tagRomanceA Bed Of roses

A Bed Of roses


I arrive early at our hotel suite because I want to have things just perfect for our first meeting. I am nervous, but so very anxious to finally have a chance to enjoy all the wonderful things we've talked about in our letters and over the phone. Every possible scenario runs through my mind and I am getting so aroused it's hard to keep my mind on what I am doing. I am just finishing my preparations when I hear you enter the sitting room.

The lights are off and you fumble for the light switch and wonder where I am.....Maybe I won't come. When the light comes on you first see a note propped up on the coffee table.

It says "Follow the trail of rose petals" you smile, look down and see a trail of red rose petals that lead toward the bed room. You open the door to find the room transformed into a magical fantasy land. Dozens of candles are flickering around the room and the smell of exotic incense fills the room. But the thing that sent hot blood rushing throughout your body was the bed.

I was lying on the bed wearing nothing but a light covering of rose petals. I see you are pleased and you come toward me and bend to kiss me tenderly; a kiss that quickly turns passionate and probing. We have waited so long for this meeting there is no need to hold back on our emotions. You trail the kiss down my throat and kiss my breast. You tease the nipple with your tongue and suck it into your mouth gently biting it. As I run my hands over your back and down to your buttocks you trail the kisses down my body, removing rose petals one at a time by blowing your hot breath on them. I am becoming more and more excited as you go farther down my body.

You spread my legs and kiss the insides of my thighs, first one leg and then the other, slowly moving up, up toward the hot, throbbing place where my legs join. I am near begging you to take me now but you pull away and just sit back looking at me.

"Honey, would you like to be my love slave for a few minutes" you ask. I am so hot I would do anything to have you make love to me. I answer yes, I would do anything you want.

You take a silk scarf out of your pocket and hold my hands together while you tie them with the scarf. Not very tight, just enough to give the idea that I am tied and your slave. You slip the end of the scarf over the bed post and as I watch you remove a thin white rope from your brief case. You begin by placing one end of the rope around an ankle and pull my leg over toward the edge of the bed and fasten the rope to the bed railing. The other leg is quickly tied to the other side. I am naked, and spread eagled among the petals.

I have never been tied up before. As you blindfold me there is an exhilarating mix of fear and arousal. I try to calm my fear. I trust you, I tell myself, but after all, this is our first meeting. What do I really know about you?

As I lay blindfolded and helpless, your hands are moving over me , touching places that have never been touched by a man. I feel a light touch of a feather slipping down my breast. You tease the feather down my belly and to my thighs up one thigh and then the other. My breath catches in my throat as you gently tickle my pussy lips with the tip of the feather then you are driving me to distraction as you massage the clit with soft strokes.

You begin touching, kissing and probing my body in unexpected places. Your breath has become ragged and forced as you aggressively assault my body. I stiffen and gasp in surprise as you insert a foreign object into my vagina . You whisper to me, "just relax sweetheart. This wont hurt".

It didn't hurt. I had to admit that I was beginning to get extremely aroused with this bondage thing. You tell me to imagine my most erotic fantasy . I turned my imagination on and sent my inhibitions packing.

I become wild ,writhing and thrashing arching my body to meet your touch. The room became charged with the scent of feral sex. My body cried out for more…more. I am asking, begging, pleading for you to fuck me and release me from this terrible heat that is raging through me. You stop and pull away, you take off the blindfold.

I am an uncontrolled mass of emotions. You are a controlled, disciplined artist playing my body like a fine instrument.

You stand back and watch my face. You smile at the unashamed need and raw hunger you see. Your pleased that you have broken through all my prudish defensive.

You remove the scarf from my wrists , then the ropes from my ankles and help me to sit up on the edge of the bed.

"What do you want me to do", I ask weak with desire. You come to stand before me. You take my face in your hands and pull me toward your tantalizing cock that I want to taste so very much. You tell me gruffly, "Suck it, slave. Make your master feel good". I am a good slave and take your engorged cock into my mouth and begin to suck on it. I run my tongue around the head and nibble softly on the tip. You are moaning with pleasure and I know I am making you happy. Your hands are rubbing my breasts and rolling the nipple roughly between your fingers. I think I am going to have an orgasm . You pull away from me and push me back on the bed. I think now you are going to give me the relief I need so badly.

But you are not yet ready to fulfill my needs. All of your desires are not yet met. You begin by telling me exactly what you want me to do. You have me spread my legs then you tell me to masturbate so you can watch. You instruct every touch. Every probe As you watch I think this is the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. As I do as you wish you begin to gently stroke your penis. It is only inches from my hand and it is easy for you to match the rhythm to my movements.

Please, please, fuck me now,” I plead with you. I have to have you inside me. I feel my muscles tighten and know an explosion is close at hand. You sense it too .After what seems forever, you move over me . When you enter me I know this will be the best Orgasm I have ever had thanks to your slave play

I am looking forward to our next meeting. There are a few things you can do for me. I am looking forward to getting that wonderful cock of yours in many different ways.

The End

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