tagBDSMA Bargain at Twice the Price

A Bargain at Twice the Price

bypanama trick©

She entered the small store and walked around looking at the furniture. The sales clerk watched from the counter and when she finally stopped in front of a bedside table he moved quickly to her side. As she turned to him she noticed the way his eyes roamed over her body and blushed.

"Can I help you Ma'am?" His voice was deep and husky, his eyes pinned to hers.

She felt dizzy when she looked into his eyes and finally tore her gaze away to look at the table. "How much?"

"Well Ma'am, its actually part of a bedroom suite."

She loved the way it looked and said, "where's the rest of it?"

He replied that due to limited space on the floor the bed and dresser and other table were in the back room. "Would you like to see them?"

She felt unsure, and then felt his hand on her elbow guiding her across the store into a swinging door to the back and into a storage room. They stopped in front of a large 4 poster bed ... He turned to her and smiled. "So, what do you think?"

she silently wondered to herself what she would look like on it...tied spread eagle on top of it. Studying the posts on each corner of the bed to see if they were sturdy, she grabbed each one and shook it a bit. The salesman's curious eyes fell upon her and she noticed that his eyebrow raised a little, he could smell her arousal. his senses were heightened around beautiful women.

He smiled at her, "the mattresses are brand new as well. Firm but not hard, a little bit of pillow top action going on and very comfortable. Why don't you lie down and see how it feels?"

He waited patiently till she was lying down on it. Walking around the bed, he ran his hand up her calf to her thigh never taking his eyes from her. She blushed at his boldness but didn't attempt to stop him. Her legs actually fell open a little as his hand traveled up her thigh and then disappeared under her skirt. When his fingers rubbed slowly across her pussy she moaned, "what the fuck are you doing?"

He grinned then, pulling a scarf up from the leg of the bed and tying it around her ankle. "I'm helping you make a decision."

She was a little scared but aroused by His determination and will to do what He wanted. He could smell her cunt was pulsating and throbbing the moment He touched her. This was a Man who took charge and knew what He wanted. That always turned her on. She looked at him curiously with a small smile on her face. What was He going to do? Her pussy was wet as the silk pressed into her puffy pink lips. Moaning she began to struggle a bit, she didn't want this Man to think she was easy. He grabbed her other ankle quickly, noting that her hips rose at his touch and wrapped a scarf around it. As she started to sit up, he grabbed her throat and slammed her back down on her back, "Where do you think you're going?"

She stammered, "you can't do this to me, it's wrong," even as he pulled her arms taut and bound them to posts as well ..

Sitting next to her on the bed he looked into her eyes. "Comfortable?"

A bit of fear finally appeared in her eyes. Yes I'm comfortable, I think this bed will do fine. "I'll buy it!!!! Now please let me up before we both get in trouble," her voice trembled as it cracked and the breath caught in her throat. This position excited her to no end, all she wanted was to be touched.

"Let you up? Hmmm, how were you planning on paying for this Ma'am? Cash? Check? Credit Card? Trade?" With the last question his eyes gleamed and he tore her blouse open. Her breasts spilled out in their lacey bra and he pulled a cup down to watch her nipple harden. She moaned when she saw the look in his eyes, hunger, lust, savage feral need burning into her flesh.

He tweaked her nipple between his forefinger and thumb and bent to suck the hard nubbin into his lips. She arched into him as his tongue slashed across her nipple, his hand drifting down her belly to unsnap her skirt and yank it open. She lay helpless, bound and writhing under his ministrations as he licked and sucked her nipple and his hand roamed freely over her panty clad groin.

She shook and he recognized that she came!!!! He was happy to see how sensitive she was, he was going to have fun with this one. Writhing and tugging against her bonds, she began pleading with Him. "Please don't touch me there! Pleeeeeeeease," her breath quickened and her eyes flashed as they darted back and forth. Her body had been so unused for so long that his touch made something inside of her she thought long dead come to life These feelings were tremendously overwhelming, she wanted more although she tried to deny it.

Pushing aside her panties he thoroughly explored her pussy with his fingers. Spreading the lips wide he dragged his fingernail roughly through the exposed pink flesh and then pressed and rolled her clitoris.

He growled, "You like that lady? You do don't you? You're nothing but a little whore are you?"

She almost spit when she heard Him call her a whore! I am not a whore!!!!! I am not a whore!!!!!! Take your hands off of me this instant! You have some nerve calling me that name, I am a lady! No, no stop that ....stop....don't!

