tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Basic Instinct Ch. 02

A Basic Instinct Ch. 02


Mr. Groves sat back with a happy little sigh; his face was all wet and shiny with his and her juices, but his grin was wide and genuine. "So what would you like to do now?"

Debbie fastened her blouse and tugged her skirt down in a prim manner as she moved away from the table. "I don't know, I was thinking of taking a shower, I don't know what you were planning." She shrugged as she looked at him questioningly.

Mr. Groves' grin widened, "you know Debbie, I've always had a bit of a fantasy, and tonight you could fulfil it for me."

She gave him a wary kind of look, "what exactly is your fantasy?" she asked cautiously.

"Oh I just liked the idea of watching you undress and watching while you stepped into the shower, and watching while you soaped yourself all over." His voice was getting a little higher indicating his growing excitement.

Debbie didn't reply she merely walked from the room and went upstairs. Mr. Groves gave a little chuckle as he followed.

She'd left her bedroom door open and Mr. Groves stood in the doorway as she slowly unbuttoned blouse, she let it slip from her shoulders and then it fell to the carpet.

She reached behind to unclasp her bra and allowed it to join her blouse on the floor.

Mr. Groves had always loved Debbie's pert little boobs with her hard nipples which always seem to be sticking out through whatever it was she was wearing.

Debbie unfastened her skirt and slid it over her slender hips. It fell to the ground pooling around her feet and Mr. Groves took a deep shaky breath as she began to tug at her lacy little knickers.

She shot him a little peek and then turned to walk into the bathroom. Mr. Groves again followed her, but remained in the doorway watching as she switched on the shower and stepped under the water.

She tipped back her head and closed her blue eyes as the water poured over her copper coloured locks, plastering it to her scalp.

Mr. Groves let out another little sigh as she picked up the soap and began to lather her skin.

She started across her belly and moved slowly up to her breast, under them first, then rubbing in a circular motion as she worked her way up and over the nipple and then across the top of her breast and between them. Then her hand slid across her shoulders and a little more briskly down her arms.

Debbie turned away from him then and bent slightly sticking out her rounded little butt towards him. She ran her soapy hands down her thighs and her knees and her lower legs.

She turned back towards him as she soaped up her hands and then began to lather at her tiny triangular patch of pubic hair, around and around in a slow hypnotic motion that had Mr. Groves leaning forward to see better through the gathering steam.

"Enough Debbie." He growled suddenly.

Debbie after a fleeting look of surprise at him, put the soap down and allowed the running water to rinse her off.

She stepped from the shower and wrapped a fluffy white towel around her.

Debbie would have left the bathroom, if Mr. Groves hadn't been blocking the way. She frowned at him.

"I want to dry you." he told her gruffly.

"What here?" she glanced around the tiled bathroom and then looked back at Mr. Groves.

Mr. Groves didn't answer he merely reached out and tugged at her towel. It came away in his hand, and Debbie gave a little shiver as she now stood naked and wet in front of his lecherous gaze.

He bunched up the towel and began to roughly dab at her. "Lift your arms," he grunted suddenly, and then, "turn around," he rubbed and dabbed and rubbed some more. "Now turn back and open your legs a little."

Debbie had stood silent and disinterested as he had rubbed at her skin. Now though as he rubbed the towel up her inner thigh, she let out a soft little groan.

The bumpy material touched against her clitoris and she gave a delicate little shiver.

Mr. Groves snatched the towel away and threw it to the ground. "Go and lie on the bed." He ordered abruptly.

Debbie could feel herself getting wet as she did as he ordered.

"Close your eyes Debbie and don't you dare open them," he whispered as he sat beside her on the bed.

Debbie screwed her eyes tightly closed and waited, hardly daring to breathe.

She felt the movement of air just before his fingers pinched cruelly on her nipple. Debbie let out a soft cry of pain, and he pinched harder and twisted. "Quiet!" he hissed, "or else I'll have to gag you."

She clamped her lips tightly together, keeping her eyes tightly closed and waited until he eased the pressure.

The relief was followed by tingling as she felt the blood flowing once more and she let out a soft little sigh.

He stroked lightly down to force his way between her legs. Debbie put up a token resistance but didn't fight him.

He rubbed at her clitoris with two of his fingers. "God you're so wet Debbie!" he exclaimed in mock surprise.

She could hear him moving slightly as he fumbled at his trousers suddenly. "Open your eyes Debbie and look at me." He commanded.

She did as she was told and turned her head in his direction. He was rubbing at his dick as he continued to finger her, his breathing getting a little more agitated.

"Here Debbie you hold me."

Debbie sat up a little and curled her fingers tightly around his hard cock; she slowly began to move her hand up and down, along the length of his shaft.

"Fuck me with your fingers Mr. Groves; fuck me hard with your fingers." She whispered softly to him as she opened her legs wider for him.

