A Beautiful Thing


“UCLA, I met mark while he was at the Law School. Your going to have to take a left here.” Angie said pointing.

Cal began to turn the car when a white Ferrari came speeding the other way. He quickly slammed the brakes as they stopped in a jolt. Cal shot his arm out to keep Angie back his entire arm pressed against her large chest as she shot forward. There hearts beating incredibly fast he asked “Are you alright?” He realized he hadn’t removed his arms and pulled it back quickly saying sorry.

“Wow, that asshole was in a hurry.” Angie said catching her breath. Perhaps it was the adrenaline but having Cal’s arm against her chest seemed gratifying. She hadn’t had another man touch her there in awhile.

Following the near accident they pulled into the studio lot and entered the photographer’s building.

“You two here for the diet shoot?” the photographer asked as they walked in. He was balding and had a long ponytail that went down to his ass.

“Yes sir.” Cal answered.

“Wardrobe is down that hall. We only have the one on the right, number 19, open. We’ve got you scheduled for two outfit changes. They’re both in there. You’ve got 20 minutes.” He quickly instructed as he left to another studio with one camera in his hand and another draped around his neck.

They opened the door to the small dressing room. One wall had a rack, which had some clothes hangers with their costumes on them. The other wall had a long desk with make-up accessories and large mirrors ran along the entire wall with bright lights surrounding their frame. Before the both of them could point out the lack of a dressing wall for privacy a portly woman walked in.

“Hey there kids. We’re a bit behind schedule here. We’ve got the costumes in order there so just get dressed and we’ll send a makeup person in here. You’ve got 20 minutes till our make-up gal get here. She’s over in studio 4. Just make yourselves comfortable. There’s water in the fridge and the couch is clean. Trust me I know you models get anal about that stuff.” The portly woman yelled as quickly as the photographer did and walked out of the room.

Cal was sitting on the couch and rubbed his palms on the material. “Doesn’t seem that clean.” He said.

Angie let out a giggle as she walked to the rack eyeing her first costume. A black string bikini. “Well I guess we better get dressed.”

Cal had gotten up and grabbed his costume. A pair of bike pants. “I’m gonna have to do some quick sit-ups before I go out there in this.” They both chuckled at the joke. “Um, do you want to turn around first while I get into this?” Cal asked Angie.

“Of course, be my guest. Ladies first.” Angie joked with Cal as she walked towards the makeup desk. She began to look at the bottles of nail polish when her vision spied Cal in the mirror. She had turned in the wrong direction it seemed. With his back to her and the mirror she watched his reflection as he lifted up his shirt revealing a powerful and muscled back. He dropped his shorts and she saw his proud butt.

“Nice butt.” She joked.

Cal looked back in shock and as he quickly turned back with his ass to her and did a little dance before putting the spandex shorts on. When he had turned Angie could have sworn she saw his penis. She hadn’t seen all of it though. It must have been his leg she thought to herself.

“Your turn. Do I get to peek in the mirror too?” Cal asked.

“Of course not.” Angie said with a smile as she began to get dressed by the mirrored wall. Cal turned away and had no view, whatsoever of her. When she said OK he turned around and his jaw dropped.

She had looked good before, but he never knew she had it like this. Her abs were as defined as his and her chest was bigger, but for good reason. He couldn’t take his eyes off her legs as she walked around the room.

Then the makeup woman came in and did them both before hurrying them to the studio.

They waked into the studio which had a white background with lamps all around. There was a stool in the scene and the photographer took charge.

“Ok kids I’m gonna need you here big guy. Stand on this stool and I’m going to need you to put your right leg up on this stool. Put your hand here, and ma’am if you can just sit here in front of his leg just kind of wit your head of to the side of his stomach so we can get a shot of those abs.” He directed.

Cal had taken position and with the light on his body Angie really began to appreciate his physique. She also noticed a large bulge in his tight pants. There was no way that could be what her dirty mind told her it was. If it was then Shauna was a lucky woman. She laughed to herself that if it was a penis that large in his pants that she was safe cuz Mark then had no chance with Shauna.

Cal watched as this statuesque red head approached him and sat down in front of him. Her silken hair rubbed against the inside of his thigh and if he looked down he was treated to an amazing sight as the orbs of her breasts were held in the air by the tiniest black strips of cloth. He tried to contain himself but he felt his cock beginning to expand.

