tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Beautiful Wish Ch. 07

A Beautiful Wish Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Losing a Little

"George," whispered Dawn's soft feminine voice.

George Everhart was fully awake. He had been, ever since he heard Dawn open his bedroom door and crawl onto his bed. She was sitting on her knees beside him and brought her face very close to his as she whispered again, "George, it is time to wake."

He had tossed and turned most of the night. This was partly because he already missed Dawn sleeping next to him, but also because he had been worried about Karen and her date with Rocko. After he had explained what he had heard of Rocko's plans for Karen, Dawn informed him that they had a date planned for that night. Using a wish, George was hoping to disrupt it enough that Rocko would leave Karen alone, at least temporarily. He had placed his trust in Dawn's abilities to keep Karen safe, but he was nervous.

But somehow, he felt completely rested and ready for the day. He had asked Dawn to wake him at six, so that he could get to work early enough to ask the camp director if he would hire Dawn. He hadn't expected to wake so refreshed. Despite his worries, he was very happy to finally see Dawn again, and decided a little fun was in order.

He could feel her hair fall to one side of his pillow as she leaned closer to kiss him on his cheek. He suppressed the urge to turn and kiss her back with great difficulty, but could do nothing against his need to squirm. To mask it, he rolled away from her and began mumbling, as if he was still dreaming.

He suspected that Dawn was not fooled when she giggled. But she didn't call him out just yet. As deftly as a cat, she slid underneath his sheet and straddled his waist. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest and her warm breath just millimeters from his lips.

"Master," she whispered. "Are you awake?"

George muttered something barely coherent about needing five more minutes.

"Hmm, my poor sleepy master. He needs to wake up so that he can have enough time to ravish me before work. Maybe if I do this..." Dawn kissed his lips softly. George suddenly realized that his plan of teasing Dawn had a fatal flaw. If he wanted to continue his game then he couldn't react to anything she did. He resisted temptation, but not without consciously forcing his lips to stay closed.

"No? Hmm. What if I go just a little lower..." She kissed his chin, then his neck, and around the contours of his collar bone.

"Strange, that did not work either. I suppose that I will have to be a bit more vigorous." With that, Dawn reached under his shirt and began to massage his chest. She started with long gentle strokes which drove George mad from the ticklish feeling it gave him. He couldn't resist squirming. Then, she started digging into his muscles with the precision of a professional masseuse. She pressed her fingertips up and down his torso. Meanwhile, she had scooted down to straddle his pelvis and his morning wood. As she massaged him with her wonderful hands, she rode up and down the length of his shaft through their clothing.

George was in blissful agony. His breathing became slightly heavier, and he had to practically lay on his hands to keep from wrapping her up in his arms and taking her properly. But he knew that she was in the process of taking him somewhere he had never been. He wasn't sure where he was going to end up, but any ride with Dawn was guaranteed to be a journey worth taking.

Dawn pushed his shirt up and planted soft kisses around his belly-button. He could feel her hair trace up the lines of his muscles as she moved upwards, savoring the taste of his skin all the way.

Then, without warning, Dawn lightly bit his left nipple. "Oww! Fuck..." he yelped without thinking.

Dawn chuckled as she sat higher on his stomach to look at him properly. "Oh, I am so sorry. Did I wake you, Master?"

George couldn't help but laugh as she faked her innocence in the cutest way possible. "OK, you got me. I'm up."

"Hmm," she mused, "You have to get up pretty early in the morning to trick me." She leaned in and kissed him passionately, their first of the day.

When both were satisfied, Dawn sat back up and gave George the first full view of her that morning. Though George thought she was as beautiful as ever, he couldn't help but notice that she must have wasted no time hurrying to his room upon waking herself. She was a child on Christmas morning, giddy with anticipation for what presents the new day would bring her. She wore a tight fitting solid yellow t-shirt, and a pair of very small panties to match. Her long golden brown hair hung free and a bit disheveled from the night. She never wore makeup, she didn't need any, and her eyes were as vibrant and full of life as they could be.

"Good morning, George," said Dawn through a sexy smile. She noticed how he looked at her, and was clearly pleased.

