tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Bathroom Encounter

A Bathroom Encounter

byDirty Anus Tokyo©

All day long the air in Tokyo was sticky and humid. When I came home from work just before midnight, the first thing after stripping my sandals was to open the veranda door to get some of the relatively fresh night breeze into my appartement. The second was that I turned on the water tap of the tub. A relaxing bath would be just the right thing at such an evening.

I undressed and neatly placed my clothes on the stool next to the sink. Since I was at home alone, there was no need to close the bathroom door. Instead, some of the night air would be perfect right now.

I was sinking through the foam into the warm water and closed my eyes, going to forget all the little troubles and nuisances of a long working day. While I was laying there, all of a sudden, a cold feeling came over me. I shivered and I didn't know why. But I felt, there was something not exactly the way it should be.

Then I realized what it was. There were some changes in the light which I could realize even through my closed eyes. A kind of shadow. Probably a moth that is flying around the light bulb, I guessed. Somehow I was afraid of opening my eyes.

Actually, after a while, I became aware that I have to open my eyes sooner or later. And I did.

My heart stopped beating, as a huge man in dirty leather clothes stood right in front of me looking down onto my body. I followed the direction of his eyes and I noticed that my nipples were peeking out from the foam. Hastily, I crossed my arms in front of my breasts. "How did you come in?"

"Through the veranda door. It was open."

"And what are you doing here?"

"Nothing in particular. I just have to pee. Or do you mind?"

"Yes I do mind. Get out of here immediately!" I said in a lowered voice, because I was afraid that the neighbours might notice my embarassing situation.

"But I do not intend to get out of here." he replied.

"Get out now!" I ordered him.

I saw his hand flying towards my face. I wanted to protect myself, but I could not because I would have had to expose my nipples than. So there was no other choice than to close my eyes and to wait for the flash of light exploding in my head and for the bang in the ear. Stupidly, I was thinking that moment "the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound." After all, the pain by itself was not that strong, but I felt the heat ardently arising in my right cheek. It surely became red and swollen. I always fantasized about the thrill of a dangerous situation, but that time it was too much for me. I was completely helpless and my situation to sit naked in the bathtub did not even allow me to get up and run away. My heart was trembling loudly and it was rumbling in my bowels. I was unable to move and the small rest of my self control I had to concentrate on keeping my various body openings from leaking into the bathing water.

Obviously, this guy regarded that discussion as terminated, since he frankly let down his trunks and pants halfway and urinated into the toilet. He stood with the back towards me, showing the typical ass of a sportive trained young men, small, round, firm and hairy. One could say that at least his ass was more sympathic than his face. Of his cock I did not see that much, but I noticed that it was middle size and at the end it was quite thick and fire-red.

O. K., I thought, then pee into my toilet, and then go away for good, wishing that he would be a little more carefully targeting with his beam. But then all of a sudden, he turned round and he aimed right into my face. I could not avoid scenting the salty, bitter taste on my lips before I shielded my face with both hands. Under my palms I felt the warm drops running down my face.

"I knew it," he said, "there is no need that you hide such cute titties from me." And with fading intensity the urine beam was lowering from my chin over the shoulders down to my left nipple before it was directly merging with the water. It was a strange feeling. Disgusting of course, but there was also another kind of emotion that made me shiver. It was so, how to say, filthy. I secretly watched him through my fingers as he was impudently staring on my breasts. I wished that I could get out of the water then, which was dirty now, but of course I could not as long as he was there.

"Are you ready now? Then please go." I said, crossing my hands in front of my breasts again.

"You were very kind to me. I would love to do something for you. I have an idea: I could wash your back."

"That would be too friendly. I can do that myself very well."

"No, really," he objected, "no need to be so shy."

"Please! Go! Now!"

Since he had already seen my breasts, I did not care about that. But I was too slow anyway. This time the slap hit my left cheek. Before I could react to the new situation, he had already grabbed my hair and tore me out of the bathtub. With my head bent down I followed the way pulled me in a way as to minimize the pain, and I climb out over the wall of the bathtub.

It is embarassing, I thought, but you are forced to, so there is no need to be ashamed.

No, that is wrong I thought while I had to raise my legs high to get over the bathtub rim with my head dragged downwards which probably looked quite silly. I have to be ashamed. But I have no other choice. When I comply, then my I get at least be spared from being hit in the face.

When I stood on the ground, he guided me to turn around with bent neck, still pulling me by the hair. But when I faced the bathtub again, he all of a sudden kicked from behind into my knees. I lost my stand and fell down on my knees. I shivered. I did not know what was causing me goose pimples, was it the evening breeze that I had been longing for, or was it the glance of his eyes at my naked backside, or was it some kind of contradiction inside myself, about the attitude that I should bear about the situation.

Before I could figure that out, he gave me a thrust and forced my chest back into the bathtub. Wit my hands I managed to underneath myself, but he held me neck down with one hand and he allowed me just that much that my mouth and nose were out of the water.

