tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 05

A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 05


"Hello?" I whispered, flipping my cell phone open and hanging half over the side of the couch bed. I'd found my ringing phone in my purse on the floor and managed to answer it just before it went to message.

"Hey baby, you awake?"

TJ. I smiled at his sleepy tone and knew he was still in bed. "I am now," I whispered, sliding the rest of the way off the couch bed, where Gretchen was still sleeping. The girl could sleep through anything. Of course, I'd finally been sleeping just as hard, having spent most of the night tossing and turning, thinking about Janie and Gretchen and the Baumgartners and just what in the world I was doing here in Key West in the first place.

"In your own bed?"

My stomach clenched, even hearing the teasing tone in his voice.

"Of course," I admonished, giving a guilty glance over my shoulder at Gretchen's sleeping face, my eyes traveling over the slope of back, down to where the sheet met the curve of her hip. Damn, she was sexy.


I bit my lip, grabbing my shorts from their resting place under the couch bed and yanking them on, juggling the phone.

"Not answering that one, huh?" TJ chuckled as I stood and tiptoed to the door wall, opening it to reveal the early morning rise of the sun. It was a gorgeous morning, the breeze already warm on my face as I shut the door behind me. The sky was streaked with fiery oranges and reds and I stood there for a moment, breathless at the sight.

"Come on, you can tell me," TJ urged, his voice lowering even more. "Did you spend the night with the Baumgartners?"

"You're hard as a rock just thinking about it, aren't you?" I teased, walking down two short steps and across the patio to sink my feet into the softness of the beach sand.

"You know I am." His voice was slightly hoarse. "I miss you."

"I miss you, too," I confessed, and I did. I could almost imagine myself in his arms, my fingers walking that sweet, dark line down his belly toward his cock. God, I missed that, too, the feel of him filling me. "I spent the night with Gretchen."

He actually gasped. "Really?"

"Yeah." I kicked at the sand as I began walking toward the water. "Really."


I smiled. "And it was...good."

"Good? Just good?" TJ snorted. "You can do better than that!"

"Well..." I bit my lip, bringing up the fresh memory of the night before, the soft feel of Gretchen's skin, the sweet, pungent taste of her pussy. I could still taste her in my throat. "She came to my bed in the middle of the night..."


"You really want to hear this?"

TJ groaned. "Hell yes! Tell me."

"Tell me first," I murmured, feeling the gentle throb of my pussy, already responding. I hadn't managed to find my panties and the seam of my shorts rode up between my pussy lips as I walked. "Are you hard?"

"Uh-huh," TJ murmured.

"Are you stroking it for me, baby?" I closed my eyes and pictured him, cock in hand. The thought made me dizzy with lust.

"God, yeah," he groaned. "I woke up hard for you, and now I can't stop thinking about you with Gretchen..."

I smiled, walking toward the water. "Thinking about us kissing..."


"Undressing each other..." The waves were cool over my bare feet as I hit the water's edge.


"She's got gorgeous breasts," I admitted, remembering the weight of them in my hands. "Firm...full...hard pink nipples..."

"Oh god..."

I could hear his breath coming faster. I imagined I could hear his hand shuttling up and down the length of his cock and ached to lick off the pre-cum I knew was accumulating at the tip.

"And they're very sensitive," I told him, his groan of pleasure spurring me on. "She loves to have them sucked—hard."

"You're killing me," he whispered. "God, I'm so fucking hard."

"Her pussy is totally shaved," I said, walking along the wet sand at the water's edge. "You'd love it. All wet and pink. Her little clit likes to hide, and she loves being licked."

"I bet she does." He growled softly into the phone and I knew, I just knew he was squeezing his cock hard in his hand, prolonging things. "Did you lick her good for me, baby?"

"She was on top of me at first," I confessed. "Licking my pussy..."

"Mmmm I miss your sweet little pussy." His words made me shiver. "Did you like it?"

"Oh god, yes..." I curved around a large expanse of tall rushes and shoregrass on my walk, letting the dew at the edges wet my outstretched fingers as I passed. "Her tongue is so good, TJ. I forgot how sweet it was to be with a woman."

"Better than me?"

I made a face he couldn't see. "Don't ask me that."

He chuckled. "Go on... did you return the favor?"

"I did." I smiled. "Her pussy tastes so good... I forgot how warm and wet and sweet..."

