A Beautiful Wish Ch. 05


Dawn placed her delicate hand on George's much larger one as they walked, and gazed up at him with her adoring eyes. "I am having fun with you too," she said.

George's felt like someone was tap-dancing in the pit of his stomach. While he no longer doubted that she loved him, it still made his head spin to hear her express her affection towards him so freely. He gazed back into her vibrant loving eyes, savoring the moment as he guided the cart.

However, neither was watching where they were going. George steered the cart directly into a display of fruit snacks and toppled the whole thing over. George cringed as he listened to the thud of the display as it hit the floor. Dawn broke down into hysterics, and George joined her, even though he felt incredibly dumb. He thought to himself, as the two did their best to clean-up and repair the display, that if this had happened a few days ago he would have been mortified. Now he just giggled along with Dawn as they tried to clean up the mess.

After grabbing a box of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs for his sisters and box of Complete for his mom, George let Dawn pick a box of cereal for her own. Actually, Dawn just threw in a box of Genie Crispies with new magic lamp marshmallows. He knew they would be gross, but he wasn't about to stop her.

George went through his list to find out what he needed next, when he realized he had forgotten to grab some bananas.

"I will go get them George," offered Dawn enthusiastically. Without waiting for his answer, Dawn skipped down the aisle back towards the fruits. When she rounded the corner and disappeared George couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. He stood in the middle of the aisle feeling uncomfortable without Dawn's cheerful banter to fill in the empty spaces.

He was passing the time by examining other brands of cereal when he heard his name being called from the end of the aisle.

"Is that you George?"

George turned around, a box of Fruity-Os in his hand, and sank at what he saw. Tammy Breckers was pushing her cart towards him. She had been one of his worst tormentors in high school. Not that she played overt pranks on him like her boyfriend Brad was known for, but George always noticed a perverse pleasure in her face whenever she had the chance to add insult to injury. He waved hello, unable to speak.

"Wow George, you look so...different! Have you been working out or something?" She grabbed for his bicep and George instinctively flexed as he made to move his arm out her reach.

"Um, yeah, I guess..."

"I thought so! I remember you being so...heavy back in high school. Who would have thought you'd become such a hunk!" She was eying him like he was a centerfold in a magazine.

They stood in silence for a few uncomfortable seconds before Tammy finally asked, "So, George, how have you been?"

George was a bit bewildered. She had never even given him the time of day, let alone showed any concern over how he was doing.

"Um, fine, I guess. How have you been?"

It was an odd question, and he felt stupid for asking it. He had never known how she was before, and though she was a beautiful girl, he didn't really care either.

Tammy's eyes went wide and she began excitedly, "Oh I've been great! Me and Brad got married! You probably knew that, practically everyone in town was there."

George had no idea the two had married. It wasn't exactly surprising as they had been together since they were old enough to date, but George traveled in no one's circle, and gossip like that rarely reached his ears.

"And just a few months ago, we had little Brandon!"

"W-wow. That...that's great!"

George was surprised by this. Tammy didn't look like she had had a child at all. Her body still looked toned and wonderful in her tight bicycle shorts and sports bra. When he looked a bit closer though, he noticed that her breasts looked slightly heavier and her eyes looked a bit sleep deprived.

"Isn't it though! He's so handsome, just like his daddy. He and Brad are here today, they are off grabbing a box of strawberries..." she continued on about the great job Brad had landed managing part of his father's construction company and how happy and wonderful everything was at home. But she was looking at George hungrily. George was missing Dawn even more.

Finally, the conversation steered towards George. "So, how are things for you? I heard you dropped out of community college. Ya know, you could probably get a job working for Brad. He needs a few guys for his crew and I don't think he is being very picky right now. He even hired some guy from Nicaragua or Paraguay or...oh fuck it, they are all Mexicans to me. Anyway, he doesn't even speak English so you could probably get a job. You are so big after all, Brad needs big strong men."

The look in her eye seemed to finish her sentence with, "And so do I," but she kept quiet on that front.

"So are you still living at home?"