He was kneeing behind me and by struggling with his legs he conquered for his knees a space between my knees. From that on he had the entire physical control over me. His penis which was now in his fully erected state, as I had been afraid of, was sliding on the surface of my body. And by spreading his own legs centimeter by centimeter, he managed to expose my vagina against my will. I still was struggling to keep my head over water level, when he began to slide his hand over my back. But it was neither water nor soap that he was spreading on me, it was the body lotion, that I usually applied after bathing.

"Does this feel good?" he asked. I did not reply.

"Does this feel good?" He asked again.

"May I answer honestly?" I was asking back.

"For sure." he replied "Just tell me how it feels like!"

"I don't like it." I answered bluntly.

With the other hand, he submerged my head in the bathtub. I could just avoid to swallow water. I tried to hold my breath as long as I could, but after a while, I could not endure it any more. I gathered all remaining power to get breath again. Finally he tore my head up by the hair. I took a deep breath. I also realized that something was running slowly down my leg. I must have lost urine while being under water.

"Does it feel good now?"

"Yes thank you. It feels very good." I was not sure if it really felt good or bad, I just know that it was like being in an unreal world. From one moment to the other, my self-consciousness and my dignity were blown away, and for me there was nothing left to obey and to toil. What is said to be the worst thing that could happen to a girl, was now happening to me. And I could not really imagine, how it would come out. Of course, I was quite sure, what he intended to do, but I had no idea how I would get along with it. He was not only violating my privacy, he also demanded that I pretend I would like it. Strange enough, at that moment I wished that someone would have been watching me. Someone who cold later have told me, what I was doing. No, not another woman, it should have been a man.

Soon his fingers were fondling on my clitoris, just as I have expected. Indeed, he managed to get some liquid dropping from me, however Sexually, I was not uprised, instead some weird sensations were taking place within my head. All of a sudden, I felt a thrilling and savage desire to experience his brutal and selfish violations. It filled me with lust when I admitted that my resistance had been broken and my body has been bent to his service. I wished he would hit my face and piss onto me again, but of course I could not ask for that. It would not be degrading if I would beg for that.

"I bet you get it every day you slut." He continued to play with my clit.


"Then I guess, you need it now. Don't you?" I did not answer.

"Don't you?" The grip of his hand around my neck was dangerously tightened.

"... ' ..."

"Don't you think so?" My neck was forced down so that my face was almost under water.

"Yes I need it now." I answered hastily. "Please do it now" I was terrified by the imagination of getting nearly drowned again, but even more it felt like heaven to be forced to beg for his penetration.

He poked his little finger with body lotion into my anus and asked: "Which one do you like?"

"No! Not the anus please!" I yelled and that was not a show. Since my ass bent over the rim of the bathtub was the highest site of my body, I had no chance to contract its muscle and to protect my asshole - a situation that made me voluptuous. But his prick would be too thick and that would be painful.

"Then what do you want me to do?" he asked maliciously, forcing me to beg for the one thing to exclude the other one.

"Please fuck me in the cunt." I was shivering while I spoke this out under threat of getting it into my rear hole.

"Are you really sure, you will like it there?" he asked once more, adding his ringfinger to the small finger.

Since I am very sensitive at that site, it felt already painful with two fingers only and I begged: "Please, please, do it in the cunt. I want it there."

"I am not yet convinced that you really want to get it." He slid inside his middle finger also, and I was almost dying. It was like something stinging right into my stomach.

"No, no, I really do want you to fuck me in the cunt. I am eager for that. I have not got it since long time." I raised my hip and spread my legs to open for him.

"O. K. O. K. A gentleman such as me can never deny such a request from a Lady like you." and I felt him inside me testing me slowly, but deeply. But it was not the sexual contact that made me hot, although he was a gifted fucker, it was the humiliation that made my heart beat, and that I could hardly get enough of.

He thrusted maybe a hundred times into me, and my moaning always sounded perfectly like pain. I was dropping a little, but I did not have an orgasm. I was very glad for that, because, if I would have had an orgasm it would perhaps have been good sex, but it would not have been a real rape. A rape victim is left naked and deprived and not satisfied.

When he was ready, he got on his feet again and dragged me by the hair, my face right in front of his cock which was still erected and pulsatingly dropped sperm.

"Lick it clean!" I did not react.

"Lick it clean!" he repeated. I still ignored him, brazing for what would come now.

As I was hoping, he hit me in the face again. I did not move as my left cheek was about to explode. Warm feeling was streaming through my body while my cheek was starting to swell, and I enjoyed being such a ridiculous view kneeling before him in front of his still stiff penis.

He grabbed my folded pants and wiped the cum away exactly at that site that would be between my legs.

"Wear this!" He handed the stained panties to me.

I turned around and I deliberately bent over to him in a most sleazy way exposing my intimacy to him, while I was stepping into my pants. Halfly, because I wished him to share some of my confusion, halfly because I wanted to provoke him to do something more to me. But after I pulled up my pants, as tightly that the cotton disappeared between the lips of my cunt, I noticed that he had already disappeared.

I did not wash these panties since. At work I wear clean ones, but at night, when I come out of the bath, I always put on these before I go to bed. No they are going to fade. I guess it will be time that I experience something new.

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