A Beautiful Thing


“How’s that?” she asked.

“Well you saw this afternoon how big you got it. Demi’s not doing much for me right now. She can dance though she might give you a run for your money.” Calvin said.

Angie now let out a giggle. “I can dance better than her.” She said looking up at Cal.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Calvin said looking her in the eyes.

“Well you said already I got you harder than she has.” Angie said thinking to herself “did I really just say that?” She then looked at his sweatpants. His bulge was growing as they watched the movie. The strip tease had ended and the bulge was growing smaller.

Then the strip scene in which Demi uses a feather boa came on and Angie noticed his cock start to grow. She was actually jealous that Demi Moore was turning Cal on.

“You know I have a boa like that from an old Halloween costume. Bet you I can use it better than Demi.” She chimed.

“I doubt that.” Calvin said his eyes fixed on Demi Moore.

“I’ll see about that.” Angie said as she ran to her bedroom and looked for the box from last Halloween. She found the boa and her competitive nature was starting to show. She was not to be out danced by this silver screen bitch. She went to her drawers and put on her sexiest pair of underwear. It was a light blue see-through thong. She put it on and some shorts as she made her way to the living room.

With just the light from the big screen TV glowing she saw Cal stroking his long cock through his sweatpants.

“Hey pal, why don’t you save that for the real show?” Angie said as she wrapped the boa around her.

“What’s the real show?” he asked.

“Just watch.” Angie said as she went to the CD player and put on the radio. Nelly’s “Hot In Here” was playing and Angie began to shake her hips. As a teenager she loved going to clubs and dancing. She definitely could. Following Demi’s move in the movie she pulled the boa around herself and discarded it as she gyrated over to Cal.

“How am I doing?” Angie asked. Her nipples were about to rip through her t-shirt as she danced towards Calvin.

“Pretty good. We might have a winner.” Calvin said as Angie mounted him. Her knees on either side of him, her hips still shaking she was bouncing her firm breasts inches from his face. She was feeling so hot she reached under her shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

“Remember these?” she asked.

Her hips were no longer swaying but she was rubbing herself up and down his hard cock. His sweatpants were so thing she could every ridge of his long cock.

“I show you mine you show me yours.” She said leaning back as she reached her hands under his shirt helping him lift it off his head. As he threw the shirt to the side he sat up a bit readjusting himself his mouth went to her large breasts. His hands squeezed them as he teased her nipples with his teeth and tongue.

“Oh God,” Angie moaned as her hands guided his face to hers and they exchanged a passionate kiss. His hips were bucking as she rode his cock through his sweats.

They continued kissing and dry humping each other as Calvins hand went down her back and down her underwear. His fingers went past her asshole and found her pulsing wet pussy. His fingers traced the outline of her lips and she broke their kiss.

“Wait,” she said out of breath. “Not here.”

She stood up and walked towards her bedroom. He followed closely behind. She walked into the room and turned around. Her lips found his and they continued kissing. Their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Angie’s hands found their way underneath the waistband of his sweats. He wasn’t wearing underwear. She broke their kiss and she planted kisses on his chest and abs. As her kisses went lower her body went lower. Her hands, lowering his sweatpants freeing his large cock.

Now on her knees in front of his nude body he stepped out of the sweatpants. His cock swayed as his legs moved and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Her kisses went around his cock and started on his balls. She then lifted the heavy cock in the air with her hand. Her tongue licked along the bottom of his shaft and she gently took the cockhead in her mouth. She was not an expert at this. Her competitiveness emerged as she tried to take more and more of him into her mouth. She kept teasing his cock head with her tongue to the point he fell backwards onto the bed. She crawled between his legs and kept sucking away at his rod.

His hands caressed her face and he bent over and planted a kiss on her forehead. She stood up and he looked up at the tall goddess in front of him. Her dark red hair flowing and her large breasts standing proud with her pointed nipples aimed at the sky. He planted a loving kiss on her stomach as he lowered her shorts and panties. Her pussy was trimmed thanks to bikini waxing but her pubes were a dark red color. He put his arms between her legs and lifted her up into the air onto his shoulders. He leaned back on the bed so that she was now sitting on his face. He delved his tongue deep and far into her. He found her clitoris and gently nibbled at her innermost being.

She was amazed at the ease he lifted her tall frame and onto the bed. She had never been with a man that had such power and expertise in love. He was eating away at her and she couldn’t stand it. She was not one to be out done. She turned around and bent over to again work on his cock with her mouth. They both concentrated on each other’s bodies. Calvin tried not to focus on the amazing sensation her mouth was giving him as she tried to block out the great feeling of his thick lips and tongue against her.

