tagBDSMA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Rudy stepped out of the shoe store in downtown Synecdoche with a box of new Nikes in a shopping bag. Despite the cool breeze, the sun was warm on his skin. Countless men walked down the sidewalk on both sides of Province Street leading naked women by leashes attached to collars around their necks. At numerous hitching posts all along the street, naked women were bent over with their wrists shackled behind their backs, with their collars attached to the hitching posts. A cop was writing a parking ticket for a car parked illegally in front of Guardians Theater. And some guy had his knee on his slave girl's chest as she lay on her back while he punched her in the face again and again. After the fifth punch, she began spitting up blood. Waiting to cross the street, a transit bus drove by, so he waved to Tammy. Then he crossed the street, walked a short way up Kay street, and stopped into Dogz Cafe for a bite of lunch.

A little later, he found his way back to his car parked in the public lot behind the _State Department Of Taxation Of The Ignorance Of Probability Theory_ and drove home to his second floor apartment just out of town a little way.

He climbed up the stairs onto the shared deck between his and his neighbor's apartments. His neighbors were a quiet couple who mostly kept to themselves. Sylvia was standing on the balcony, naked of course, by the door to her apartment leaning over the back railing as Rudy reached the top of the stairs.

"Afternoon, Sylvia," he said as he walked to his door. "How's everything?"

Sylvia sighed. "Everything's fine, I guess."

Rudy smiled as he started to unlock his door.

"No, it's not!" she called out as he entered his apartment.

Rudy set his shoes down and walked over to her. "Need to talk?"

Sylvia tugged at her leather collar and fidgeted with the small brass padlock. "Well," she began, "I probably shouldn't be telling you this. But, God, I need to confide in someone."

"Sure," said Rudy.

"Tony," she said, "never beats me any more."

"Really?" asked Rudy.

"Really," she said. "When we started going out together, he treated me so bad. On our third date, he beat me with a baseball bat and cracked three of my ribs. I was in agony for weeks."

"But?" said Rudy.

"But the last time he hit me," she sobbed, "he hardly left a black and blue mark."

"That's horrible," said Rudy.

"It gets worse," she cried. "I had a headache a few days ago, through no effort on his part, and he offered to give me a Tylenol to ease my pain."

Rudy held his hands to his mouth. "The monster!" he gasped. "Everyone knows it's illegal to give pain killers to a woman. I know you can't call the police; they won't take a report from a woman. But do you want me to?"

"No," she sighed. "I don't want him to get in trouble with the law. I just wish he'd start beating me again."

"Well," said Rudy, "would you like _me_ to hit you?"

"Oh," she gasped. "I don't know. I'd feel like I was cheating on Tony. But thanks for the offer."

"I understand," said Rudy as he turned to go back into his apartment.

"Wait!" she called out just as he was closing the door. "Yes! Would you?"

"Sure," he called out as he walked back out to her. Stepping up to her, he made a fist, pulled back, and drove it into her face with all the force he could muster. He hit her with such force that her body went flying backward into the brick wall causing her skull to hit with a loud crack.

Sylvia lay there for a minute as Rudy stood over her. Then she slowly struggled to her feet on her own, staggering a little. "Thank you," she said with a lopsided smile before staggering into her apartment.

A few days later, while Rudy was in his kitchen eating lunch, his doorbell rang. Getting up, he peered out to see Sylvia at his door. Her jaw was swollen and black and blue where he punched her.

"Hi Sylvia," he said as he opened the door. "Come in."

"Rudy," she sighed, "you won't believe it."

"Believe what?" He asked.

"Tony saw the black and blue mark and figured out I cheated on him."

"I bet he was furious," said Rudy.

"No!" she gasped. "The bastard forgave me. He didn't even touch me."

"You poor girl," gasped Rudy.

"I've decided to leave him, Rudy," she said.

"Can you do that?" he asked.

Sylvia tapped the leather collar around her neck. As was the social norm, a leather collar indicated she wasn't legally owned and was still a free woman. A steel collar signified full legal ownership of a slave.

"So he doesn't legally own you?" said Rudy.

"No, thank God," she said. "But I have nowhere to go. All my friends are owned." She smiled at him, "If only a cruel neighbor would offer to let me stay with him for a while."

