tagLoving WivesA Beautiful and Magical Day

A Beautiful and Magical Day


Lying here in bed this morning, my mind naturally returns to that magic day in my life like no other that I can recall. Just thinking about it again gives me that erotic tinkle running down my spine and focusing on my most erogenous area of my body. The clarity and detail that I recall is most amazing as I lie here and reminisce about the plethora of feelings the coursed through my mind and body for those several days in December of 2002.

Interestingly it all started because of my husband. His fantasy is to watch me make love to another man. We played this fantasy out over and over during our 30+ years of marriage with me seemingly playing along most of the times with less than enthusiastic responses on my part. With him however it seemed to be a deep desire and fetish that I simply didn't understand. Nonetheless he would occasionally tell me stories that had me hot and responsive way beyond our normal lovemaking.

I was shocked and surprised when unbeknownst to me, he signed me up for several casual sex sites with a profile indicating I was a hot middle age women seeking a casual affair with a hot man. Until that moment, I never really realized that such sites even existed and certainly would never have had the motivation or the courage to put myself out there.

I got my first e-mails from guys and thought there must be some mistake but the kept coming and finally my husband admitted to putting the ads on various dating sites. At first, I was shocked and I think I just pretended to be shocked as more and more guys wrote me suggestive and explicit notes.

I must admit to being somewhat of a tease and throughout my life have enjoyed flirting with guys and basking in the reaction they exhibited to my sexual being. I learned early in life that I was built for sex and my persona while being quite Midwestern conservative nonetheless had a tint of the sexual person the I felt deep inside was the real me.

Men/ boys invariably reacted to my innuendoes much to my great pleasure. I thrilled to the response I received from guys and basked in their desire for me. But, I was always a bit too straight to actually cash in on these responses and settled in on being a bit of a tease throughout my whole life.

These e-mails however affected me differently. The anonymity of the email format allowed me to open up my teasing and to take it a bit further than I ever felt comfortable with in real life.

After many email exchanges, a few guys actually caught my fancy. One in particular was an architect in Baltimore, MD and we enjoyed literally hundreds of sexy flirting emails for over a year. My husband was delighted to be the recipient of my heightened sexual responsiveness I acquired from flirting with Ted during that time, and I knew that he was enjoying me being "hot' much of the day as Ted wrote me very sexy letter in an attempt to get me to meet him for an afternoon of "fun".

The idea of meeting him sent me into an intense sexual tizzy constantly but for some reason I resisted all his propositions because I was a happily married woman and it just didn't seem to be the thing to do.

I did have sex with him however several times over the phone. Something I couldn't have ever imagined I would ever do. The first time, I actually initiated it when we were chatting on-line and I just got tired of typing so having his phone number, I called him. "ring, ring, you phone is ringing" I wrote. I don't know who was more nervous me or him as he answered the phone. I remember clearly, it was a Sunday afternoon and my husband was somewhere and his wife was out doing her real estate business. Ted and I were flirting on-line.

When I called him on the phone it was if we were long lost lovers. Immediately he took charge and before I knew what had happened, I was lying on my bed with vibrator in hand as Ted talked me through several magnificent orgasms. I had never done anything like this but it was really good. Later that day, I confessed to my husband what had happened and we had fantastic sex reliving my phone session with Ted that day.

After that first time, Ted talked me into several other sessions that always ended up with fantastic sex between My husband and I, but ultimately that phone sex thing just didn't do it for me anymore and we drifted away from continuing on that path.

But my relationship with Ted grew over the next year or so. He became more than a lover and I actually began to love him in a way that was obviously different than the love I felt for my husband. I asked myself lots if it was possible to love two men at the same time and I don't think I ever resolved that conundrum in my mind but looking back I think that I truly did love Ted while loving my husband at the same time but in a different way.

Ted was intelligent, funny, sexy, and very attentive. Hardly a day went by when I didn't receive a nice note from him telling me that he was thinking about me and desiring me. He made me feel sexy, important, and beautiful. My husband had been my husband for 30+ years and our relationship was significantly different. With Ted, I felt like he appreciated me and desired me 24 hours a day.

