A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 03


"No it's not!" I sobbed, clinging. Her skin was slick with oil and my hands slipped on her shoulders, but I grabbed onto the strings of her suit. She did her best to comfort me, but I was crying hard, now, all the fear and emotion I'd kept inside for weeks pouring out over poor Mrs. B's shoulders.

"Yes, it will, I promise," she whispered, letting me pull her closer, so she was leaning half over the tub. "It'll be okay."

"You don't understand!" I croaked. "TJ wants to have an open marriage and I don't know what to do!"

She pulled back and looked at me, her eyes soft with understanding. Cupping my face in her hands, she kissed my tear-stained cheek, shaking her head. "Oh sweetie... yes... yes, I do understand."

"No!" I cried, feeling the desperation crawling up my throat with the words. "Carrie, I feel so caught! I'm scared to death of losing him if I do it and I'm scared to death of losing him if I don't—I don't know what to do!"

"I know." She nodded, sliding the rest of the way into the big tub, suit and all, and putting her arms around me. "Oh sweetie, trust me, I do know. I know just what you're feeling."

I curled myself against her, the water churning around us, and she rocked me, stroked me, cuddled me against her breasts and let me cry until my breath was hitching in my throat like Beth's did whenever she had a long tantrum and couldn't stop. When it finally ebbed, she pressed her mouth to my ear and whispered, "Ask me anything you want."

I looked at her, startled. It had occurred to me earlier that Mrs. B—god, I was going to have a hard time calling her "Carrie"—was perhaps the one person in the world who might really have a solution to my problem. But the first question out of my mouth wasn't about TJ or my marriage. It was something I'd wanted to know, something that had haunted me for years.

"Did you plan it?"

"Yes." She knew what I was asking, and she answered honestly. I sighed, feeling something in me shrinking. "But not in the way you think."

Puzzled, I looked at her.

"We loved you, Ronnie." Her fingers pushed my hair behind my ears, her eyes soft as they looked at me. "We still love you." Her words made tears come again and they fell silently into the bath water. "You were like part of our family, you'd been with us for so long. And yes, both of us... we were attracted to you. I'm not going to deny that."

"But inviting me here..."

"Yes." She nodded, touching my cheek. "We hoped... but if it hadn't happened... Ronnie, that would have been okay, too. We would have still kept loving you anyway." She smiled and then bit her lip. "Just... differently."

I didn't know if it was the truth, or if she was just saying what I wanted to hear, but it was important for me to know, especially because what I was about to ask her would affect me and my marriage for the rest of my life.

"Did you have it all planned out?" I asked, feeling a lump in my throat. "Did you talk about how... how you were going to..."

"No!" Her eyes widened, her mouth dropping open. "God, no! Of course not! We just... we just let nature take its course. And, thankfully... it did."

My feelings were a little assuaged. "Was I the first?"

"The first woman we were ever with, together?" she asked. I nodded. "No. We'd been to a few parties... we had a few... professionals. But you were the first... real person. The first one we'd ever cared for... aside from the physical."

"Really?" I blinked at her, surprised. I'd been sure, somehow, that I was just one in a long line of seduced babysitters along the way.

"And now we have Gretchen." She smiled, her eyes warm. "Who we also love very much."

I sighed, resting my head under her chin. "It's hard not to love Gretchen."

She chuckled. "True."

"Who wanted it first?"

After a moment, she said, "He did."

"What did you do when he told you?" I was remembering TJ telling me, my shock, my fear. "What did you say?"

"I was hurt," she admitted with a sigh. Her hand massaged my shoulder. "Confused... but the thought was exciting. We'd fantasized about it a lot, having another woman in our bed."

I nodded, swallowing hard. "We have, too."

"But you're afraid the fantasy is going to be better than the reality?"

"Isn't it always?" I sighed.

"Was it with us?" I felt her lips brush the top of my head and smiled.


"I think it depends on the people involved." Her fingers moved through my hair, stroking, petting, and I felt my body melting against hers, finally relaxing. "I think it can be a big mess, or it can be an amazing experience."

"I don't want to clean up a mess."

She laughed. "I don't blame you."

"I'm scared," I admitted.

"I know." She kissed my temple. "It's okay to be scared. I'd worry if you weren't."

I shook my head, feeling tears stinging my eyes again as I choked out the words. "I love him so much."