"Of course, Sylvia," said Rudy. "No problem. Do you need to get anything? Since he doesn't own you legally, you must have some things of your own."

"Not much," she said. "Just a few CDs and some jewelry. I'll be right back."

She returned a few minutes later with all her worldly belongings in a small knapsack.

"Now," he said. "About that collar. I bet you want it removed?"

"If you would," she said.

He got a heavy cutting tool out of his kitchen drawer and had the leather collar removed in a few minutes.

She smiled at him slyly and said, "Maybe you have a collar of your own you'd like to put on me."

"Sylvia," he chuckled, "we hardly know each other."

"Well," she said. "I know your apartment is only one bedroom like the other one. Where were you expecting me to sleep?"

"Well..." he stammered.

"Just treat me badly and beat me every day," she said softly, "and I'll be a good slave. I swear."

"Okay," said Rudy. "It's a deal."

"Good," she said. "And I want to be owned someday. Really owned, if only I can find a cruel man."

Rudy went into his bedroom and rooted in his dresser for a moment. He found an old leather collar and padlock that he bought years ago for just such an occasion. The lock was unlocked; just as well for he had no idea where the key was.

He returned to the kitchen and said, "Tilt your head back."

Sylvia smiled and obeyed. He slid the collar around her neck, buckled it, and clicked the padlock on the buckle. "Now stand, bitch!" he commanded.

"Are you going to hit me?" she asked as she stood.

Without answering, he drew back his fist and slammed it into her face, sending her flying across his kitchen floor. As she struggled to stand again, he swung his leg and kicked her in the hip, sending her spinning across the floor like a top, bashing her head into the door frame to his living room.

He then walked over to he and grabbed her by the hair. She scrambled to crawl, lest he drag her by the hair into his bedroom. "Get on the bed, bitch!" he ordered.

Sylvia scrambled onto the bed. He grabbed her and yanked her around until she was on her back lying across the width of the bed with her head hanging back off the edge of the bed. He pulled a storage box out from under the bed and removed some shackles and assorted lengths of rope. Shackling her wrists and ankles, he tied various lengths of rope to her shackles and pulled her arms and legs taut in a spread eagle position.

He then dropped his jeans and let his hungry cock spring to attention. He stepped up to her upside-down face and pinched her jaw open. He slid his cock into her mouth and then leaned into her, forcing his groin tightly to her lips with his weight. She immediately began to gag and struggle furiously. Instead of pumping her mouth, he simply stood there, leaning against her mouth, as her gag reflex continuously massaged his shaft.

Within moments, she shot a stream of hot vomit out of her nose against the underside of his balls. Yet, he continued to stand there perfectly still, waiting, waiting.

After many minutes, and more spurts of vomit, his wait paid off. Her constant gagging brought him to orgasm and he flooded her throat with wad after wad of cum in an orgasmic stupor.

His orgasm continued and finally subsided, whereupon he withdrew his cock from her throat. Her face was bright red from lack of air, and she began a mad fit of coughing and gasping.

He left her like that and went out to his kitchen for an after-sex snack. Returning to her a while later, she looked up at him. "Wow!" she said. "I've never been raped so brutally before. That was awful!"

"Glad you liked it," he said with a chuckle.

Several weeks later, Rudy and Sylvia stood before the Synecdoche justice of the peace. A handful of his friends, and a handful of hers, stood in attendance.

Sylvia signed a transfer of ownership contract in the judge's presence, giving full irrevocable ownership of herself to Rudy. The judge stamped the contract and said, "Do you have the collar?"

Rudy held up a heavy steel collar and placed it around Sylvia's neck. The welder he hired for the occasion stepped up, placed a flexible asbestos pad between the collar and Sylvia's neck, and welded it closed. The welder stepped back, and the judge declared, "You may now christen the slave."

Rudy unzipped his jeans and stepped up to Sylvia, holding his cock less than an inch from her mouth. Relaxing his bladder, he let his pee stream into her mouth. As the flow steadied, he stepped into her and slid his cock into her mouth as he pissed directly into her throat. Having emptied his bladder, she swallowed it all without spilling a drop. Rudy then clipped a leash to her collar and led her out of the court room as their friends congratulated them in turn.

* END *

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