As my relationship with Ted grew, my life with my husband was very hot as well, but I think it was hot because of Ted. I shared most of my communications with Ted with my husband and it always ended is some great sex but it left me a bit cold thinking about the fact that my husband was most sexy when he was fantasizing about me with another man. I don't understand how that works but it certainly seemed to work for him.

Then the perfect storm hit me at a time when I was most vulnerable. I remember it clearly. It was just before Christmas in the year 2002. My husband had to travel to Germany and Holland for about 10 days and left me alone at home in Virginia. Christmas had always been an intense family time for us and here I was away from my family in Kansas and my husband was in Europe. I was alone and I was lonely.

At the same time, I was doing well in my business and it happened that my mentor was having a seminar on Sunday in Philadelphia about 4 hours drive from my home. It also seemed that subconsciously while my husband was away that my communication with Ted became more frequent and more intense. I let slip that I was going up to Philadelphia for the seminar on Sunday. I never even gave a thought to the fact that I had to drive through Baltimore to get to Philadelphia but Ted picked up on that immediately.

At first he just suggested that I stop in Baltimore to have lunch with him on the way but he pushed further to have me spend the night in Baltimore on Sat and drive on into Philadelphia on Sunday morning. At first I rejected the idea out of hand but he had several days to work on me and as the days went by and my husband was in Europe, my resistance weakened.

So in the end, I agreed to meet him in Baltimore on that Saturday in December 2002.

When I finally agreed, I immediately went into a serious psychological meltdown. Should I go or should I not go. I had a couple days to decide and I can't tell you how conflicted I was during those two days. I must have changed my mind hundreds of times as I considered all the ramifications of my decision.

My mind was conflicted but my body certainly was not. I walked around in a constant state of sexual arousal for at least 48 hours. At night when I crawled into bed, I could not sleep thinking about what it would be like to lie next to Ted and have him do all the things he had written to me and spoken to me about on the phone. Each night, I was forced to take matters into my own hands along with my trusty vibrator and relieve the sexual tension that was ever building.

Finally the night before I was to go meet Ted the next day, I was a basket case. I wanted to do it but didn't want to violate my wedding vows. Despite the fact that my husband and I had talked often about me making love to another guy, it was just a fantasy and this was real. I don't think I slept at all that Friday night knowing what was to transpire the next day.

Saturday morning broke bright, and cold. I awoke early (I really don't know if I even slept) but by 6:00 am, I was wide awake and scared to death. I had so much going through my mind from what to wear to whether to go or not. I had to make a decision.

As I stood under the hot shower early that morning, I could feel my body awaken to the desire I knew awaited me in Baltimore. I don't ever remember feeling so sexually aroused and aware of my needs. This day represented a new horizon of life that I had never contemplated before a few weeks or months before. I was married early in my life and my husband was my one man. Here I was in my 50's contemplating having a sexual affair with another man. It scared the crap out of me while at the same time creating the most intense sexual desires I had ever experienced.

With the hot water running down my back and me soaping my most private parts, I made the final decision that I wanted this. Maybe I was being selfish but I wanted to experience what lay ahead of me that day and damn the consequences.

The first decision was made, now what to wear. My closet was filled with clothes but nothing really that I would describe as sexy "having an affair" kind of clothes. I wanted to look really sexy for Ted but what. I had some sexy thong panties that would work but I really didn't have a sexy bra to match so that stressed me out even more.

I surveyed my closet and amazingly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the soft leather pants that I had purchase recently. I loved the way they fit and my husband always complimented me on how sexy my butt looked in the leather pants so I made my mind up that black leather pants was the armor I would wear for Ted. I had the perfect sweater top in a red cable knit mock turtle that was silky soft and very sexy as it accented my rather large breasts.

Standing at the mirror that morning, I never felt sexier and could feel myself oozing sex from all my pores. I was still nervous but I was also committed as I hauled my bags to my red BMW and began my 3 hour drive to Baltimore.

