A Beach House


A Beach House Ch. 1

An abduction and forced sex for revenge fantasy:

With engine roaring, tires screaming and burning rubber Gary backs his SUV violently out of the company parking lot filling the hot still Southern California air with a cloud of acid smoke. Banging the steering wheel with his fist and cussing Andy Lawson he mashes it in to forward and speeds off down the freeway. Andy had screwed him out a choice opportunity today and it had cost him a fortune and a sterling reputation in the industry. He was pissed and driving like a wild man. Gary knew if he didn't get off the freeway soon he was likely to kill someone, maybe himself. He swerved off onto the coast highway heading for Salty's, one of his favorite watering holes. A safer place to blow off some steam he knew.

Gary worked for a large software company in southern California and he had developed accounting software that would make all others look like a Menses test in terms of ease of use and ease of upgrading. Gary's work was bound to make him a star in the industry and rich as well, but Andy Lawson cut his budget in half. Apparently Andy didn't understand a technological leap was like leaping a canyon, you had to do it all at once not halfway.

Cat Lawson, (Andy daughter) was shopping just six miles north and standing before a three sided full length mirror in a private fitting room of an exclusive boutique. She was naked except for a pair of flesh colored lace panties. She was sliding a sea green sheath over her head that was as light and soft as a whisper. As it slid across her nipples they became as hard as little pencil erasers. When it settled into place her personal shopper Tracy turned on some back lights and she could see her petite body clearly through the dress and her blonde hair formed a golden crown around her face. Oh yes she thought... this would do very nicely. She could imagine the effect standing with her back to the hand rail of her father's yacht as the sun was setting behind her. Fabulous! She thought.

Without looking at the price she said "Wrap it Tracy, and have my car brought around, I'm late now for a meeting with Lynn."

As she began to get dressed in her summer street cloths she passes her credit card to Tracy. She was thinking how lucky she was to have a father who pays her credit cards without ever complaining. She left a generous tip on the card for Tracy and she flashed the Valet a generous look at her legs as she climbed into her little black Buick convertible. She also handed him the expected cash tip, thanked him with a friendly smile. She was soon speeding down the coast highway to Salty's to meet Lynn, a girl friend of many years. As she pulled into the parking lot and tried to find a tree to shade her car. She saw Lynn's car and knew she was already waiting. "Damn..." she thought, Lynn hated waiting, but Cat could not rush the purchase of that sea green creation now secure in her trunk." she thought as she smiled to herself. Miraculously she found some shade to park in near the entrance. "Yes, life was good." she thought.

Gary had been pounding down vodka on the rocks for an hour and was still fuming about what happened earlier in the day. He saw Cat enter and walk quickly to join another little beauty at a table he had been to self absorbed to notice. He watched them hug and kiss as they rattled on in happy greetings that nearly drowned out the golf tournament on the TV behind the bar.

Cat was a petite little blonde who was put together well enough to always draw attention from both men and women. He noticed her because he recognized her as Andy Lawson's daughter. He had seen her picture on his boss's desk many times. He had secretly thought how he would love to have those crystal blue eyes smiling up at him over his belly while she nursed gently on his cock. He actually never expected to meet her but it was one of those thoughts that crossed your mind as you sat zoned out listening to your boss talk endless about some company bull shit that never made anyone a dime.

Gary had never thought seriously about forcing a women to have sex in his life but suddenly with the desire to get revenge on her father the thought of fucking this little blonde filled his mind because he knew it would hurt her father. Or maybe it was the vodka and her summer outfit that revealed as much of her skin as was legal in public? Either way he knew he needed a plan. He could not afford to get caught. He had to think about this. He paid his tab and left a ten spot for the barkeep and headed for the door. A short distance from the entrance he spotted a little black convertible with a personal license plate "CATSOSOFT" and knew this was Andy's daughter's car. He had seen it in the company parking lot on more than one occasion but had not then realized to whom the car belonged. Now he knew what she looked like and what she drove and knew where she lived. He needed a plan to take advantage of this information.

