tagInterracial LoveA Beautiful Thing Ch. 03

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 03


So many things had happened in the past couple months to Angie and Cal. Or rather it was the lack of what had happened in the past couple of months that had made their situation all so intriguing. Angie can remember waking up that morning next to call, she can still recall how good the warmth of his body felt as her outstretched arm and breasts laid upon his still body.

Peeking through a curtain of red hair, Angie's eyes roamed down the ridges and hardness that was Cal's body but her eyes laid rest upon his magnificent cock. Thick, soft and laying against his stomach it seemed to glow in the morning sun. Her arm slowly made it's way down and she felt so wet as her fingers came somewhat close to closing around his manhood. It was soft and slightly hardened at her touch. This touch brought her rushing back to her memories of last night, he had taken her somewhere that never existed in her mind. She loved sex but what happened yesterday was an event, was it him? Was it her feelings? Was it just the beautiful girth of his cock?

He was so much bigger than Mark she thought, and it was then that the names Shauna and Mark had rushed through her mind. Although she had no idea that Shauna and Mark had their own relationship, she couldn't help but curse herself because she not only betrayed her marriage but helped Cal betray his. Her hand reluctantly pulled away as she bit her lower lip. Guilt washing over her, she quietly left the house dressed in some sweatpants, and a sweater.

Sunglasses and a hat over some pulled up hair was the uniform for a woman in turmoil. She sat at the coffee shop not far from her house as she tried to waste some time hoping Cal would awake and leave so that she wouldn't have to face him. He was a friend, their conversations came easy and she truly enjoyed talking to him. Could she even face him after this? What kind of a woman does he think she is? She has always been the quiet, reserved beauty and something about Cal makes her want to be daring.

A bead of sweat trailed down wet matted red hair, accumulating to a drop that rolled down a smooth, long back coming to rest upon the top of Angie's muscular ass as it moved up and down. Her arms on her lover's shoulders she slammed down upon him, taking all of him so easily as she tried to force the issue of her orgasm. It was coming and they were both close…

Mark finally let out a groan as he erupted into his wife. Still in heat Angie needed to use his remaining hardness as she drove down onto him and grinded herself against him until her volcano erupted within washing her from the bottom up with a wave of pleasure.

Both were breathing hard and laying on the bed. Angie rolled off of her husband and was laying face down, panting as Mark got up and put on his boxers. He opened up their patio door and pulled out a cigarette, his new bad habit that he picked up. Or picked back up. Angie enjoyed her moment and was basking in the glow of her work. It would've been nice if they could keep going but this was the usual now.

Angie had become a much more giving lover in the past couple months, not just because she was a sexual person but also because of the guilt she felt after being with Cal. The funny thing is that the more she tried to please Mark in bed, the more she thought of Cal and how it was different. Not just in one way but in so many ways.

"We got a party tomorrow, not far either." Mark calmly said puffing on his cigarette.

"Why the little notice?" Angie said.

"I wasn't sure if we were going but I figured it would be a good time to mingle. The guy throwing it has some connections I'd really like to get a hold of." Mark said with a longer drag than before.

"I thought yesterday you said you'd finally spend the night at home with me. I'm sure you coming home late every night has got to have you exhausted. You've been working a lot honey."

"Angie, you know this is for the both of us. Plus I have to tell you something about this guy's party. Word is he's a fan of the ladies, so you're my ace in the hold tomorrow. With you on my side he's gonna want to talk to me all night long."

"Are you just using me honey?" Angie said propping herself on her elbows.

"Of course, there's a twist too. One of the guys I know said the guy used to be a swinger and was always wanting to do weird stuff with his old lady. Not that it matters but it's going to have one of those masquerade themes."

And with a final drag on his cigarette, Mark came back to bed and fell asleep. Angie's nipples were so hard as the air from the outside rushed in. She wanted to grab Mark again but instead she knew the results that would come. She was too tired to put in that kind of effort again.

