tagInterracial LoveA Beautiful Thing Ch. 04

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 04


“I can’t believe what we just did.” Angie said stepping out of the bathroom. Dressed in a halter top and khaki shorts she looked at Cal.

He was laying on the bed, black polo, khaki shorts with his arms behind his head. “This should be good for us. There’s nothing for us there, I can still work on starting my company and we can figure out some things about us while we’re down here.”

He was right, and he said it with a notion of caring for her. Angie felt deep down inside that he was a sweet person who really cared for her. It was like Mark used to be. The thing was Cal was already successful where as Mark changed the minute money came into the picture.

Angie put one knee on the bed and then the other as she straddled his leg. She layed herself down atop him and looked out of the window of their Caribbean suite.

They had both left their spouses in L.A. and were on a daring and exciting trip to start a new life. They had emotions to deal with leftover from not only their marriage but their newly admitted love for each other. They both still remembered the flight down.


“This will be good for us, I promise.” Cal said as he handed Angie her boarding pass. They shared a quick soulful kiss as they made their way onto the plane.

During the flight Angie couldn’t help but notice how the flight attendants would smile and act towards Cal. Of course she got her stares from male passengers but she didn’t recognize them as she had grown used to stares and oogles since she was a teenager.

“I think she likes you.” Angie whispered to Cal as the drink cart passed by. Cal only smiled and whispered back, “That means that they’re only more jealous of you then. It’s bad enough your ten times hotter than they are.”

He said this with the hottest of breath as he gently nibbled on the side of her ear. She giggled. The flight grew cold even as the plane moved south and Angie asked for a blanket. It wasn’t soon before Cal’s hands were roaming underneath, feeling the long leg muscles of Angie’s thigh. Her eyes grew wide as she mouthed the word “Stop” to him.

This only encouraged a smile and more touching form Cal as his hand moved in small circles along her pale flesh. The soft skin covering firm muscles was exciting him as Angie decided to tease him right back. She spread the cover to run along both their laps as she clamped her hand onto his already thick bulge. His eyes grew wide as her hand refused to move. No stroking, only fingers gently scraping the side of a warm cock as she would squeeze and release his throbbing monster.

“Want to make the stewardess really jealous?” Cal asked.

“Mmmhmmm.” Was all she could muster.

“Follow me in 2 minutes.” Cal said.

Angie looked quizzically as Cal got up with a monstrous bulge in his pants just as the stewardess was walking buy. Angie giggled as she saw the stewardess gaze dart downward and her eyes bulge forward. Cal gave Angie an evil grin as he stepped inside the bathroom.

Angie waited a few moments before looking around. She then walked to the bathroom door and found it unlocked. She walked inside smiling. They were both grinning like scheming cats as she walked up to her lover and gave him a slow long kiss.

“Fuck me.” She said as she unbuckled her khaki shorts and lowered them to the ground. Her black panties were cut high and showed off her sexy thighs as he unbuckled himself and released his monster from it’s prison.

She jumped onto the sink of the bathroom and Cal quickly began to lean his cock into her. She still took time to take his pole but once it was in, he slid in and out with a feverish pace.

The heat of their movements began to get Angie and she began pawing and grabbing at the back of his shirt. Breathing hard her body language begged for him to go harder and faster. Her long legs with black panties moved to the side guided his stretching of her red haired mound.

She began to buck and moan louder. Cal worried about the sounds she was making and put her hand on her mouth as he began to really rail into Angie. She wanted to scream but knew she couldn’t. She bit down on the side of his hand as she nearly ripped apart his back. A loud muffled scream came from her as her teeth almost sank through Cal’s hand.

Cal let out a loud groan himself, louder than her muffled moans. The people in the plane thinking the man inside was really letting a healthy one go. His cock throbbed and Angie looked him in the eyes, her shoulders slumped back against the wall. “Cum in me, baby.”

That sent Cal over the edge as he leaned his hips forward, leaving all he had within Angie. He hugged her and kissed her as he fell back onto the toilet. She was still on top of him, his now soaked penis still in her.

“This trip was a fantastic idea.” She beamed.


Several hours later there they were. Cal looked down at Angie’s red hair sprawled about his chest as it contrasted with his black polo. The feel of her long legs running along his and her big breasts crushed against his body made him stir.