"Did you sleep well?" he replied,

She frowned, "No, not really."

"Why not? You were really pooped last night," he asked worried.

"Well, I am assuming this must be a product of my being a genie servant, but I am finding it difficult to be away from you for extended periods of time. Even though our doors are only ten feet from each other, it feels like it might as well be across the universe. I did not actually get any sleep until a few hours ago. Had it not been for your wish that I wake you up in time for work, then I would have been quite a wreck today."

"Wait? I made that wish?"

"Of course you did. I quote, 'Dawn, please wake me up tomorrow morning so that I'll have enough time to get to work early. I need to talk to Chip about getting you a job,'" she said in her best impersonation of George. It sounded so strange coming from Dawn, who added many inflections that he was sure he never used. "So you see, you wished that I do this for you, and so it is done."

George cocked his eyebrow at her, she cocked back. "But, I didn't wish for anything sexual."

"Well, you did not specify exactly how you wanted me to wake you, but I assumed it must have had something to do with sex. Otherwise, I would not be able to wake you up right now, and both of us will go back to bed as if I had overslept." She gave him a very naughty look and rolled next to him. She quickly slipped her panties off and flung them deftly over her shoulder, so that they landed around the bed post. "And besides..." she started as she climbed back on top of George so that she was facing away from him, her beautiful wet pussy aimed at his lips, "...we need time to eat breakfast."

She reached into his pants, pulled out his hard cock, and began to suck him in long, deep strokes. George was speechless. He could hardly believe what was happening. But without even thinking he began to lick and suck on her clit. She moaned over his cock.

George dived deeper and deeper into her pussy even as he began to lose himself to the emotions between them. He pushed into her using his middle finger, and licked everywhere else.

"That's it Master! You own me, you own that pussy," heard George. Or at least he thought he heard it. It almost sounded like it was coming from inside his head. She sucked faster, and twirled her tongue around his length. The warm-to-cold feeling on the entire length of his cock as she took him all the way in and all the way out again was causing him to buck his hips, as he tried to force more inside of her slurping mouth.

"Mmph, mmph, mmph," she moaned quickly. "Yes!" heard George from somewhere. "I love this cock! I love every inch of it! Fuck me Master!"

George couldn't waste time trying to figure out how she was talking with his cock buried so far down her throat. He was too busy with her quivering loins. It was almost as if the the two of them were competing to see who could make the other come first.

But George had the upper hand, due to his wish that she feel the pleasure she give him. She came fast and hard around his finger, and she moaned loud and lustful around his cock. He didn't take much longer, and shot his load with her lips touching the base of his shaft.

They laid there for a minute as their ecstasy abated. Dawn pulled herself up reluctantly, and only slightly, as if she was loathe be apart from his member. She was breathing heavily around him, but even so George heard her. "Oh George, please forgive my impulsiveness, but could you stay home from work today? Please? I do not wish to leave your bed."

"I wish I cou..." he stopped.

"Yes, Master?" heard George as she began tonguing the head of his cock again.

"Oh no! You're trying to trick me into wishing it true, when you know full well it's sexual enough."

She gave a muffled chuckle.

"Man. You're much more feisty in the morning."

George heard her voice in his head again, "But you are awake now, correct?"

"OK, that is starting to creep me out. How are you doing that?"

"Doing what?" she asked innocently.

"Don't get coy with me. How are you talking while your tongue is clearly occupied? And turn around so I don't have to speak into your asshole, would ya?"

Dawn had to take George's cock out of her mouth so that she could laugh without gagging. "Aww. Are you sure you do not want to get more acquainted with it? You have not even touched it yet."

George had to spend a moment to think about that. He had never really given much thought to anal sex before, but the notion didn't disgust him. He smacked her left cheek playfully and said, "Maybe later."

"Suit yourself," she said, quite nonchalantly. She rolled off, righted herself, and dived back on top of him, making George grunt as his wind was almost knocked away.

"Holy hell! Did you eat bricks for breakfast too?" he joked as he collected himself.

