tagLesbian SexA Beauty Therapist Appointment

A Beauty Therapist Appointment


Realising that my pussy was once again crying out for it's waxed Brazilian I decided to try the last beauty therapists that had recently opened in the shopping mall. It was advertising special offers complete with a personal service that would make you coming back for more. I made the appointment.

I dropped my children off at school and headed to the plush salon. The young lady who was to wax me was very attentive and extremely slim and beautiful but then again that is the image that they have to portray. She began by asking me to remove my pants and skirt and lay on the bed. She massaged the area first saying that it would help with the slight pain of the waxing making the hairs easier to remove. She carefully spread the hot wax onto my pubic hair and began to strip it. Very soon the top part of my pussy was wonderfully smooth. She squeezed some moisturiser onto her hands and gently massaged it into my smooth pussy. Then she asked me to get on all fours with my legs apart so that she could strip the next area. OK interesting way of doing it I thought. She slid her hand past my arse and held my pussy lips together with one of her long fingernails resting very close to my clit. Once again she spread the hot wax over my lips and began to strip, all the while her elegant nail was tickling my clit and I was getting very moist. I moved my hips to allow her closer access to my clit and feeling that she was in agreement let her tantalise it further. Suddenly she stopped as she heard the door of the room open. The female voice asked if everything was going smoothly and did she need any further assistance. The young lady must have nodded because I did not hear a reply but I need hear the sound of high heels enter the room.

Then without warning my hands were tied to the front of the bed and my ankles were spread out and tied at the back. The other female ran her hand across my pussy and congratulated the other lady on a beautiful job. Her fingers glided across my now damp but anxious pussy and she dipped her thumb into it. Something I particularly like when my husband pets me. I bucked against her thumb but she did not want me to do that so she slapped my bare arse so hard it stung. My eyes were suddenly blindfolded and I once again felt fingers playing with my clit and inside my pussy. God was I damp.

The door opened again and this time the footsteps were heavy. I felt a large object pass over my clit and then it was pushed hard into my pussy, it was a very large rubber dildo and for a few moments it was pounded in and out, I came very quickly. Then I felt the cold squirt of lube around my arsehole and something tickling at its entrance. The dildo in my pussy was still been rammed in and out and now it felt as if the same was happening to my arse. I squealed like a pig when it was pushed all the way in and my arse was suddenly exposed to the same treatment. After a few moments I started to enjoy the attention and my orgasm built up. I knew I could not hold onto it and my body began to grind and buck as I came. One of the ladies called me a dirty bald whore and slapped my arse hard. I felt a body slide between my legs and then a mouth on my wanton clit. I guessed female as she nibbled and tongued me all the time still pushing and pulling on the large dildo in my fanny.

The other lady came round the front of me and roughly pulled my top down and exposed my erect nipples and began to pull and bite them. It was then that I heard a male voice. Is the patient ready for the next stage, ladies? He asked. Most definitely doctor. The next stage I managed to think what the hell was the next stage. The ladies kept up there work on me as the dildo from my arse was removed but not for long. More lube was squirted up inside me, god it was freezing. Then I felt two firm, large hands on my hips close to my arse cheeks, which were pulled apart, then a thick and very large cock was pushed hard into my arse bareback. I screamed and screamed for the first couple of strokes then started to have orgasm after orgasm. The work around my fanny was continuing and my nipples were rock hard from the biting and nipping. I must have taken at least a dozen strokes when I felt his body shudder and I though oh my god he going to cum inside me. I was helpless to resist and at that felt the hot fire of spunk inside my arse. There must have been so much because I felt it dribbling down my legs but only to be caught by the lady between them as she greedily licked my legs and round my arsehole. The man removed his tool and came round the front of me, lifted up my eye mask and kissed me fully on my open mouth. His cock was dangling freely between his legs and flaccid it was big and black. I had just had my first black cock.

I was untied and left alone to gather myself together and charged £15.00 for the pleasure. My husband loved the waxing and we too had fabulous sex that night. I'm sure I have found my new beauty salon.

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