A Bed Time Story Ch. 02


He waited until her waves of climax ebbed away. And then he mounted her. Needing no lubrication his cock slipped easily into her. A steady push sank it up to his balls in one stroke, and he started an easy motion as she settled down to this new sensation. In no hurry, he rocked his hips in a steady beat, letting her ride the feeling. As they whispered sounds in each others ears the speed increased of their lovemaking. Soon she asked for him to drive her harder, and he complied. Rising up on his hands he uncoupled from her and gently flipped her over on her stomach. Knowing what was in store for her, she willingly elevated her sweet ass high in the air, while leaving her head flat on the bed. He took a quick minute to admire the view she presented. Moving behind her he crouched on the balls of his feet and his knees wide, both hands went to steady himself by holding her hips.

His cock re-sheathed itself in her and in this position went even deeper, judging by her gasp and grabbing the blankets in a death grip. Now he was all the way in her, he rotated his hips in a circular motion, reaching all of her insides. Then he leaned back until just the head remained lodged inside her lips, which were engorged and scarlet as they wrapped around his velvety head. Losing her grip on her senses she abandoned herself to the feeling of his member sliding deep inside her then out to the gates of her fluid vise. She reached one hand back, and as he reached bottom in her, slapped his bollocks as they nestled against her mound. He moaned his approval and quickened his strokes, his hands buried his fingers into the soft flesh above her hip bones, the grip pained her, but in a way it added to her excitement. For it was not that he meant to hurt her. But was the result of him attempting to force as much of him inside her as possible. Soon they were both building to the climax of their passion. The waves of pleasure lifted them and she felt his cock spasm deep inside her, this sparked her own spending. He hunched over her ass as he emptied his seed deep in her, driving her even further into the blankets as his shaft jerked and throbbed. She came against him, flooding his groin with her juices, covering his balls and inner thighs. Slipping to one knee, he disentangled himself and slid beside her as she lowered her rear end, still tingling from her orgasm.

They lay beside each other, the sweet sheen of sweat drying as their heart rate returned to normal. He reached out and poured them each a glass of wine, which they drank, glad to slake the thirst brought on by making love. They cooled now that the heat of passion turned into the warm afterglow, and the blankets were welcome on their nude bodies. She was propped on one elbow, looking down on his face. Sun wrinkles played around his eyes that were grey flecked with green, his hair was mussed up, as was hers and it hung down to lay on his chest when she moved down to lightly kiss his lips. He looked up into her eyes, smiled a sleepy smile of contentment. The spoke to each other in low voices and playful whispers, about the fair and the tournament that he planned to enter. Through it all the avoided speaking of their plans together once this trip was over, it was simply enough just to be together now.

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