tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Beautiful Day in Elteran Ch. 01

A Beautiful Day in Elteran Ch. 01

byMr. Chuckles©

The sun rose above the great kingdom of Elteran. Glad for the rains to be gone, the people of the magnificent city prepared for the glorious day ahead. Inside the castle, the fair princess Lana was already busying herself wither father's breakfast, when her half-brother, Rafael, came down.

"Good morrow, my sweet sister, Lana." He said as he stopped, taking a long look at her. Pausing to look at her small breasts.

"Good morrow, half-brother, Rafael." She replied, wishing that he would leave.

"Making breakfast for that lazy father of ours? I swear, you shouldn't be wasting your talents on him! Why don't you leave his breakfast to his chambermaid, and cook for me instead?" He asked, rounding the corner of the table. He grabbed her wrist, and turned her to face him. "Well? As I am your future ruler, I don't see why you shouldn't learn what would please me," He added with a slight smile.

"Your sick Rafael," replied Lana. "When you are king I will already be happily married to Prince Tern of Nodlin. You will just have to find some other person to cook for you."

"Come, now," he said, in the tone of a boy used to getting everything he wanted. "How can you like someone like him? His kingdom will be nowhere near as large as mine," he added, making a reach for his half-sister's dainty rear.

Lana yanked free her wrist from Rafael's hand, and picked up their father's food. "At least I will be away from you!" She replied, pushing him out of her way and heading towards her father's room, giving her ass a slightly seductive wiggle.


Lana took her father his food. Once she arrived at the door, she hesitated. She gently knocked on the immense door. After a moment, the king called for her to come in. She entered, and closed the door; she made her way to her father's bedside, and set his food before him.

As the king began to eat, Lana decided that now would be the best time to bring up what was on her mind. "Father," she began.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Father, I was wondering, would you permit Prince Tern to come and visit me? We have not seen each other since before the frost's of winter."

"I don't see why not. In fact, it would be wonderful if he were to visit to=morrow, for Rafael's birthday celebration!"

"Oh, thank you daddy!" she replied, giving him a tremendous hug.


Rafael paced in his room. His chambermaid was collecting his finest tunic, so as to wash it for the birthday celebration. "My, lord, you look troubled." She said, hoping that he was not in to foul a mood.

"Oh, it is nothing. Hurry my clothes off to the wash. I must be off. I have important business to attend to."

"Yes, my lord. Should you need anything, call me and I will be at your service."

With that, she left the room. Rafael waited until she would be down the stairs, and quickly left his room, making sure not to make a sound as he closed his door. Slowly, he made his way to a grand picture of a lion painted on the wall. He pressed the lion's nose, and a small doorway appeared next to it. He quickly entered the doorway, and shut it behind him.

Inside the doorway was a small hallway. Rafael had discovered it in his youth. The first thing he had discovered was that it lead to a secret dungeon, that had obviously not been used in years. The second thing he discovered, was a small hole in one of the walls. Through it, he could have a clear view of Princess Lana's private bath.

He found the hole, and knelt down beside it. He peeked through, and saw that lana had not entered yet. He knew all that he had to do was wait. While he waited, thoughts began to race through his mind. 'How could she love that nothing of a prince, Tern! And how dare she tease me like she did this morning! She thinks that she is free to wear such radiant clothing, and then reject my advances!'

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted, when a light came on in Lana's bath. He settled himself down, and peered through the hole.


Lana stepped into her bath, and lighted the candles inside. She slowly removed her gown and undergarments. Before she entered the bath, however, she paused before the full length mirror to her side. She gently touched her breasts, liking the way they had not the slightest sag to them. She placed her hands above her head, and admired how they looked.

"Just big enough to fill a wine glass, probably," she said to herself. She then turned her attention to her pelvis. "Just a small patch of hair. I should probably trim it." She rubbed a hand down to her small tuft of fur. After a few seconds of admiring herself, she entered the bathing pool.