She gave him a wry look and batted his nose with her finger. She then gazed at him with her eyes that always seemed unreal and familiar at the same time. "Right now, I am speaking directly to your mind. I did not want to wake your mother, but I love making a little noise. So I thought I would...what is the expression...have my pie and eat it too?"

"Wait, I thought you said you don't read my thoughts," asked George.

"I am not," she said reassuringly, "I am only projecting my words into the part of your mind that deals with language. Think of it like a..." George felt the tingle in his mind as Dawn searched for an analogy he would understand, "...like a phone call. I speak to you, but I can only send you my words. I must then wait for you to send me yours. I can stop if you prefer."

"No, no," he replied quickly, "I don't mind at all, it's just strange to hear your voice but... not actually hear it. I mean, it almost feels like I'm the one thinking your words. Can I talk to you like that?"

"Of course! All you have to do is concentrate on what you want to say to me, and think it. I will do the rest."

"Ok. Let's see... crap, what do I say to you?

She giggled. "Anything. We are just practicing."

"Yeah but, it's the first thing I'm going to say to anyone telepathically. It should be something worth saying, I would think."

George thought hard, but was surprised by what came to him first. He had been so hesitant to even think it before, but the words 'I love you' where now at the top of his list. He didn't say it. He wanted too, but something stopped him. There was something deep within him, something primal, almost instinctual, that wasn't ready to make that step. But George was so preoccupied by this thought that he couldn't think of anything else he wanted to say.

Dawn watched him curiously, but patiently.

Finally, he asked, "What do you want to hear me say?" It was a loaded question. He was hoping she would want to hear him say it, that might have taken some of the burden off of him.

Instead, she replied, "How about, 'Good morning'? You haven't said that to me yet today."

George nodded. He was relieved and frustrated at the same time. He straightened himself as he said, "Good morning."

Dawn held in her laugh with much effort. "Um, that might have worked, but I could not tell over your own voice. Try again, but try not to speak the words out loud."

"Oh, right. Duh."

He tried again. This time he thought as hard as he could in her direction, "Good morning."

Dawn broke out into hysterical laughter that took at least a minute to subside. George didn't know what was so funny, but couldn't help but laugh anyway. Her laugh was that infections.

"I am so sorry," she said, laughing. "You...you..." she continued, "you sounded like 'ggaaad mmmoooning!"

George started cracking up like she had. "Hey! Excuse me! I wasn't created knowing the secrets of the universe, alright!"

"Sorry, sorry, but that was just too funny! Here, try again, but this time do not try so hard. Remember that you are not actually transmitting anything my way."

George tried again. This time he thought of it as if he were planning what to say to someone in his mind, he was used to doing that.

"Good morning," he thought.

"Much better," she bounced. "That came in loud and clear. Now do it one more time."

"Good morning, Dawn. Hey this isn't so hard. Are there any crazy genie rules about this?"

"Nope. If you like, I will always be a thought away. Now, for practice, tell me how awesome I am."

"Hah!" he laughed. "Oops, I'll have to watch out for that. Don't tell me too many jokes like this or people will think I'm bonkers."

Dawn folded her arms and feigned impatience. "I am waiting."

"Man, feisty! But I'll admit, you're cute when you're teaching."

"It is mostly the boobs," she thought as she held her breasts up.

"Not gonna argue with that," he mused. "So, change of topic, how did things go with Karen and Rocko last night?"

"Hey, we are practicing, keep thinking please," she said in her new teacher voice.

"Oh, sorry."

She smiled. "You will be pleased to know that Rocko was so preoccupied last night, that he was unable to continue his date. Apparently, wishing him to experience explosive diarrhea every time he thought about sex with Karen was enough to keep him busy most of the night."

"Ugh, dealing with him is gonna be a treat today. I almost feel sorry for him."

"Not me," she said defiantly, "I have not even met him and I am hoping you would wish that his penis turn into a piece of wet cardboard. It is no more than he deserves."

"Maybe," said George, "but I don't think it's my place to meet out that kind of justice just yet. I still kinda feel bad for being so heavy handed in the first place."

