tagRomanceA Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01


Chapter 01 A beautiful relationship

My name is Jim and this is the story of how I reunited with a high school friend.

In high school I was 6'2", underweight, and lanky and I didn't really do anything. No sports or clubs, I didn't party or attend school events. Because of that I didn't get particularly close to anybody. But through a friend I met Ashlyn.

Ashlyn was about 5'10" with naturally blonde hair and 34D boobs. She was a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in our class. We talked just about every day but usually just complained about having to do work in class. Of course I thought she was hot, she played a starring role in many of my fantasies. However, due to my social status and shyness I never managed to get a cell phone number or even any contact outside of class.

After graduation she moved on to a big university about an hour away from our hometown and I stayed home to attend community college because I didn't make the grades in high school to go to a big college.

Over summer break and the first semester of college I had put on 30 pounds, 2 inches, and some muscle. I was working part time and this involved some travel on my days out of school. On my way back from one of these trips I stopped at a gas station in the town where Ashlyn attended college. After filling up my truck and grabbing a snack I looked over and saw Ashlyn on the phone with some serious distress on her face. After checking out I walked over and she looked up, after a second she recognized me and said I'll call you back then she reached up and gave me a hug. This is where our story begins.

"Jim, it has been so long! You look so different! I hardly recognized you."

"I was grabbing a snack and I looked over and saw you on the phone. Was there something wrong?"

"Yeah, I was going to catch a ride home with a friend for the weekend, but she just fell through. What are you doing here?"

"I am headed home from an out of town trip, do you want a ride?"

Ashlyn seemed surprised by this and she said, "Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes! Thank you Jim!" Then she placed a kiss on my cheek.

"Yeah it's no problem, like I said, I'm heading there anyway. Just grab something to eat and meet me in my truck."

"Sounds good, I even have my bag here because this is where I was meeting my friend."

"Then we are on our way!"

With that we headed to the truck with some chips and sodas for the hour ride home. After about 10 minutes of talking about school, work, and college life I drove over a hill on the highway and traffic was completely stopped. I slammed on my brakes and barely stopped before running into the car in front of me. As a result of this Ashlyn spilled her drink all over her shirt.

"I'm so sorry," I said to Ashlyn

"Don't be sorry, it was either slam on the brakes or total your truck. I have a change of clothes in the back anyway. We can just stop at the next exit and I will change."

"That might be a problem we aren't moving at all."

"I will wait a second to see if traffic starts to move."

After about 15 minutes we had moved 15 feet but looking up the hill you could see cars moving. There was hope of getting moving soon. Looking over at Ashlyn her white shirt was completely covered in soda, and her braless nipple was standing through the fabric at 100% stiffness. This of course got my cock going and before I knew it I had a full hard on. I pulled the jacket that was beside me over my lap and reached for a drink.

Ashlyn said, "Jim, traffic is moving you can go now."

I kept driving at a snail's pace down the highway. After about 10 more minutes Ashlyn pulled out her phone to look up the traffic report.

She said, "Traffic is stopped for 5 miles and all exits are shut to try and keep an overflow of cars out of the small cities."

"Well that's just great. You really need to change your shirt. I'm sure you don't like to be sticky from the soda."

She replied, "Your're right, do you mind if I just change here?"

Well, what man would say no to a beautiful 18 year old girl wanting to be topless in his truck?

I replied, "Sure, I'll close my eyes."

She quickly responded, "No, you need to pay attention to the road, even though we are moving at 5 miles an hour that could put a dent in your truck. Actually, I don't mind if you look. I have never let a guy see me naked."

What? This beautiful big boobed blonde college girl is about to be topless in my truck and wants me to watch.

Obviously I replied, "Go ahead."

At this point I was just hoping that the car in front of me wouldn't stop because my eyes were not leaving her oversized chest. She took her shirt off and I saw the most beautiful set of natural big tits ever! Then she didn't even put her shirt back on, she just stared back at me.

She said, "What do you think? You don't like them do you? I knew it."

"No, no," I responded, "I am just at a loss for words. They are perfect, but what would your boyfriend think of you showing me your boobs like this?"

"I don't have a boyfriend, it's hard to keep one when you only give blowjobs and don't remove any clothes. Besides I wouldn't want any of these college guys anyway. They just want to use me then move on. What would your girlfriend think?"

"Same here I don't have a girlfriend. Not by choice. I am not as gorgeous or outgoing as you. So, I've never actually had a girlfriend."

"I'm so sorry," she said, reaching with her left hand to console me, still topless, and with her nipples pointing straight out. As she reached out I lifted my hand off of my crotch to grab the steering wheel. She didn't realize my sudden movement and she place her hand right on my jacket covered erection. It took her a second to realize what she did, and when she did her hand stayed put. I didn't know what to think, this blonde college girl is such a tease. She removed her hand and traffic came to a halt again.