Grinning he said, "Not a whore? Could have fooled me! You sure react like a whore!" His fingers pressed into her cunt and two of them slid into her wet, slick fuckhole.

He rapidly pumped them in and out of her, her body jerking up and pressing against the invaders even as she wailed, "I'm not, I'm not. I demand you let me go! I am not a ohgoddon'tstopyesrighttherepleasedeeper!" This was spit out of her suburban housewife mouth in one steady moaning string as he brought her higher and higher.

He stroked her rapidly until she reached that point where her thighs flung themselves open and her cunt rose and fell in a steady beat then stopped. Sliding his fingers out of her he bent over her face and licked them clean noisily ... "delicious! Did you want me to let you go now?"

"You Bastard!!!!!!! Growwwwwwwwwls. She writhed beneath His ministrations, her fiery heat rose to an inexplicable temperature, the need within her body betraying what she knew was right. She no longer cared what was right or wrong, she needed to cum so desperately. It had been such a long time since she's been touched like this, "stop tormenting me," she screamed out in a voice thick with lust!!

He grinned, "I guess not!"

She didn't expect what happened next. He tore the skirt from her, his face plunged down into her heat and his tongue raked across the swollen and wet flesh. His teeth captured her clitoris in a snap causing her to flinch with the pain until he suuuuuucked it to a full swollen state. The sensations tore through her body like electricity and she almost tore loose from the bindings. The words coming from her mouth were more like animal grunts than any recognizable language and he tormented her over and over.

Suddenly and without warning an orgasm ripped through her as she roared. Her face contorted in exquisite pleasure as she felt the most incredible feelings rush over her. "Dear goddddddddd ,"she screamed out to Him. "Holy fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss!!" Her entire body, vulnerable and laid out for His pleasure erupted like a volcano, she could do nothing but allow Him to violate her most private parts. Her mind was caught up in a tornado of thought and erotica. She had only viewed pornos that covered things like this and now that she was in the middle of it live and in person, she was ...she was.....out of her mind with lust and need!

He reached over to the bedside table used for display and slid the drawer open. His eyes narrowed as he lifted something from it and her cries of pleasure turned to squeals of horror as he implanted the butt plug in her ass and turned it on. She screamed, "No, no, no, no, please not there. Oh god that's so nasty, please take it out!"

He laughed cruelly, "nasty huh? Don't like it do you? Make you feel like the whore you are? Nasty little fucktoy wanders into a furniture store and 30 minutes later she's tied to a bed cumming like a cumslut!"

He bent his head again and sucked her clit into his teeth .. Two fingers slid into her cunt and he hummed merrily into her pussy as he ignored her pleas.

Her legs were shaking. She tossed her head back and twisted in her bonds as she pleaded with Him to stop. She was losing control of her pussy and didn't know what would happen if she pushed her over the edge. She was afraid of cumming in a Man's mouth, she's never experienced that! "What's going to happen?" Will she embarrass herself...and the feeling in her ass was so dirty, so nasty, so disgusting!!!!!! "I love it...no, no I don't...yes..yessssss I do!" She didn't know what to think, she couldn't think any more. "PLEASE STOP....NO MORE!" Humiliated, she couldn't believe she was at the mercy of such a sex maniac! "If He rubs me there one more time, "I, I, I'm gonna, ohhhhh ohhhhhh ... no, no stop please, don't, don't stop!!!!!"

He bit down on her clit .. shoving his two fingers deep into her, curling them back and viciously massaging her gspot .. he growled two words with the cunt in his mouth and her body at his command. "CUMMM NOW!"

Her body erupted into spasms of orgasms ... her muscles rippled, her thighs flew open and closed around the fingers and his head. The girl was at his mercy, over the edge, a rampant fuckpuppet succumbing to his lust despite herself. As she started to come down from the orgasm she felt the butt plug vibrating away in her ass and she blasted back up the slope into another orgasm.

He drank like a man besotted at her font. Her juices poured from her into his mouth, his fingers scooped honey from her and he stuffed them into his mouth like a bear with a beehive.

Her eyes opened and he could see that she was blind with passion. His features burned into her minds eye and she moaned .... "MOOOOOOOOOOORE!!"

He climbed her body slowly, lips searing into her flesh inch after inch, teeth nipping at sensitive spots, hands stroking her to more ravenous heights. He hovered over her, looking down at the girl bound on the bed. Her body yearned for him, she was completely his to use in any manner he saw fit.

She cried out and bit his shoulder when he dropped onto her, plunging his cock deep into her heat. Her hips rose to take him fully and he stroked slowly and deliberately into her as she cried out in little breathless gasps.