As I mentioned, the day was bright, sunny, and cold but it was perfect for what I was anticipating. I drove smoothly with the radio blasting out Cheryl Crow and her songs that always made me feel sexy.

Around the beltway in Washington DC, I begin to once again experience the nervous jitters. I was only a ½ hour away from hitting the outskirts of Baltimore and doubts were seeping into my mind. I attempted to fight them off by turning up the music ever louder but I was flooded with contradictory emotions that almost had me turning back or bypassing Baltimore and heading direct to Philadelphia.

As I crossed the river bridge in Baltimore and saw my exit, I knew it was now or never, My BMW seemed to steer itself to the off ramp and I followed the directions that Ted had given me to the harbor side Marriott in downtown Baltimore. I was committed now and it was too late to turn back.

I cautiously pulled into the hotel and was greeted by the valet staff. Unloading my bags, I turned toward the front door and there was Ted standing there to meet me. My heart thumped in my chest so loudly that I knew the doorman could hear and knew exactly what was happening. The guilt feelings rushed through me like never before. I had played out this scenario in my head over and over and this was NOT how I imagined it.

Ted rushed to me and took me in his arms right in front of the Marriot staff and despite the intense sexual desire I was feeling, I was also embarrassed about being so public. After all, I was having an affair and the man was not my husband. How could he be so cavalier about the situation?'

I kissed him lightly and quickly began to follow the doorman to the check in desk. I checked in while Ted stood beside me, and I can tell you it was a most uncomfortable situation. Ted didn't want to use his card as he didn't want his wife to know and I had assumed that he would have already had a room so I could sneak upstairs without all this public exposure.

Finally I was checked in and we headed to the elevators. We stepped in and the door closed behind us. I looked at Ted and he looked at me and for a moment, we were both shy and a bit embarrassed. Then he moved towards me and our lips met. It was the first passionate kiss between us and it was s doosey. I could feel it all the way down to my toes. I thought he was going to begin undressing me right there in the elevator.

But finally we reached our floor and went to my room. Once inside, I went to the window and looked out over the harbor at an absolutely beautiful site. It was noon and I was feeling hungry so mentioned that we could go back downstairs and have lunch. Ted had other ideas. Suddenly there was a knock on the door as the man brought my bag to the room. Ted tipped the guy as I stood looking out the window and then I felt him move in closely behind me.

His lips were exploring my neck and sending chills up and down my back. I wanted lunch but saw immediately that he wanted me for lunch. As he kissed my neck, his arms enveloped me and I felt him place his hands over my breasts. Now I was sunk, there was not way that I was going to change the direction he was taking me nor did I want to. The 3 hour drive to Baltimore had more than gotten me ready to receive him as my lover, it had caused me to absolutely scream inside for release of the sexual tension I was feeling.

My underpants felt soaking wet from my arousal and I knew that I had to get relief soon.

This moment in time is frozen in my mind as I faced outward towards the view and Ted caressed my breasts and nuzzled my neck for the very first time. I could hear his breath quicken as my own heart beat faster. As he pressed tightly against me, I could feel he was his hard erection grinding against my ass. My black leather pants were thin and nothing was left to the imagination.

Slowly I turned into his arms and as I tilted my head back from him, he was staring into my eyes. I could read the lust and desire written across his face as our lips met in an intensely passionate kiss. I felt my knees go week and without his support, I surely would have collapsed.

I wanted him to make love to me like I have never wanted anything so much in my life. I knew that he felt the same way as we moved toward the bed. With his support, he lowered me gently to the bed and then lay next to me. We were fully dressed still but he made it clear that he wanted to undress me. This was exactly how I had envisioned our meeting together. It was so romantic as I felt him begin to explore my body through my clothes and then begin to move his hands up under my sweater to feel my swollen breasts and hard nipples.

From our many conversations, I knew that Ted was a very oral person, and as he began to undress me, he also began a slow descending movement with his lips down my body. He gently removed my sweater and unclasped my bra. My breasts uncovered were the obvious target for his lips as he nuzzled and tickled my turgid nipples with this lips and tongue. I could feel the cool air in the room cause goose pimples all over my chest as he left slight saliva residue across my breasts and nipples.

