tagLoving WivesA Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 02

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 02


Chapter 02

Kumar wants his wife Jodhaa back!

Jodhaa had returned to India with Mark. Since then, Kumar had been pestering Leena and Peter to have his official wife back. As his demands remained unfulfilled, he became more and more restive although his next videos were just a series of hits, remaining in the top lists for weeks! "The awakening of the black nun" was the top sale for nearly five months, not so bad for a film that had cost no more than thirty thousand dollars and had netted maybe three millions worldwide...

So when Kumar announced that he wouldn't make another film until Jodhaa was back with him, he got immediate attention : his name was a bonanza for Peter, ridiculous costs, instant benefits and the starlets just formed a queue whenever the company looked for the next sex toy for Kumar and they accepted ridiculous fees just to appear on the top of the bill with the Indian sex symbol... The information that Jodhaa Rao, the actor's wife had personally stood in for the central actress in a previous film had been spread out widely and the sales have been boosted by the buzz. Most girls seemed to think that being able to accommodate a cock as long as Kumar's was a personal challenge for them! It was quite fashionable to have a cock that was longer than ten inches; at eight, you were a dwarf and at six, just useless, it seemed!

But Jodhaa was adamant : she didn't want to meet again the obnoxious former beggar : he was just addicted to sex, wanted to own her and publicly humiliate her husband Mark. Nobody knew Jodhaa's true husband but she couldn't accept to have him becoming just a simple cuckold, ready to watch his wife fucked wild by a stranger, just because he was handsome... She had to acknowledge that Kumar was really gorgeous, that he was the dream of most women, a god brought to Earth! But he was just a brat for her, a child that accepted no limits, who wanted to make his whimsies into reality!

Leena came to the rescue of Peter and only her could break the deadlock there! She decided to win the approval of Mark. If her husband encouraged Jodhaa to make another public appearance with Kumar, it could break her opposition! What Mark really liked? He was a businessman and when Peter offered to take a minority share in his business, Mark would earn a fortune and stay in control of his company by contract. It was well managed and Peter was quite eager to make this investment. He had shied out of it as he didn't want to mix business and sex but in this case, there was too much to gain!

Mark was invited in England, just at a moment when Jodhaa had to stay in India for her duties toward Kyrhan : he had a formal meeting with Japanese commercial representatives and Kira was once more in Europe with Dan. Kyrhan wanted a girl to attend the official dinners and soothe down possible antagonisms... Jodhaa had been appointed as his personal assistant and had accompanied the prince in his ten days travel... She had also to attend a few social meetings, just as Kira would have had but the main point was that Mark had to travel alone...

Aside from the formal signing of the agreement, Leena had pre-empted Mark to accompany her to the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden. She had booked tickets for Aida at the Royal Opera and for "The swans lake" at The Royal Ballet two days later. Leena knew that Mark loved top class theatre and ballet and she had planned on it to soften Mark's stance. She had taken a well-placed loge, quite expensive but just a trifle of money if you considered the stakes. Leena hated manipulating Mark but to even things, she had decided to offer herself in addition to Jodhaa's husband!

It was a charity performance for funding help to disabled war veterans from the Afghanistan troops and all the jet set had convened to attend the performance. There were even two royals there. When Leena arrived, she was wearing a ball outfit with wide red crinoline skirts that swept the floor. The empress Sissy would have loved it. Mark was just mesmerized. Leena loved when she noticed his lower jaw slightly hanging down. She played lewdly with her large fan with ostrich feathers to build up his attraction for her. She teased him constantly during the performance, trying to put the fire to his mind... When they left their loge for the entr'acte, Leena was greeted by one of her friends coming out from the royal loge.

- Leena, your dress is superb! You should present me to your designer...!

- It will be a pleasure, Martha! May I present you my escort, Mark. He is a brilliant American businessman managing a striving company in India and he is now a business associate of Peter...

- A pleasure to meet you, Mr Mark! I'm afraid I never visited India but I still hope I will accompany the Prince when he will travel there some day...

- I feel very honoured to meet you, Lady Martha! I happen to personally know an Indian Prince, one of the former Maharajahs... If you are curious, Lady Martha, I am pretty sure he will invite you to spend a few days in his palace... He loves to receive pretty women in his palace!

