tagBDSMA Beautiful Day Hike

A Beautiful Day Hike


It's a gorgeous summer day. My new friend Nancy and I decide to take a hike and enjoy the beauty of the Cascades. She's a petite, athletic and immensely sexy young Asian woman. I let her take the lead as we climb one of the smaller peaks so I can enjoy the view of her hot little ass, the cheeks peeking out from underneath her denim short-shorts as she climbs. The sheen of sweat gradually increases on her legs, the muscles defined gloriously in the bright sunlight. Mountains and trees aren't the only beautiful, natural things in sight!

Eventually we arrive at a clearing on the summit, have a leisurely dinner and share a bottle of wine. Then I reach into my backpack for the rope and black silk scarves I've carefully packed for the occasion. She strips slowly and seductively for me, first rubbing her breasts through her tight little tank top until the nipples stand out proudly in the clean mountain air, before peeling the top off over her head. Then she takes off her shorts, turning around and raising her shapely butt in the air as the shorts drop to the ground. She steps out of them, now clad only in tiny bikini panties, socks and hiking boots.

She turns to face me, locking eyes, licking her lips, and sliding one hand under the panties, massaging her pussy as the other hand alternates between her nipples, pinching one then the other. We don't speak a word at this point. I approach her, kiss her deeply and passionately, running my hands down her sides and around to her ass, pulling her close and kneading her cheeks. Then I pull her panties down to the middle of her thighs, exposing her lovely little shaved pussy. I fall to my knees, twist the cloth of the panties in my right hand as my left rubs her breasts and my tongue explores the moist crevice between her legs, flicking at her clit, sliding down her slit and then thrusting inside her. Then I grasp her ass firmly but gently, turning her around as my tongue and lips gravitate to her cheeks, the crack of her ass, and finally her anus. As I pleasure her puckered brown hole with my tongue I spank her ass, first one cheek then the other, until its rosy glow approximates that of the now setting sun.

I grab the panties, twisting them tighter between her thighs, and pull her down so she is now on hands and knees, her ass in the air, waiting for me, her pussy now very wet. She moans and writhes as I slap her butt a few more times, with a little more force this time, leaving delicious handprints on her flesh. Next, I tie one of the scarves around her eyes, blindfolding her, rubbing my crotch against her inflamed ass. Then I take another scarf, trail it lightly over her ass, her back and the nape of her neck, letting her revel in its silken texture before stuffing it in her mouth.

Then I take another scarf, pull it taut across her mouth, and tie it securely at the nape of her neck, gagging her firmly as I kiss her upper back and shoulders. I'm still fully clothed, but my hard-on is raging to be set free as I look at this sensual woman in such a beautiful setting. There are a few drops of wine left in the bottle, so I dribble them down the crack of her ass, and lick them up as they flow down to her bung-hole, teasing her pussy lips with the neck of the bottle, then sliding it inside just a little as I twist the fabric of her panties. Next, I pull the panties further down so I can spread her ass even wider with both hands. She holds the position like a good girl, and I spank her - hard this time - eliciting moans and whimpers through the silken gag.

I reach around to grasp her arms, pulling her up on her knees, bringing her arms behind her back and crossing her wrists. Then I bind her wrists tightly behind her back. I take my backpack and put it in front of her so she will have something to rest her head on, and push her forward, her now crimson ass cheeks still spread wide. "Now play with yourself," I tell her, "you can reach it! Rub your knuckles across your pussy! Now stick a thumb in your ass and fuck yourself while I get these damned clothes off!"

I pour some oil on her ass, and then get rid of my shirt and shorts and underwear as I watch her pleasure herself, her thumb slipping in and out, cheeks quivering, saliva wetting the silken gag. After putting some oil on my now fully erect cock, I get down on my knees, grasp her ass cheeks firmly, spreading her even wider, and start rubbing my shaft up and down her crack. The sounds of her moaning and panting through the masking of the silk is so intensely erotic that I can't wait any longer. I slip the head of my cock into her ass, moving in just a little bit, then back out. "Do you want it, Nancy? Do you want me to fuck your tight little asshole? Then move it for me! Push back against me and fuck me with your ass!"

She pushes back slowly, eventually engulfing the full length until my balls grind against her pussy. "Go on, fuck me hard," I say, "your asshole is SO tight and warm!" I grab her wrists with one hand, lifting her up slightly as she bucks against me, and reach underneath her with the other hand, gently rubbing her clit, then finger-fucking her sweet, smooth pussy. She cums on my fingers, her screams muffled by the silk. After licking my fingers clean, I grab her wrists with both hands and slow down the rhythm of the ass-fucking, s-l-o-w-l-y sliding my cock all the way in, grinding my pelvis against her, then pulling almost all the way out, just as slowly.

After a few minutes, I pick up the tempo again, fucking her really hard now, faster and faster. She cums again just as I feel the sperm rising in my loins, ready to shoot forth. Her asshole feels so good that I slow down again, holding back my orgasm. "Stay still," I say, "don't move now, just feel my hard cock deep inside you. Now flex your ass muscles, tighten yourself around me. OH, that's it!" Finally, I can hold back no longer. I let go of her wrists, grab her ass cheeks, and go back to pounding into her, long and deep. As my cum at last spurts deep in her butt, I spank both of her cheeks repeatedly, very hard. When I pull out, the sight of my cum welling up out of her tight little hole is so sexy that I can't resist laying down on the ground underneath her, eating her pussy out, and bringing her to another writhing orgasm, assisted by my finger sliding in and out of her ass, wet and slippery with my cum. She tastes delicious, just the right dessert!

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