"You need not worry, I would let you know if there were to be anything you would want to be aware of."

"I know, but I'm more worried about getting drunk with power. Would you prefer that I go around wishing that everyone I don't like have their sex organs run flaccid and dry? I wouldn't be a very nice master then, would I?"

Dawn thought hard before answering. "Genie Dawn wants you to wish anything you want as long as it fits inside the laws it has been bound to. Girlfriend Dawn wants you to stay as you are, and would be sad if you turned from benevolence."

"And I don't want to make you sad. So, please, help me be careful with my wishes. My dad wouldn't have... " he sighed. "Look, I've been given a great gift in you, I don't want to dishonor that by using you for selfish or... hell, evil deeds."

"I understand. But please know, it is not inherently selfish to wish good things for yourself. I want to give you want you want. I want to make you happy. It is my purpose."

George remembered their previous conversation about Dawn's creation as a genie. Her mother had wished that she be happy and blessed and loved for as long as she lived. He couldn't help but wonder if Dawn's mother intended her to be used this way. "Then my purpose as your master, is to give you the opportunity to be happy without having to please me."

She nodded, "As you wish. That is why you are the master, and I am your servant."

"Yeah, sometimes I wonder about that," he said with a grin.

Eventually, the two left the comfort's of George's bed and showered, separately. He dressed quickly in a pair of board shorts that could be tightened enough to hang on his waist, and a simple red lifeguard tank.

Though he thought it funny, George was excited to wear it. It had been given to him at the beginning of the summer as part of his uniform, but it was much too small for him, and he opted to wear baggy t-shirts instead. Now, rather than filling it out in a way that might make other's cringe, he filled it out in all the right places. For the first time since he took the job, he actually looked like a lifeguard. "David Hasselhoff, eat your heart out," he joked to himself.

Dawn's ritual was much more entertaining. Since they were somewhat pressed for time, she didn't pose through dozens of outfits. Rather, she scanned George from head to toe in deep contemplation before coming to a decision. She snapped her fingers for effect (she admitted she didn't have to) and her clothing changed instantly. When completed, she had on a pair of jean shorts cut to the top of her thigh, white sneakers, a blue bikini with white horizontal stripes, a white tank-top tied tight just above her midriff, and her golden brown hair tied up in a simple pony-tail.

George was moments away from mentioning that she was probably dressed too scandalously for working with children, when he mentally kicked himself. He quickly realized that Dawn was much too gorgeous to ever really be appropriate for children, no matter what she wore. But, secretly, George wanted others to see her. He wanted all of his coworkers to see her, to be jealous of him.

George's mother was already up, though she wasn't moving at the breakneck pace normally associated with the early mornings thanks to the girls not being there. She sat at the kitchen table, sipping her coffee and reading the newspaper, quite serenely.

"Good morning, guys," she greeted.

"Hey, Mom," piped Dawn happily.

Jessica adopted a knowing look, "You're awfully chipper this morning."

"I am, huh?" Dawn replied as she plopped down in a chair next to her.

Jessica looked at Dawn, then turned her scrutinizing gaze towards George, who wilted like a dying flower. "You didn't! Not this morning?" she asked in amazement.

"George says that I am 'feisty' in the morning," said Dawn as she tore the funny pages from the paper and began reading in earnest.

George thought quickly, "Are you crazy! What are you doing?" Dawn only giggled, presumably at the funnies.

Jessica sighed heavily, "Oh, to be nineteen again."

George looked at her in disbelief.

Jessica then turned to Dawn and said, "Henry once told me the same thing."

"Mrs. Everhart!" gasped Dawn. "You slut!"

The women laughed like old friends. However, George was shocked at the idea of his mother as a sexual creature. She certainly wasn't unattractive, especially for her age, but she was his mother and thinking of her as a woman who liked sex was disconcerting for him.

George threw his hands up in defeat, "Let's eat and get out of here, before anymore of my childhood illusions are exploded in front of me."

As they foraged for breakfast, Mrs. Everhart commented on the state of George's clothing. "I just bought those shorts last month, how are they so loose on you?"

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