After several minutes they both were nearing climax. Angie was now pumping his large cock with her fist furiously as she slurped, kissed and licked his cock. He was now fingering and tonguing her pussy as they were both now bucking their hips while trying to remain focused on each other. Then at almost the same moment a wave came over Angie. Her pussy felt on fire as an immense rush came through her body. As her pussy fell on Cal’s face he bucked his hips one time in the air and his cock started to erupt. His semen shot onto Angie’s chin and she instinctly clamped her mouth on his cock and began to swallow the sweet tasting seed.

Angie collapsed onto of Cal and rolled off him as the two lovers laid there panting and breathing heavily. The only sound was the radio in the background coming in from the living room. It could be faintly heard of their heavy breaths.

Angie’s hair was sweaty and sticking to her head as she sat up and cuddled up next too Calvin. He was laying there, sweat covered his chest and streamed down his forehead. Angie licked his nipple and her hand stroked his massive, flaccid cock. It felt so good in her hand as she pumped it up and down. Her hand left his cock and pinched his nipple as they began to french kiss again. Like the first time they attacked each other’s mouths with a fervor.

Calvin could feel her heaving breasts against his side and he reached over and grabbed her knee. He draped her leg across his torso as their tongues tasted each other’s juices. There kissing was so passionate their bodies were rubbing furiously against each other. Angie could stand it no longer as she felt his hard cock against the back of her leg as they kept moving back and forth. She mounted his body and could feel his large cock standing straight up inbetween her asscheeks. She rested her head on his shoulders as she raised her pussy and rubbed it up and down the length of his cock. Cal held his cock straight as she began to lower herself onto his cock head.

His girth startled her as she bit his shoulder. The pain caused him to buck his hips and force a large amount of his cock into her.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god,” she said picking her head up in pain. They looked at each other and laughed. They shared a deep kiss as Angie grimmaced and worked herself onto his cock. As she accustomed herself to him she sat up flipping her red hair into the air. She began to rub herself back and forth feeling his immense cock reaching her where nobody has before. She grabbed his hand and tried to pin him and down as she began to get more and more into it.

Angie was grunting and riding Calvin like nevere before. She was wriggling in circles, then back and forth until finally she began using her strong legs to buck up and down on his cock. She gritted her teeth and an amazing orgasm crashed through her body. Her hair covered her face as she panted. “Oh fuck,” she said as the orgasm came over her.

Her animal riding had gotten Calvin going though and he grabbed her waist and flipped her around on the bed. Laying on her back her breasts gently splayed downwards. Laying there she tightened her pussy as he began to move back and forth into her. She was trying to milk him for everything he had. He bent his head down and mauled her breasts with his mouth. He was sucking on them like a greedy man. He was nearing his end and began fucking her with all his power. She wrapped her long legs around him and her hands cupped his face. His hands stood like pillars on either side of her as he concentrated. His thrusting was filling her like never before. She reached up, kissed him on the lips and said, “Give me everything.” At that moment her body tensed up from her own orgasm and her legs squeezed him tight as he emptied himself into her. He fell down onto the bed as they continued kissing.

Their lust had no end. His large flaccid cock was still within her as they kissed. She held him inside of her with all her might as she moved underneath him trying to excite him. She felt him start to harden and she rolled on top of him. His cock came out of her releasing all the cum he had emptied into her. She crawled over him as he sat up. His cock hardened as he saw her ass move while she crawled. His hand cupped her cunt and his fingers stroked her clit. She grabbed the bars of the headboard and tensed up. This man knew how to touch her. His hand left her cunt and his two hands grabbed her breasts. He pulled her close and she reached down between her legs to grabs his giant cockhead. She guided him to her aching pussy. She couldn’t get enough of him.

Calvin watched her sexy back tense as she would push back against him. He in turn thrust into her with all he had. He was going as far as he could go and she loved it.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, C’MON BABY!!!!” She screamed in ecstasy as Calvin grabbed her dark red hair.

“You want this baby, c’mon, c’mon take this shit!” he yelled like a warrior conquering a land as he slapped her rock hard ass.

“MMmmmm, I like that shit baby. Give it to me again.” Angie said as he once again slapped her ass. Then his strokes started to shorten and both their breath’s were quickening. With one last thrust he pulled back on her hair and emptied himself into her. Angie screamed out in pain and pleasure. Sweat dripping down their backs they both howled like sexual predators in the night. Calvin was exhausted as he laid back. His cock plopping out of Angie’s meaty pussy.

Angie was still in doggy position, panting. She said in a barely audible whisper, “holy fuck” as her huge breasts heaved up and down. She laid down to her side and laid back. Her head rested on his leg and she looked up at his cock. She took a hold of his ebony spear and licked the soft cock clean. They fell asleep in that position exhausted from their love.

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