"Mmm... more..."

"She makes these little noises when she's about to come," I told him, glancing behind me toward the house. It was out of site now—I'd walked a ways down the beach and the vegetation obscured my view. I wondered if I was still on the Baumgartner's private beach at all. There was nothing but sand and vegetation behind me. The next house was barely visible in the distance. "She always asks me to make her come, almost every time, 'Make me come, Ronnie, make me come...'"

"Oh that's hot," he moaned. "Did you?"

"Not with my tongue."


I grinned, anticipating his reaction. "She wanted to rub our pussies together."

"Oh my god." He growled into the phone again, a deep, sudden sound, and I knew he was holding back his climax. "Are you touching yourself, baby? Rub your little clit for me..."

I glanced around, up and down the beach. Did I dare?

"Go on," he urged. "I'm so fucking hard for you. Tell me more."

I sat on the sand, away from the water line, close to the edge of the expanse of shoregrass, and unzipped and unsnapped my shorts. My pussy was aching to be touched.

"I love it when she rubs her pussy with mine," I murmured, laying back in the sand and sliding my hand down into the V of my shorts. "Her little clit kissing mine like that..."

"Mmmm...yeah... more..." TJ's breath came faster through the phone, in short, hard bursts.

"I watched her ride me like that," I went on, my fingers finding the already wet, aching bud of my clit and rubbing it. "Her breasts in my hands, her nipples so hard... her breath coming faster..."

"Faster..." He urged, groaning softly.

"Yes..." My fingers rubbed faster, my hips moving with the motion, as I remembered Gretchen's wetness against mine. "Her pussy rubbing there...soooo wet...soooo good...all that pink, hot flesh... again...and again..."

"Oh fuck, Ronnie!" TJ gasped and I knew he was close. Just the sound of his voice sent me straight to the edge and my nipples hardened and tingled under my t-shirt.

"That's how she came for me," I whispered, slipping my fingers deeper into my pussy. "Just like that."

"Ohhh god, yeah, make her come."

"Riding my pussy with hers, fucking me..." I fucked myself faster, deeper, harder, whispering my words to him as the waves crashed against the shore and the sun spread its light across the sky. "Giving me all her juices – I could feel them running down my thighs..."

"Oh baby! I'm coming! Ohhhh!"

I made a soft noise in my throat as I listened to him, the growl of him making me shiver even in the dawning heat of the morning.

"Yes," I whispered, closing my eyes, seeing him pumping his cock in his fist, him cum spilling over in hot waves. What a waste, I thought with a groan. I wanted his cum, I wanted to play in it, lick him clean, swallow him whole.

My orgasm was a sudden, sweet surprise, and I bucked my hips toward the sky as I came, not bothering to muffle my moans as my fingers probed deep into my flesh, my quivering pussy aching for the hot, full pulse of TJ's cock.

"God I love you," I murmured as I cupped the heat of my mound with my whole hand.

"I love you, too." I could hear the lazy, post-coital smile in his voice. "Did that really happen?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Of course, I hadn't told him that I'd also had a bathroom encounter with Mrs. B... "Are you jealous?"

"A little," he confessed. "But only because I couldn't be there to watch."

"Just watch?" I teased, zipping my shorts back up. My fingers were wet, and instead of wiping them off, I licked them clean, recalling Gretchen's pungent taste.

He chuckled. "Well, I wouldn't say no to an invitation to join you."

"You're really okay with all of this?" I sat up and shook out my hair—full of sand.

"More than okay," he agreed.

"You're okay with me and Gretchen..." I mused, looking across the water at the rising sun. It was brighter now, truly almost morning. "What about me and... say... Mrs. B— er, Carrie?"


I bit my lip and pushed my luck. "Me and Doc?"

"Sure. Why not?" His response surprised me. We'd talked about a threesome with another woman... but he was okay if I slept with another man while he wasn't even around to supervise? "Sweetie, this is your freedom vacation. I told you that before you left. Anyone you want, you can have."

"Our freedom vacation," I reminded him, standing and brushing the sand from my shorts. "You're still coming aren't you?"

"Yep, my bag's already packed."

"How's Beth?" I asked, debating which way to walk. I was probably off the Baumgartner's beach, but I continued on anyway, not quite wanting to go back and face everyone in the house quite yet.

"She's good. She misses you."

"I miss her, too."