Angie smiled to herself as she felt the cock begin to move. “Didn’t you have enough on the plane?” she asked looking up at him. Rubbing his cock she added, “cuz I didn’t.” She kneeled up on the bed, her legs on the outside of his as she lovingly unbuckled his pants.

His cock was slightly hard as she fished it out of his pants leg. It was semi-soft and felt good in her hand. It sprang out as the head cleared the last of the shorts and began to stand to attention. A foot in the air, she inched towards it. Rubbing the hot cock head against her smooth belly. Her abs rippled as she used the cock like a paint brush. Each brush against her flesh making them hotter and hotter.

Cal began to spread his legs, which were inside hers. As her legs spread his hand began to massage her crotch through her shorts. She was wet! And warm. She moved to his side and leaned forward as she took his big cock in her mouth.

Cal had never felt a mouth so soft and hot. It was like a velvet oven around his cock as he moaned. His hands roamed her ass and began to fondle her pussy even more through her shorts.

Angie stood up to drop her shorts to her knees since they were still on the bed. As she bent forward to the his cock back into her mouth her panty covered pussy peaked forward from between her beautifully long hamstrings.

It wasn’t long before Cal was pumping his cum into her mouth and she was grinding hard on her cock. After a long shower together they spent their first Caribbean night fucking each other so hard the bed was pounding against the walls and jumping on the floor.


That morning the freshly fucked couple made their way to breakfast. Maybe it was their imagination but several of the couples were looking at them. Perhaps they thought Cal was the pool-boy or local help. Or maybe they had heard the fuck fest taking place last night. The two of them are definitely vocal when it comes to terms of their love-making.

They both enjoyed breakfast in the special dining room with glass walls that gave a breathtaking view of the beach.

“Did you notice the looks we were getting?” Angie asked as she enjoyed her cantaloupe.

“They were probably waiting for you to say something.” Cal remarked.

“Why’s that?”

“To see if your voice matched the screamer from last night.” He smiled at her.

She left her mouth open in disbelief at his statement. She punched him in the shoulder, “Like you’re the quiet one!”

He laughed knowing she was right. In public they were reserved confident people. He was the tall, well-built gentleman and she was the tall, graceful, lady that displayed nothing but elegance. Around each other they were like two friends and behind closed doors they became howling animals, each trying to outdo the other one.

They continued eating when Angie spotted an older gentleman who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He had long gray hair despite have a good body. He was sitting a blonde who was obviously much younger than him. She smiled at him and he smiled back. It felt good to be admired from afar, especially with some impressive competition. The blonde was nothing to laugh at. In fact Angie could remember them from the elevator ride. She could’ve sworn she saw Cal check out the stacked blonde.

Ch. 5

That day they had decided to enjoy a nude beach. Angie was proud of the fact that they had to be the best looking couple there. Cal was as much a treat for the ladies as Angie was for the guys.

Angie sunned while Cal took the time to play in the water. He came out after a minute or two and helped Angie apply some lotion. Of course he didn’t just apply it to her back as he took the time to enjoy the feel of her firm yet natural breasts as they jiggled under his rubbing. She giggled as she rubbed his shoulders. He bent down too rub lotion into her muscular, voluptuous ass which too jiggled underneath his touch. She giggled and her buttocks tightened to amazing firmness.

She sat behind him her nipples aching to touch his back as they stood out inches from him. She continued rubbing him until she eyed a couple strolling in their direction. It was the couple from breakfast! Angie hugged Cal, her breasts crushed between them as Cal looked around in Surprise.

“I believe we’ve met.” The older gentlemen said as he extended his hand to Cal.

Cal looked up and recognized the blonde but not the guy. Guess he must have missed that.

They were definitely an attractice couple. The man had graying black hair that was slightly long and wavy. As Angie had guessed he had a body that indicated he worked out while his cock was an impressive size. Nowhere near Cal’s length or girth he certainly put her ex-husband to shame as she shook his hand.

“I’m John and this is my wife, Cindy. I think we’re staying in the same hotel, the same floor even.” There was a definite glimmer in Cindy’s eye as Angie watched her eye up Cal. She wasn’t brazen in her gaze but she definitely appreciated Cal, evidenced by nipples that stood up from impossibly huge breasts. She sported a bald pussy with thick folds as opposed to the fiery strip that adorned Angie’s slick, slender lips.