Angie tried to focus as the photographer took more and more snapshots of the too. Against her left shoulder she felt Cal tensing his leg.

She then thought to herself “Doesn’t feel like his leg, is he getting hard?”

She hadn’t noticed but here nipples were now very excited from the cold studio and the prospect that she was arousing Cal. She arched her back even more so her shoulders could come in contact with his body even more. She shook her head and let her hair graze against his thigh. That’s when she knew.

“Wow, that is him. All him behind me. What am I doing? Shit, does he know I was trying to rub his cock?” She tried not to show any worry on his face as the photographer yelled out “Ok now ma’am why don’t you stand up in front of him. I’m gonna need you to stand too chief., can you take a step to your right and put your left hand on her hip.” He said as he walked up to them and positioned them the way he wanted.

“God, I hope she thinks that’s my leg.” Cal thought to himself not wanting to get slapped by his new neighbor. Not to mention the wife of the man who got him this little gig. Not that he needed the money, but he thought of the embarrassment he would experience if she turned around a slapped him for popping a boner during a photo shoot.

The photographer then instructed Calvin to pull her closer to him and step to his right. This caused Angie’s bottom to press right against his bulge. Given their height it was a perfect match so to say. Angie could definitely feel that cock and she couldn’t believe it was what she thought it was.

“Ok now your going to have to reach behind him and act like your trying to keep him close to you just like he is. Buddy your going to have to reach your left arm all around her waist but lift your arm so we can get a shot of her abs.” The photographer instructed.

Cal was nervous but slowly lifted his arm up and around Angie as the top of his forearms brushed the bottom of Angie’s massive breasts. The feeling excited Angie greatly and her nipples were protruding greatly now. Cal tried not to look down at her but at the focus point for the shoot.

With his arms gently grazing her breasts and his warm body all around her Angie decided to take advantage of the photographer’s instructions. She wrapped her right arm behind her and around Cal. She tried to press them together even more and it was then that she could definitely feel a cock against her ass.

“What am I doing?” she thought to herself. She was a married woman but more than that she had never acted like this. Still she enjoyed the moment and kept telling herself that she was imagining the girth between her cheeks.

“Ok that’s it.” The photographer said, “Don’t bother with the second costumes. I think we’re done here. This should be enough. You guys will get paid in the mail. Thanks for coming.” In a flash he grabbed some more cameras and headed to another studio.

Angie breathed a sigh of relief and felt a really embarrassed at what she did. She didn’t look back at Cal and quickly made her way to the dressing room.

Cal became very nervous because of the speed that Angie left with. Had she noticed his hard-on? What if she’s pissed at him?

Angie was in the dressing room and Cal peeked his head into the room. “Ok to come in?” Angie was in front of the mirror in just her panties and her large breasts were exposed to the bright lights. “Oh shit sorry!” he said as he closed the door. He did manage to watch those magnificent tits jiggle as she gasped and tried to cover them.

“Oh shit did I fuck up! First I grabbed her tits in the car, she feels me rubbing my dick on her in a photo shoot and now this shit. Fuck!” Just then the door opened and Angie was dressed in just her panties and a t-shirt. “Well are you going to come in?”

“She’s not pissed?” he thought to himself. “Sorry about that.” He apologized to her.

“No big deal. I mean I got to see your chest today.” Angie said as her eyes darted to his crotch, which now looked as those a giant snake was growing along his leg in the shorts. “Um, why don’t you come get dressed silly.” Angie said hoping he didn’t notice her looking at his cock.

They got dressed in proper manner with neither of them getting anymore peeks at each other. They drove him in relative silence.

The next day Angie walked out around noon to sit by the pool and tan a little bit. She wore a modest two piece red bikini. The bottoms were actually tied at her hips accentuating her long legs. As she walked out and laid out her towel she saw Calvin at work in his garden.

“Hi.” She shyly said to him. He returned her greeting also with a bit of hesitation.

He was shirtless and in some basketball shorts. He had been out awhile judging by the amount of sweat that covered his ebony body. Cal figured he had better try to cover his ass after yesterday and walked to the fence.