- Ooohh! You're a flatterer, Mr Mark! I can't compete with the natural elegance of Indian women! Is he married?

- I am afraid he is but his wife lives often in Europe and she is quite friendly! I am quite sure you could become close friends!

- That would be great, Mr Mark! I hope we'll meet again! Here is my card. I live in Mayfair near Buckingham Palace. Feel free to contact me on your next visit in Europe!

Leena and Mark took a tea and a pastry before returning for the second part. Mark opened the doors for Peter's wife. He was a perfect escort for her until they reached their loge. He let his handkerchief fall to the floor and bent down to retrieve it. From outside of the loge, everything appeared quite normal but his hand was now exploring under her skirt, to her knee at the beginning before getting higher. Leena turned toward her bold escort and bent down her head. You could have thought she was submitting to his assault but she had yearned for it. She had even feared that her strategy would meet failure.

When Mark's fingers reached the hem of her string, he could feel the softness of the fabric : lace and cashmere! From his position, he couldn't know how whorish her undies were : bottle green with small red roses. But the most interesting for him would have been the slit at the front and the back of her knickers that Leena had not bothered to close with the red ribbons provided with the outfit. There was also slits on the cups of her bra but there the ribbons had been tied in a loose knot that didn't prevent her nipples to poke outside. Her low cut dress barely hid the excited buds! If Mark had known it, he would have Leena lay down on the floor and he would have fucked her silly on the spot!

Mark just noticed how damp Leena's knickers were and he was quite aware that she had allowed him to bunch up her long dress. Her bottom was now directly in contact with her chair and she was quite aware that she would leave a revealing wet spot on the velvet of the seat but she didn't care! In England, valets and servants are apparently totally blind to the shameful actions of the top class! Perhaps, they would make jokes about the fragrance of Leena's love juices but nothing more! A balcony rail protected them from the view from the waist down. Leena rearranged her shawl to protect them from peeking eyes from the upper loges...

After a few minutes, Leena started to play with Mark's cock that was quite conveniently placed. It was already rock hard. She started rubbing her hands on his stiff pole. Often, she kept his cock in her fist and squeezed gently the fragile organ. Their mutual excitation was growing steadily. None of them had said anything conclusive but both now knew they would spend the night together and that they would have little sleep that night! Mark groaned and finally moaned in total rapture. He was soon perfectly aware that his cock had reached his maximum size and hardness and was now ready to launch an immediate assault. But Leena was extremely experienced : she knew how to keep Mark always on the verge of unloading in her hand but preventing him from getting over the edge. Most women can do it quite easily but few could keep their lover on the edge for more than forty minutes!

When the thunder of applauses marked the end of the play and quite conveniently covered any noise Mark could emit, she switched to fast wanking of his cock. Mark bellowed when his balls emptied in Leena's fist. She simulated a fit of cough and licked the stray droplets that have jetted through her fingers and were dotting her hand. Mark took her hand and drew it to his face. Leena was surprised until she remembered that Mark loved to drink cum, and his own in particular. She extended her hand toward him. For anybody watching them, he was just kissing her hand but his tongue was busy lapping the warm seed.

They then returned to their car in a nearby underground parking lot. Mark opened the back door and Leena followed him without a question. She perfectly knew what he intended to do and she couldn't wait for the action to start! Mark made her lie on her back.

- My dear Leena! I am sorry but I need instant release. You made me cum in your hand at Covent Garden, but now, it's time for our second round!

Leena replied with a coy smile :

- Mark, I'm more than ready for it. In fact, my pussy is throbbing madly in sweet anticipation of your assaults. I hope you'll be ruthless, that you'll fuck me hard and long, that you'll use me like the lowliest street harlot! I expect no mercy and I don't want any! Rape me if you are a true man!

The windows of the car were tainted and the security lights were dim. Mark just stripped Leena completely naked. He seemed to enjoy the sluttiness of her undies and he finally left them on her, just untying the ribbons holding the cups of her bra closed. He opened the slits wide so that her clit, her nipples and her ass hole were completely exhibited. Mark was now in real hurry. He parted Leena's legs and thighs wide and placed himself just between her legs, ready to ram his cock into her tender pussy!