She wasn’t short, but compared to Angie’s 6 foot frame Cindy stood small at 5’6. She was built like a stocky cheerleader which they found out later she was. She had thick muscular thighs and an even thicker ass that showed plenty of jiggle and a bit of cellulite. She had large breasts that were augmented, a gift from her husband John.

“I saw you two getting on the elevator. I recognize your voice too.” Cindy said as she set a towel down next to Angie and Cal.

Angie blushed, “Oh god, so I am a little loud.”

“A little? Well…..I can’t blame you, considering you have that huge fuckstick to work with.” Cindy giggled as she made eye contact with Cal.

“Oh god, He is my big black stud, but I didn’t want the whole resort to know how much I like it.” Angie remarked. She liked Cindy. Her personality reminded Angie of her younger sister.

“Well, not the whole resort. Our room is next door. We had just come in from our boating trip and it was late. Plus, we heard how much Cal likes you too.”

Cal shrugged with a short laugh. “Well, I’m glad we gave you guys a little show to listen too last night.”

“It beat the usual down here.” Cindy grinned as she smiled at her husband. “You guys really got us going.”

All four people kept up the conversation as the sun began to set. They found it easy to communicate with each other. John was a single millionaire who had met Cindy while she was cheerleading for a pro football team he had part ownership in.

“He was sweet, handsome, rich, and hung better than most of the players. How could a girl ask for more?” Cindy grinned playfully stroking John’s long penis.

Turns out this was the couple’s annual pilgrimage to the Caribbean. John owned a boat that he would sail down himself. Just him and Cindy coming down from north Florida. An invitation for lunch and an afternoon on the boat was extended by John and Cindy to which Angie and Cal figured, why not?

Ch. 6

Angie had a purple bikini on that held her breasts in a luscious cradle. Her soft orbs of flesh threatening to spill downward in a beautiful splash should someone untie the strings behind her neck. The bottom was cut high showing the sexy expanse of her hips as she sat and walked.

Cal had black board shorts on while John strolled the deck in some jean shorts. Cindy wowed the three of them with a bikini that consisted of three small triangles that barely covered her nipples and fat pussy. If you stared at her crotch you could see the soft bald flesh that was freshy shaved. Once they had reached a significant distance from the island Cindy suggested they go nude.

”We already saw each other yesterday. No reason for tan lines right Ang?”

All parties agreed and soon they were strolling about the boat naked and enjoying the Caribbean sun on their bodies. John was explaining to Cal how the boat steered and worked while the girls oiled each other.

The guys found it hard to concentrate as the woman glided their hands along each others backs and for some reason had decided to glisten up each others breasts.

“Your tits are great, so big and natural. Your lucky.” Cindy said as she applied the oil to the sides of Angie’s round breasts.

“I always thought about implants though, these things are so firm, they stand out that’s for sure.” Angie replied.

“I think we need some lotion too girls, don’t leave us out.” Cal said as he admired the two beauties.

“Well maybe we should help you guys out.” Angie said heading towards her black lover.

“Switch partners!” Cindy shrieked. “I’m tired of oiling up old John there!”

“Oh he’s not that bad. There’s barely a wrinkle no him!” Angie said as she walked to comfort the laughing John.

“That’s what I get for marrying a younger one. Your day will come honey when your all old and unwanted like me!” he joked.

“Oh I’m sure your not that old.” Angie said as her hand began to slide along John’s front. He had a strong chest and arms. His stomach had a slight paunch to it but it was definitely not out of shape.

Cindy couldn’t help but admire Cal’s amazing body. Muscles and ripples everywhere, there was nothing to jiggle on the man as his cock grew longer and stronger. Cindy couldn’t even fathom a cock could get that big as it was almost a foot out in front of him. She couldn’t walk in front of him to get to his other side, instead she walked behind him brushing her oily breasts against his back.

“Um Angie, should I oil up this tool too or do you want to?” Cindy asked.

Angie thought about it and didn’t want to seem like a jealous prude.

“Go right ahead but I’m testing this one out for myself.” She joked back.

“I think they like what they see.” Cindy joked as they all laughed.

“I’m sure Cal has seen plenty of big tittied blondes in his day.” John said.

“I have but never like this.” Cal said admiring Cindy’s stocky body.

“Angie was my first white girl.” He continued.