"I know." She cupped my face in her hands, her eyes searching mine. "And that's what you need to trust."

"What do you mean?" I felt that desperation rising again.

"When it came right down to it, I had to trust that my love for Doc, and his love for me, was stronger than anything else." Her words were sweet, so sweet I could almost taste them.

"Was it?"

"Yes." She nodded. "It still is."

"Carrie..." I whispered her name and I knew my eyes were a question. Hers answered them, soft and bright.

Her voice was thick, like honey, like the color of her hair falling wet over her shoulders. "I like hearing you say my name..."

"Carrie..." I whispered again, leaning in to capture her mouth. She made a soft sound in her throat at the touch. "Carrie... Carrie... Carrie..." I whispered her name as I kissed my way down her throat, pressing myself between her thighs, feeling them open.

"Yes..." she whispered back, her hands moving down my sides, over my hips, pulling me between her legs. It was like coming home, and she welcomed me with open arms. I rubbed my face against the slickness of her breasts swelling over her bikini top. Her breasts were as bronze as the rest of her, and when I undid the straps and pulled them down, I found her dark-tipped nipples hard in spite of the warmth of the water.

"Oh god, Veronica," she moaned as I sucked one of them into my mouth. Her half-closed eyes watched my tongue trace a path around and around her areola, and she jumped and gasped whenever I flicked her nipple. Her breasts were incredibly full and lush and I used my hands to press them together, getting her nipples as close together as I could and licking back and forth between them.

Her hips bucked in response, her head going back and lolling on the edge of the tub as I worshipped her breasts. She was a goddess of flesh, and some part of me had always knelt at this altar, even in the years we'd been apart. My memories of her were nothing compared to the reality—wet, slick, luscious, moaning and arching against me, begging me for more. My whole body responded to her—not just my pussy, which was beginning to ache—as if it had come alive at her touch.

I hooked my fingers in the strings of her bikini, tugging them down the generous curve of her hips. She helped me, undoing the final strings on her top and tossing it aside, so we were both naked in the tub together. The feel of her body against mine was like slick velvet and my mouth sought hers as we slid together, limbs entwined, trying to get as close as we possibly could.

She tasted sweet, like oranges, liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed, our tongues playing together. Her thighs gripped my hips, strong and tight, pulling my pussy into hers, the heat of us together almost too much for me to bear. Panting, I broke the kiss, looking into her eyes. They were filled with lust, as deep and blue as the water we swam in, and I thought for a minute I was going to drown in them. There was no question what we wanted, what we were doing, and the excitement of the moment made my whole body hum with anticipation.

"I want you." Her words were soft but clear, her thighs tightening their grip. "I want you so much, Veronica... I haven't thought about anything else since you called."

"I know," I breathed, leaning in to kiss her again, tasting her sweetness. "Me, too."

Whatever darkness had been between us was gone, melted in the heat of our kiss. My body still felt so slight next to hers, all long limbs and arch, as if I could get lost in the plump softness of her flesh—and I tried, kissing her hard, pressing her to the far wall of the tub, rocking us in the heat of the swirling water. Her hands moved over my body, just accentuating our differences. My hips were fuller now than they had been then, my breasts, too, but they nowhere near matched her lush curves. My nipples were hard, pink, and pointed, and I moaned when she cupped my breasts, aiming them, rubbing our nipples together as we kissed.

"Oh, yes, Mrs.—" I stopped myself and felt her smile before she captured my mouth again, this time slipping a hand down between my thighs, cupping my mound.

"Oh sweetheart," she whispered, her finger probing between the smooth flesh of my lips. "You shaved..."

I smiled, searching between her thighs and finding her just as smooth, her lips fatter, fuller, filling my hand as I cupped her flesh. "Mmm, so did you."

She gasped when I slid a finger inside of her and moaned when I put in another, twisting them in her flesh. "Oh god, honey..."

"Stand up," I said, watching as the water slid off her body in sheets as she stood above me, her belly soft and tanned, her breasts heavy, her nipples hard. Water dripped between her thighs, down her legs, and I imagined it was her juices and longed to taste her. I knelt up in the tub, my hands kneading the curve of her hips, moving around to the swell of her ass.