The night of the party Angie had on a long black dress that was almost like two streams of silk that went up vertically to cover her generous mounds and intertwined behind her neck exposing her long slender back. The back dipped low and stopped at a place that made all the men bite their lips and moan that it couldn't dip just an inch more just to show some of the swell that was her magnificent ass. A long slit exposed some of her left leg but just a bit above the knee to show a sexy expanse of muscle.

The dress was black with a long stream of white that ran along the two streams of silk. Her mask was black and went around her eyes and covered her nose. She walked around with Mark and met with the master of the house. The party wasn't as odd as she had feared but there was one unusual rule in that nobody could exchange names. This of course killed Mark's night as this was his networking opportunity. He was ready to meet and greet with as many people as he could but this would be almost impossible now. The host of the party intended it this way so as to avoid people like Mark that liked to bring their greed to parties and ruin the atmosphere.

When they met the host could do nothing but grin as he eyed the amazing Angie. The host was an elder gentleman, tall and in relatively good shape with slicked back gray hair. She took to his charm as an older gentlemen. Soon Angie found herself alone at the party and Mark was nowhere to be seen. Angie was mad and worried that Mark was out and about ready to break the "name" rule and she prayed that he wouldn't. To break this nice man's rules would certainly make her feel so bad.

Angie wandered around the room when she spotted a man by the fire place. In a black suit with a white mask on was a black man whose figure seemed so familiar. She leaned her head to the side and walked towards the fireplace intending just to catch a look and see if it was him. Even if it was or wasn't she just wanted to find out and turn around. She hadn't talked to him since that evening. Of course she would say hi if she passed him by during the day, they were neighbors of course, but she always tried not to make eye contact or talk too long because she could feel herself weakening around him.

She walked cautiously and then in a moment of accident and surprise their eyes met from a good 15 feet away. Both didn't know what to say to each other but Angie felt compelled to walk to him. She couldn't just turn and run, how would that look.

"Hi" they both meekly muttered to each other.

"How have you been?" Cal asked meekly, there was a somber tone to him that Angie had never known before.

"Good and you? What have you been up to?"

"Keeping busy, my website is picking up steam and I'm hoping to start something larger scale in a little bit. I was actually looking at offices and things to rent out. Any work for you lately?"

"Mark got me a couple of shoots for some store ads and things like that. Other than that I started taking some classes at the community college, some cooking and art just to occupy myself. Speaking of Mark I've been looking for him, have you seen him?"

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yeah c'mon little boy FUCK ME!" screamed Shauna as Mark pounded into her on top of an expensive table.

The upstairs room was empty but sure someone would hear Shauna as her yellow dress was bunched around her waist, her large breasts rippling with each thrust. Mark was giving it to her and finally unloaded his semen into her. Zipping up Shauna commanded, "You know what to do baby."

With this Mark dived down into her freshly fucked pussy and began to work like he knew how to. Shauna's power commanded this kind of "networking" Mark rationalized and hell the sex was pretty fucking good too.

While their spouses fucked upstairs Angie and Cal sat down on a couch and were carrying on a breezy conversation. The slit in Angie's dress had risen and a great expanse of creamy thigh was exposed. The way she sat with a glass of wine in her hand had her heavy breasts hanging freely in the air. The mask did little to conceal Cal's eye which now had the confidence back that she once knew.

"MMmmmmm baby tongue my ass I'll let you do what you want with it." Shauna exclaimed bent over the table with Mark's tongue spearing her asshole.

Putting his cock into her dripping pussy he pulled out and forced his cock into Shauna's ass. Her big black ass felt like a pillow as he bounced back from her with every thrust.

"Attention everybody!" yelled the host for the evening.

As many of you who have been to my soiree's before know, I'm always one for a good game. And no matter how sophisticated we are, we can always enjoy some old games and then later on in the night we can always introduce newer ones.

Angie and Cal looked at each other with mock smirk's on their face. Both were eager to see what kind of games were coming.

"The first game is a modification of an old favorite, Ma'am I certainly hope you'll join us? Please bring your friend too, the more the merrier." The host spoke talking to Angie and Cal.