"Um, well, yeah. I mean, for now..." he looked behind him, hoping desperately that Dawn would be bounding back in his direction.

"That's nice. My daddy got us a nice house close to the bay. It isn't the ocean, but what are you gonna do right? Anyway, Brad is rarely home, so I've been making it really nice. I've got some hardwood floors coming in next week..."

George nodded politely as she rambled on and on about the importance of matching towels in all the bathrooms, or how the proper shade of paint will increase a baby's brainpower.

"Wow George, isn't it crazy running into each other like this? I had heard you were a bit of a hermit. So, you got a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, well, you see, I met this girl at work. She's the most incredible woman I've ever met."

"Uh huh..." she wasn't listening. Her eyes never even tried to look at his face. Instead, they seemed locked on his cock, still hard from Dawn's constant flirtations.

Tammy moved closer to him and rubbed her hands over George's broad chest. "Do you think she will mind if I borrow you for a while?"

Her touch was so different from Dawn's: very rough and appraising, like he was a piece of livestock she was thinking of buying. He recoiled slightly at her unwelcome advance.

"Oh, don't be like that Georgie. We are both adults here," she moved her hands swiftly to his cock and rubbed it hard a couple of times before George pushed her away. The lust in her eyes only seemed to intensify.

"Um, look, Tammy, I'm flattered really, but what about Brad? I don't think..."

"Oh please, Brad is never home and I need some relief. I bet you could give me one hell of a workout. C'mon, I can see how hard you are. I know the effect I have on you." She renewed her vigorous advances. She took George's hand and placed it roughly on her breast.

George did think she was very attractive. Her long blond hair and body built for cheer leading, among other things, had been the subject of many early fantasies. When he first saw her many years prior on their first day of high school he developed a crush on her that lasted until the end of junior year, when he realized what type of person she was. Her personality was a complete turn-off, but that didn't prevent him from having quite a few late night fantasies about her phenomenal body.

Then he remembered Dawn and instantly felt ashamed for what they were doing. He looked around nervously, thinking that either Dawn or someone else would see them, and Tammy would have to let up. But the aisle was strangely deserted and the people who passed by ignored it like it wasn't even there.

Tammy reached for his cock again, "C'mon Georgie, gimme that big dick. Fuck me like Brad never has." She pulled his head down and kissed him forcefully.

George had a momentary lapse in control when he actually considered fucking her in the middle of the supermarket. But as Tammy's lips fought with his for dominance George remembered Dawn and longed for her purity and the giving nature of her kiss. He regained his composure just in time and pushed Tammy away, angry.

"Stop Tammy, that's enough," whispered George, firmly.

Then, from behind Tammy trotted Dawn with a bunch of bananas. She hugged George and placed them gingerly in the cart. "Sorry I took so long George," said Dawn, "Some pudgy guy with a baby was hitting on me. Oh, hello there."

"Dawn, this is Tammy Breckers, we went to high school together. Tammy, this is my girlfriend Dawn."

Tammy's face was classic and George secretly wished he had a camera. Her expression quickly went from annoyance at having been interrupted, to loathing when she realized how gorgeous Dawn was, and finally to something vaguely resembling politeness as Dawn offered her hand. She took it quickly, if only because she would have looked foolish if she hesitated.

"Oh wow! So nice to me you!" beamed Dawn.

"Um, you too," said Tammy shortly. She looked Dawn up and down. Try as she might, she couldn't wipe the jealous look from her face. "You know, if you are looking for a place to get some nicer clothes, I can suggest a few good places. They might be a bit expensive for you though."

"Could you!" bounced Dawn, "I just moved to town and I didn't bring much with me in the way of clothes. Although, that pleases George just fine. Doesn't it hotstuff?" She nudged his ribs playfully and gave him a knowing smile. Either she wasn't catching on to Tammy's cattiness, or she didn't care. Either way, George was enjoying the scene immensely.

"I should be going, Brad will be looking for me. See you later George." Without waiting for a reply, she turned her cart around and rushed out of sight.

"Bye Tammy!" called Dawn.

