tagRomanceA Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day


Since this Sunday was particularly beautiful, and one of the nicer days before the set-in of what's sure to be a cold and snowy winter, I talked Brian into going to the country for the day, and although he resisted at first, as I told him he could instead stay home and do yard work, he relented, and thought taking a short day trip with his adoring wife may not be such a bad idea.

We decided to pack a lunch, and head to Brown County to see the fall leaves turn. Indeed, a very Indiana thing to do.

Still kind of moping, Brian drives in silence.

"Baby," I ask, "What's the matter?" I rub his cheek, and he leans his face to oblige me. He's not angry, just amiss because his first game plan didn't quite work out the way he wanted. (Sunday-Football, friends, yelling at the TV-typical man stuff. )

"Nothing, I'm fine."

I begin to rub his thigh, and see a small grin come over him, but since he's trying to gain my sympathy for his ill-fated day of sports, he tries to suppress the full effect of it. I move my hand near his crotch-and stop. Looking out the window, I smile and begin talking about the fantastic scenery.

"The leaves are beautiful this time of year. I'm so glad I talked you into coming out here." My fingers graze his crotch, not looking at him though, eyes still fixed to the window. He grunts a response, and puts his hand over mine, starting a stroking motion, but keeping his eyes on the road.

"What if I told you, " I lean and whisper in his ear, "that I will make it up to you?"

He looks at me and smirks. I know he's reading my mind. "I don't see how." He says, "The Colts and Baltimore are playing today. You know I wanted to see that game."

"I know, sweetie. You know I appreciate you doing this for me."

He glances over quickly, and I flash him a sexy smile, and he returns it.

We finally get to our spot. A place we found on an earlier trip several years ago in the heart of the park.

"Remember, we stopped here on our honeymoon. On the way to New Orleans?"

"I remember." Still moping. Poor baby...

"Sweetie," I cuddle up next to him, on a blanket we've laid under a beautiful sycamore. I have managed to throw together a wonderful picnic, with all his favorites, down to the Kendall Jackson chardonnay he's so crazy about. "You're not still mad?"

"I'm fine... promise."

I lean over to kiss his cheek. I lay the picnic out, and we take in the scenery as we eat and get our fill of wine, and his favorite chocolate cannolis for dessert.

He takes me in his arms and we fall back on the blanket...

Staring up at the beautiful autumn sky.

I climb on top of him, just as I know he prefers, and kiss him, long and hard. He begins to run his fingers through my hair, making his way to my ass. I grind against him, wanting to feel his middle against mine. He finally gets to his destination, and I sigh my approval into the kiss I've planted on his lips.

"You make me crazy, you know that, don't you?" he says as he turns me over on my back, and reattaches himself in a long slow kiss, exploring all of me, and I him. I can hear our favorite song by the Eagles playing on the box next to us, and this just gets us started even more, as he sings and says, "I love you" in my ear.

I reach between us to feel his cock, now grown hard and still against me. I cannot wait for it to fill me up, but Brian never makes my life so easy. Not a chance. I squeeze a little and he moves a little to accommodate me. He's looking in my eyes, as he runs his hands over my blouse, caressing my chest and pinching my nipples through my shirt. He lifts it over my head, exposing the gorgeous bra I know he loves to see me wear.

"You know I love that on you... you planned this, didn't you?" he lifts an eyebrow above those beautiful eyes of his, and I dutifully feign ignorance. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean, baby." And I plant a small kiss on his neck, and wrap myself around him tighter, pulling him close. He smiles and starts to pull my straps down, and I lift myself to oblige him. Meanwhile, I am undoing his jeans, and my hand descends lower, going to the place I call all my own. He is simply breathtaking as the sun falls on his back, his shoulders, and makes me remember why I fell so hard for him in the first place.

He apparently has forgiven my little deception, because he has started to work on my breasts, already my nipples so tight in anticipation of his touch. He knows just what I like, running his lips and fingers all over my tits, my belly. I arch my back as to assist him, and just want more. I stroke his face to let him know I love it, and run my fingers through his hair. He works his way down, tasting and caressing every inch of me, until he gets to my shorts.

He literally kisses them off my body. That's why I simply adore this man.

His work done, he gets to the play of the moment. He kisses my thighs, making me wait for him to get to the task at hand, which in turn is making me wild. My hands find my way to his hair, pulling and tugging, a touch to convince him to make me his again. " Damn, but you're impatient..." He looks up and smiles, and I obligingly stick my tongue out at him. "Don't make me come up there and get that, Denise." I lie back and laugh, and just then--- bastard---he plunges his tongue deep in my pussy, effectively shutting me up.


I moan, the very beginning of incredible ecstasy filling my body. He begins to dart his talented tongue in and out of my soaked cunt, and I am out my head in need. He begins to make his way to my anxious clit, gently biting it at first, to make me pay for my interminable want. He begins to suck, and my body immediately begins to spasm.

"Not yet, love..."

I don't see how he thinks I can hold this back any longer, as I'm surely going to burst. Brian moves his fingers, in and out as he continues to suck and tickle my clit, and I am surely not going to last one more minute. Alas, I cannot, and I let go the fiercest orgasm I've ever experienced, screaming into the void of our surroundings.

"Yeah, baby... scream for me... you are so fucking hot..."

I regain my breathing, and lie still a few seconds before he is above me again. He is in my ear. "You love that, baby, don't you?"... I cannot speak, just kiss him - hard as I begin to make my way down myself...

I push him over on his back, and pull his jeans off the rest of the way, and then kiss my way back up to his solid cock... I kiss it and do a few tongue strokes for good measure, because right now, all I can think of doing is riding it, feeling it all the way inside me. I feel him swell more, as I lower body onto his, moaning with pleasure as I go, stuffing myself all the way up with his fabulous cock. With a loud cry, I lower my self onto his cock and I lean over him to give him access to my tits.

He obliges me, and I begin a slow motion descent into heaven. It is incredible, and I move as such. Brian grabs my ass, every motion he orchestrates.

"I love to watch you ride my cock, baby." This only encourages me. I start to move faster and Brian digs his nails deeper and harder in my ass, and a finger or two inside just to make me behave. I fall against him, alternately burying my face in his neck, and kissing him. "Cum for me baby," he encourages, and wanting only to please him at this moment, I give it all I have, and just as he repeats these words, I explode in a million pieces. He pushes up meet my pussy once more, and then pulls me off of him, placing me on my stomach.

"My turn..." And I know what that means...

He smacks my ass well, and pulls me up by my waist to meet him. He pushes his hot cock inside, and I'm in heaven all over again. Pumping hard and fast, I am his most willing bitch.

"Fuck me, baby... I love it when you shoot your load in my cunt..."

He is so turned on, and his form is glistening from sweat and lust. I love it when he fucks me from behind. He strokes me, leaning into me, kissing my neck, my back. He goes faster, and I feel my pulse race and body begin to vibrate once more, with every thrust. He pushes against me once, and again... and again... until, he lets himself go inside me, grabbing my waist in one fantastic motion, and his hot cum spilling into my now on fire cunt. He falls against me, and we entangle ourselves on the blanket, now a humped mess from our activity. I kiss him, and looks into my eyes and whispers he loves me. I smile.

"I'm so very glad we had a chance to come out here." I say softly, nuzzling his ear. " now this was better than any old football game, love?" He smacks my ass and grins. "You're not through making up for it, cara mia."

"Even if I taped the game for you, and told Dennis and Max to come over about 7 to watch with you?

He lights up. I guess that's a start...

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