Meanwhile Cat was telling Lynn all about her new dress and how she intended to wear it to her Fathers birthday party next Saturday. The party would be held on his Yacht during a day cruise up and down the coast. Fishing, swimming and diving during the day and an early birthday dinner, with drinks and dancing on the aft deck around sunset. And returning to the brightly lit marina after dark. Lynn was invited of course as well as their dates and a number of other friends of the family. They were both looking forward to it. Cat knew Lynn would be jealous of her new dress and that alone would make the day for her. Cat was not above some petty emotions common to little girls with rich daddies. Still she was a sweet generous girl. In a couple days she was scheduled to go to the Library and spend a couple hours to pod cast some material for the blind and she enjoyed volunteering for several other charities in her spare time.

Lynn and she had been friends since elementary school and had shared a room at the dorm in college. They had experimented with girl on girl sex during sleep overs in high school. It was fun on cold boring nights and got their raging hormones safely through college without getting either of them pregnant but they both knew they preferred men. They were however quite different, in that regard too, long discussions had revealed to them that Lynn was really quite submissive and Cat was more dominate. Cat was a girl who liked to be in control in bed or the backseat. One of her favorite lines was "shut up and lick it" and she was happy to discover that most men would if she said it with enough conviction. :-)

It was late a few nights later when she finished her pod casting and left the library. She noticed a big dark van had parked between her car and the library entrance. She walked along the walk until she could be sure there was enough room between the van and her car to open her door. She also looked but could not see anyone in the van. She stepped off the curb between them and as she was opening her car door she heard the van slider door open and suddenly a hand was clasped across her mouth. She was lifted off her feet and being drawn into the dark interior of the van. The person who grabbed her was obviously big and strong and as she struggled to free herself she became aware that the hand across her mouth was holding a rag soaked in some liquid that was making her dizzy. Her eyes rolled wide in fear now as she redoubled her efforts to free herself. Her struggles caused her to inhale faster and the faster she breathed the more effect the chemical rag had. Her heart was pounding and she was trying to scream but could only scream back into her own throat. As her world faded to black she thought she was dying.

Gary drove Cat in his stolen van to a fully furnished home on the beach that had been listed for rent in today's paper. He had picked the locks earlier and removed the For Rent sign and replaced it with a SOLD sign and pulled all the shades to confuse and avoid the looky-loos. He parked in the garage and carried Cat to the bedroom. He removed her shoes, shirt and jeans and tied her spread eagled to the bed wearing just her panties and bra. He placed a secure blindfold on her and waited for her to wake up.

Cat had no idea how long it had been but she first became aware of the sound of a bellows. Or maybe it was the sound of a motor blowing air through a restriction of some kind. She listened to it for a couple minutes before she figured out it was her own breath. Her head had fallen to one side and this restricted her breathing and this was the sound she was hearing. She tried to lift her head and her breathing became easier but she discovered she was blindfolded and tied. Fear seeped up her spine as her memory returned about her experience at the Library and she began to realize she had been abducted. "Oh my God, was she being held for ransom?" She wondered?

To Be Continued

A Beach House Ch. 2

Gary heard cat's breathing change and walked into the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed looking down at his captive. She was beautiful in little yellow panties with tiny red roses on them and a bra to match. She wasn't much in the tits department but he judged her to be maybe 105 pounds on which 34C looked about right, but she looked smaller here now somehow. The site of her beauty and vulnerability began to affect him, he began to feel different than he had ever felt and he could not stop himself from feeling like he held her life in his hands. It was a new and powerful feeling for Gary. He knew she could sense him there as she had froze, even holding her breath now in hopes of not being discovered by the person who she could sense standing at the foot of the bed. Gary tried to put a smile in his voice as he said,

"Relax if you can, I'm not going to kill you." Then he was silent for a long moment to give her time to absorb that important information. Finally Cat said in a very small shaky voice,

"What are you going to do to me?