Her body shook again and again at the violation. The girl was hungry and the extreme situation that she found herself in only added to her excitement. A thought ran through her mind, "what if someone shows up?" She realized she didn't care, that she needed this, that only by continuing in this way could she achieve the freedom she so desired.

His hips flexed and rolled slowly, he watched her eyes flicker open and closed. Fascinated by the look on her face he thrust suddenly hard and fast into her depths. Her mouth flung open and her tongue flickered like a lizard on a hot rock. "Yes, please, fuck me, fuck me dammit! I need it, I need it so bad.

Faster and faster he flew in and out of her grasping cunt, the butt plug hummed merrily along in her ass and only increased the sense of pressure as he slammed into her gspot then dragged his cock out to the edge only to drop full force back into her. The shaft of his cock rubbed roughly across her maddened clitoris and the smell of their united sex filled the room.

Her mind twisted with the lust she thought to herself, "I just wanted to buy a bedside table. How did this happen, Oh god, I hope it never stops."

The lewd thoughts racing through her mind took their toll, her body flew into another round of orgasms as the man pounded into her harder and harder. She could hear his breathing, it was becoming ragged and there was a mixture of growls and moans that she found provocative and exciting.

She knew that the time was near for both of them .. the moment was at hand, her body was a constant twitching grasping heaving mass of orgasmic flesh and the man had ceased being fancy about the way he fucked her. It was pure animal savagery that the two were racing towards, a feral bestial madness that would soon take its toll on the both of them.

She glanced up at his face, alarmed by what she saw there. His eyes, "oh god his eyes" had shifted to an insane blue the white all but disappearing from them. His lips were curled back over his teeth like an Alpha wolf protecting his territory, and his nostrils flared as he gulped air steadily through them.

Again she exploded, this man was driving her insane, she'd never been used or satisfied the way that he was taking her.

He saw only her eyes, a fire kindled in the back of them that turned into a roaring conflagration and threatened to consume them both. He slowed, wanting to prolong this moment, absorbed in the cries of passion and lust echoing from the girl. His will somehow overcame his need to fill her with his seed and he whispered in her ear, "more? You really want more?"

Plummeting into the depths of the lust-filled abyss, she murmured through her haze with a growl so fierce that it pierced his ears and ignited a howl from deep in His throat. The girl tightened her pussy up around His cock and roared, "YES I WANT MORE!!!!! I ALWAYS WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!" She became all consumed with him, the feelings in her body were taking her over, all she wanted to do was cum more. She hyperventilated as her eyes roll back in her head.

His savage hunger knew no bounds, the girl was his, she was taken and conquered and owned by him. Her body reacted to him in a manner that told him she was built for this, that her entire life has been spent moving towards being used properly and viciously by a man who's appetite is endless.

He ground sublimely into her, first his cock shaft then his pubic bone crushing against her clit and racing across her g-spot repeatedly. His hands mauled her flesh, pinching, grabbing, twisting. He reached up and slapped her nipples repeatedly, her cries only serving to make the blows increase in speed and force. Until she was reduced to a pile of fuckmeat. Her entire purpose to be fucked and used. Her mind gone, nothing but pure sensation and need.

He recognizes that she has been pushed far beyond anything she had ever experienced. His aim with her was complete, he owned the girl. Now he could allow himself the pleasure of pouring his essence into her waiting, grasping cunt. The catch in his breathing, the growl in his throat, the tenseness of his ass as it pounded him furiously into her told her what she needed to know. She cried out in lust begging for his completion, pleading for him to fill her and make her serve him.

He came loudly. Brutally his hips like a steam hammer drove him on and on and on as his cock pulsed and sent the hot sticky fluid pouring into her.

She screamed with joy, for some reason she felt complete. He had taken her to a savage, feral side of herself that she never suspected was there. Still bound to the bed, the buttplug vibrating madly in her ass she looked up at the man as he rose from her body.

He returned her gaze, a smirk on his face. "Liked it did you slut?"

Her mouth was dry, her tongue flickered over her cracked lips as her body continued to spasm with aftershocks. "Yes sir, I liked it," she blushed.

"Good," he said. "I don't think its over yet."

She noticed the three men dressed in laborer clothes standing and watching. One of them proceeded to unzip his pants and approached the bed.

"These are my warehouse crew, lady. Treat them nice and the furniture is yours." He walked towards the front of the store. "I've got customers to deal with," he laughed.

She didn't know whether to scream or moan as the three approached her, she only knew it was going to be a long afternoon.

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