Mark inserted his cock which slipped easily into her juicy love tunnel that just craved for his massive entry. Leena wasn't interested by foreplay now : she wanted his cock deep into her pussy and no more bickering about it. Mark covered her body with his well exercised chest. Leena brought her legs upward and wrapped them around Mark's neck and locked her ankles on his nape. This made her pussy tilted and elevated upward, totally exposed to Mark's tongue. He made her scream for a long time before lowering her down to impale her on his throbbing cock. At the next moment, he plunged his cock into her quivering pussy. She couldn't stand it any more and she begged him to fuck her hard!

Mark immediately obliged and started to move in her pussy... She was so wet that he immediately chose a brisk pace. Leena just sighed in relief and screamed in utter pleasure. She brought her hands around his body and hugged him tightly. When she felt the first waves of pleasure rocking her belly, she planted her nails in his back. He roared like a lion but the only sign he appreciated the treatment Leena was offering him was a steep increase of his pace.

Leena screamed in total abandon in response. Their position made the upper surface of Mark's cock rub her clit each time he thrust into her pussy. The feeling was mind boggling and Leena was screaming continuously! Mark was roaring too each time he bottomed out in her pussy! The two lovers were banging one another in perfect unison. Each time he thrust upward to impale Leena; she reciprocated downward to bore down on his cock, desperately trying to get his cock deeper inside her pussy. That was one of her favourite position with Peter and Kyrhan and she was an expert at it! With each thrust, they moaned, groaned and finally screamed aloud! You could have heard their sweet duo. Leena's moan and scream was answered by another excited scream from Mark :

- Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!.... Oooooohhhhh!

- Ready for the rocket to the Moon departure, Leena?

- Ready when you are, Mark! I love when you fuck me in this uninhibited way, dear. You're really a marvellous lover and fucker, darling! Jodhaa is certainly a very lucky girl!

- She receives plenty of attention from me, from Kyrhan, from Dinu...

- And from Kumar, now!

- Just she doesn't want to meet this selfish son of a bitch any more! He wants to forbid her to fuck me, to keep her for his own uses!

- Oh, it's a pity : they looked so much in love in the magazines! And you appeared to love sloppy seconds, if I'm not wrong!

- Yes, their mixed fluids were a real treat for me but you know that anything a woman wants...

- Oh, Mark! To hell with these stupid age old adages! What about your wife's personal feelings!

- Jodhaa really loved when Kumar fucked her pussy but she won't accept his conditions!

- Some men are real stupid with their jealousy! Has she thought about fooling the damn bastard?

- I don't understand what you mean!

- It's something most women are quite apt to do : apparently indulge into men's whimsies but it's just a fake for their satisfaction! We can transform a hard boiled male supremacist into a hen pecked husband with our special feminine skills...

- I would vouch to see it with my own eyes!

- If you're ready to accompany your wife for her next visit to Kumar, it will be quite easy...

That was how Jodhaa arrived at B'ham airport with Mark pushing her wallets in a trolley and following her with his eyes down cast, just as a lowly submissive. Kumar was waiting anxiously at the exit. He took Jodhaa tightly in his arms!

- Jodhaa! At last! I missed you so horribly!

- Oh, my tiger! I was lost without you!

They proceeded to an apartment Leena had personally chosen for her star actor. He led her straight to the main bedroom and Mark followed sheepishly. She turned toward Kumar and coiled in his arms.

- Oh, Kumar! I really need your most beautiful cock deep in my pussy!

- I am amazed that your mood as changed so completely since the last time we have met : you had another song then!

- Kumar! You don't know women's ways, it seems : we hate being ordered to do something but we are ready to yield if things are presented in a gentler way!

- As you want, darling : my first demand was that you stopped any sexual relations with your wimpy boy friend. If you want to keep him around, I would love to show him how a true man should deal with his former wife but I want him locked in a cock cage of which I only will have a key! I know how caring you may be and I am sure you make take pity on him receiving no sexual satisfaction of any kind!

- I remember it was the origin of our quarrel! But I think I had a far better idea : what about making him too small to get any pleasure from me!

- I don't understand your scheme!