She dunked her head under, and slowly came to one side of the pool. She leaned back against the side, and brought her hands up to her breasts. She teasingly circled her nipple with her finger, bringing it to attention. She then turned her attention to the other one. While she was playing with her nipples, one of her hands left, and began to move slowly down her stomach. When she reached her mound, she gave a sudden shudder. She arched her back, and gave a slight moan. She spread her lips open, and began to rub her slit. She rubbed it up and down, occasionally pausing to slip a finger inside. She began moaning, and thrashing her head about. Soon she brought her other hand down to join the first, and sought out her love button. Just as she hit it, she almost lost herself, and barely managed to choke back a scream. She lay still for a few brief moments, catching her breath. She removed her hands, and looked at her juices on her fingers. For a second she bought them up to her mouth, as if to taste them, but then plunged her hands into the water to clean them off. She plunged into the pool and began to wash herself.


Rafael, looked on in awe, as he watched his half-sister undress. Many of his friends claimed that Lana used dyes to make her hair ever so slightly red, but Rafael could see the proof that she didn't. He watched her admire herself, and, quickly pulled out his swelling member. He began to rub it, gently, up and down. He watched as Lana moved to one edge of the pool, and began to caress her breasts. He began to rub faster and faster, and barely managed to suppress a groan when she moved to her nearly hairless slit. Watching her play with herself, he began to feel a rush, deep within his balls. Just as he saw her bring her other hand down to meet the first, he could not hold back any longer, and shot his seed all over the stone wall. He took no heed of this, and pulled his pants on, and straightened out his tunic.

As he stood up, his thought began to race again. 'Why should tern get such a perfect girl', he thought. Then, suddenly, a thought struck him. If Tern were to be visit on the morrow, Rafael could take him on a tour of the kingdom. While on the tour, Rafael could take a wrong turn and lead Tern into the thieves' quarters, and leave him at the mercy of killers and thieves. 'But, no. I could not do it. Lana would be sure to follow along to spy on us. Put the thought out of you head, Rafael."

Clearing his head, Rafael, stood, and walked down the tunnel, down towards the dungeon. He made his way down the crumbling steps. He ignored where he was going, and soon found himself standing on the floor of the torture room, a room he had never seen before. Looking around, he saw several devices, that could quite possibly be used for deriving pleasure. Looking around even more, he noticed a door. Opening it, he found it led to the small room where his chambermaid was washing his tunic.

He slowly snuck up on her, and grabbed her mouth. She tried to scream, but Rafael's hand muffled it too well. He grabbed her and pulled her into the torture room. He let go of her and closed the door. When the chambermaid saw who had grabbed her, she offered a slight smile.

"So, my prince. Did you need my help with anything?"

"Actually, yes, Deliah. I was wondering how loyal you really are to me?"

"I live to serve you, my prince."

Rafael smiled at this, and placed his hand on her shoulder. He forcefully pushed her down. "Now, I need help relieving some stress." He said, pulling down his pants. His cock stirred, as he thought of Deliah submitting to his every desire intrigued him. He pulled his cock from his codpiece, and said, "Open your mouth wench!"

Deliah obliged, and immediately went to work, sucking on Rafael's cock. She moved her mouth up and down the long shaft, paying extra attention to the head. She pulled her mouth away so that only the head was inside, and swirled her tongue around it. She took extra care to play with the tender underside of his penis, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Even though he had just cum while watching his sister, he could feel his loins stirring again.

He pulled Deliah away from his cock, and shoved her to her back. He grabbed her shirt, and ripped it off. Revealing her large breasts. He placed his cock between them, and smashed them around his hard member. Slowly, at first, he began to thrust between her magnificent breasts. He grabbed her head, and lifted it, so that she could the head of his cock with every thrust. The feel of Deliah's soft breasts, and the addition of her sweet mouth was too much. Rafael came, splattering his cum all over Deliah's face and tits.

As he got up, he spoke softly to Deliah, "If you ever so much as breath a word of this to anyone, you will cease to exist. No one will question where you have gone. No one will even mention your name."

"Yes, my prince," was all that Deliah could say, for she feared that if she said the wrong thing, it might anger him, and he would dispose of her.


It was late. The sun had disappeared hours ago. Rafael sat in the kitchen of the castle, knowing full well that his half-sister would be down in a few moments to replace the wine bottle from their father's nightly feast. He had already extinguished all of the candles in the room, leaving it pitch black. He Lana's footsteps in the hallway, and quickly went over to the wall, right next to the doorway. As soon as he heard her right out side, he held his breath.

She entered the kitchen, and, taking hold of the candle she had with her. 'Now," thought Rafael, "Now I can finally have her!"

To be continued...

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