And Gary smiled again and said "You and I are going to enjoy each other sexually in every way I can possibly think of. Everything you've ever dreamed of or feared." "You're going to do it all or have it done to you." And again he was silent for a long moment to give her time to think about what he said.

He could see the mixture of emotions across her face; curiosity, lust, fear, she was disgusted, horrified, curious all at once; the emotions were all there to some degree. And Gary spoke again.

"You may be surprised at what you can learn to enjoy Cat." He could see her surprise that he knew her name.

Gary sat on the edge of the bed and watched her shrink away from him and he said,

"Oh for the record... you can scream all you want... no one but me will hear you... and I sometimes I actually like it, but you should remember frequent loud noises irritate me and someone in your position should try to avoid irritating me."

"And for the record the longest this can last is 24 hours at which point I will release you unharmed. Assuming you don't force me to harm you, you see, much of this is up to you."

"I'm here for fun and if you try to have fun too, you will get through this just fine and it will be a story you can tell your parents and girl friends about."

He smiled thinking about her telling her father about taking him in her ass and then sucking him until he ejaculates in her mouth. She might never be able to do that but the video Gary intends taking and sending to Andy will leave no doubt in daddy's mind what his little girl has been up to. And the best part is Andy will never be able to look her in the eye again without seeing her sucking cock and he will never be able to look another man in the eye without wondering if he could be the one who did this to his little girl? Gary could not repress a smile in anticipation of what was to come. (He laughed at the thought.) Andy had essentially ruined his future and now he, Gary, was about to ruin Andy's future.

Gary stripped naked and slipped on a hooded mask and dark glasses. Then he took off Cat's blindfold. Her eyes were wide with fear but he noticed she checked out his penis a couple of times before turning her head to look at the wall. At the sight of him naked she didn't scream in horror but she didn't laugh either. That was good enough for Gary... it was not really his intent to frighten or hurt her but he knew that it was natural for her to be frightened and he was likely to cause her some degree of pain. It was all part of the game. He didn't so much want her father to see her frightened or hurt but he did want him to see her eyes filled with lust and humiliation.

Humiliated is how he felt after Andy had shafted him and he wanted Andy and his daughter to feel humiliated in return.

He showed her a small sharp knife and told her not to be frightened. If she held real still she would not be cut. He then proceeded to cut her bra into two pieces between her pert little breasts. He was not sure if it was the action or the temperature but he could see her nipples hardening. He smiled at that and then cut her panties on each side and pulled them out from under her. He could see she was not shaved but sported a trimmed light dusting of fine golden pubic hair surrounding fresh young pink lips. Ahhh youth he thought... you can't beat it. She was dry with fear at the moment however. :-) He wet his finger in his mouth and began to gently massage her clit. She froze at first and tried to turn away but it was impossible the way he had her tied. He continued to play with her for some time before he detected any wetness from her, but wet she was becoming, and he smiled behind his mask at that. She was beginning to squirm a bit too.

Gary began to spread her wetness around her pussy lips and held his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them... She seemed surprised.

"Wanna taste he asked?"

Returning his fingers to her pussy until they were very wet again then he held them to her mouth. She refused to open her mouth so he simply spread the moisture on her lips and under her nose.

"Smells nice huh?" he said.

She could not see his face but she could hear the smile in his voice. Licking her lips she said "Why are you doing this to me?"

And Gary said.... "Don't you like it? I know you do so don't lie to me."

"Tell me this doesn't feel good to you Cat."

As he let his fingers play across her clit as he penetrated her deeper this time.

"You've done this to yourself haven't you?" "Or had someone else do it to you right?"