"The first game is one I'm sure we've all played in junior high. Remember 7 minutes in heaven? Well this we'll do for 40 minutes and we will make use of my many guest rooms and their closets. Please we all know that there are no names involved but what I need everyone to do is take a number from one of my waitresses walking about the room. They will not handout any numbers that cannot be matched up."

With a shrug and a smile Cal and Angie both looked at each other and took little numbered chips. Angie had 6 and Cal had 12.

"Ok now that we have our numbers I will pick some random numbers here and one of my waitresses will escort you to the guest room your assigned to. Now I'm not suggesting what any of us should do while in the closet but if you want to do some cleaning, please be my guest." The host said with a small round of chuckles.

Slowly people paired off and were led out of the room. Even though there were other people at the party that weren't playing Angie was beginning to rethink this. "I don't know about this." Angie mentioned to Cal. She felt that the host would do something to ensure the pairing of her and graying gentleman.

Angie was relieved when he was paired with a large busty blonde but then she began to wonder who she would be paired up with. Would it be another woman? What if it was some man who she didn't know? In that case the gentleman would've been her choice.

They should've known it or expected it but eventually the two were paired up. They met each other's eyes with nervous smiles and followed the host as he insisted they hurry up as his 20 minutes were counting down. They were led to a room and put into a walk-in closet that was very large and not as cramped but they did notice that there were no light bulbs and the waitress closed the door behind them.

In a low primal scream Shauna let out, "Fuck My ASS, FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT!"

Mark now had Shauna's ass in the air and held her ankles almost back to the wall as her on the floor and was inserting his dick into asshole. He fucked her, slapping his body against the back of her legs as she screamed and yelled like a monster.

Muffled screams could be heard in the closet. They were definitely the screams of sex.

"Well someone's off to a quick start." Angie said nervously as her hand traced her collarbone. "No kidding, hey where are you I can't see a thing in here. I don't want to trip on anything. Hold out your hands." Cal said as his hands wandered the dark area in front of him until his hands found Angie.

Angie had her arms extended palms down in front of her then first Cal's right hand found her left and the other followed as they were facing each other in the darkness. Both were breathing through their mouths uncertain of the situation. The muffled screams of sex as their background made things so awkward that finally Cal had to say something.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?" Angie said, her thumb now rubbing Cal's large hand.

"Look, I don't know what happened, well I know what happened. I don't know, I um, look I didn't mean for what happened, well I did mean it. God did I want it but…." He needed to say something to make things right. He felt guilty about what had happened some months ago. She was the only woman to make his dick feel that sore after sex and she was by far the most beautiful. He liked talking to her and he saw the weight of shame that Angie had been carrying around since then.

"Please, don't say anything. I was terrible that night. I should've never let that happen. Anything like that shouldn't happen, ever." Angie said shaking her head in the darkness.

"Ever?" Cal asked, the question loaded with so much meaning.

"Ever again or ever to begin with?" Angie asked their hands still massaging each other's.

"Ever to begin with?"

Angie swallowed, "Under different circumstances, something that awesome should definitely not be avoided but uh, as for us it's different."

The heat of his hands were warming her entire body as her chest was now heaving up and down. Cal could swear he could feel the movement of her chest and her massive globes moving up and down not far from his chest.

"I know, it's a shame. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I never meant too, bring you such guilt." Cal said.

"Oh Cal, you know, the more I think about it…The less guilt I feel. We were awesome together and for my whole life I never knew anything could be that good and you showed me that. You showed me something beautiful and if anything I should thank you for it." Angie said upon realizing how close they really were now. Their intertwined hands were no longer between them but down at their sides and as they stood inches form each other in the darkness.

"I wish I could tell you how good it was for me too." Cal said his hands pulling from hers and traveling along her arms.

His words made her feel like such a woman as she could only thank him by hugging him. Her cheeks brushed his as she got on her tiptoes to make up their slight height difference even though Angie stood nearly 6 feet tall. His arms wrapped around her as well. Both of them savoring the moment, the smell of her hair filled his head and his scent hypnotized her.