- It originates from the clash between Kyrhan and Mark. I told it to you : Kyrhan had fucked me and I was so totally stretched out that Mark's cock couldn't provide me any pleasure. I just asked Kyrhan to fuck me and on the next day, my wimpy husband desperately tried to mount me to no avail! When I came back to India, I asked the Prince to use my pussy again and just allowed Mark to try to enter me. He tried repeatedly but to no avail : I just couldn't feel he was inside me. He now sleeps on the carpet near my bed and I make him lick my pussy when I feel like it! No more need for a cock cage for him : look at his dejected face! He is humiliated far more than you could imagine!

- A nice idea, Jodhaa but then, you are of no use for me, too! I may be longer than Mark but not so much bigger!

- There is the salt of the idea : I asked Kyrhan to fuck me but not to enter me completely. He pushed in just to the middle of his length : my pussy lips are now quite loose as you will see but the deep end of my pussy, the place that Mark can't reach but you can has not received any visitors since our last encounter I feel like a virgin again and I cannot wait for you to deflower me again!

- And you tell it to me in front of your wimpy husband! Oh I love you, Jodhaa! I am sure our minds are attuned and that we'll find together plenty of ways to humiliate this worthless eunuch! You are as devious as I am!

Kumar hastily removed his garments and helped Jodhaa out of hers. Jodhaa had been right. He entered her with no friction at all. He could feel that her love tunnel was slick with her love juices. But at just six inches, he found increasing resistance. She was deliciously tight and he had to force entry for every inch. He was sweating profusely now. Jodhaa's pussy was dripping wet but he couldn't get in as fast as he wanted. She hadn't joked when she had told him it would be like a new defloration. She had encouraged him at the beginning but now she was screaming in pain, just like a virgin.

+ Oh, please, Kumar! Stop! It really hurts! You're too big for me! Please, pull out!

Kumar didn't want to stop his assault : Jodhaa was so deliciously tight that Kumar couldn't wait to have entered her completely before he exploded in her pussy. He roared in delight but was deeply frustrated not to have been able to make her cum! As he continued to thrust into her pussy or more than five minutes, she moaned an apology....

- Kumar, I'm so sorry but my pussy resize so fast! I need to be fucked daily to keep ready to accommodate you. You are a true stallion and only Kyrhan can reach as deep as you can. Mark could never enter me that deep but you'll have to wait until I can service you properly... Fuck me again darling, I feel that my pussy is now less tight!

Kumar resumed his thrusts. His cock had barely shrunk down and it retrieved its optimum hardness in minutes. He grabbed her tits in his hands and pressed them playfully. At the same time, his mouth covered her lips and started to munch her lower lip. They alternated between French kisses and hot passionate kisses. Kumar got a couple of inches deeper, but there was still three good inches to go. He hadn't even reached her cervix despite his endless efforts! Finally, Jodhaa used what Kira called her nutcracker technique : she contracted her pussy muscles tight, squeezing his cock with all her strength. This increased ten fold their pleasure but in the same time prevented him to get any deeper. With each forceful thrust into her pussy, Kumar groaned like a lumberjack and Jodhaa yelled in bliss. At least, she felt no more pain! They soon heaved as they became totally exhausted!

As Kumar stopped for a few minutes rest, He chatted with Jodhaa :

- You realize that we can't continue playing such silly games, Jodhaa! I need you with me on a permanent basis!

- I understand, darling but you are always travelling from a place to another... I understand that your job requires it but I need to be settled somewhere!

- OK but I can't accept that Mark, Kyrhan and who knows who can fuck you whenever they want!

- As I told you, when I'm celibate for just a few weeks, my pussy tightens and causes such problem but that would be the same wherever I would live! If you weren't that stubborn, you would leave things as they were : Mark or anyone else would fuck me daily and would keep me wide enough to accommodate you. Rajeev and Dan's cocks for example are just shorter than Kyrhan's by two or three inches. That would be far easier for you to fuck me whenever you want!

Kumar just nodded...

- You may have a point there! I worked a long time ago in a farm preparing thoroughbred horses near Pondicherry and they had a similar technique there. When a mare should be mounted, they brought in another stallion and let it have its way with the mare but, just before it cummed, it was showered with very cold water. The stallion would then immediately pull away and be chased out. Then the chosen stallion would be led to the stall. The mare would be wide open for its cock...

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