Angie blushed, “He was my first black, in fact my first big cock too. I never had anyone even close to you John or him before. My ex-husband was a 5 incher if I was lucky.”

“You poor girl, well you sure are making up for it with this thing.” Cindy said as her two hands stroked the oiled black cock that her fingers couldn’t even wrap around.

“Cal you picked an amazing one my friend. They don’t come this tall or beautiful that often.” John remarked as he and Angie shared a smile.

“Ever had a black one Cindy?” Angie asked as her hands were oiling the inside of John’s thighs. His cock growing.

“I had one of the linebackers from the team once.” Cindy said smiling devilishly.

“What? You never told me that.” John exclaimed.

“Well he wasn’t really worth mentioning. Trust me honey you were longer in the length and stamina department. I didn’t even blow him.” Cindy grinned up at Cal.

Watching her boyfriend, an amazing black stallion standing there with an equally attractive blonde was turning on Angie. Something got into her, she liked Cindy just like her sister and the sight of her stud in her hands got her a little wet.

“Well if you want a taste of some real chocolate you’ll get no objection from me.” Angie said as she found herself now stroking John as his hands were now playing with her titties.

“Mmmmm! Love too. Cal are you ok with this? Can I suck your big black cock?” Cindy asked as she kneeled down and rubbed his cock between her huge tits.

“Angie are you sure baby? John?”

Angie simply said, “I can keep busy.” As she lowered her head to John’s 10-inch cock. John grinned at Cal and said, “Enjoy my friend.”

With that Cindy nearly swallowed his footlong cock in one try. His cock angled down straight and hard as she didn’t’ gag while she engulfed his cock. Cindy’s hands intertwined with Cal’s as she guided his hands to the side of her head. She sat up a little more upright and began to encourage Cal mouth-fucking her.

Angie came up with a gasp of air as her hand frantically jerked John’s prick. She looked as Cal guided the mass or blonde hair and thick lips up and down his cock. John’s hand had two fingers in her pussy as his other hand pinched her soft natural breats.

“MMmmmmmmMM!!mmmmMMMM!” Cindy moaned as her hands pushed Cal’s ass towards her. “Fuck get that dick girl!” Cal screamed as she only moaned louder in appreciation.

“You like watching my Cindy with your black lover.” John whispered to Angie as her waves of red hair surrounded her bobbing head. She could only nod as she continued to suck hard on his head as she popped it out of her mouth.

“You want to watch them in a better position?” John asked as Angie looked at him. This was another big step for her and for the dynamic of her relationship with Cal. Did she want to be one of these sharing couples? Or was this a vacation dalliance?

She watched Cal fuck Cindy’s mouth as she stood up in front of the seated John. He dove his face into her tight ass and tongued her asshole as she gasped.

Angie sat down on John’s prick and began to roll her hips forward as he massaged and spanked her ass with one hand. His other hand running up and down her sexy back, taking time to grab her hair and hold her as she grinded down hard on his large prick.

“uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.” Cindy said with a huge gasp of air as a long strand of spit and cum glistened in the sun as Cal pulled her mouth off of his cock. She looked over and saw Angie riding John like a cowgirl.

“They don’t make white dicks like that often!” Cindy shouted as Angie was now bent forward and dropping her silken pussy atop John’s massive member.

“Let’s not let them have all the fun, stud!” Cindy said as she stood up and kissed Cal.

The sight of Cal bending down as Cindy curled her arm around his neck for a sexy French kiss enraged Angie abit. She put her hands on her knees and began to fuck John even harder. “Fuck me!” she screamed at John as he stood up and began to ram Angie.

Cal saw his girl fucking John and didn’t want to be outdone. “You want some black cock baby?” he asked Cindy.


”Then come get it.” Cal said as he sat down on a bench near the edge of the boat. Cindy hurriedly put her knees no the bench as she put her bald pussy atop his purple cockhead.

She slowly sank downwards biting her lips and closing her eyes. She opened her eyes, her teeth biting her bottom lip and smiled at Cal. She thurst her huge tits at his face as he bit on a nipple. The stocky blonde began to bounce her fat ass up and down on Cal’s foot long.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkK!” Cindy screamed as she stared at the clear blue sky. He was splitting her in two as he grabbed her skinny waist and forced her down on his huge cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” Cindy panted as she bounced on Cal’s black cock. His balls bouncing back and forth every time that thick white ass dropped into his lap.

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