Suddenly, Dawn turned and hugged George so fiercely he thought that he had been tackled by a cute brown-haired linebacker. He hugged her back, even though there were a few people walking down the aisle again.

"Aww babe, what was that for?"

"For being the strangest and most lovable Master I could ever have dreamed of."

"I don't get it."

"I was monitoring you, as part of my protection powers, when I saw Tammy approach you. She was attracted to you physically, though she was so pent up she would have had sex with you while her husband watched. You were just the outlet she was looking for. So I went ahead and gave her a bit more courage and made it so you two would not be disturbed."

"That was you doing that? I thought it was a little odd. So, you aren't mad at me for kissing her?"

"Of course not! I am your Genie, part my purpose is to fulfill your every fantasy, and I recognized her from some of your kinkiest. But then you turned her down. You turned down a girl who you have been lusting after for years. Why?"

"She isn't you, that's why," said George laughing, he wasn't quite sure if she was serious or not. "Having sex with her would have probably been fun, but you are so much more of a beautiful person than she is. I honestly would have regretted it after it was over. And I didn't feel like I had to go through that, because I have you. Does that make sense?"

She hugged him again, "No, but I appreciate it anyway."

They walked on, checking off the items on their list as they went, when they caught sight of of Tammy and Brad in a checkout line. Brad looked like he had gained quite a few pounds; he seemed surly and miserable.

"I wonder what the deal is with those two. They always seemed so happy in high school."

"Back then," started Dawn, "they were enthralled with each other for no other reason than they were the two most popular and beautiful people in school. If they had been with anybody else, it would have been a step down in their eyes and their pride would not have allowed that. But I doubt either of them were really happy with that arrangement."

"Huh, I guess so. Hey, wait a minute," George said in sudden realization, "how do you know all that? You weren't there, you never even met her until today."

"When it comes to sex, George, there are very few things I do not know. As soon as it was apparent that she was attracted to you, I was able to know everything I needed to know about her, sexually. I know what she has done, who she has done it with, what she wishes she could do, and what she will never do. I can detect sexually transmitted diseases, not that they matter for you, and with a wish, you could change most of that as long as it was sufficiently sexual."

"Oh, so I could wish her personality was not so revolting, so that I could enjoy having sex with her?"

"Sure you could, though people who know her might notice the change, so I might have to modify other's memories of her to fit with her new less prickly demeanor. Or we could just make the change pertain to you, so that she would only be different when it came to you. Shall I make it so?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said George, "lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I was just wondering."

She shrugged, "Very well."

George watched Tammy and Brad for a few moments from behind a display. Neither seemed to be talking to one another. He noticed that Tammy would look at Brad hopefully from time to time, but Brad seemed disinterested.

"Sheesh, they look pitiful."

"It is a little sad, isn't it."

"But if they didn't really like each other anymore, why did they get married? I mean, they aren't in high school anymore. Would anyone really care?"

"She became pregnant towards the end of the school year and he married her out of obligation more than anything else. She was hoping that the birth of their son might make Brad a bit more affectionate towards her again, but he resents her for, as he sees it, ruining his future."

"That's terrible."


They continued on through the frozen food section. Dawn took particular interest in the desserts and pleaded desperately, albeit cutely, to try them all. His mother wasn't big on stocking sweets in the house, so there was no desserts on the list, but George allowed Dawn to pick out some ice cream anyway. She opened up the quart of cookie dough ice cream she chose and dipped her finger in for a morsel. She licked her finger in a way that was entirely obscene. George loved every second of it. He made a mental note to wish her some desserts later, though he had a feeling they would be too busy to eat many of them.

As amazing as the show was, among all her other flirtations, George couldn't stop thinking about Tammy and Brad, and how miserable they seemed.

"Hey Dawn, do you think Tammy and Brad love each other?"

Dawn stopped playing with the glass freezer door and the noises it made when it opened and closed, "I think, deep down, they do. Tammy doesn't really believe there is any other man for her. And Brad, despite his resentment, does love his son and wants to be in love with Tammy. But at the moment the two are so estranged that I do not believe the marriage will last much longer. They began too young I think."