In the darkness their heads pulled away, both of them staring into nothing even though they knew the other was inches away. They could feel each other's breathing and knew that one more taste would not be that much to ask of the other. Their mouths touched, lips parting and tongues slowly playing. Angie's hands squeezed the back of his jacket as her nipples rubbed against him, his hands began to travel up and down the valley of her lower back.

Their kissing grew more aggressive; satisfying the hunger they had built for each other since their last encounter. Cal's bulged pressed against her and the thin material of her dress did little to reflect the heat building between them. They began to moan as they grinded against each other, two tall pieces of perfection moving against one another to bring about pleasure. Cal's hands dipped below the area that every man's eyes had wished for as he grabbed the amazing ass that belonged to Angie. He had encountered no panty top and realized she was with out panties. Mark had suggested it as he didn't want her tops showing because of the dip that went so low on the dress. She had suggested another dress but Mark insisted.

He used his newfound position to help push her against her bulge. "This isn't right, what about Shauna and Mark." Angie asked breathlessly.

"Your right, what happened was a mistake but aren't there no names tonight?"

"Two people, no names, different circumstances." Angie said as her hand brushed against the hardness of his chest and abs as he brought his other hand to her breasts. Slowly running his fingers along the outside of the silk he brushed his fingers downward and pulling the stream of fabric aside exposing her hard nipple to the air and his mouth.

Moans came from them both. "Find the wall." Angie directed as they felt around and she made Cal lean against it. Using her hands upon his shoulder to first guide him against the wall, Angie then began to steady herself upon him and slide down in front of him seductively. She unbuckled his pants and fished for her old friend.

The smell of him was intoxicating as she sucked the head of his cock. Cal moaned in pleasure, her licks and kisses were like velvet brushes and drove him up the wall. She took more of his cock into her mouth than both of htem remembered and soon Cal could not believe that he was ready to cum this soon. He started to pump her mouth with his hips which she responded to by opening her mouth more, knowing what he wanted. She put her hands around to his ass and even directed him to fuck her mouth harder. Moans came from both of them as Cal grabbed the back of her head, not to force her, but to steady himself and he shot his seed into her mouth.

Familiar with his taste Angie smiled and greedily swallowed the load that came, wanting to ensure that there were no stains on her dress. Cal was so amazed and spent that he slunk back against the wall and drooped to the floor where Angie was already on her knees. Their hands searched for each other and they shared a kiss. His cock was hard again. She felt it in her hands.

"Our 40 minutes should be coming to an end." Angie said as she stoked his cock.

"That means I don't have much time to take care of you." Cal said while nibbling on her neck.

She pulled away, "You don't have too. That was my thank you, for before."

Cal brushed her forearm and said, "No names tonight, new circumstances there was nothing to thank me for."

"Right, no names." Angie said looking around in the darkness.

"We have the rest of tonight to forget our names." Cal said.

"I have to find Mark and I'm sure Shauna wonders where you are." Angie remarked as there was a heavy pounding on the ceiling above now.

"It's a shame that our nameless night has to end. I want you to know how good you are to me." Cal said his hand finding her hair and brushing it gently.

"Let's hide then, from our names and everyone else for the night." Angie said her hand brushing his face as well.

She lifted her dress around her waist and stood up. She lowered herself onto Cal's slumping body, his spear up in the air against her ass. She kissed him hungrily and lifted herself again. Long muscular legs lifted her in the air as she hovered around his cock.

"No, I want to savor this." Cal said, his arm wrapping around his waist as he leaned forward and placed Angie on her back. His cock still in line with her pussy he leaned forward in the dark and their privates touched bringing a gasp to both. He couldn't believe her wet softness and she couldn't believe his rigid size.

He slowly gripped his cock and guided it towards her as her fingers opened her lips for her. His head nestled in and their hands left their genitals as they used their bodies to re-unite. He leaned forward to kiss her. She greedily sucked and bit his large lips as his cock lurched forward, more and more.

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