozen Ch. 03

A Baker's Dozen Ch. 03


I said in my bio that reality bites and fantasy rocks, well truer words I never written. I started My Bakers Dozen in Jun 2010 after finding an old notebook of mine with stories in it. I only recently finished typing them up. So much has happened in the time between my stories it is not even funny. I just really don't have the time any more for this...but i could leave my Baker's dozen unfinished...so here is the next story of my baker's dozen.

I hope you enjoy them...if not, oh well...can't make every one happy. Can only make myself happy and I'm trying.

Drop me an email...if you like...

Wet and waiting Carrie

Now on to the story;

New experiences

My sister, Natalie was over visiting me. We had just returned to my home after an afternoon of shopping. Which included a visit to the Freddick's of Hollywood at the mall. Both of us had pick out something skimpy to wear in hopes of get a little action from our husbands later that evening.

It was around three in the afternoon and Dr Phil had come on. Natalie asked to leave it on as we fixing a late lunch. In the introduction, he mentioned Bisexuality and that he had men and women addicted to both sexes as his guests. Suddenly Natalie seemed really interested. We watched about twenty minutes, finding some interesting revelations from all the guests before a commercial.

Then Natalie looked over at me and asked me point blank, "Have you ever had any fantasies about other women?"

"Not really, Cal, (who is my husband) has in the pasted mentioned he had fantasies about me and another woman. That has got me thinking about it, a few times. But no...not on my own...no."

"So have you ever...you know....live out Cal's fantasy?"


"Have you ever wanted to...?"

"I guess...like a lot of woman, I always wondered want it be like..."

With that my sister reached over and holding my shoulders, pulled me closer to her. I was awestruck at first, not knowing how to react. But the second she planted her lovely lips against mine, I knew exactly how to react- with passion, kissing her back as hard as she was kissing me.

It was so sudden, which I guess why I gave into this incestuous lesbian encounter so easily. It was wickedly wrong which made it so much more appealing. I was sudden feeling hot all over, my slit was which was slick from thoughts of wearing my new skimpy undies to excite Cal became as juicy as the center of an orange.

I made no move to stop my sister from popping the button at the top of my jeans so she could slip her hand down to stroke my furry kitten between my legs. I felt instant sparks once she touched me down there, and I desperately wanted her to do more then cup my mound. When we stopped kissing, we looked into each other eyes. Suddenly we were standing and our clothes were flying in every direction as we got naked.

I had never felt any excitement from being around or seeing another naked woman. But the sight of my sister's naked curves, the swell of her breasts, her erect nipples, the flair of her hips, the tangle curls of the triangle covering her sex. Suddenly I felt the liquid heat between my legs intensify.

My sister sensed I was nervous so she made the first move, lower her face to my breast. My sister made me moan as she licked around and over my small but firm tits, caressing each nipple with her rough but gently tongue. I moaned out loud as she circled each nipple, making them alternate from, hot, because of the heat of her breath to, cold, because of the chill cause by her salvia on my skin. If she had wanted I would have let her suck on my nipples all night, the tingle sensuous she was giving me was so wonderful. But Natalie wanted more.

I trembled as my sister said, "I think its best it we skip the preliminaries and get right down to it."

Not really understanding what she was saying. So I just stood there. Seeing I wasn't getting it, Natalie plopped me down on the couch and spread my legs, smiling my sister knelt between my legs. I tensed for a second as Natalie's face descended toward my creamy hole. Her face hovered over my wet sex for a second as she looked up at me. Then slowly her tongue snaked out from between her lips and began to explore my joy-hole. I began whimper at the first caress of my sister's tongue. I knew from the way that she licked my hole that mine wasn't the first cunt my sister had explored.

Her relentless tonguing seemed to go on forever, until I was just about insane with lust. I couldn't have held it back another second even if I wanted to. When I climaxed, I felt my muscles clamping down, contacting to force a stream of hot nectar from my sex and into my sister's waiting mouth. This was something I had never done in all the years that my husband had eaten me.

Natalie drank every drop I had to offer until all that remained was the finest trickle of moisture leaking from my hole. My head was swimming as Natalie said it was my turn. All I could do was nod, my head; and say "of course, it was your turn."

Then I realized what she meant about it being my turn when I found myself on my knees my face inches from my sister wet sex.

I had never been with a woman and felt awkward as I lowered my face to my sister's sex. I spread her lips and really took a look at my first pussy. I looked at my sister's wet pinkness and realized why some many men compare it to a flower opening to the morning lights. I inhaled her scent and found it was intoxicating fragrance. Nervously I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and taste of the first time the juices of another woman. Natalie was patient, telling me when and where to lick. With each lick I found I liked the taste more and more. The more she moaned the more I want her too. Quickly I understand the wonderful delicious pleasure of devouring a woman's furry pie. No wonder Cal wanted to jam his face into my crotch every chance I let him.

I eat her out with a crazed fury that made her buck her hips. Unlike her caress that build my heat so slowly till I was on fire. I attacked the places that I knew excited me when Cal was between my legs. The places that made me scream, in hopes of making Natalie scream; I jammed and lapped at those places with an intense fury. And scream my sister did while I dined on her vaginal delights. She climaxed as hard I had.

As she did, she cried out, "Get ready here it comessss!"

I thought I was ready but the force and amount of juice that pour freely from her snatch, it was more then I could swallow. It was nothing like swallowing Call's load when I blew him. My face was soaked and her juices rolled down my neck and between my tits, which Natalie was happy to lick off me. After that giggling with each other, we laid there in each other arms letting our hands explore over our naked and sweat bodies. Her fingers found their way between my legs and I mirrored her action. Her finger didn't compare to my husband's cock, I never the less I climax all over them. She then rubbed her gooey fingers across my breasts and made me moan as she licked them clean.

Happily I was able to make her climax as well and when she finished shaking she brought my gooey fingers to her lips and sucked them clean.

Finally we had dressed, I wished my sister could have stay and we could have savor another hour or two of making each other climax but I knew it was not a good ideal since Cal was do home soon. Sure he had a fantasy of seeing me with another woman, but fantasy was one thing and reality was another, plus I couldn't be sure it how he handle the whole incest thing. Honestly I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole incest nature of my first experience with a woman.

That night I wore my new skimpy undies and Cal wore me out, fucking me silly. After ward, it didn't hurt the mood when I whispered in his ear about watching Dr Phil and told him want Phil was talking about and how it excited me, in fact it got him going again. As he pounded me from behind he groaned about his fantasy...how he would like to fuck me this way so that every time he shove into me it would push my face into the woman's snatch I would be eating.

About a week later I called my sister and asked her to come over. At first I was just planning to talk to her but I realized want I wanted wasn't to talk. When Natalie came over and saw me in the skimpy undies from Freddick's, we head to straight my bed. After a couple of hours of play time, I which I experienced my first sixty nine with a woman, I talked to her about helping me make my husband's fantasy come true. But that is another story...

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