Mr. Groves didn't need any more prompting he thrust two of his digits hard into her, spearing her with them.

Debbie groaned and tightened her grip on his dick.

He plunged his fingers deep into her in and out as hard as he could while Debbie pulled on his dick.

He could feel as she began to tighten around his fingers and stopped suddenly eliciting a groan of protest from her as she glanced at him reproachfully.

He pushed her down on the bed and climbed on top of her, holding her down roughly as he slowly pushed his dick into her. "Fight me Debbie," he whispered hoarsely, "tell me to stop, BEG me not to."

Debbie tensed as she put her hands to his shoulders, "stop it Mr. Groves!" she cried out tearfully. She tensed her legs trying to close them but he was already between them as he put his full weight onto her, totally overpowering her, "PLEASE Mr. Groves don't!" she wept as the tears began to gather on her cheeks.

Mr. Groves let out an evil laugh as he rammed his dick as hard as he could into her and began to fuck her fast and deep.

Debbie's tears dried as she widened her legs and moved a little to meet his thrusts head on.

"Don't!" she continued to whisper, "please Mr. Groves....... DON'T!"

Their orgasms, when they came, were mutual and intense; and totally draining them both as he slumped down on top of her, breathing heavily.

After a little while Debbie stirred and pushed him away. "You see Mr. Groves." She told him accusingly, "you're just a dirty old man, and you ALWAYS dirty ME!"

He gave a tired little chuckle as he moved down the bed to take his position between her legs.

Debbie gave a soft little laugh as she felt the rough wetness of his tongue along her clit. "Oh yes Mr. Groves, right there." She murmured as she widened her legs and lifted her hips a little.

Mr. Groves glanced up at her as he put his hands on either side of her hips and pulled her down, as he buried his head as deep into her pussy as he could.

He pushed his tongue right inside her gaining a little cry of surprise from Debbie that brought a soft muffled chuckle from Mr. Groves.

"Squeeze your tits for me Debbie; pinch your nipples to keep them hard how I like them." He ordered gruffly.

Debbie's little hands cupped her little boobs as she gently massaged them. She tweaked at her nipples, just as Mr. Groves pushed two of his fingers into her. She gave a soft little grunt as he added a third and slightly parted them.

"Pinch harder Debbie." He reproached.

Debbie grasped her nipple and pulled, stretching it out and away from herself. She did this a couple of times, and then moved to the other making them both swollen and hard.

"That's better." He removed his fingers and licked her again, lapping up her cum as fast as she came.

Debbie spread her legs wider and relaxed on the bed, "that's it Mr. Groves," she purred, "keep doing that."

She could feel her next orgasm fast approaching, and was determined to savour it.


Mr. Groves crawled back up the bed to collapse down next to her, his face was all wet and shiny again, and he looked like he was in seventh heaven.

"Next time it's your turn to go down on me Debbie." He grumbled.

Debbie pouted, "You can't make me." She challenged.

An evil light came into his eyes that caused Debbie a moment's unease before he grinned his snide grin. "I would enjoy trying, if that's what you want?"

His hand slid down between her legs again to start to roughly finger her, and Debbie found herself once more giving in to him.

She sat up and straddled his chest, opening herself wide to him as she went down on his still relatively limp dick.

"Suck me and make me hard again Debbie." He carried on stroking her and fingering her as Debbie took him deep into her mouth and began to suck. She could feel him growing as he began to harden once more.

Mr. Groves pushed his fingers into her making them very wet and then he gently poked at that little hole just behind it.

Debbie stopped sucking to look back at him in alarm, "please don't do that Mr. Groves." She begged anxiously.

Mr. Groves swatted her behind once and very hard. "Keep sucking bitch!" he yelled at her.

Debbie put him back in her mouth afraid of him for the first time since she had been doing these things with him.

He again poked at her little rose bud hole, but as she gave a soft muffled cry he seemed to take pity on her and went back to fingering her pussy.

"One day Debbie," he grunted as she sucked him harder in gratitude, "I'm going to fuck your arse, but good!"


"Let me stay the night?" he begged her some time later.

Debbie shook her head with a regretful little frown, "not tonight Mr. Groves, it's been a long day, and I'm tired. I need to get a good night's sleep."

He grunted in disappointment but accepted her refusal, "can I come round tomorrow?"

"Okay, but not until after lunch time please."

"After one o'clock?"

They were sitting in her kitchen sharing a nightcap before he went home and Debbie nursed her glass thoughtfully for a moment.

She nodded. "Yes that'll be fine."

As she led him over to the back door he turned back, "shall I bring my bag of toys?" he asked hopefully.

Debbie nodded once fighting to keep a stern face. "If you must."

She closed the door on him and slid the bolt across; as she turned away from the door though she could not keep the satisfied little smirk off her face any longer. Tomorrow could be a fun day, she thought to herself.

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