“Hey Angie, um, could I talk to you?” he asked her before she could lay down.

Angie was a bit startled. “Oh shit is he gonna say something about me rubbing on his crotch?”

Cal started to speak, “Look I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to peek in on you.”

Angie giggled, relieved that he was worried about that. “Oh Cal your sweet. Really it’s no big deal. Actually I was going to sunbathe topless right now.” She didn’t mean that. Had any man peaked in on her she would be either greatly embarrassed or mad. For some reason she felt neither since it was Cal.

“Are you serious?” Cal said. Knowing some women were usually ok with that kind of thing.

“Not really, but it’s ok. No harm no foul.” Angie said. “Hey why don’t you go get some swim trunks on and come in for a swim. You look sweaty.”

Cal couldn’t refuse, not wanting to look like a scolded thief. Ashamed of his crime.

“You know I would, but I don’t think I packed any swim trunks.”

“Well you can borrow some of Mark’s. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind borrowing them to his newest client.” Angie offered.

“Um, Ok.” He answered as Angie walked into the house. She returned a minute later with some white swimming trunks.

“I bought these for Mark and he hasn’t used them yet. He keeps wearing his old crappy pair.” Angie said tossing them to Cal. Cal then turned to go into his house when Angie said, “You can just change here. I’ll turn around no mirrors here you know.”

They both chuckled and Cal added, “Yeah I guess so. Considering we’re the only two houses here. Don’t have to worry about the other neighbors peeking.” Cal quickly put on the shorts as Angie turned around. He hopped the fence and walked towards the pool.

“Coming in?” He asked.

“I’m just here for the sun.” She said as he jumped into the pool to cool off. He took a couple laps around the pool and Angie couldn’t help but watch. His shoulders and back working to propel his body through the water. She actually found him attractive. Which was odd because since her marriage she has never even looked at another man.

Cal came out of the water and his white shorts were nearly transparent. Angie’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she eyed his crotch. She could now make out a cock and now knew that was what she felt during the photo shoot.

“How could they come that big?” She thought to herself. “I wonder if it gets bigger.”

She laid back on the lounger with her book as Cal took a seat in the lounger next to her.

“Whew that felt good. Thanks Angie.” He said as he wiped the water from his head. He then looked down and saw that his cock was almost in full view through the white shorts. He quickly sat up and towards Angie to hide his manhood. He know had to find away to divert her attention. If she saw this she’d scream bloody murder on him.

“Hey why don’t I rub some lotion on your back?” he offered wanting her to turn away from him.

“Oh thanks for reminding me. I forgot about my lotion, redheads get sunburn pretty easy you know.”

Angie stood up and sat on the end of Cals lounger. She grabbed her hair and brought it in front of her over her shoulder as Cal grabbed the bottle. He worked the lotion into his hand and gently applied it to her rich, soft skin.

Angie bit her bottom lip as she enjoyed the feeling of Calvins strong hands on her. She realized he was having trouble around the knots of her tie top. She reached behind her and pulled on the bottom string, the lower half of her bikini top sprung forward and hung off her large breasts like curtains. Cal didn’t think much of this as his hands worked their way lower.

His hands went lower and lower until he was just above her bikini bottoms. Her full ass spread against the seat begged to be squeezed. His hands then worked circles on her side as his hands went higher and higher. They were both now enjoying the sensations their bodies even swaying back and forth a little bit. All you could hear was their heavy breathing as Calvins hands came higher with his fingers tips gently grazing the sides of Angie’s breasts. Scared, he put his hands on her back and worked higher by her neck.

He neared her neck where the other tie was and she never thought twice about her next decision. She reached back and untied the knot on her neck and let her top fall to the lounger. Cal noticed the predicament and decided to stay where he was. This probably was not an invitation to fondle her breasts. His hands began to rub lotion on her shoulders, then on her arms. His hands neared hers and she moved hers on top of hers.

There was no thinking now as she guided his hands on her ribs again and eased back against him. His hard body like a chair as his hands rubbed her ribs and strong stomach.