"But she's looking forward to a week at grandma's." There was a short pause and then he laughed. "Speak of the devil, I hear her now. I better go before she tries to get her own Frosted Flakes again."

I smiled, remembering how much trouble little Miss Independent could get herself into in a very short amount of time. "I'll let you go. Call me later?"

"Count on it. Love you, babe."

"Love you more." I smiled.

"I love you more, too," he said, saying what he always said when I told him I loved him more. "Bye."

He'd hung up before he could hear my goodbye, although I said it.

I slipped my cell phone into my pocket and was about to turn back to walk toward the house when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. There were three old cabanas spaced evenly on the sand on the other side of the cover of the tall rushes and shoregrass.

The vegetation was almost thick and tall enough to hide me completely, even if I was standing, and it might have been tall enough to hide Henry, too, if he hadn't turned his head to the side just at that moment. The motion caught my attention and I moved toward him, frowning, wondering what in the world he was doing out here at this hour of the morning.

Early morning swim? I surmised, as I followed another curve in the vegetation. The field was clearly a natural boundary between the Baumgartner's timeshare and the one across the way. I wondered who the cabanas belonged to. I neared the edge of the field and stopped, my eyes widening and my stomach clenching.

Henry was leaning with his shoulder against one of the cabanas, peering around the side. His face hidden from me, but I could clearly see his swim shorts pulled down, and his hand moving between his legs.

Flushing, I began to back away, not wanting him to see me or even sense that I was there, fearing it was already too late. His head turned slightly back in my direction, and I instinctively ducked down and into the rushes. The ground there was moist and soft and I sank a little, giving me even more cover.

Now what? I didn't move for a moment, my heart beating fast, not daring to even breathe. Had he seen me? What in the world would I say if he had? In all of the sexual scenarios I'd imagined since I knew I was coming back to see the Baumgartners, I had to admit that finding Henry masturbating on the beach had never even crossed my mind.

Finally, I dared to poke my head up above the top of the grasses. He was still there, probably twenty feet away, and he was still...well, it was pretty clear what he was doing. His hand was still moving fast between his thighs—I could tell by the way his shoulder flexed—with his cheek resting against the side of the cabana. I was almost directly behind him now, instead of at an angle, and thankfully couldn't really see much anymore.

I stood there, indecisive, trying to figure out how to sneak away unnoticed, and it wasn't until he leaned a little further around the cabana that I wondered what it was he was looking at, what he was doing here in the first place, out here jerking off behind the old cabanas?

Too curious for my own good, I moved further into the rushes and shoregrass, pushing my way through slowly, trying not to make any noise. Henry was clearly too focused on what he was doing to hear me, I decided, as I found a better angle. My line of sight gave me a good view now of Henry from the side, his face twisted in pleasure, his hand gripping his cock—good god, he was big, like his father, the thick rise of his cock red and swollen, the head almost purple and clenched in his fist.

My pussy twitched at the sight of him, and I swallowed hard, telling myself I needed to get out of there—I needed to get out of there now. This was all kinds of wrong, and I didn't want to have any part of it. Maybe there was some woman he knew who sunbathed nude on the beach or something and he came down here to watch. Boys his age—what was he now, nineteen?—seemed to have no off switch when it came to arousal.

I told myself to go, to make my way through the grass to the beach and run as fast as I could back the house. That's what I told myself, but when I saw the scene he was actually watching, I stood transfixed, disbelieving, paralyzed.

Brian was spread-eagle on a towel in the sand, Janie straddling him, both of them completely naked. He wasn't inside her of her—not yet. Her back was mostly to me, but I knew it was her, from the spill of her honey-colored hair over her shoulders to the Celtic tattoo in the small of her back that she'd shown off to Gretchen yesterday in the kitchen during dinner.

Brian's cock was in her hand and she stroked it between her ass cheeks as she rocked, obviously getting ready to fuck him. Staring, I moved further into the weeds, parting them so I could see better. Now I could see them almost from the side, Janie rubbing Brian's cock between her legs. He gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh, his eyes half-closed. They were only about ten feet from the cabana where Henry was hiding watching...and about twenty feet, now, from where I was hiding...watching...

"Oh yeah!" I heard Brian's groan clearly as Janie slid him inside of her. I even heard her soft cry of surprise and pleasure, the sound carrying toward us downwind. Glancing at Henry, I saw his gaze on them, his cock hard in his hand as he watched his sister being fucked.