I was so aroused that his kisses felt like fire and still he moved lower. I could feel him unfasten my black leather pants and begin to slide them down over my hips. His hot breath was concentrated just above the line of my thong as I gently raised my hips to allow him to slide my pants further down. When he finally got me totally naked, he hesitated only momentarily as he looked at me.

I lay there totally naked for another man for the first time in over 30+ years and I was luxuriating in the feeling of being idolized by my new lover. I could see it in his eyes as took in the beauty that was my female body. I could virtually smell the odor that I was emitting due to my overt state of arousal. I wanted him to touch me, to do whatever he wanted with me.

After over a period or 2 years or more of attempting to get me this position, it was unbelievable to me that I lay there totally naked, my pulse racing, and my face flushed with extreme arousal.

Ted was a gentle and a very caring lover. I first felt his hot breath on my inner thighs which are always extremely sensitive but today it felt as if fire was coming from his mouth. His tongue gently licked me all around my pussy but I could tell he was teasing me as he studiously avoided my core. Gently he spread my legs further as he explored ever closer and closer to the ultimate target.

I closed my eyes and allowed my full concentration turn to what I was feeling and what Ted was doing to me. No longer did I feel any embarrassment or hesitation, in for a penny, in for a pound. The next thing I knew Ted was lifting my legs up so that the soles of my feet were flat on the bed. My thighs were apart and I was unconditionally exposed to my lover.

His tongue continued to explore ever more closely to my pussy and I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and his tongue flick across my anus and lap up my peritoneum. The shivers ran up my back and concentrated themselves in my mind. My mind sent the shivers back down to my pussy and I shook with anticipation.

He was becoming more and more aggressive with his wonderful tongue and as he split my labia open, I could feel his tongue snake into my pussy farther than I had ever felt a tongue before. He greedily lapped at my pussy both taking and leaving more juices as he fucked me with his tongue. God, I said to myself, what is he doing? Never had I experienced anything quite like that feeling. It was so warm and smooth feeling as his tongue penetrated me and then lapped upward just catching the lower part of my clitoris.

He continued like this for several minutes taking me right to edge of my first orgasm. I could feel it so close and I was concentrating so hard to make it happen but just couldn't quite get there. My pulse must have been racing almost at it max and I wanted to cum so badly but it seemed the more he lapped at me, the more frustrated I became.

Finally, I had to tell him that I need stronger stimulation of my clitoris to get to my first orgasm. I don't know how it would be with anyone other the Ted but he was absolutely committed to giving me pleasure. Slowly he worked his way back up by way of my breast which he stopped off at only briefly to suckle each hard nipple into his magnificent mouth.

Finally he arrived back up to me and our mouths searched each other out hungrily. His kiss was wonderful and maybe he was the best kisser I ever recall experiencing. I could taste my own juices on his lips and tongue as he pushed his tongue deeply into my mouth. I could tell at that point that his tongue was very long and knew why what he had been doing to my pussy had felt so wonderful and different.

He broke the kiss and moved towards my neck and then I heard him whisper in my ear "My darling lover, please tell me exactly what you want me to do for you, I will do absolutely anything. I want this day to be remembered forever." I took his hand and moved it down to my clitoris and told him "I need stronger stimulation to get the first orgasm. After that, I promise you I will be able to respond to most anything you wish"

I was almost there anyway but as he began to make circles around and across my clitoris, I immediately raised up a notch on the orgasm scale. I told him "a little harder, not faster just more pressure". He responded by saying "Donna, I love you and I want to make you feel better that you have ever felt. It is my sincere desire to be your slave today and do anything, ANYTHING, for your pleasure"

God when said that and even before he was through, I began convulsing with the power of my first orgasm. It hit so hard and was so powerful, I screamed out louder than I think I had ever screamed with my husband. God I can still remember that first orgasm, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

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