Her clit liked to hide in the pink folds of her flesh, and I had to search it out with my tongue, making her squirm and moan. Her lips were swollen, completely smooth, and I kissed her pussy like a little mouth, sucking at her clit as if it were a tongue, flicking it, probing it. Her hands were in my hair at first, fisted in the wet length of it, pulling me to her, guiding me, but when she realized I wasn't going to stop, that my tongue was going to keep licking her, searching for her pleasure, she reached up to cup her own breasts, twisting and tugging at her nipples.

"Oh please," she whispered, her thighs trembling, her pussy clenching around my fingers. "Fuck me, baby. Finger my cunt!"

"You like that?" I murmured, sliding my fingers deeper inside of her, making her arch with pleasure.

"Yes, yes!" she panted, pushing her hips forward, wanting more. "Harder, oh, please, please!"

"Turn around," I said, using my hands to shift her, bend her over the edge of the tub. I spread her legs wider, looking at the smooth, swollen slit between them, the slightly creamy sign of her juices showing at the opening of her pussy. I put my fingers there, feeling her arch and press back onto them, sliding down past my knuckles, deep onto my hand as far as she could go.

"Ohhh yes," she moaned, fucking back on my hand. "Like that... fuck me, baby, yesss."

Still kneeling in the tub, I slid my tongue between her lips, slowly parting them, and then flattened it, using the tip to ease back and forth at the top of her crease while my fingers pumped in and out of her pussy.

"More!" she begged, her muscles tightening, releasing, squeezing my fingers. I slid another finger into her, feeling her shudder as she fucked back on me even harder, her breasts swaying beneath her, using her hands against the wall for more leverage. "Ohhhh god, fuck me hard, baby, hard, hard!"

I shoved my hand deeper, my tongue lapping between her legs, swallowing the wet sweetness of her cunt. She was making thick, guttural sounds with every thrust. I ran my other hand over the curve of her bronze, bucking ass, feeling the muscles there quivering with her effort. My pussy throbbed in response and I ached to touch it, but I slid my finger down the crack of her ass instead, finding the tight, puckered hole there.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" she whispered when I probed her there, making encouraging noises in my throat as I licked her, three of my fingers plunged deep into her pussy. Her asshole tightened around my finger, but her skin was wet and there wasn't enough resistance to keep me out. I slid my finger in to the first knuckle, feeling her whole body beginning to quake.

"Oh baby, baby, baby!" She moaned, moving her ass in circles now, rotating my fingers in her pussy, the one in her ass, and using my tongue against her clit to take herself there. "Yeah, that's it, baby, get me off! Ohhhhh god nowwww!"

I swallowed as much of her as I could, her pussy gripping my hand, her asshole a tight ring around my finger. I kept my tongue rolled over her clit, like a cup to catch her juices as she came, her hips bucking back, fucking me, her muscles squeezing every last bit of her come from her body.

She moaned softly and sank to her knees, panting, when I withdrew my fingers. I smiled, sliding up behind her, putting my arms around her waist and resting my cheek against the damp honey of her hair. My nipples were hard against her back, my pussy throbbing, sopping wet now, after making her come, but I didn't care. I could have stopped right then and been satisfied, feeling her melt in my arms as she turned over, pulling me close to her.

"You always make me come so good," she murmured, brushing my hair out of my face and pulling my head to her breasts. She reached for the drain with her toes and pulled it, allowing the water to start to go down. I wasn't done with my bath, and knew she would want to wash the oil off her body, but I didn't say anything as we waited for the water to drain, the warmth giving way to chill everywhere my body wasn't touching hers.

When the water was just a few inches deep, she began to kiss me down onto my back in the big tub, her body soft between my thighs, her belly pressed against mine, our nipples touching as we kissed. Her tongue made hot trails over my neck and chest. I gasped when she found my nipple, sucking and licking first one and then the other.

"Touch yourself," she whispered as she settled herself between my thighs. "I want to watch you."

I bit my lip, but my pussy was on fire, aching to be touched, and I slid my hand down to part my lips, opening my slit and showing her pink. Her eyes were full of lust as I began to pet myself, rubbing the hood back and forth, easing the skin over the sensitive bud of my clit. I used just one finger, first back and forth, then around and around, moving faster as the sensation swelled.

"You like it so sweet," she murmured, kissing my thighs as she watched. She raised her head and cocked it, smiling down at me. "Do you want me to lick you?"

I whimpered, arching, and spread myself wide for her. "Please... yes, please..."

