tagRomanceA Beach Fantasy

A Beach Fantasy

byhollywood angel©

The only sound that can be heard is the gently lapping of the waves rolling into the beach. She lay naked in the sand slick with sweat in the hot afternoon sun. Alone on the beach, she stretches sensually and gets to her feet. She walks slowly to the water, the hot sand running through her toes. Then in an instant she is gone, diving beneath the surface. She swims out a way with slow easy stokes and then lay over floating on her back under the sun.

She hears the movement of the ocean so in tune with her body. She begins to slowly touch herself, amidst the calm of the ocean. She hears the water, moves with it. Her hands seem to be everywhere at once. Her Breasts, her pussy, she stops, having trouble staying afloat.

She hears a movement in the water and he rises above the waves to capture her lips in a kiss. They begin to swim slowly to the shore together, stopping along the way to kiss, touch, taste and feel. The water is a powerful stimulant, they reach shallow water and she wraps her legs around his waist and slowly guides his hardness into her slick wet passage. The sheer delight of the moment overcomes her and she throws back her head and laughs a deep throaty laugh. They move in the water effortlessly, their bodies one, a moment frozen in time.

She pulls away and stands up and runs the rest of the way to the shore. Falling upon the sand, it clinging to her body, she watches him emerge from the water, coming toward her. She reaches out a hand and pulls him to her. She kisses him and pushes him gently to the ground, and falls down beside him, her hands running all over his body. She kisses him slowly, his lips, his eyes, his neck. She leaves a trail of kisses down his neck, his chest. She flicks out a tongue and lets its circle his taunt nipple. He moans. She takes a hand and begins to gently stroke him feeling his fullness in her hand. Her hands seem to be everywhere, his chest, his stomach, his ass, his dick, and his balls. She just cannot get enough. She leans down and places a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock.

Then slowly takes it into her mouth, sucking gently on the head, slowly licking all around. She caresses his balls with her hands. Taking him fully into her mouth, she sucks up and down his hard length. Faster and faster her mouth moves, making love to him. She reaches her hands up and makes a circle with her finger and puts it next to her lips as she sucks in and out. So good. She pulls completely back and just rubs him all over her face, his hardness feeling satiny smooth against her face and lips. She moves and sits astride him pushing her sweet smelling pussy right in his face and begins to suck him again. He flicks out his tongue and begins to lick her. mmmmmmmm. She is so hot. They bodies move in sync as they pleasure each other with their mouths and their tongues. Their orgasms build together until they explode in each other’s mouths, each tasting the other.

They slowly move and he takes over, lowering her gently to her back, he enters her still hard. She cries out in ecstasy her orgasm just seems to go on and on. Slowly he fucks her, gently teasing, in and out. He takes only the very tip and teases her with it, feeling her tighten round him trying to pull him further inside her, but he resists, teasing, knowing she is going wild. The sun dips lower into the water, and it begins to darken. They are lost in each other and do not notice. He is still teasing, and then he shoves himself fully into her, feeling her tightness. She cries out in ecstasy. He pushes in and out of her slowly, then faster. He feels her contract around him as her orgasm rocks them both. He quickens his pace, wanting to fuel her fire and keep her in the moment, wanting to feel all her fire and all her passion just for him. He tenses and feels his release starting to build her tightness making him lose all control, as his orgasm explodes into to her with her full with his hot cum. They still, their breathing hard, still locked together in bliss.

The rising sun awakens him, he looks over just to watch the rays of sunlight playing on her face and moving in her hair. She looks so peaceful and so beautiful, laying there sleeping. He cannot resist reaching out a hand to touch her. Her body seems to come alive with the slightest touch. He gently runs a fingertip from the tip of her nose in a line down her body, her neck, her breasts, and her bellybutton. He reaches lower until he is caressing her pussy with his finger, she stretches and moans, still not quite awake.

Then his tongue replaces his finger and he licks her gently. Her eyes come open and she looks down to see him feasting on her. The waves of pleasure wash over her. He slips a finger inside her and continues to make love to her with his tongue. Another finger enters her and she is lost the sensations run through her whole body. His tongue moves faster and faster, bringing her closer to the edge. He moves away from her and lies down beside her, pulling her with him, she moves until her pussy in right in his face. He reaches out his tongue and starts to lick her again. Her hands find their way to her pussy and she slips her own finger inside her. He licks faster and faster, she moans and knows she is about to explode in his mouth. He feels her shudder as the hot juices pour out of her into his mouth.

She moves down his body and leans down to capture his lips in a kiss, tasting herself on his lips. She kisses him with all her passion. She moves slowly, running her mouth all over him. Licking and sucking his neck, his ears. She moves lower and takes his nipple into her mouth, circling it with her tongue until it is taut. Her tongue leaves a trail down his body, until she reaches his cock. She licks slowly around his head knowing it feels so good. She takes just the tip into her mouth and sucks gently. She withdraws and licks up and down his length, loving the feel of him. She takes him into her mouth again. Sucking all of him up and down, faster and faster, she feels his balls start to tighten and she pulls back not wanting him to cum yet.

She reaches her hand down and starts to gently caress his balls. She takes him into her mouth again and with one hand she caresses his balls as her mouth fucks him faster and faster. She feels how close he is and the hand that is playing with his balls, moves lower and then he feels her slip a finger into his ass. It is almost too much for him but he keeps his control as he experiences all these new sensations she is creating. She slowly removes him from her mouth and moves lower and replaces her finger with her tongue as she reaches out her tongue and licks his ass.

He almost cums then and there but she stops again and takes him into her mouth and slips a finger into his ass. Her mouth is moving faster and faster, and her finger is moving so slowly, it feels so good. He cannot take it anymore, she feels his balls tighten and his hot cum explodes in her mouth and she is taking all she can. His orgasm seems to go on and on, the cum starts dripping out of her mouth, down her cheeks. She looks up at him with a smile on her face knowing how much he enjoyed that.

She lay her head down on his leg and just waits, knowing he will be ready for her in a few minutes. The sun is fully up now, warming their already hot bodies. She reaches out with a hand and begins to stroke him. He starts to harden again, her hands awakening him.

She moves over him and lowers herself slowly onto him, he feels so good inside her. She begins to move, slowly at first then faster. She raises herself up until he is almost completely out of her. Then she slowly brings him back inside. He rolls over bringing himself on top of her and begins to tease her with the head of his cock, just a little at a time. He feels her muscles tighten and try to pull him inside but he resists, knowing how much she is enjoying being teased. He plunges fully into her and feels her muscles contract all around him as her orgasm explodes all around him.

He begins to thrust harder and faster, feeling his balls tighten, he knows he is close. He wants to bring her with him again. He shoves himself as far into her as he can and begins to feel her cumming again, it pushes him over the edge and they cum as one, their bodies merging becoming one. He feels her shudder and then feels their juices dripping out of her pussy all around him. He leans down and kisses her sweet lips. They look at each other and smile...

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