Cat was beginning to become aroused now... she tried to hold still... tried to ignore the feelings this man was arousing in her... she could feel herself getting wet and squirmed a little to try to conceal it but it was no use.... he felt her wetness. She could not help but steal a look at him. He was a well built middle age man... fairly hairy but not excessive but showing signs of early salt and pepper coloring. No tattoos or distinguishing marks that she could use to identify him later.... She could not even tell if he had hair on his head let alone the style of hair cut. Cat was not a virgin but this was wrong... still she had resolved herself not to anger him to the point he would hurt or kill her. She realized as long as she could not identify him he was less likely to hurt her. So maybe it was best he hid his identity... then it suddenly dawned on her that she might know this man... this might be the reason he was hiding his identity? Did she? Did she know this guy? She strained to recognize him but to no avail.

Oh God he was crawling up between her legs and rubbing his cock head up and down her pussy lips. She thrashed but her bonds were too strong she had no choice but to let him have his way. She tried to ignore the feelings welling up in her but she was beginning to pant now and he moved further up and offered her his cock, but before letting her take it in her mouth he grabbed both her ears and said in a menacing voice.

"I don't want to hurt you Cat, but this is a defining moment.... you bite me and nobody will ever see you again. Understand? Say you understand?"

"I understand." she said.

Gary said, "Now I want you to take the head of my cock in your mouth and suck on just the head."

She opened her mouth slightly and felt Gary slide his wet cock between her lips. She tried but could not avoid touching it with her tongue and she could taste the precum at the opening and she could feel how slick it was and she could taste herself on the head of his cock and she began to suck gently on the head feeling it, tasting it, savoring it as a low moan escaped her she tried to look up at Gary and could imagine the smile on his face behind the mask. She had to admit this was very erotic and she decided she needed to satisfy this mans needs if she was ever to get any relief from him and she began to suck loudly and in earnest trying to get him to ejaculate... not wanting to admit to herself that she was enjoying this. Meanwhile he was masturbating himself, using her mouth as a container to catch his come she thought. Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and began to shoot ropes of sticky come all over her face and in her hair while laughing almost hysterically.

Cat was shocked and horrified, she had never been treated this way, and she could feel the come dripping off her nose and chin and she shook in rage and humiliation shaking her head violently trying to shake off the come and her shame. She had no idea she was being videoed or she would really have come unhinged Gary knew. This was good, but still not what he wanted... he wanted shots of her with her eyes filled with lust and humiliation for feeling that way. He cut one of her hands free and tossed her a single tissue which was totally inadequate to clean up her face but it was amusing to watch her try. Laughing at her embarrassment he cut her loose and let her go to the bathroom to clean herself properly and when she was clean and dry he instructed her to clean him as well.

Cat was horrified to have him come on her face and she could not stand to have his come sticking to her face. She was shaking with rage and humiliation the tissue he tossed her was instantly foul with his come and succeeded in smearing it around her face rather than removing much of it. She was crying now and he released her from her bonds and instructed her to clean herself. There were no soap, wash cloths or towels but there was a roll of paper towel and hot water and she did the best she could. When he commanded her to clean him she soaked a paper towel in warm water and wrung it out before kneeling before him and looking at his cock closely for the first time as she took it in her hand to gently wash the length of it as well as his balls and the inside of his thighs. And she followed the washing by patting it dry with another towel.

Gary had been prepared to enjoy this little lady but until now he had no idea just how pleasing it was to be served by such a delightful creature. Ironically, Cat was having thoughts of her own. Maybe Lynn had a good idea being a submissive. She had no idea until now how exciting it would be to be in the total control of such a man. She had been required to obey his every command under fear for her life. She suddenly realized she could deny him nothing and secretly she was surprised to discover she didn't want to deny him anything. Gary could sense her change in attitude and was suspicions whether it was an act or real.

He ordered her to open the sack of Hamburgers he had thoughtful picked up before he grabbed her off the street and it was erotic to have her scurrying naked around the table serving him and getting paper towels as place mats and napkins. There was no beverage but plenty of bottled water Gary had put in the refrigerator. When they finished Gary had Cat put everything in a large plastic bag. He intended to take it with him when he left. He would leave no evidence except DNA linking him to this event. But they would have no reason to ever take his DNA so he felt pretty secure.

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