"Hey, Jim", Ashlyn said, "What do you think of me as more than a friend?"

Well after struggling to realize the gravity of this situation I thought, I will probably never see her again, and if she was the kind of girl that would go off telling people what I said, then she wouldn't still be topless in my truck.

I said, "Well obviously you are extremely beautiful, and from how much I know, you seem like a really caring person. I think a guy would be lucky to have you."

"Would you want to be my boyfriend, hypothetically, of course?"

"I wish, but let's face it. You have the choice of just about any guy in America, why would you choose some nobody like me?"

"Jim," she replied, "A woman would be lucky to have you. You're thoughtful and caring, you are extremely handsome and being a tall girl there's not many guys that I can date because I won't date a guy shorter than me. Plus, if you really know how to work that manly rod that I felt earlier, then you could make any girl happy."

"Thanks Ashlyn. If only I knew that in high school."

"Why not now?"

"You would still want to date me?"

"Just because you go to a little college compared to mine doesn't make you less manly, I felt how "manly" you are and I would love to get to know all of you better."

What's left to say if you are me? A stunning blonde playboy potential girl is sitting in my passenger seat topless saying she would date me. And she wants to get to know ALL of me, including my "manly" part as she called it.

"Wow Ashlyn, I would love to date you. Dinner tomorrow night?"

"Why wait till tomorrow night? Let's get started right now."

With that she reached over and pulled my jacket off of my lap exposing the once softening but now hardening bulge. Still stopped in traffic she starts pulling my athletic shorts and underwear down exposing my 8 inch, hard as a rock, cock.

"Are you ready?" She said leaning over my lap.

"For wha....." before I could even finish she engulfed the entirety of my dick nose to my pelvis tongue on my balls. This girl knew how to suck cock. She bobbed up and down, every once in a while removing her head and licking the entirety of my cock, and licking my balls. While she pleasured me beyond belief I reached down and fondled her melons that despite her position hung firm and perky at her chest. Flicking one nipple then the other, her tits were perfect.

Amazingly I hadn't climaxed yet when traffic started moving and as we sped up I could feel the cum building up. I held off until I could get to a gas station a few exits up and Ashlyn didn't realize that we were off the highway until I parked at the back of a nearly empty parking lot.

She looked around before saying, "What are we doing?"

"I couldn't drive while you were giving me a blowjob so I figured that this would be safer until you finished."

"How about we go a little further?"

"I don't have any condoms on me. Let me walk over to that gas station and get some."

"That's not necessary."

"Of course it is. I'm not going to make you pregnant."

"You are right. You're not going to make me pregnant because I am on the pill. Let's get in the back seat."

With that we climbed into the back seat. I finished undressing and looked over at Ashlyn as she was removing her socks, shoes, and small booty shorts, revealing that she wasn't wearing underwear either. Her pussy was, like the rest of her body, perfect. A tight pink mound, and her clit was starting to poke out from it's hood and I could see a definite wetness on her cunt as my truck filled with her essence. I leaned over and kissed her. Not a sloppy French kiss, but a kiss of lovers, simple with a certain electricity.

I was ready for the main course. Now I drove a truck, not a little truck, a big 4 door F-150. So we had plenty of room in the back. We got into a 69 position, me on bottom, she started sucking my dick again and I stared down my first pussy. At this point everything I knew about sex was from Literotica or Pornhub. I licked up and down her slit getting a bitter sweet taste that was like nothing I could describe. I used my tongue to penetrate her pussy as far as I could. I withdrew my tongue and inserted one finger while continuing to lick on her thighs, pussy and everywhere but her clit.

After a while of licking and sucking I said, "I'm about to cum Ashlyn."

"You can do it in my mouth. I will swallow."

That sent me over the edge I erupted into her mouth while continuing my assault on her pussy, now stuffed with two fingers. After I recovered and as she was finishing cleaning me up I leaned my head up, tongue extended ready to finally give her the insurmountable pleasure that she had been waiting for. At one time I started licking her clit as I drove 2 fingers deep in her snatch and with the other hand started playing with her nipples. She started spasming as I relentlessly attacked her body prolonging her orgasm as her legs clamped over my face and her juices flooded out. After a few minutes she came off of her orgasm spun around and laid on top of me.

My hard cock was resting just below her hairless sopping wet vagina.

"You are an expert at that," she said breaking the silence. "How many girls have you been with?"

"Actually you are my first everything, kiss, blowjob, first naked girl. How many guys have you been with?"

"I told you no more than fully clothed blowjobs for me."

"Are you ready for some more?"

"With you, always!" Ashlyn responded aiming my cock at her entrance.

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