George thought hard. On one hand, he hated Brad for being such a jerk to him in high school, and Tammy for goading him on. He felt a certain justification for the way their lives were turning out. But, on the other, George had Dawn, and his life was looking up. He didn't really feel committed to continuing what amounted to a childhood grudge.

"Do you think, we could help them out, with a wish I mean?"

"Maybe, it would have to be a sexual wish of course, but I won't be able to accurately predict the results since I only know the details of their love life, not their everyday lives."

"Are they even having sex anymore, Tammy seemed like she was a bit love starved."

"No, Brad lost his attraction to her physically once she started showing, and he has been afraid of getting her pregnant again. She has been working out like crazy to be attractive to him, but Brad has let himself go a bit, so she is beginning to wonder what the point is. And the shallow nature of their relationship makes it difficult for them to talk about anything serious, so working through these issues would be next to impossible. They cheat on each other regularly though, and both know it."

George thought hard for a sufficiently sexual wish that would help their relationship. He was having a great deal of difficulty until he thought about his relationship to Dawn. She was so happy to be his fantasy, maybe if the two of them could become each other's fantasies, then their bond would grow.

"How about this Dawn, could I wish that Tammy and Brad become each other's fantasy lover? Maybe compel them to fulfill each other's sexual needs. That each will become physically attracted to the other again, and take steps to stay that way? And can you make sure that they won't become pregnant unless they both really want to? And they will both realize that?"

Tingle. "Yes, so far that all sounds possible."

"Good. Do think that will help them at all?"

She scrunched up her face in thought, "I cannot be completely sure, but at the very least, it should draw them closer together. Having a wonderful sex life can make the rest of the relationship easier to fix. But George, I am surprised. You say you find Tammy to be revolting, why would you want to help them?"

"With great power comes great responsibility."


"Oh never mind. It's from a comic book. Anyway, the point is, if I have the power to help somebody, I should. If I didn't, then I wouldn't deserve to have the power in the first place."

"I understand, but I hardly think it is your responsibility to fix problems that you did not cause. I mean, where does it end? Are you going fix everybody's broken relationship, just because you can?"

"Well...I hadn't really thought about that."

"Do not misunderstand me, I think you are very noble for wanting to help them, even though they hardly deserve it. But I would not be doing my job in protecting you if I did not warn you of the dangers of meddling in other's affairs."

"Could you keep an eye on them, maybe? Make sure that I won't mess them up too badly?"

She nodded.

"Will that be difficult? I mean, is that going to wear you out or anything?"

She gasped in offense. "Wear me out? Of course not! As long as your wishes fall within the parameters I am set, they will be as nothing at all to me." She shook her head and mumbled, "Wear me out. Honestly."

He laughed and pulled her in close. Her wounded expression left quickly as George embraced her. "OK then, do it."

Tingle, flash. "It is done, I'll let you know what happens."

"Thanks babe." He held her close, content to run his hands down the length of her braided hair.


"Yeah Dawn?"

"You are really quite sweet, you know?"

"Don't tell anyone, I have a reputation to maintain."

She giggled, and kissed him.

When George finally checked off the last item of his grocery list, the two made their way to the check out line to pay. After filling the conveyor belt with his haul, the woman dragging them across the scanner and the bag boy did all the work, leaving George standing their waiting to know the damage. He looked around and noticed a cute Asian girl bagging groceries a few registers down the line checking him out. They locked eyes for a moment and she quickly looked away, though she looked back a few moments later and gave him a coy smile. George smiled back.

Dawn leaned in so that she was less than an inch from his ear and whispered so that only he could hear, "Like her?"

Feeling like he had been caught, he laughed nervously. "Sorry, I was just looking."

"I do not mind if you look George," she whispered, "If you desire her, it would be my pleasure to arrange a meeting. I can tell you that she thinks you are very nice looking, and wishes to meet a guy just like you."

Keeping his voice low, he whispered back, "Really? She looks way to cute to be interested in a guy like me."

"You mean a handsome, intelligent, nice young man, who's pants are curiously tight in all the right places?"

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