Had he followed them down here? Just stumbled across them? For a moment, I found myself angry that Brian and Janie were given so much freedom, that they were down here doing whatever they felt like on the beach in the first place—but I had to remind myself that they were grown-ups. Janie was drinking age now, for god's sake. Henry, too, was an adult. Mr. and Mrs. B. probably wouldn't care if their daughter had brought her boyfriend down to the beach for a little rendezvous... but what about their son's activities as he watched his sister getting fucked?

"Ohhhh yes, yes, Brian, harder!" Janie's voice carried again as she threw her head back, her breasts pointing skyward as she rocked on him. Brian had taken over most of the motion, though, his hips bucking her up and up, again and again. Christ, she was beautiful, her body pure perfection, a long, lean, tawny treasure, not a tan line in sight.

I found myself wondering if Janie was shaved, like her mother, and the thought made me flush. I told myself it was from shame, but my pussy throbbed and I cupped my mound through my jeans to quell the ache a little.

I couldn't decide where to look—knowing I shouldn't be looking at any of it. Henry was stroking his cock faster now, biting his lip as he peered around the cabana, watching as his sister rode her boyfriend like he was some bucking bronco, Brian's hands cupping her breasts, kneading them in his hands. Janie leaned over him and pressed her breasts into Brian's face, giving both Henry and I a full view of her pussy taking the full length of her boyfriend's cock.

I suppressed a gasp and found myself wanting to get closer—god help me, I wanted to see. My hand rubbed unthinkingly between my legs, shoving the seam of my jean shorts up between my pussy lips, seeking the hard, aching button of my clit, looking for some sort of relief.

Then Brian was turning her over and Janie complied, getting up on her knees and arching her back, her bottom rising into the air like a cat that wants petting. He positioned himself behind her, his cock nice and slick and hard as he stroked it against her ass. Oh god, that was gorgeous. Simply stunning.

The little squeak that Janie let out when he entered her made my nipples tingle with longing, and I found myself slowly unzipping my shorts and sliding my hand inside for the second time that morning. I couldn't help it, apparently, any more than Henry could have.

That's what I told myself as my fingers found my clit and began to rub it—that he'd stumbled across them and, like me, had been so surprised at first he couldn't move... and then... well... nature does take its course, and sometimes urges are so strong...

Henry's fist encircled his cock, pumping faster as he watched his sister now taking her boyfriend's cock doggie-style, and I wondered how he could stay so quiet. His face clearly showed both his pleasure and his restraint—he didn't want them to know he was there, but he loved watching, was just as turned on as I was.

And oh god, I was.

One hand crept up under my t-shirt, tweaking my nipple as I watched Janie getting fucked, her blond hair hanging down over her face, her breasts swaying beneath her in the sand. The towel they'd been lying on had been forgotten in the heat of the moment as Brian pounded her hard from behind.

"Oh god, oh Janie, oh god baby I'm gonna—" Brian's warning brought an instant reaction from Janie, who shifted her hips quickly forward.

"Not inside!" She gasped, grabbing his cock and turning to start stroking and sucking him.

"Oh Janie, oh fuck." Henry's whisper made me shiver and I saw the first hot spurt of his cum erupt from the fat, purple head of his cock and explode like some twisted Rorschach against the back of the cabana wall. It was followed by another and another, his hips thrusting forward as he came, his head thrown back in a silent expression of pleasure.

The couple on the beach were too involved in what they were doing to hear him—or, thankfully, me, for that matter. Janie was fingering her pussy as she sucked Brian off, and his hands were buried in her hair, shoving his cock deep into her throat. She'd clearly done that before. She could take almost his whole length, and watching it disappear into her mouth was beyond hot.

"Come on!" she urged, her voice thick as she took him out of her mouth to stroke him against her cheek. "Come all over me! Come on! Do it! Do it!"

"Ahhhhh god!" Brian's hips shifted forward and he did just as she asked, his cock jerking in her hand as he began to come, thick ropes of the stuff hitting her cheek and chin and breasts. I couldn't stand the tension for another minute, and my pussy spasmed with my own hot, shameful climax, my cheeks flushed and sweaty, my nipples hard and straining under my shirt.

Breathless, I sank to my knees in the soft ground, hidden in the rushes and glad for the cover. I couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed, what I'd just done.

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