“I told you I like to tan topless. See? No worries about yesterday?” She really wanted to make amends and felt bad about his guilt of seeing her topless. Calvin took a deep breath as his hands gently cupped her breasts. They were firm and held their shape in his hand. He bounced them a little in his hand as if testing their weight. They were heavy and beautiful. He rubbed the top of her breasts before his circular motion was encompassing her breasts. She leaned back even more now and could now feel his cock. It was very long and very hard.

Her eyes opened and it was then that she realized what was happening. “What if he thinks I’m trying to seduce him?” She sat up and got off the lounger. “Um I better go inside. I have to make dinner for Mark.” Mark, that name sounded so foreign to her and as though it didn’t belong being mentioned between the two of them.

“Yeah your right. I promised Shauna I’d make Chinese tonight. I better get going. Do you want the shorts back?” Cal said without thinking. All he could look at was her perfect nipples pointing upwards upon those beautiful breasts. Angie looked at the shorts since he mentioned them and then saw what she had felt. About half of his large hard black penis was coming out of the leg of his shorts.

“That’s ok, you can keep them.” She said smiling walking backwards towards her house. She turned away and went inside. Calvin watched her great ass sway as she jogged inside. He felt something cool against his cock head and looked down to see his cock out in the open. “Fuck” he said tucking his cock back in his shorts and leaving for his house. “Shit she saw me there with a fucking boner. I’m fucked now.”

The steam from the boiling spaghetti noodles rose in the kitchen as Angie couldn’t get her mind off of what she saw. Part of her was proud that she could arouse him like that. Another part felt ashamed of herself. She was shy by nature and had never done such a thing in her life. She nearly fell off her chair when the phone rang. It was Mark and he wasn’t going to be coming home for dinner. She looked out her kitchen window and could see through the darkness. Calvin was sitting at his dining room table leaned back in his chair and his arms folded. He looked alone and sulking.

“Poor guy. He must think I’m a horrible person. First to tease him like that let alone look like a slut.” She said to herself. She was going to try and make it up to him.

She got out of her robe and dressed in some pajama pants and a small t-shirt before making her way to Calvin’s house. She rang the doorbell and felt some tension between them as he answered the door.

“Hey, I hope it’s not to late.” She said shrugging her shoulders looking into his house.

“No not at all.” Cal said. Trying to guess what she was going to say next.

“Well Mark called me and he’s not going to make it home tonight. He has to go out of town. I have all this food and figured it shoudn’t go to waste. Would you like to come over?”

Calvin accepted the invitation and went over to Angie’s. He was in his wife beater and sweat pants. He took a seat at the dinner table as Angie served him the spaghetti.

“Look I’m really sorry about all the things that have happened.” Cal said before taking the fork in his hand. I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of pervert.”

Angie was surprised that Cal felt that way. “Cal really its no big deal. You got to see my breasts and I saw something else. So I guess we’re even.”

They both chuckled and actually carried on a great conversation over dinner. They had several glasses of wine over dinner and long after the spaghetti had finished they were still talking.

Giggling Angie took another sip of wine, “I still can’t believe you thought you were the pervert. I mean I was the one trying to seduce you.”

Another chuckle came from Cal.

“Hey you know Mark just got this entertainment center installed in our living room. You want to watch a DVD?” Angie offered.

“Sure you lead the way seductress.” Calvin said.

Angie led him to the living room and he took a seat on the large couch. Angie went to a box in front of the big screen TV.

“Mark’s been representing Demi Moore lately so her studios sent us a bunch of her DVD’s. Anything you’d like to see?” Angie asked.

“Well I’m sure striptease is good.” Calvin said with a big grin.

“Your such a guy.” Angie said while popping the DVD into the player.

Angie plopped down next to Calvin as they began to watch the movie. The wine was making them both feel so loose and comfortable around each other. During one of the early strip teases Calvin watched Demi’s legs gyrate.

“She’s got great legs. You can tell she works out.” Angie said.

“Just like yours. You’ve got some great tone.” Calvin returned.

“Yeah but I think you like hers better.” Angie said as her eyes met Cals and she looked down at Cal’s crotch. A slight bulge was growing. Cal was going to sit up and cover it and Angie chimed in, “Oh it’s not like I haven’t seen that thing before.”

Calvin let out another low chuckle. She loved his deep chuckle. “Then that should prove to you I like your legs better.” He told her.

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