She lowered her whole mouth down into me, her tongue flat and sweeping over my pussy, up and down my slit at first, spreading my juices. I heard her swallowing them, making soft, hungry noises in her throat as she worked her way through my flesh. I moaned out loud when she found my clit, moving her tongue back and forth now through my lips.

"Ohhh yes!" I cried, my hand fisted in her hair. "Oh god, Carrie, yes!"

My body was wet, my nipples hard from the chill, but I didn't feel cold at all. In fact I felt flushed with heat, as if there were a furnace inside of me, something ignited deep in my belly. I looked down at her kneeling between my legs, her ass up in the air, her heavy breasts swaying as she fastened her mouth to my pussy and sucked. I thought I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life, and I wanted her—I wanted more of her, all of her.

"Come here," I urged, holding my hands out for her, eager. She understood, easing her way up and then around, the tub more than big enough to accommodate us as she spread her legs over my head. I could smell her and the taste of her cum lingered still at the back of my throat as she pulled my legs back and buried her face between them again.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out long against the sweet, aching feel of her mouth, but I tried, concentrating on her pussy, spreading it wide with my fingers and teasing her clit with my tongue. Her clit was smaller—perhaps the only thing on her body less endowed than mine—and it liked to hide, especially right after she'd come once, or when she was very, very excited. I had to wrap my arms around her full hips and pull them into me, my mouth covering her pussy, my tongue probing deep between the soft, pink folds of her flesh. Her clit was tiny, a little bud of flesh hidden in the wetness, but I found it and I stayed fastened there, determined.

I knew I'd found the spot when she began to rock her hips, moaning against my pussy, her tongue losing its rhythm on my clit, giving me a little reprieve. I was dangling on the edge, so close to coming I felt as if I might burst, but I wanted her, too, I wanted to feel her come in my mouth, I wanted the sweet flood of her juices all over my face.

"Nnnn! Nnnn! Nnnn!" It was all she could say with her face buried between my legs, her tongue taking my clit past the edge now, the first quivering thrust driving my hips up against her mouth. I was coming, oh god, coming so hard I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, my whole body bucking with sensation, like a hot, wet bubble bursting in my belly and flooding down between my thighs.

"Ohhhhh Carrie!" I moaned, lost in the feeling, forgetting all about her sweet, throbbing pussy, but she reminded me, using her own fingers to spread herself wide, making that same, "Nnn! Nnn! Nnn!" I fastened my mouth to her clit with a groan, licking her fast, the same lightning rhythm again and again, until she lost it, too, her mouth coming off of me as she whispered my name, followed by, "Come on, come on, come on," and then she was there, her whole body shuddering with the force of her orgasm. She thrashed and twisted on top of me as she came, rubbing her cheeks and face over my still-throbbing pussy, making me gasp. Finally, she was still, panting on top of me, her heavy breasts pressed into my belly, her cheek resting against my thigh.

"I missed you," I heard her whisper and I felt tears stinging my eyes.

I nodded, although I knew she couldn't see me. "I missed you, too." I felt it, in every part of me, how true it was.

She kissed me softly when she sat up, and then led me to the shower stall in the corner. We spent a slow, luxurious fifteen minutes soaping each other up and rinsing each other off.

She got out first, saying, "I've got to start dinner. We're having lasagna."

"Sounds heavenly!" I called through the steam, watching as she wrapped herself in a towel and went out of the bathroom.

I dried myself off, realizing then that I hadn't brought up any clothes—I just had my bathing suit to put back on. I opened the door, thinking to ask Mrs. B—Carrie, I smiled at the way I corrected myself, even in my head—to bring my bag upstairs. That's when I saw Janie standing at her door, her eyes fixed on me.

My heart lurched and I opened my mouth to say something, but all that came out was, "Oh. Hi."

Janie's eyes darkened as she glanced at her mother's bedroom door, and then back to me. I realized she must have seen her mother leave the bathroom and my chest tightened.

"Right." She blinked, and I wondered, for a moment, if she was blinking back tears. Then, she shut the door, and the radio went on—loud. Too loud.

"Fuck," I whispered, glancing at the Baumgartners' closed bedroom door, and then shutting the bathroom door. I leaned against it, feeling sick, closing my eyes. Janie's opinion of me was bad enough, I thought, without her seeing... what had she seen? I wondered. What had she heard?

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